Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Hello All and Happy Halloween!!!
This is my costume at work today:
I will take pictures of my costume later. No way in hell i was going to wear it at work today....

This year Gerr and I didn't really do much for Halloween. We didn't even carve pumpkins or decorate the yard like we normally do. One year we had a party and had a graveyard with fun skeleton lights decorating our tree. I guess the World Series sorta ruined Halloween for us. I was so wrapped up in it I forgot about all of the fun and cool Halloween stuff. We did go to a maze with our close friends and we are going out tonight with maybe i'm just being a little hard on myself.

If you want to watch the Giants parade from the safety of your own office or home go to the livestream on the ABC News website. Click here

Last night was my last Chronic Pain Class. I'm so sad about it, but i get to go back to my normal schedule and make dinner the night before so I have LUNCH the next day!!! had to make a sandwich and i would rather have some chicken soup....homemade of course...

I am battling a cold and i think it's finally hitting me. Started to knock me down yesterday, but i think i have a bunch of "300" soldiers whooping the virus' ass, because i just feel a tad loopy.

Goodnight Ella-today a black lab that has been close to our friends and probably the only dog Bella doesn't freak out about is being put down. It was really sad to hear and i didn't know what to say. But i realized i didn't have to say anything. I will miss Ella. I will provide my friendship to my friends who will be hurting.

Sites and stuffs.
Plukka-hello beautiful....$425 bucks...for plukka that's
Rue La La-run do not walk to this sale. You will find items here for pretty cheap. Designer names...WOW...i wish i could shop for clothes right now!!!
Ideeli-Fun Christmas idea. Check out Crosley Radio. They have some cool items like ijukeboxes, record players, radios..etc...Very cool stuff at a good price.
Joss and Main-Halloween appropriate Gothic Edgar Allen Poe Art, themed furniture, books...check it out, some items are super cool. My fav:
hautelook-Hurry up and check out Miss Mooz-GREAT shoes, but they're going fast...while you're on the site, chekc out Mogo, magnetic charms...good stocking stuffers...

Positive Dog Story!
Ok this is also a stubbydog story (oh just sign up and get their emails, you won't regret it!!). The story is about a woman helping her husband by adopting a pitty and training her to become his service dog. I love that this woman loves her husband so much that she did whatever she could for him AND saved a doggy at the same time!

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