Sunday, July 31, 2011

TV randomness

so i'm at home watching the tele. there are some strange shows on Sundays.
  1. Nick and bla bla getting married....ok this show is about Nick Lackey getting married...AGAIN. Did he not learn the first time that maybe publicizing your private life is NOT a good idea/??? Why did he agree to do this? I watched two seconds of it and changed the channel.
  2. Hello Sharkweek. Can we not play reruns of shows played during the rest of the year? Thanks.
  3. Texas Women. Interesting show, but many of these women don't have accents so I don't find it so Texas-y.
  4. Undateable. Probably a must see for all men. No we don't like your piano ties. 
  5. Just in case you missed your church service, you can watch it on TV. 
  6. Wilfred. Ok I can't wait to watch the non British version, because Elijah Wood is in it and well it looks funny.
  7. Insanity Workout...i think i'll pass on watching that. I don't want to watch a workout that may leave me insane.
  8. Susan Lucci has a pilates show...i just don't know what to say about that...
  9. Perkier Boobs! that's all i have to say about that.
  10. The Goonies!!! They're on TV!! My favorite movie, but all the curse words are bleeped out and I have it on tape, so I'll pass on watching it on TV.
  11. Am i the only person in America NOT interested in the Jersey Shore? I won't even click on it. 
  12. I gotta check out the US Farm report. Now that sounds like something that may be interesting or put me to sleep. 
ok now tv is boring...must be sunday,

Friday, July 29, 2011


I have some blogs you people have to check out...
this one almost made me giggle so hard...please read
the hot mess chronicles

ok another hahaha...for all of my mommies to be....


ack there are so many more great blogs...ok hope you enjoy the two above.
and i'll see y'all later.

Happy day!

Yes, wear your smiles all day long knowing that it's the end of the work week. At five o'clock you will be released like a caged animal and your second wind will overcome you and you will have endless amounts of energy you didn't have all the other days of the week because you knew you'd have to go in the following morning. AH I already feel relaxed...So what shall we do today....
  • I hate static cling. I got one of my new dresses and well unfortunately for little old me my house seems to have a lot of static and so does my work....sigh...
 ok, well now this is my fear...i'll be fixing my dress whenever I get out of my seat. That's Kim Kardashian's ass by the way. 
  • I'd like to currently rant that my Mozilla is NOT opening PDF's and now i have to fix the issue and I hate trying to fix things at work. That's what IT people are for right???? So for PDF's I have to use slow ass internet explorer. super sad face...
  • I am sitting here dancing in my seat to Beenie Man. Gots to love some good dancehall reggae. 
  • I hope tonight is Indian food night. Because I want it and it's delicious. 
  • Last night, Gerr made a great pizza. We did have some dough and space issues, aggravation, snappity snaps but all in all the pizza was amazing. :)
  • cuisinart on ideeli. sigh...
  • i really need to stop looking at things i can't afford. Did i tell you about the amazing couch i want? The one that will transform our livingroom to the most comfortable place on earth??? Which will also mean that simplicity will be gained finally!?? Well, it looks like we won't get it for another week or so, and it makes me very sad. where's that damn smiley?
  • Read about No Kill conference 2011 in Washington starting TODAY! look through the site, speakers and talks for the weekend. Wow, I would have loved to go to that. 
well gotta cut it short, but i'm sure i'll come back later because i'll have more to say and won't be so involved in other things. :)
p.s. i fixed my pdf problem...i love google.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How is it only Thursday?

Not that Thursday is bad or anything, I mean really it's closer to Friday than Tuesday, but today just feels like it should be a day off or close to one. Sigh. Woke up sleepy. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • ok. well what is on today's agenda people...well as always we should talk about animals. Did you know there are currently 14 states with animal laws which protect them against being left in a car? Do you know if your state is listed? Personally I can't believe there are only 14 states that find animal safety important, what the fuck is up with the rest of America? Grrr...well check out the chart here. As for us Californians this is what you get:
CA CA PENAL § 597.7 An animal Leave or confine an animal in any unattended motor vehicle under conditions that endanger the health or well-being of an animal due to heat, cold, lack of adequate ventilation, or lack of food or water, or other circumstances that could reasonably be expected to cause suffering, disability, or death to the animal. First conviction: fine not exceeding $100 per animal.  
If the animal suffers great bodily injury, a fine not exceeding $500, imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding 6 months, or by both. 
Any subsequent violation of this section, regardless of injury to the animal, punishable by a fine not exceeding $500, imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months, or by both.
Peace officer, humane officer, or animal control officer is authorized to take all steps that are reasonably necessary for the removal of an animal from a motor vehicle. 
Must leave written notice bearing his or her name and office, and the address of the location where the animal can be claimed.

i think New Jersey has it right, but anyhow check out the site and see what your fine could be if you break the law.
  • this is the cutest commercial ever....
  •  my tummy is rumbling. Gerr's making pizza tonight. I am so excited. He's like a pizza artist. Granted the pizza may not be ready until 8 or 9, because he's meticulously cutting vegetables and cooking meat toppings to obscene perfection, but it's worth the wait....i'm hungry!!!
  • So i just found a blender, food processor on hautelook for 69.99. We saw one at Costco for ugh, I don't remember the friggin price AND Gerr isn't answering the phone....this is torment. One may ask what's the difference? Well, one works better with liquids (blender) and the other with solids (food processor) here's a link from for more tantalizing history and info! it sold out in seconds. Well off to costco we gooooooo.
  • Ok annoying song of the day...Thank you black eyed peas for writing "My Humps"

 why can't i stop bobbing my head....
My brain is super blank today. All i can think of is pizza and cuisinart blenders. I may need to cut this short. Have a great day all!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Needle prick that is. I HATE, ABHOR, DETEST (here are more hate synonyms for you, expand your vocabulary it makes you better looking) getting my blood drawn. But since I get dizzy a lot they have to check something called Ferriten. Basically in my quick and simple way of describing it, it's your long term iron strorage.  My iron is usually borederline, but once they checked the Ferriten levels they found I was super low. So we check it every three months or so. Now if i feel light headed or dizzy I just eat a hamburger and i'm good. so strange how our bodies work. For more info about Ferriten click the link.
  • Do you know what feels good??? Training someone on a vital part of your job. I had to train a coworker since I was out a couple of weeks ago due to my evil back.  It felt good to show that it's not so easy and there are lots of things to look at when doing payroll. It also made me feel good that I had a backup person to help me with this. 
  • Have you checked out Our Best Bites blog. I know I've written about them before, but man...these Frosted Peanut butter cookies are calling my name. Which reminds me I need to get some milk after work. Seriously though, check out the blog, they have step by step pictures and commentary. They make things look easy peasy peanut butter pie. 
  • So, I have to admit that my skin research has failed. The products that are marketed to clear up pimples fast and all that bull haven't worked. So I'm going to stop ordering skin products from hautelook and ideeli. I think i'm just gonna stick to the over the counter stuff and the evil Retin-A. Stupid hormones.
  • Want an easy way to feel like maybe you've made a change in animals life? Well email :
Why you may ask? Well I'll tell ya why, or rather copy and paste. This is from the organization called In Defense of Animals. Here is why you need to email the addresses above:
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI) is a laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico that uses monkeys and beagles in experiments. Because of financial issues, they have announced plans to kill up to 300 monkeys and an unknown number of beagles.
Beagle in cageIt is sad that LRRI is killing these "unwanted" dogs and monkeys without trying to save their lives by transferring them to loving homes and primate sanctuaries.
IDA and other animal protection organizations have been asking that we be allowed to coordinate the move of these animals to primate sanctuaries and loving homes, as we have successfully done in the past for other laboratories' "unwanted" animals.
To date LRRI has refused to do so.
The animals deserve that we not give up and that we do all in our power to protect them - to save their lives. Thank you once again for your determination to be a powerful voice and force for our animal friends.
With the deepest respect and appreciation,
Elliot M. Katz, DVM
Founder and President Emeritus
In Defense of Animals

You know i don't want to make you do things, but sometimes you need to let the world know, or atleast the people who read your blog,  that there may be something you can do to make a change.
  • Should we get back to our regularly scheduled program? Ok good. If you checked out yesterdays blog, then you know all about, right? and you clicked it because you want to be more informed about dog bites and how you can prevent them right??? well then you probably already saw that for those students in continuing education programs they have an opportunity to gain credits by taking two online courses. Pretty damn cool huh??? yeah it is. here are the links:
  • oh my where are my manners? Where is the color on this page? the pizazz? the eye catchiness?
 if you have a minute let's draw some zebras!
  • oh wait i said I need some color!!!

 Now that's a colorful zebra cake....

 dinocorn decided he wanted to join in on the fun. 
So I guess everyone wants to see my cartoon zebra...ok here goes...

 pretty cute if you ask me. I am a terrible artist, but it looks like a cartoon zebra. :)

ok well that's all folks. I will see you tomorrow! have a happy wednesday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Listen to the song. It's a good morning song! LOL. who doesn't like a little punk rock in the morning.
  • Date night people!!! I have a date with my Gerr! Indian food and a movie, Captain America here we come.  Not sure if Indian food goes with popcorn and a movie so maybe we'll eat something else, but we're definitely goin out tonight!!! 
  •  You know what's depressing??? All these ideeli and hautelook travel deals that are STILL expensive. Ok maybe they're not so bad but is it just me that 300 bucks a night to stay in Fiji is still a bit much???? Not that I can go now, but it would be nice to be like "We can totally do that!" Humph....
  • Want the smartest kid on the block? Check out doggonesafe blog This website promotes dog behavior education and prevention of dog bites for children (and adults). This blog has a lot of info! And also on their website they have games for kids to play with important questions that even I got wrong. Truly amazing blog and site. They also have a quiz here that will test your knowledge about dog behavior. I got 50% right, I would have gotten 60% if i hadn't clicked whatever Gerr said when he was joking....But still not perfect. It is a download but i tried it and nothing happened to my computer, so it's ok. Really this is a great site. And will all the media craziness it's time that us as adults learn these valuable tools to protect our furry friends AND our children. 
  • Relationship advice-not that i'm one to really give any, but sometimes I do have some wisdom. Communicate....especially when you feel confident something is off in your relationship. Sometimes we women are pretty emotional and we have to wait awhile to see if things we are seeing are just due to  hormones or happenstance or it's just a "bad day". If things just tend to stay stale for a while, communicate with your significant other about the importance of NOT letting your relationship become stale. I describe stale as the same old same old OR living like roommates. Sometimes life gets in the way and you just don't have the time to do things you'd like to do with the other, but funny how the smallest things like going to look at a couch can count as quality time. 
  • Imagine if they had bring your spouse to work day....that would be sorta neat, for like an hour. After that it would just be like, get out of my way you're distracting me. Although you may get some action in the bathroom, stockroom..etc...I'd rather celebrate bring your dog to work day, although i think it would be really distracting if everyone brought their dog on the same day, so maybe it should be bring your dog to work month depending on the number of employees, that way everyone has a turn.
  • I am not a fan of twitter. Yet I keep seeing all of these friggin freebie things where i have to tweet how much i love jetblue or target and get free stuff. Fuck Twitter. Sorry for all of those twitter people, but that just doesn't seem fair that I would have to tweet something in order to get something for free. Whatever happened to just entering a sweepstakes with your email or your address or some crap. 
  • oh my car is better. it must have had the 24 hour flu, because nothing was wrong with it. shrug. 
  • sniff sniff....i want this dress....but it's not in my size.....i am soooo sad...
google jessica howard dresses. They are timeless.
  • i made some chicken apple sausage the other day and i brought some to munch on i'm the one who created that invigorating scent of delicious meat air. HAHAHAHA! payback. 
i think that's all for today folks. check back in tomorrow!!! be safe! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

July could pretty much end now....

and i wouldn't care one bit. It has been a hard month and I'd really like to just go forward and hope for better days. So let's see what we can find on the interwebs that can make us more cheery.
  • ok...go to pretty damn cute. it's a blog about the cutest things on the web. that made me grin. lol. even subscribing to their blog is cute...they tell you it's time to take your happy pill! lol. 
  • OH MY GOLLY! ok you need to go here. think 30 seconds, animated bunnies, and popular movies...NOW GO! HI-larious. 
  • these garlic pita chips are pretty damn good at 10:15 am. My coworker bought them at her local farmers market. I may need to hide them from myself. Is that possible?
  • animals are darn cute. Animals falling asleep EVEN cuter!! check out a blog all about animals falling asleep. giggles!!
  • According to Science and Yes magazine there are ten things that will make us happy. Read all about it
    here. let's see i have to do #2 and I could do #10 more. 
here's a smile for you....
  •  According to my Google search for happy things,  Andy Bath's blog about Burgers being happy things made me chuckle, unfortunately it was a sad case since he got a crappy burger in the end. lol.
  • HAHAHA...ok this one is good I know, I know...sounds evil, but really it's pretty cute. And it will make you laugh. 
  • i have run out of ideas for dinocorn...let's give it a little break and I'll think of more he can do. I never thought i'd have drawers block.

Nope this isn't a famous's a kids drawing. This is by a 7 year old...if only i can draw or watercolor like that. it's beautiful.

let's end the blog with some oldies...

thanks all, have a great day!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rest in Peace Keys.

Yesterday was a hard day. I put down my 12 year old kitty, Keys. According to the vet the sores in her mouth were secondary to the kidney failure and probably rectal failure (sorry i'm spacing out on correct terms). My poor kitty had probably started shutting down months ago and then within weeks she began deteriorating and that's when we noticed.
I got Keys in 1998. The ad in the paper said something about kittens for sale "little black and white cows" was the description. I drove out to the country to pick her out of her brothers and sisters and paid ten bucks. I think it took about a week to figure out her name. She loved it when i made believe i was playing the piano and I thought, "AHA!" her name is Keys, just like piano keys, little did i know that this feline was going to develop a musical interest, which ultimately was me. I used to sing in a band and sing in the the car....anywhere really. When i would sing along to anything Keys would appear and sit wherever i was sitting and rub herself against my leg, arm, head...etc...It was definitely a very interesting personality trait on her part and I'm glad i could serenade her and make her happy.
Keys and her "brother" (not from the same litter) Fievel have moved with me over and over and over again. They've always been indoor/outdoor cats and never once have they been lost or missing. Wherever we moved to they were right by my side. I don't think I could ever be luckier when it comes to these kitties.
I know to some people these are just cats, but really they're not. They've been there for me more than any human and I am happy to know that I did a good job with both of them.
I was really sad yesterday. I stroked her head as the procedure took place, I was surrounded by Gerry, Melinda and Natalie. I felt a positive energy grounding me to the acceptance that this was the best I could do for her. I would not let her disentegrate and die naturally, tormenting her day in and day out. I did what I needed to do and even though it made me so sad to see her go, I was very happy that she could be the happy kitty in heaven that she was when she was here when she was healthy.
Rest in Peace sweet Keys. I love you and I'll see you later.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I wanna be in another place....

like not at work. Maybe still sleeping cuddling with my pup and spending a whole day with Keys, my sick kitty, force feeding her smelly wet food. She's eaten a bit, but still doesn't look too good. I have a vet appt after work, so we'll see what happens. I'm pretty much ready for the worst. Well lets get on with it...
  • Pet Stores with Puppies. NO Thanks. This email was in my inbox this morning from the ASPCA and I can't agree more. Please people-do NOT buy animals from pet stores. Most of the time these animals come from puppy mills, are inbred and have MANY health issues. Don't put yourself through that. 
  • speaking of animals...Miss Bella is becoming a little bossy. Time for retraining and this should be fun. Actually i had a good walk last night with her-I didn't give her any praise. Just walked, looked forward and kept going even when she tried to sniff. She's become so reactive, looking around, wanting to sniff this and that. At first I thought it was because she had been home bound because of her surgeries and i let her sniff around. But now its time to toughen up. I can't wait until i can get her to walk without going coocoo that there's another dog walking on the other side of the street or bark because some other dog barked. She used to be great, and i know she has it in her. So retrain, retrain, retrain. ooh look what i found on idlewildkennels reading this and taking it to heart. Can't wait!
  • woot woot free lunch today! i haven't had meat in a couple of days sooooo HOWDY HO cheeseburger!!! good thing too, because i'm a little light headed and that stupid headache is back.
  •  Headaches...what the hell are they? and what does each ache on your temple, the back of your head, behind your eyes, what do they mean? what are they telling you???? everything you need to know about headaches, migraines can be found on this I linked stuff about migraines. But you can find a lot of info on there. Personally my migraines have ceased after taking my depakote so that's awesome. I think i have some allergy headache which is annoying. 
  • One of my favorite things to collect (well sort of, I only have 4 or 5) are Barbies...Let's look at some cool ones, shall we?

oh my i have to have a 40's Barbie!!!!

? i dunno????
  • ofcourse I stumble on to this blog which is pretty cool, mentioned Hello Kitty Zombies. How cool is that?!!! PS. above is Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie..

  • Forgive me for being so naughty and not sharing some salad fingers in a while....

And ahoy one of the best bands in the world...

have a great day!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stop that...

hmmph. I think i look cute today, but i usually don't wear dresses that show a lot of leg because some men keep looking at me. GRR. It's a dress, i've worn it before with leggings, now stop looking and making me feel uncomfortable. I have to say the dress isn't very sexy, it's just cute and simple. ok...i'll stop bitching.
  • ANOTHER page to make, another way to expose myself to the outside world???? Google Plus? I've officially gotten my first invite and I don't know what to do with it. I'm not very comfortable with putting my life out there anymore. Don't get me wrong, I was a myspace whore with many friends, thousands I didn't even know or talk to. It was cool then. I was single, I had a lower self esteem and needed to feel liked i guess. I never thought about people stealing my pics or the fact that I was letting out a lot of personal information to people who didn't even know me. Granted facebook isn't the same, but I hate it. It's an easy way to stay "friends" with people who aren't really your friends even though you know them in real life and can call them at a drop of a dime. Personally I feel that the friends I have who text me or call me are the ones that I really value and want in my life. Sure I'll pop on FB and check out the haps and maybe make some vague post, but that's the last place I will go and share any real news. I don't want sympathy or congratulations from people who can't visit or take the time to call-especially if I call them. wow that was a long rant. 
  • hehe...thank you livingsocial! I'll be taking my baby out to dinner tomorrow! Indian food!!!! YUMMMY. NAAAAAN!

  • whatever happened to Rainbow brite? 
this is what i remember her as....

this is what i see when i google her, i had no idea she grew up a bit....
usually cartoon characters never grow up....BUT that totally explains the slutty Rainbow brite costumes I keep seeing every halloween.
hmm rainbow brite WITH umbrellas? I don't get it...

  • sorry for the obnoxious pics...OOH maybe next year someone will think my little pony can be a slutty costume and we'll see a bunch of chicks with colorful wig-manes and stars on their butts. can you see it?
 HOLY CRAPOLA! I should definitely start collecting these toys again...LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!

Princess Leia

 Edward Scissorhands
Storm Trooper
 hope i get this right-Skeletor?

the joker
Lady Gaga
I think I found my new poison....Sorry didn't mean to overkill the page with pics, but HOW CUTE are these...I have to admit that at first I thought the Lady Gaga little pony was actually Miss Piggy. hahaha.
  • Had a good night last night. My sweetie and I went to Costco. It's funny that hanging out together at Costco can bring a couple together in so many ways.  We saw things we want for our first house together. We got snacks, beverages etc...I think we were there for a couple of hours. 
  • BioBags!! Ok, so the deal is we're composting for the county. Our garbage company is turning our compost into SOIL! I think it's pretty awesome and ofcourse I also work for the company so I'm officially allowed to say that. Well everyone knows that you need a bin or some type of bag to transfer all your yucky leftover food, egg shells, meat stuffs etc from house to outside bin-so we bought these Bio bags which are recommended by my company. (we bought these at Costco by the way) They're only 3 gallon bags, which remind me of Bella's poopoo bags. Ok the cool thing about these is they follow the ASTM D6400 :
The ASTM 6400 standard is the regulatory framework for the United States and sets a less stringent threshold of 60% biodegradation within 180 days, again within commercial composting conditions.

thank you Wikipedia. I tried looking elsewhere for something more specific. I did do a lot of reading the other day about this and jumbled up some info. So basically in the best circumstances these bags will decompose and "go away". check out the Biobag site!

well i'm going to shoo! have a great day peeps!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tooo jitttterrrry.

I think my body no longer likes my morning cup of coffee, which I never actually finish. Every morning my heart starts thumping after i take a couple of sips. How sad is that? I know, I know, i should probably eat something in the am, I'm not programmed that way. I'll try again tomorrow with some toast and see what happens.
  • We had quite a scare last night with one of our dogs. When I say "our" it's because we live in a tiny complex and we're all very close friends. One of our dogs was stung by a bee and very quickly was in  anaphylactic shock. Poor pup was taken to the vet and quickly saved. Now we all have to learn how to use the epi-pen. I'm just glad that Evee is ok. Here's some more info from Ehow about bee stings. My dog loves to eat bees, I wish she didn't-but now i know to scrape the stinger and NOT use tweezers. ugh. 
  • Do you ever feel like you do most of the housework? cleaning? responsible things like feed the dog? set up appt's? yadda yadda? you probably do, the other person is a slug. :)
  • i bought my boyfriend a massage a couple of months ago, he hasn't used it. I think i'm going to call to get my very first massage ever! oh and it was through by the way.....
  • A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down....
  • oooh just heard from the Memphis that David Sedaris is in our area....
the following quotes are for your pleasure only....

"If you're looking for sympathy you'll find it between shit and syphilis in the dictionary."
"Real love amounts to withholding the truth, even when you're offered the perfect opportunity to hurt someone's feelings"
"Certain motherfuckers think they can fuck with my shit, but you can't kill the Rooster. You might can fuck him up some times, but, bitch, nobody kills the motherfucking Roster. You know what I'm saying?"
"If you read someone else's diary, you get what you deserve."
"After a few months in my parents' basement, I took an apartment near the state university, where I discovered both crystal methamphetamine and conceptual art. Either one of these things are dangerous, but in combination they have the potential to destroy entire civilizations. "
"It's just a penis, right? Probably no worse for you than smoking."
"I love things made out of animals. It's just so funny to think of someone saying, "I need a letter opener. I guess I'll have to kill a deer."
"This left me alone to solve the coffee problem - a sort of catch-22, as in order to think straight I need caffeine, and in order to make that happen I need to think straight."

That's just a taste of his brilliance. Check out ticketmaster to see when he's coming to a town near you. Also go read a book of his, guaranteed chuckles.
  • hmm, i'm not sure about groupon. I don't think i like it. Either I'm using it wrong or it sucks, I can't tell which one....
  • I still think Axl Rose was hot way back then....

 Well i think that's enough for today. Grab your binkies and go take a nap for me.
lot's o love.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

groggggggy froggggggy.

hmmph. tried looking for a google image of a groggy frog and got babies and regular walking around frogs. that's bull poo.
  • I got MY DRESS for the wedding....looky loooky....

I got it at a great price and thanks to Ideeli, I can return it if it doesn't fit right. This dress is like 300 bucks on other sites. I saw it for 400 on another site too. I got it for 159.00. super happy right now.
  • oh jetblue why do you do this to me now???? Great sale right now. 159 each way to NY. sorry mom.....I gotta visit the east soon, preferrably NOT in the winter or scorching heat and soggy humidity. But everyone else wanting to catch a cheap flight check it out! there are A LOT
     of good deals!!! Oh my check out their hotel packages......
  •  ok silly song for the day. but it will get you dancing around the house or office...
  •  ok issue here. I love my Fila wanna be shape ups, but they go with NOTHING and they make my feet look big. Since my back hurt last week i need soft shoes and these work. I wonder if i can wear jogging pants to work then the outfit would work.....SCULPT-N-TONE-FITNESS these are the ones i have but in black. the site is pretty nifty and the shoes are on sale for 35 bucks. 
  • oooh what's for dinner tonight? well chicken fried pork is the answer with biscuits and gwayvy (sound it out people).
  • i think i need to be grounded again and not spend any money. Now that I got's me dress I don't need anything else...oh yeah i need a blender. damn it. 
  • My guilty pleasure are online puzzles. I love puzzles and don't get me wrong doing a puzzle at home is fun, but it's risky business with a dog and three cats and limited table space. One lost piece and I'm frazzled. I visit to get my jollies. 
  • Do you think play-doh will ever go out of style? Someone gave me a play-doh jar with winnie the pooh on top and i thought to myself that maybe one day NO ONE will play with it. I almost felt guilty for not selling it. Shrug, it's in my cupboard and I think I'll wait till play-doh doomsday to get rid of it.

Anyone else think this is a little strange?

Now that's pretty cool. 
I'd like to warn all of my guy friends:This will be in your stocking this year.

this just think i need to go look at something soft and fuzzy because this is making me uncomfortable. 

Now that's more like it...
until next time folks!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Hola-phew let me put my things down, i know i'm late...(scurries to throw everything on my desk and catching my breath I begin to type....)
  • I have about 6 thousand songs on my ipod and I can't find anything to listen to. Sounds sorta familiar...I have tons of shoes and clothing and yet sometimes I have nothing to wear.  But today I'm in my bohemian stylee-hair in my face type of mood and yet I can't find anything besides Black eyed peas that's keeping me energized. pfft. oh well it will come to always does...
  • We had phase 2 of our yard sale and SOLD the bulk of the furniture! so stoked. We helped fill someone's empty apartment and we had an unused crib that a newly pregnant couple bought, a dresser that I was dreading would occupy our tiny courtyard for another week or two but was bought in the final hour. It was a yay day!
  • check out the bounce house! some cute cute pics on there!
  • Yankees are going home and will play the A's later this week....beat em again babies!
  • oh yes and don't even think I forgot all about the 3000 hit! 

  • here's some musica for you....
  •  So....Hautelook made a boooboooooo. I got the wrong item. I was sorta pissed. I called them and they said they didn't have anymore of the product that I actually wanted: That made me more pissed. Then they wanted me to return the item with a ups label and everything...flames developed at this point because I had no idea where the damn local UPS was. ok then i find the UPS place and it's only a little box drop off thingamajig...flames get bigger....then i realize the box isn't taped, so i have to go home tape it up and go back-i'm a little ok at this point because my doggy co pilot is happy....I get to the drop off box and the friggin box which IS NOT that big won't effing fit. i left it in there. fuck em. at this point there's like an explosion and stuff. I get back in the car and drive and see that bella is super duper happy about being out of the house. so i guess it was all worth it. OH I did not get any type of credit for their mistake or anything, just my money back. I do have to say with Ideeli when they run out of a product they do give you a credit and your money back. Hautelook may be faster on delivery, but ideeli has better service. 
  • Why? Rebecca Black is back? ugh. pukola. ofcourse i made it worse since i put it on here...but just I don't get it???? whatever happened to talented musicians????
  • I love smoothies. I officially am trying to stay away from Frosty's. I only had two this weekend, I swear! I am a simple smoothie person. Give me some strawberries, a banana, strawberry yogurt and a little ice. that's it. no juice, nothing extra. oh wait, i need a blender. 
  • My title for today's post goes out to one of my kitties-Keys. she's about 12-13 years old and I have to take her to the vet. She's lost lots of weight and she doesn't look too good. Seems like when it rains it drenches and soaks me to the bone. 
  • dinocorn has been busy on a world tour...he'll be back soon
as for me, i'm outtie five. have a good one and stay safe! muah!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Guess who's back, back again....

I've been out a couple of days due to my stupid back. damn scoliosis.
  • I was humming this little tune earlier, I used to sing it to a two year old when I was a nanny.
A is for Apple
B is for Bed
C is a Crown that you wear on your head
D is for Daisy
E is for Eye
F is for Fish you can catch if you try.
G is for Goose
H is for Hat
I is for Ice Cream, I really like that
J is for Jumprope
K is for Kite
L is for Lowly hanging on tight.
M is for Moon, that comes out after dark
N is for Nest in the tree in the park.
O is for Oven, be careful, don't touch!
P is for Pie that I like very much.
Q is for Queen who invites you to tea
R is for Rainbow that's lovely to see!
S is for Sailboat
T is for Tie
U's the Umbrella that keeps you dry
V is for Van
W for wheel
X is a Xylophone played by a seal
Y is for Yo-Yo yellow and blue
Z is for Zebra that lives in a zoo!
And that's my Alphabet Song for you!

sweet dreams little angels....

  • ok then. So who's gonna go see Harry Potter? not me. I still have to watch all the movies after the first one. 
  • This next link is for my dude friend Memphis and his sciatica.... this will explain the why's...and click here to deal with the pain.
  • Can I tell ya??? I feel so mature, i'm coming in to work tomorrow so that I can catch up on my shit here. I wonder if i can bring Bella? probably not. she'll drive me crazy.
  • So i discovered today that I think frosty's are the most delicious thing ever....

I got a medium at lunch....i want another one on my way that bad???????
I do have to say their new fries taste very odd.....I don't know what it is...maybe it's the oil???? I miss their old fries.
  • So I got my Neilson ratings survey thingy a couple of days ago and since i was laying around trying to tend to my back I watched a bunch of crap TV and jotted it all down. It seriously looks like i watch too much TV. Lucky for me I didn't stay home today. 
  • I got this months Bon Appetit magazine....I want to bake!!! 
  • OK SO I GOTTA GET THIS RIGHT.  I saw this great nail idea on, but she saw it on and now i want to do IT!! Like asap. now..should be super fun. 

such a fun idea and so cute!

  • so i'm scrolling down the dozens of blogs i haven't read all week because of my uberdepressed state. and saw this beautiful picture

Get the recipe at per usual everything looks delicious. and yes those are zucchini with cheesey goodness...i want one now.
  • This weekend our three family yard sale happens AGAIN! WE just didn't get enough of the fun last time. And eek we have a lot more this time around. More furniture, art, little things....We had so much fun last weekend that I hope we have an even better time this weekend. 
  • i got myself one of these :

Only problem with one of these water bottles is that I keep over filling my mouth and getting my shirt wet which makes me look like I'm a)drunk b) a slob c)i never learned how to swallow d)i'm scared of drinking water?...these are truly all the thoughts that are going on as i pick up my cool water bottle and i press it on to my lips, feel the coolness quench my thirst and then I want a little more and OOPS dribbles down my chin, gets my sweater all wet and I once again look at my bottle in fear that I will be drenched the next time i try and sip it. Maybe i just need a straw. maybe it's my arm's fault?

Aw it's almost time to go home. This month has been just so bleh....Things always get better though.
have a good weekend, i may come on tomorrow to leave you more shtuff....have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Positive things for today.

Just a short list of things I am looking forward to for today or that have made me happy thus far.
  • Memphis took Bella for a walk this morning. He's my good friend. We're trying to help my pup out after pretty much being home for the last couple of months due to two surgeries (tail amputation and TPLO surgery). 
  • I get to take Bella out for a short walk after work. I need to work on my calm, assertive energy. Thanks Caesar Milan. 
  • Today's Allstar game which I will be watching AND supporting Derek Jeter! I have my new jersey and it's ready to be worn!
  • French Onion soup! I am making a meal for my friends! So accompanying it will be a chicken/bacon caesar salad and garlic bread. 
  • I am thankful for waking up to Gerrs face every morning. I'm thankful that Bella sneaks onto my side of the bed every morning.  Misfit was actually with the gang and sitting on the bed as well. Keys was on Gerry's side. Who knows where Fievel was. 
  • thankful my mother joined my blog. :)
  • Bella is getting her stitches out today
  • Thankful to the makers of Midol.
I know i'll think of more. I'll come back later.

Monday, July 11, 2011

battle over.

I usually don't feel that announcing death, births, weddings, engagements etc. on any social media website is a good idea. But this little corner on the internet is all mine.
On Friday at about 5:15 am, my significant others' mother lost her battle with Cancer.
I'm so sad for him and his sister. I'm just so sad about this. It's strange that it comes and goes and stings you in the eyes when you least expect it.
I'm not really ready to write as much as I wanted to.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Maybe this week I will have titles that don't make any sense.

  • I am a disturbed woman. Why do i think of dinner in the middle of the day? My friends/neighbors and I have been abusing the BBQ this week since our homes are toooooo hot. Turning on the oven would mean depriving our lungs of tepid air and any type of movement causes sweat to drip from our foreheads and make our meals soggy, so outside in the cooler air we sit and complain about the heat inside our homes as we conjure up yumminess on the BBQ.  Yesterday I made some chicken in a zesty BBQ sauce Herb marinade with stuffed 4cheese rice a roni bell peppers-twas good. Today...I'm not so sure. We have more chicken. We have more garlic clove......let me get back to you......something is bubbling in my brain.
  • Well the weather seems to be cooler than maybe i'll be able to cook inside today....either way it's chicken tonight.
  • Listening to the Offspring right now. Reminds me of the summer after I graduated....
  • I heard a radio commercial the other day that announced back to school deals! No i'm not looking for back to school savings, I am shocked that it's almost that time. I remember September being the back to school month, now kids go back in August. wow. holy wow.
  • My hands are freezing. This place is an icebox. I know i've written that before, but it needs to be repeated.
  •  oh hello salad fingers....
  • here's something i don't like. 

  • May I ask why people do this???? It's annoying. what's the point of wearing sandals if you're going to wear socks? Take the socks off.  rad or bad? you've got to be kidding me. Also if you look at the pictures, they're not flip flops. and they're not gym socks either....roll eyes here.
  • What I would rather be doing right now? warming my hands and my toes by a roaring fire in a cabin in the woods. Maybe i should just wear some socks with my flip flops. 
  • Ok I think i have figured out dinner. Yummy curry deliciousness. Think potatoes, curry, chicken, onions and rice. I think that's what I'll do. 
  • I'm thinking about getting Sunset magazine since it's 16 bucks a year for 12 issues...check out sunset magazine
  • inspiration! Super heroes have superheroes Atomic betty and the badrap clan do it again. BSL (breed specific legislation, should be no biggy, but read the post to see what these potential owners of a pitbull did to help their landlord figure out a way to help them get Atomic Betty. just love these dogs. 
  • how is it that kid's sites are blocked at work???? i typed in My little pony. it's blocked. grrowl. 
hmm, that's an awesome picture.
well folks that's all for today! have a great one and stay safe!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

flargon blargon bliggedy blah.

that above seems to be the perfect sentence for me.
  • taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the work day. I woke up at 8am this morning. Apparently my alarm decided it was not going to "alarm" me. f u c k. i fixed the problem. 
  • i like the F word today. check it out. amazing site. donate today. share your story.

  • The Alzheimer's Association link has a lot of information and even a caregiver stress test. 
  • Last night I was sitting and thinking about some of the friendships I have. There is one that sorta bugs me. You know when you reach out to someone and you are the one who texts or calls or sets up meetings or dinner dates, well isn't that a bit "abusive"? I would tell this person that I'm sick of being the one who has to make a point of setting up our "playdates" but why should i give her that? I did realize that I have some pretty good friends. People who ask me what i'm doing and who in return i invite to  do things as well. I realize those are the best friendships. 
  • hehehe...

  • I bought a rice cooker on ideeli for 15 bucks. yay me. 
  • can you believe it's July? I can't. 
Sorry so short today people. In a nutshell-
  • Bella is doing well. I think she hates me though since she has to wear her cone of shame when Gerr and I aren't home. 
  • Our house is really really hot.
  • Kitty sitting is going well also except I haven't been able to play with those poor kitties. We have left them in a room with lots of toys. They go back to their family Friday afternoon.
  • Gerry's mother is getting worse. just sucks. 
  • the weekend was really nice and very relaxing. 
that's all folks. I'll try to have more stuff tomorrow.
lots of love and hugs.