Friday, July 1, 2011

Late post.

Today was a great day! Besides taking Bella to the vet and cropping her tail, my girlfriends and I had a yummy girly day. Let's see. Took a beautiful two mile walk by the bay, got pedicures, went to lunch and then hung out at China Camp under some beautiful trees and yakked away. I picked up Bella from the vet and her little nub was wagging, she was happy to see me! Unfortunately she was high as a kite. She's doing ok and in ten days her stitches will be removed. :)
  • I hate bees. I have a lot of bees and flies in our yard. Summertime definitely makes it worse. I think i may have found a solution to try out. Read here for some home remedies. Want to know what kind of bees are in  your garden? Check out The bee hunter. The site is very informative and wigged me out. lol. but now i know if my bees are honey bees or ground bees. 
  • Thank you MLB shop for my Jeter Jersey. 
  • Remember the kittens? well here are some pics of them and Bella. In the pics I had left the crate in the backroom and Bella decided to lay in it while the kittens roamed free. 

 Sprite aka Moo. He was lounging while Indie (i forgot his new name) sniffed Bella
 Not the best pic. but still look how Indie is interested in her.
 Bella likes to pose for the camera.
 These kittens are pretty small. This is a box of puppy treats.
  • Check out, it's basically beauty stuff. This link will take you to the events page. If you become a member (it's free) you can get deals on waxes, spa events and even see fashion shows. It's pretty cool. Who doesn't like discounted beauty products or save on trips to the salon? Have fun ladies!
  • I love anything Pitbull related. Tshirts, hoodies, socks, undies, etc.. you name it I want it. These items are NOT easy to find around town, where do i find them? I love this site, i like to look around the site because they have all sorts of tshirts that are funny, coffee mugs that you wouldn't find somewhere else. So while I buy pitty stuff on there you can get "to err is human, to ARR is pirate" stickers. 
  • i leave you with Misfit. My crazy cat. (Can you tell I'm at home and have lot's of pictures to share?)


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