Friday, September 30, 2011

i felt it was a Metallica Friday...

Thought i'd enjoy myself this AM and listen to some Metallica. Going well so far.

  • ugh. my bra feels super tight. I have to try on my dress tonight. yes, still dreading the wedding tomorrow. hmm searching google images for sucky wedding poopoo doesn't turn up anything. lol. this is one of those push up the boobs bra, so maybe that's why...or it could be the weight gain...i hate this!!!!
  • Ideeli has the Nook for sale. I know nothing about these pads and tablets and nooks. I'm thinking the Nook is just a reader right? ok since i know no one will answer that, i will do the research myself. Pretty much the Nook Color is a weak tablet. Probably because you can't do as much with a a reader as a  tablet, but durr aren't they all basically the same. I'm not planning on working on my tablet. games, reading, and going online are what i want my simple tablet for. pretty though....

  •  Alloy really??? are you friggin serious? Well if you don't get the wonderful Alloy emails like I do, you won't know that for 4 days only all boots are 25% off. which isn't fair, because now i have to look and if the price is nice well...what the hell am i supposed to do???? here's the boot sale. By the way...i didn't get i passed the boot test....
  • I may have found my mason jars. I'm thinking about getting them in a couple of weeks. the price seems right and they're just what i want! 21.81 for 12. that's a great price. I really want to move away from the plasticware that i have and get into these. they're glass and they're durable. for that price you can't beat it....maybe i'll get these and NOT buy's only 25% if it was 50%.....
  •  beautiful steve madden boots on ideeli...stop it boots!!! 
  • i made reeses peanut butter cup brownies last's pretty easy to make. I did take a picture but you know the deal, you'll have to wait for my lazy butt to upload stuff. Ok so get your brownie mix, any will do. We got some amazing super chocolate brownie with a hershey's liquid heaven pouch. make brownies. about 10 minutes before they're ready, sprinkle some peanut butter chips on the top. If they don't fully melt, don't worry about it. When they're about done place one reese's peanut butter cup in the corner and work your way around. Pretty much you should have about 3 rows of 3 cups perfect sizing per person! These are rich. these are good. yum. I will upload picture i promise. 
  • coffeetable update-shelf sanded, Gerry applied fiberglass to one of the legs since it needed some TLC. i'm so excited. I think i get to look at tile on Sunday!!!! oh and then paint ofcourse....and then stain...i'm so happy. 
  • I requested the day after thanksgiving off. I wish i could take the whole damn week off...won't happen, it's a busy payroll week. i need a vacay. 

ok all i must bid you Adieu for today

Thursday, September 29, 2011

So what do animals in costumes mean?

I woke up this morning and quickly remembered my dream. It was pretty vivid. I was getting coffee at the Starbucks in the neighborhood  I grew up in, went outside to smoke, looked across the street to where I hear Gerry yelling "there's no way i'm going down that street" I then see a line of people with their dogs dressed in costume. I thought it was great! we were going to have a doggy Halloween Parade. That's when I woke up. Smoking in my dream was a mindfuck. I thought to myself, why the hell am I doing that??? It did make me want coffee though.
  • What have you gotten out of pinterest? I can tell you honestly the wheels in my head are turning over and over. I have a lot of respect for it. I feel like the creativity in me has been re-lit. First off, I actually completed a project from pinterest and I think it came out pretty much how I wanted it too. I did have a melt down at first because it wasn't perfect. But once I asked Gerry for help I let my spin come out of it and here's what i got:

 I used some sandpaper to fix the edges. The tutorial didn't really talk about that part. I guess you have to use scissors well. I suck at cutting anything. BUT if you look closely, I antiqued my coasters!!! I really do love how these came out. Watch out you may get some this year for Christmas!!! The lighting in my house is too yellow..must do something about that.
  • I woke up yesterday with a thought. I need to take 30 pictures of Gerry and I. One each day for thirty days. Maybe I'll make a collage or something.  We need something above our bed. I want to make something personal. Our friend gave us this gorgeous mirror, but it's still not hanging above our bed, so maybe it's just not meant to be. If I make something light i think it may work....oooh, the wheels are a turning. I didn't take a picture this morning, I think taking pictures at different times of the day is probably a good idea. So I'll wait for tonight.
  • i bet you're wondering how my exercise regimen has been going. Pretty good. I went to the doctor the other day and when they weighed me, i almost broke down and cried. WHAT THE FUCK is what i want to say...scream really. I am not substituting food with smoking. My metabolism I thought was going as fast as I was/am. Some days i'm tired, but i still have energy. I keep myself busy. ugh...i guess my mind is moving faster than my body is. Well let me tell you what I try to do daily. Take Bella on hike-20 to 25 minutes, yoga 15 minutes. Last night I added weights, about 10 pushups, and a 3 minute wall squat. maybe about a good 50 minutes a day? i can't over do it or my back will punish me. Tonight no hike. The reason for that is the traffic for the farmers Market. I may take Bella somewhere else though and atleast give her some running time. 
  • So on Ideeli this poster or print or whatever by Milton Glaser. it's normally sold for 200 bucks, ideeli has it for 99. I don't get it. It's a poster. and why would you love NY more than ever. I did pin this on pinterest. mostly because I do love NY more than ever, but from far away. I couldn't live there, but I do dream about visiting. I would definitely love to afford a hotel over there and staying in the city and visiting my family, having enough money to afford shopping, food, a broadway play etc. It's expensive and I still have so much to show Gerry. I really want to take him a lot longer that 5 days. In time. 
  •  My dress for this weekend better fit me. 
  • it's only 9:40 and I feel like i'm going to crash. 
  • Do you ever feel like people don't understand you, no matter how many times you repeat yourself in different ways? Then when they say it in their way and it's the same thing you've been saying, you're like "that's what i was saying" you feel like a bitch for having to point that point made right at this very moment.  I need a vacation. I think i need to figure out when to take off like ASAP!
  • ok commence the crazy. gotta jet, but i leave you with...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i like sharp pencils.

I cannot stand dull pointed pencils. Lead mechanical pencils would be the best, but they snap too easily and that just pisses me off. I do need prettier pens. I like interesting pens. In my pen holder I have Freddy Kreuger and a mexican lady pen. i need some of these:

  • I'd like to yell at lettuce for a moment. I am trying to eat you. Granted I made you in a salad and cut you up yesterday but you shouldn't taste all wilty. you're disappointing my lovely taste buds. and the more it sat the yuckier my brain felt about my salad and now i don't want any. Wish i could do this:
    probably would have saved my taste buds. I ate the meat, now i'm gonna throw this crap out. hmmph.
    • oh goody it's the having issues with the bullet points day. what a week. I deserve another starbucks pumpkin cream cheese muffin. I will get some at lunch to make up for the bad lettuce. i shame you lettuce, bad bad bad. yum yum muffin....
    • What planet am i from??? I guess I don't frequent Starbucks as much as I should, which is good I can't possibly afford to buy a coffee everyday. BUT no one ever told me about the secret menu...yes i said secret's a link Here's a larger list for all of your favorite restaurants secret menus...hopefully I've helped someone just like me......
    • oh yes as i was saying the pumpkin cream cheese muffin...this is what it looks like so please drool and go and get one...

    • funny. the days have quickly gotten shorter, haven't they. Last night we had dinner and when i looked outside i realized it was too late to work on the table. it bummed me out a bit. Gerry will be firing up the grill and creating magic with pork ribs. I'll be making some corn muffins. yummy. Add a can of creamed corn to the normal recipe found on the box people!! it tastes delicious. 
    • Got my muffin. you should know this because now i am sublimely happy.
    • i don't know why but that LMFAO song makes me super happy. it's like audio prozac. just try and be pissed off when you hear that song...just try...
    • Another happy thing is i got my glasses! yay. i look super cute. you can't see, but i do. just trust me. 
    That's enough for today. Seems like we should end with some music though...i am pretty sure i already put up LMFAO awhile back, so i'll have to put something else up....
    if this blog doesn't prove my bipolarity I don't know what does...HAHAHA.
    be safe.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Google...

13 years aye? wow, i feel friggin old. thanks Google.
  • My readers are dwindling. 12 views yesterday. I'm just not interesting enough. That's ok. this is all for me and that occasional person who reads it and says "i found something useful on that random blog." 
  • for that one random reader who will find something useful, they will also read that I am super PMSing and want to scratch the eyes out of every living thing-not animals ofcourse because they're too cute. I think I need some midol or a straight jacket.
  • So i think i'm almost done with these coasters. I can't wait for you all to see them. or you one...or two...once i get the little felt bottom thingys i'm uploading pics for you. these may be christmas presents for some people! lol. 
  • Ok here's something interesting. How many of you like dolls???? As adults when we think of dolls we think of what we grew up with-Barbies, Cabbage Patch kids etc...well I stumbled on to this doll maker who has a blog! sign up please! She's amazing. I want to own one of her dolls! they're just gorgeous. Tireless Artist and here's just a glimpse of something you'll find there :
  • Coffee table update-still scraping away on the bottom shelf. This thing has been painted three times. yay me. 
  • what else. My poor Boyfriend has been taking all of my shit. I'm beyond bitchy. I want to smoke. I'm pmsing and i've had a headache for the last week or so. Yesterday at work I pretty much messed up something i do on a weekly basis. something i could do with my eyes closed. and the fucked up thing is i messed it up every time I tried it. Einstein was right. 
  • Cool Site alert! Sense of Fashion. What you'll find? Vintage items. Awesome stuff. Pricey, but if it's vintage what do you expect? Garage sale prices???? Check it out!
  • I leave you with a song today......
Have a wonderful day loves and doves. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

super sad face, i forgot my glehsses at home

hmmph. yes, i can still see but it's annoying. The wonderful boyfriend of mine will be delivering my glasses on his way to the city. I can't wait for my second pair of glasses.
  • don't you hate it when you forget what you were going to start with first???? dammit. OH well i have to give two happy birthday shout outs to Cameron and Julia. Both Born this weekend two seperate days. Congrats Teri and Ang on your babies. I've known lots of mommies have babies this year thanks to a group I belong to. It's been exciting to see these mommies make beautiful babies. So congratulations to all of you!!!! We have some more coming so YAY!!!
  • oh i need a week two medal. 
 two weeks. Haven't bought a pack nor smoked a whole cigarette.
  • How's the coffee table doin? well i figure i'll show you the pictures when i'm done. but I sanded and now i'm scraping. :)
  • Also made some coasters this weekend. Not finished with them yet. they came out ok, but i want to do more to them. Do you want to know how to make your own coasters??? here's your link! it's quite fun. 
  • Yesterday we went to an estate sale and I found a vintage suitcase. It's probably from the 60's and in mint condition. it was made by Vogue Custom Made San Francisco. I've only found two links on Google. Seems rare. But i did find theboomcase they make boomboxes out of old suitcases. 
interesting yes...but I really like my suitcase so I think i'll keep it and use it for other stuff like traveling-not on a plane ofcourse. I would hate for them to lose it or scuff it...I did find some cool stuff in there. An unopened box of kleenex tissues copyright year of 1964, matches, best western sanitary bags, and an old ticket to Disneyland. hmmm, isn't that just odd.
  • Of course now i need to know all about how old this ticket is and I'm driving myself mad about finding out the year. I did find an AWESOME blog about disney vintage tickets, but i may have to do my studying ok..found here's the ticket
there are a few more attractions on the ticket i found and the 50C is 75C-which i thought stood for cents, but i'm probably very wrong. Anyway it's pretty good. Glad someone blogs about this cool stuff!
  • Forever 21 has free shipping today on orders over 21 bucks! Sent you to the promotion, buy 2 and save. 
  • Am I not aware of something I should be aware of??? Why would i buy tweezers for 25 bucks when Walgreens sells them for 5? If someone can explain this to me and prove that the 25 dollar tweezers cause less pain, prohibit regrowth of hair and feed you s'mores then I will go out and buy said 25 dollar tweezers. 
  • San Francisco Whale Tours on livingsocial. I'm jumping on that right now. I can't pass it up. Goes to Point Bonita lighthouse and leaves from Pier 39. 90 minutes. I want to go...tomorrow. lol.
  • Oh great news. The wedding is Saturday. I'll probably getting that monthly devil thing on Saturday. everyone dance now. 
Personally i think there should be helpful little mice when you need them to entertain you while you're cramping for an entire week and losing half of your blood supply. NO i'm not Pmsing. 
  • So what's for dinner peeps??? I'm making my man and I STEAKS! i also think i'm going to make him a yummy green bean casserole as the side dish. ooh lovin the din din idea. maybe he'll even grill can only hope. 
That's all for me folks. I've got shit to do. Have a beautiful monday. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

I thought Bacon solved everything?

Coupla things about bacon and my AM....
  • I woke up this morning, weighed myself only to discover I lost the two pounds that I gained! So I decided to make some bacon....I now feel like I've gained those two pounds back. 
  • I thought the smell of bacon would wake Gerry up. It's a manly alarm clock, is it not? It didn't the poohead stayed in bed longer than he has this week. So not fair. 
  • I only had two pieces of bacon on top cheesey toast. I think i can go back to sleep. 
Enough about Bacon. I only had two pieces...super sad face here....
  • I had my eye exam yesterday. It cost me zero dollars. Apparently my prescription is the same, but my astigmatism has gotten a tad worse. Not too much, but probably enough to make me feel a bit discombobulated. lucky for me I found a great pair of glasses! I can't wait to get the call that they're ready. Thank you vision plan for saving me about 50% which still cost me out of pocket- 163 buckaroos. But they're my eyes and the only ones i got. So new rule is i should wear my glasses more-to prevent eye strain and the such. I will have a pair at home and a pair for work. Problem is my new glasses are too cute...How well i NOT want to take them home???? 
  • I'd like to thank the ASPCA for finally speaking up about dogs in pick up truck beds I'm hoping this issue gets dealt with accordingly-tickets, fines, etc. Too many animals get hurt because of riding in the back of a bed of a truck. I've actually seen the dog in the bed of the truck and NO ONE in the front seat...come on really????
  • Have i told you I probably won't be getting my ergo desk....boohoo
  • Do you need another addiction?? For some people it's Facebook, now with Pinterest forget it your time just went poof. Well for all of you who love clothing as much as i do there's something new....

delicate rain 

i had to make a new account, because i must have entered in the wrong email address me so smart. anyway, check out and have fun!!! so many different styles and it's really a blast to play with...seriously, i'm never gonna get anything done...
  • By the way. I think a thank you would have been in order in regards to me making bacon. i didn't get one. next time i should throw bacon at him. just kidding.
  • i'm not gonna tell you what's on ideeli...lots of pretty stuff. ok...and some cute stuff on hautelook...
  • forever 21 has knit dresses on sale. they're pretty cute 12.40!
  • must bring in pillow for my chair at lunch. 
  • One day shopping even on is it with me and shopping...people it's a problem, that i'm trying to make your
  • So I started Step 1 of my table. Which I promise to take and upload pictures. I'm a lazy bitch when it comes to doing that. I started cleaning the top of my table. Already looks pretty! haha. I didn't take a picture of the dirty table...sorry. Still have to clean it which i think will take a day and half. This project is keeping me happy.
  • Tonight I may make some lasagna. Not a heaping humongo tray of it, but a small yummy size. I did get those no boil noodles. Never used them before, i'm crossing my fingers. I have my homemade meat sauce, mozzarella, ricotta and noodles. I'll have to find something else to add, but i think i just want to keep it simple. Table is on my mind! oh and some cheesey bread. :)
Ok everyone, time to go. Have a great day and I will be back this weekend with pictures and the such!
i have to keep it random you know....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

go away bad craving.....

URRRGH...i don't like this...go away cravings....shoo..shooo.
Let's keep busy....

  • On the sports front! Congratulations my Yankees you've won the division championship!!!! you're on to the playoffs!!!

yup that is Jorge Posada, the catcher who broke the tied game!!!! 
  • oh pinterest...i'm addicted to you........lots of project ideas, food ideas, yadda yadda yadda. If you need an invite just send me a comment...i'll help you out. 
  • What else is there to write about??? haha..the news above is way better than anything I can
  • I get my eyes checked today! yay me! hopefully new lenses and i need a second set of frames. For those of you in NY who need if you're reading this..check livingsocial! great deal on an exam and eyeglasses!
  • I am trying a new look today. i really need an easier way to upload pics because I really can't from my silly phone...probably should look into a new phone, huh??? here's the trend...
I've got my own spin on it though. Jean skirt, brown t shirt and long sweater. Gerry said the skirt was too short. He's got me all worried someone will see something inappropriate. I need more skirts of longer length. not too long, because i like this look. I can feel punky, yet trendy at the same time. too bad my cute knee highs don't expose themselves fully. 
  • ok enough about fashion...making me sad. I just paid a lot of bills and don't have much to shop with, plus I think i just need to not shop for about a year. probably would be the best decision i'd make in a lifetime...
  • I am sanding this weekend....I hope. Gerry still hasn't taught me how. Sure i can grab what looks like a sander and go crazy, but i want to do it right. I could also check this video out....
I've never used a sander. this should be interesting!
 this is the stain i want for the top of my coffee table.
  • Californians:Write to Governor Brown to protect the sharks in our oceans. AB00376/Shark  I couldn't have made it any more easier for you. 
  • Checking in on Rise Against....Rise Against Events nope not in my part of the world...dammit. 
well doves and bugs, i gotta go. I saw that someone actually googled dinocorn!!!! I think he has to make an appearance soon....I have a couple of ideas, so keep yourself on red alert, check back often and if you care, send me some love. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I think I have ADD

I think I may have ADD. I work, text, chat, work, blog, email, shop (not necessarily buying anything), pinterest, i used to facebook or myspace all at the same time..i don't know how i do it. But if i don't, my brain gets foggy. so i think i have ADD. I'm not joking or making fun of anyone with ADD, i am just simply stating that i do too much at once and some people may see it as a flaw, but i see it as that's just how my brain works. :)
  • Ok so I think i figured out the coolest thing about Pinterest. It helps me with the cool things i want to do. Gets my brain going for the projects i'ld like to complete Maybe it will help me with my creativity too. Here is something that really has piqued my interest. I really want to play with SUITCASES!!!!
 i think we may need to do long as we can make drawers work...

tell me these little tables aren't awesome???? too friggin cute!

I need a makeup corner....and this suitcase cabinet would help!
  • Last night I made calzones using the pillsbury pizza dough, homemade sauce, ground beef, mozzarella and ricotta cheese. I even made roasted tomatoes with CHEEEESE. it was a good dinner. I took pics of it, but didn't upload. I'll do it tonight. What's for dinner this evening??? hmmm, chicken of some kind or it may be leftovers night. 
  • Yesterday I was ready to move ahead in my yoga training BUT i couldn't find the continuation of my awesome video. So I have 15 minutes of one video and sorta found another one. The lady narrarating the other video pisses me off. So I have to break down and buy a video. People I'm sad, I want part two of MY video. i like the guys voice and it feels like the movements are more fluid. PLUS after 5 days of doing it, you need to feel my biceps!!! 
  • So Today on Ideeli we've got Ashton Sutton Clocks, normally i wouldn't be super excited about clocks, but the prices are reasonable and i really like a couple of them. Here's what you'll find....

They have a cool gear clock but i can't find a good enough picture to show you how cool it is. 
  • Got some annoying news from the doc. quitting smoking equals proctitis inflammation equals sigmoidoscopy....i bet you all want to know about my ass. hmmm cigarette butts, jacky's butt, potential butt cancer...really i don't think i'll ever not be the butt of that joke. fuck. 
  • SOOO anyone catch the New Girl last night? i really really liked the show. I love Zooey Deschanel as you all already know, it was great to see her act on a comedy television show. I hope the show is here to stay. 
  • I will be learning how to sand a table this week. I have a project. it's a pretty weathered, rustic looking coffee table. I am going to transform it. I will take pictures before i begin the sanding process...
Ok peeps. Have a great day. See you back here tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

holy heat wave.

Dudes and dudettes, it's hot here. I know most people around the country have been dealing with the heat, but we Bay Areans have enjoyed a simple summer with some heat waves but mostly NORMAL temperatures.  Well we got smacked with some heat yesterday and this morning feels like we may get more heat throughout the day. I really shouldn't say much since I'm indoors all day in the AC.
  • Yesterday I linked a tablet-disregard it. The reviews call it worthless. That's the issue with being spontaneous,  sometimes I look at stuff quickly and say "ooooh prettty and it's inexpensive and affordable!" Lucky for me my boyfriend looked at it and read the reviews and nixed that one. I'm praying I get a super cool nifty tablet that fits my needs. Getting excited...oh it's beginning to look a lot like
  • ok...what is this????? This sounds cool. Anyone been to one of these???? The San Francisco Ultimate Women's Expo. I like samples and cool stuffs-always looking for neat things to buy people. Now I would need 4 friends who would want to go on a saturday or a sunday 10 bucks for 4 VIP tickets. I really need to not shop. 
  • i've joined pinterest. why? I have no idea. I still don't quite understand it, but i'm pinning when i can. it's like categorized pretty things. i'm more of a clusterfuck collage princess. Maybe this will help keep my thoughts organized. 
  • URG. i interrupt this program to let you know there are diamonds on ideeli. Yes diamonds. Diamonds from So let's see what the savings are, shall we??? Ok the items i checked aren't on the site, so I can only assume they moved them from the site to sell on ideeli or they're not there yet...let's google....i failed. I also don't have the patience. ok they have some cute rings. Need a ring sizer, go here. i love diamonds....
  • for those wine drinkers, some very pretty stemware on hautelook. Price isn't bad 25 bucks=7 piece wine set.
  • I feel like crap today. My stomach hurts. I feel like i'm starving. I kinda want to curl up in a little ball and watch daytime television. I hate daytime television. I get to see a dermatologist today at 3:30, so I really can't just go home sick. I could, but that would be silly. i'll wait this out. 
  • I'm taking up a new project. it's a coffee table that's been outside for a long time. I'm hoping that my vision will come alive. I hope to get started by the weekend. I'm so excited. Plus i get to learn a few things from the boys. 
  • I have to give major props to one of my favorite ladies out there. Not only do i love her hair, but her style is awesome. For people who know me, they know I can't stick to one style day in and day out-I would get bored too easily. I'd like to share some pics of Miss Zooey Deschanel:

  •  Is it possible that my 15 minutes of yoga is getting easier??? it is!!! I think i'm ready for part two. Now to find a part 2....i have no energy for that today. 
Alrighty all. Have a great day!  Be Safe!

Monday, September 19, 2011

title schmitle.

I had to really think about a title this morning. I kept thinking "wish I could go back to sleep" or "what's wrong with 9:30 am nap time?" I'm always sleepy. That's the problem with writing a blog in the morning, you always wish you were in bed. I apologize for the repetitive desire to be sleeping.
  • ONE WHOLE FRIGGIN WEEK. I actually haven't bought a pack of smokes in a week. The first day I smoked 3 cigarettes. Second day-one, third day-one, 4th day-one, 5th day 1, 6th day 1/2, 7th day 1/2. Now I am pretty sure i can go without. I've weaned myself off. I pray I can just go a day. Miraculously I can actually go most of the day without really going crazy. I'm giving myself a medal for one week...
Maybe this will help keep me motivated. One week of weaning myself off nicotine done. Let's go on to week two!!!
  • So I quit smoking, yet I don't see any extra cash anywhere. I should have about 24 bucks laying around somewhere right??? i was smoking 4 packs of cigarettes which total about 24 bucks. I really would like that money because I think i want to buy a livingsocial deal for 20 yoga classes for 20 bucks. sigh. i love livingsocial.I have been doing yoga at home-can i tell you, i'm so sore in my tummy area...ouch. BUT it would be pretty cool if i could go to a class. It's an hour long though...I can only do 15 minutes of yoga right now, hmm maybe i can add 15 more minutes tonight. I'll let you know...
  • I want a tablet. like this one...
there are MANY reasons why i want one. #1 I can put this in my kitchen while I'm cooking and watch cooking videos or follow recipes. #2 I can watch a yoga video AND do yoga. #3 easy blogging. #4 while Gerry's on the laptop, i can play games on this! #4 I love to read and now i can buy ebooks and take this shnazzy thing everywhere...This is what I want for Xmas-of course I'm not sure if this is the best one or what, but someone needs to tell Gerry that it's on sale and I deserve it-I'm an awesome girlfriend. Also if you want this one here's a good deal courtesy of
  •  i still don't have a title and i'm awfully yappy so far...Anyone else love this song???
makes me want to dance my butt off...ok so I don't think i've ever really looked at Pitbull.... ok so he's pretty handsome in this pic..But look at the other ones...HE'S got ONE LOOK???? Stop that Mr. Pitbull....ok...
he's the mysterious spanish rapper pit bull. Now for some real American Pitbulls 
look at that sit. What a goooood sit!
look at that figure. lean and thin. focused pup.
wow if you actually google American Pitbull Terrier, you get a lot of dogs that ARE NOT pitbull terriers. Sorry but I refuse to call those muscley short dogs APBT's.  these dogs sort of look like English Bulldogs swallowed a pitty. According to the UKC any OVERPRONOUNCED feature that compromises the natural ability of the dog is a serious fault. Most people totally agree with that, yet some idiots think it's a good idea, these people shouldn't be breeding animals. 
American Staffordshire Terriers.
hmm, what's the difference between the pitty's and the staffys??? BUILD. Look at those ears. Here's what the AKC has to say about this breed. 
Here endeth the lesson. if you can't tell the difference between the two dogs than be honest and say I don't know. 
Can you tell which one BELLA is? Not like I haven't told you before....
If you can't answer, say I don't know. 
Ok I gotta get on with my day. I hope you enjoyed today. oh crap i need a title.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Must keep busy....

So I have.... I've made:
  • a buffalo chicken pasta salad-I got the initial idea from the girl who ate everything-but a la Jacky style, mixed it up a bit. So here's what i did. 4 chicken breasts cut into cubes, seasoned with garlic salt, pepper and marinated in Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce. Cook well. Cook one whole box of Penne Pasta. Now is where the fun starts, chop carrots julienne, and one bunch green onions. After the pasta is cooked cool down under cold water. In separate bowl mix 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1-2 cups (depending how saucy it comes out try one cup first) of Ranch Dressing, and about 1/2 cup of Franks Buffalo Wing sauce, mix well. taste. here's where you become a chef and play around with the variations. I didn't want mine to be too spicey, but hey kids have fun with it. Toss and Enjoy! I didn't get a picture, how sad. I should have!!!
  • I did get a picture of what i did with the Buffalo Chicken leftovers....they became Buffalo Chicken Pasta Cheese bake. one layer of the pasta, one layer of cheese, one layer of pasta another layer of cheese etc...bake at 350 until cooked. It was super delicious. 
i paired it with a romaine salad, with juicy ripe tomatoes, gruyere cheese and yummy croutons. Perfecto.
  • Last night I tried to make ice cream. We have an icecream maker and I wanted to play with it and plus I need to keep busy....Problem 1- only had one cup of regular milk so in total i used 3 cups of half and half. We didn't have enough ice so we used what we had and churned for 40 minutes. Probably not the way it was supposed to be done, but nonetheless the ice cream has a wonderful vanilla flavor. 
  • So tonight I made an apple tarte tartin. I think it was rather nummy, i paired it with the icecream. I didn't think of taking pictures of it until AFTER I had stolen a piece to pair up with my nummy icecream. Next time, because I need the practice. As much as I like caramelized fruit, i'm not a fan of the stickiness on my teeth. I really wanted more of a apple pie type feeling, so i'll definitely try again. 
  • Let me tell you what i've done this weekend besides above: food shopping, meditation, yoga, an hour of doggy play, cleaning house, BBQ with friends, watched a movie, garage sale at my mother in laws', took bella on a walk in the hot sun, got Gerry and his sis some lunch, came home finished laundry, reorganized the kitchen, came home and tried to nap. sounds like i've been busy. It's no use trying to hide it, I'm quitting smoking and tomorrow it has been 7 days since this all began No more buying packs of cigarettes. I don't want to smoke anymore, but i realized i smoke when i'm  bored or frustrated. I just have to keep busy. Too bad i'm so tired right now. 
 Guess it's bed time. Thanks for reading everyone and I'll see you later

Friday, September 16, 2011

my arms will be falling off now....

holy crab cakes....Day 2 of 15 minutes of YOGA seriously...My arms feel like they just can't go on. I imagine them being overdramatic and weary exclaiming that they can't move for the love of God. My limbs can be a bit whiny....the rest of me feels great-even my back! I forgot that the stretches and the balance techniques pulls it all together. NOW remember it's only 15 minutes of yoga. I haven't even gotten to the poses or end part. Give me time...
  • here's a little music video for your am...
  • It's Friday People!!! So many things to do in this area and I hope we get to. I still have that livingsocial deal for dinner and a movie, we can go to Costco or food shopping tonight, we could have dessert in North Beach or maybe catch a comedy show, or maybe just relax and lay on the couch and watch a movie....who knows really. You guys have plans for the weekend??? 
  • Tomorrow I will be trying a new recipe. I'm sorta excited!!!! Buffalo chicken Pasta Salad from The girl who ate everything who in turn makes me want to eat everything and it's not fair because with this stupid diet I've somehow gained two lbs. HITTING HEAD ON THE WALL...ok but i'm tryijng this recipe and some others...check it out and add this lady to your reading list! i'll probably use a different cheese though-I am not a fan of blue cheese, but for some reason feel like some meunster would work. Me and Bleu Cheese aren't friends.
  • I love Halloween AND it's next month. I love Gerry and I just found some super cool skull kitchen items. HA i know, sounds silly, but who doesn't like skulls dipping bowls or salt and pepper shakers! He lives for stuff like this.  We've already talked about this people. I would really like to know what weird things y'all like....oh By the way these items are on ideeli-AND they have the cutest kids costumes for a nice price!!!! Go check out ideeli...
  • Here's a good article about exercising with Lower back pain from sparkpeople.
  • I'm officially starving. I brought my black bean soup, carrots with ranch-because that's how i like it, odwalla and i'm drinking coffee. I know, i need some water too. 
  • I will be playing with my pup after work. I can't wait to give her some one on one time. 
  • OOH what is a laser comb????? 
  • The most important thing i've done this morning is made myself a super friday playlist....i'm just dancing in my it...
  • To call 911 or call your local PD??? Last night we heard some noises in the back patio of our neighboring business and I saw a shopping cart and a bike. First off i realized it was probably homeless people, but what the hell were they doing behind this business in a back patio, drugs ofcourse. BUT hello, go do it elsewhere. Not near our homes dammit. So i call 911. At first all I saw were shadows and I gotta tell ya, i was a bit scared. THIS OPERATOR tells me that 911 is for life or death emergencies-What I would have liked to say was "How the fuck am i supposed to know if it's life or death until they get out of there????" They gave me the easy to remember number (which I think i forgot just now) to call the local PD i called them up and the dispatcher there said they'd try to send someone soon. I get it-911 should be used for emergencies, but i'm sorry if i'm in an accident on the road GUESS WHO I AM CALLING???? Operators it seem have a bit of a bitchy demeanor unless it's not something overly dramatic. And then the local PD isn't as enthusiastic because it's not about their precious gang violence prevention. In the last month there has been too many burglaries to businesses, graffiti to private and public owned vehicles and I'm sorry I have to conclude that it has something to do with our homeless population. Hey San Rafael, Clean up your city.
  • BY the way!! If you haven't gotten the new Bon Appetit Magazine DO IT!!! I have already rabbit eared half the magazine and I think that's only up to page 14. The cover looks amazing....I'm eating carrots with ranch right now...just not the same as a big piece of meat....bleh....
Alright lovelies, i must go on with my life! I hope you have a great weekend and please chirp and comment once in a while. Tell me some ideas you have for food and stuff....who the hell doesn't like food??? 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ass kicked.

Somewhere in that title I did want to add that my dog is the cutest pup in the world and I have proof since i uploaded some photos, but felt that ass kicked summed me up today. let's go on shall we?
  • just to remind you how cute Bella is here are some painful reminders of her beauty....

 yup...she's a beautiful dog....
  • There's one guy on the internet who gives it to us straight. If you haven't signed up for KC DOG BLOG, you should. On today's blog he talks about the Merrit Clifton report. Let's just say math is broken down, things don't add up. This is important when reporters begin quoting misinformation in their articles. Always makes me wonder about those numbers especially when our own government doesn't feel that the statistics have enough information. i forgot where that link was...sorry not feeling to good today. 
  • How does your favorite dog breed add up? Check the American Temperament Test Society This almost sounds fun to do, but there's a part where they put you and the dog in an uncomfortable situation-i'm supposed to be threatened in a way. I really don't want Bella to ever have to feel that or give her ideas.
  • Yes people, 15 minutes of Yoga kicked my ass. AND i liked it.  I forgot how it led from one pose directly into another and la la la, well it was good. i thought i was going to be in a lot of pain today, but I survived with a little bit of soreness. 
  • If i said it's Day 4 of my "diet" and i haven't lost crap would you be mad? lol. whaa whaa whaaa. 
  • i feel like i'm about to keel over and pass out. mmmm odwalla. probably the only way to make me eat fruit is by putting it in a pie, on top of cheesecake, or in a smoothie. wow this tastes amazing right now! I have to drink my one cup of coffee a day since the two i think was not really helping my situation....
  • ok here's me! darker hair, better bangs!!!
i love the blonde, but unfortunately when i did that little strip i used dye for roots and not actual bright blonde color. I just can't see myself spending 12 bucks on a box for that little piece. I think i may have to get it done professionally! wowzers look at me...hahaha...i'll do the rest myself, thank you very much....
  • no dreams about whales last night. too bad.
  • Easy Peasy Black Bean Soup-ok not the most exciting recipe but it tasted good to me. I made some last night for my lunch.
One can Bush's Black Beans
1/2 tub of salsa (you know the plastic containers the fresh salsa comes in-add more if you like)
place in blender or food process and brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzrkkkkkkkkk it...or press on.
pour ingredients into pot
two cups of beef broth-this all depends on how you like your soup, i put about a cup and a half
a little salt
eat or save for tomorrow
next time I'm adding corn to the end. mmm

ok i'm pretty tired and i have to do my job now. Have a good evening!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whales and pillows are overrated.

Let's get on to the good stuff shall we???
  • I dreamt about whales. Lots of them. Some where huge and swam slow close to the shore. Others swam fast and flew out of the water just to dive right back in again. There seemed to be a stream closer to me and the dead whales and sharks passed by. It was beautiful yet strange. What the heck does it all mean. I found and typed in whales my dream dictionary definition said:
To dream of a whale represents self-awareness.

To dream of a whale indicates a healthy ability to see the spiritual side of your waking existence. It may also imply that there is an aspect of your life, perhaps a project or personal relationship, that has grown too large for you to easily handle.

Swimming can represent moving forward in your life or trying to achieve a goal (get somewhere in your life), or freedom from your usual limitations.

whale Ancient, grand, wisdom, intuition, or the subconscious. Authentic personal power, integrity, or good will. Dreaming of this animal can represent:
  • Having too much of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being less this way
  • Not having enough of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being more like this
  • Someone or something in your real life with whom you associate one of these qualities (an event, situation, threat, etc.)
For more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood out.

 Very interesting if you ask me. There's a big thing I'm doing right now, which I don't want to announce until i feel it's like i've overcome it. So, I like these interpretations. AND just in case I have to clear things up: Gerry and I are fine and I'm not pregnant.
  • I've been going to bed the last couple of nights sans pillow. I know it sounds odd, but less neck pain in the morning. I would think it would have the opposite effect. I thought I needed a rolled out towel under my neck or something....Maybe i do, but anything that may relieve this pinched nerve would be a good thing. Gerry didn't get to see the video last night. We had a dinner celebration for our friend last night, he will watch it tonight if i have to do this to him:
  •  Still tripping it out about my whales...let's look at pretty whale pictures:

 Aren't they beautiful? I really wish I could see one in real life and not in my dreams or an aquarium. sigh...

  •  i actually meditated for a little bit yesterday. the TV was on I don't think it counts. So how does one meditate or what is meditation....check out they have videos, breathing exercises etc... Remember meditation is about calming the mind and clearing it. I don't have it down pat and can actually only sit for so long until my butt alerts me to move around, but sometimes it really does make a difference to shut your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and attempt to clear your mind. I have to start this on a daily basis. 
  • I smell like a boy today. I used Gerry's deodorant and he sprayed my leg with cologne this morning. I kinda like it.
  • i validated some shopping this morning by shopping for others. Christmas shopping has begun. :)
  • mmmm hard boiled eggs are delicious.
ok at this rate I'll be writing this thing all day. Enjoy everyone. Hugs.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Turn around...every now and then i get a little bit

pissy when things aren't picked up. A peice of paper, a battery from who knows what apparatus it came from, a shoe,  sock-let's just say any article of clothing that should have gone into the hamper which is in a ten step proximity to the said item of clothing laying on the floor getting a tan or maybe having a nap....ok...let's just forget about it. I may begin to hide anything that is left on the floor as a fun game of hide and seek for Gerr. hahaha, i think i just solved my own problem. It begins tonight.
  • Busy over here....i have 30 minutes to right this blog. 
  • Ok so for those of you who sorta know what's going on...i'm on day 2 of like an overall DIET. i hate that word. I also hate making everything so black and white-but i'm feeling out things and all in all I feel ok...I'm tired today. I've had a hard boiled egg-cooked correctly and for about 18 minutes this morning-i made two too! a couple of slices of turkey meat, a half a slice of cheddar and some coffee. I need more water but the cooler is downstairs and i keep forgetting my glass. As for the other dietary thingy-i'm doing good. I'll tell you all about it later....
  • i think I need acupuncture again for this stupid pinched nerve. i know these take a really long time to heal. Here's an interesting blog-Pinched nerve in back oOOH here's a video, maybe I can get Gerry to watch it so he can help and give me a massage!
  • well what else is there to write about? the Giants game was rad. WE won, so did the Yanks. yay us. 
  • I'm sorta sleepy. i could use a nap. 
  • lots of undie stuff on ideelie!
  • Yesterday also marked day 1 of getting my butt in gear and exercising again. yay me. I didn't do yoga, but i did hike. 
  • i'm in the mood to do crosswords, but i can't because now i have 10 minutes to write this blog. LOL. I am so not entertaining today. 
  • I haven't done this in a while, but people if you like cool baking blogs you NEED to go to this one: you will be impressed so go check it out.
  • ok I'm tired. trying to drink another cup of coffee to kick start my brain. Hopefully that should help. Definitely doing the mini hike today. That will definitely get my heart going and Bella did great offleash. 
since i'm a bore today, i'm going to leave you. have a great day!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm a bad Mama.....

My poor dog. She was confined to the yard and the house while the garage sale was going on. All she wanted to do was hang out with us, but since I had to deal with so many people I couldn't have her out with us. If i come home and she's peed on the carpet just for spite, I'll know for sure she's super angry at us. I mean no park, no walks, nothing. I would be pissing on my owners sleeping face. I have to take her out tonight, before the ball game...oh didn't i mention that's i'm going to a Giants game tonight??? Me, gerr, emily and Jonathon! YAY Em gets to go to a game!!!!
  • Back to what i was saying about Bella. My animals didn't get a lot of love this weekend. And yes, that also means I missed the pet fair. Don't look at me like that. I really wanted to go. Not just for the entertainment-HELLO, the skateboarding dog was there. But because there are a lot of trainers in the area and i would really like someone to observe Bella. Leash aggression is annoying, especially when they're super happy meeting other dogs off leash. 20 minute hike after work should do her AND myself good. 
  • So i'm starting a new regimen....i guess. I have to go on a less calorie intake food thing...i refuse to call it a diet. I just want to eat when i'm hungry, not overeat and not eat meals that taste like cardboard. Ofcourse I should have picked a different day, because we will most likely be going to In n out before the game. I will refrain from ordering a burger that looks like this:
ok for you In n Out fans here is the "not so secret" menu from their site: in n out not so secret menu
serious eats did a great job ordering all the super secret stuffs at In N Out. i'm thinkin i need to order a flying dutchman animal style tonight...hehehe...damn diet.
  • Part of this regimen goes back to that time where i mentioned yoga. This needs to be super important as of like two weeks ago. Unfortunately there's no room in the house to do yoga, so I have to take it outside. i can't find my mat. What's funny is that I sold two mats at the last garage sale. yup...i know. silly me.
  • The garage sale was a success. We have some extra money for groceries, pet food and toys and petty cash. i'm happy. no digging into our bank accounts. You know, this is hard work. I feel so sore from standing on my feet for two days, waking up before I normally do during the work week. But it needed to happen and it got done, so hurrah!
  • Yesterday was a gloomy morning. We thought it was going to rain. We turned on the tv and there it was. 9/11 remembrance day. everywhere. in ever US city, town, corner....heart.....My eyes swelled up so i quickly covered them with my sunglasses and proceeded to do whatever was needed. But every time I was alone in the house i remembered. I remembered my fears, I remembered not getting through to my mother in New York. I remember the smoke billowing from the towers. I remember the second plane. I remember everything. I remember the dust. I remember the quiet in my local town. No one made a peep. We listened, stared, thought and cried in silence. I will never forget. I will never forget those towers with the beautiful view of the city that scared me as a child and as an adult. I will never forget the love and support human beings showed one another that day. i will never forget the innocent people that died that day. They are all angels watching over us. 
  • Meet our new pet.

they're both robots. we're still learning how to use them. Gerry has the strangest things in his storage. We'll see how Bella reacts to Pleo, R2D2 she was ok with. click here to learn more about Pleo. Click here for command lists and here for more bonus stuffs from the Old Robots website. Robots are cool.
Alright everyone have a great Monday!!!!