Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are you ready for some football...and PIZZA!

Well, I am if you're not. I'm not really a football person, but I'm down to watch if I'm with friends and there's pizza involved and our wonderfully comfy couch. We're ordering too much pizza because thankfully Extreme Pizza loves me enough to give me a coupon for 50% off 50 bucks. Can you see the smile on my face???? Pizza means smiles!
  • I love coupons for dinners and stuff. I believe that once you sign up for a coupon, the company should leave you alone. I check the right boxes too, you know the ones that say "if you don't want to ever hear from us again..." yadda yadda yadda. Well today i get an email from Outback, i clicked it, unsubscribed to it but realized as I was about to close the page that they have a "your profile" link. Really??? You can create a profile at a Outback Steakhouses website. Like a dating site? Like share your love of steak? Meet other people in your area to share a bloomin onion or whatever it's called....very interesting.
  • HELLO people! Ideeli kitchenaid sale!!! hopefully that link will work so you can go look and see for yourself if you do not have ideeli, but if you do go check it out.
  • I get to look for a sit stand electric desk!!! I'm so excited. I seriously do NOT want to sit anymore. I just want to stand, get tired and then sit. these hips aren't gettin any younger dammit. wow that really sounded old..
i do not look like this. :)
  • and because i like to share music with you, here's System of a Down:

  •  Last night we all hung out talking about astigmatisms.   But what is astigmatism you ask? It is a refractive error of the eye which causes blurred vision. Think of like part of the eye has a sort of dent to it and the light comes through and bends oddily leaving your vision a bit blurred. That's how i've understood it anyway. My eyes are blessed with these.. My friends stumbled on some cool eye tests which you can take right have fun.

 remember to cover one eye and look in the middle. Go to this great site to read more about it. i love these tests.
I don't know what this one does, but it looks trippy.
this is the most common test. I better stop  now because this is giving me a headache.
  • I know, I know, I'm not supposed to shop...but I would do anything for animals right???? The animal rescue site has some great rain boots for 38 bucks. So who does that help? Animals AND people! When you buy the boots it will fund 28 bowls of food for animals and for humans they will donate another pair of shoes to needy people in other countries through Soles4souls. Am I getting a pair. Darn tootin. I can't pass it up, you shouldn't either. 
  • I just signed up for the My friend describes it as taking livingsocial, groupon..etc and putting them all together and finding every deal imaginable. I'll let you know peeps! 
ok, i hope i didn't forget anything. I'll be here tomorrow same channel same place! hugs!

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Frugal in WV said...

My husband watches football and I eat pizza :) Don't care much for the football, but definitely love the snack foods :)