Friday, September 30, 2011

i felt it was a Metallica Friday...

Thought i'd enjoy myself this AM and listen to some Metallica. Going well so far.

  • ugh. my bra feels super tight. I have to try on my dress tonight. yes, still dreading the wedding tomorrow. hmm searching google images for sucky wedding poopoo doesn't turn up anything. lol. this is one of those push up the boobs bra, so maybe that's why...or it could be the weight gain...i hate this!!!!
  • Ideeli has the Nook for sale. I know nothing about these pads and tablets and nooks. I'm thinking the Nook is just a reader right? ok since i know no one will answer that, i will do the research myself. Pretty much the Nook Color is a weak tablet. Probably because you can't do as much with a a reader as a  tablet, but durr aren't they all basically the same. I'm not planning on working on my tablet. games, reading, and going online are what i want my simple tablet for. pretty though....

  •  Alloy really??? are you friggin serious? Well if you don't get the wonderful Alloy emails like I do, you won't know that for 4 days only all boots are 25% off. which isn't fair, because now i have to look and if the price is nice well...what the hell am i supposed to do???? here's the boot sale. By the way...i didn't get i passed the boot test....
  • I may have found my mason jars. I'm thinking about getting them in a couple of weeks. the price seems right and they're just what i want! 21.81 for 12. that's a great price. I really want to move away from the plasticware that i have and get into these. they're glass and they're durable. for that price you can't beat it....maybe i'll get these and NOT buy's only 25% if it was 50%.....
  •  beautiful steve madden boots on ideeli...stop it boots!!! 
  • i made reeses peanut butter cup brownies last's pretty easy to make. I did take a picture but you know the deal, you'll have to wait for my lazy butt to upload stuff. Ok so get your brownie mix, any will do. We got some amazing super chocolate brownie with a hershey's liquid heaven pouch. make brownies. about 10 minutes before they're ready, sprinkle some peanut butter chips on the top. If they don't fully melt, don't worry about it. When they're about done place one reese's peanut butter cup in the corner and work your way around. Pretty much you should have about 3 rows of 3 cups perfect sizing per person! These are rich. these are good. yum. I will upload picture i promise. 
  • coffeetable update-shelf sanded, Gerry applied fiberglass to one of the legs since it needed some TLC. i'm so excited. I think i get to look at tile on Sunday!!!! oh and then paint ofcourse....and then stain...i'm so happy. 
  • I requested the day after thanksgiving off. I wish i could take the whole damn week off...won't happen, it's a busy payroll week. i need a vacay. 

ok all i must bid you Adieu for today

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