Saturday, October 1, 2011

Watching the game....

Ok, so I'm crazy about the Yankees. I'm in love with my NY team. Yesterday's game got called because of rain, so game 1 has been continued today. ( i already went to the lovely wedding and it was very nice.) So far this game is crazy. I'm by myself at home and any passerby would think i was probably watching a giants game or something. I'm loud and obnoxious and I don't give a shit. i'm eating my chips with my melted velveeta and salsa dip. I'm drinking water out of my yankee mug and I feel like a sports fan.  This game is insane. so far both pitchers are brutal, the umpire got hit in the face with a ball, boohoo the tigers almost got a run but got an out at home plate. Ack...watching sports boils my blood. it's fun.
  • This week I made some sinful brownies. I will share a picture with you now.
yes. these were delicious. and you should be drooling right now. If you're diabetic, do not eat these. You know how the day after sometimes the brownies just aren't as fresh? Nothing is like a fresh brownie out of the oven...ok get the point. Well to make a different treat the next day take some vanilla icecream-i still have some homemade ice cream, add about 3/4 of  a brownie, pour some milk and press blend. mmmm brownie milkshake. Gerry drank most of it. I think he liked it.
  • As usual the game is giving me a heart attack. lol. I do have to tell you that the TBS programming is making many mistakes, it actually switched to the Tampa Bay/Rangers ok...what else can i share with you...
  • Ever make that cheesey dip i mentioned above and felt guilty about throwing it away-especially if really it's just you eating it or maybe you and your partner. Well save it for breakfast the next day! Make some scrambled eggs and add the cheese to it. Trust me yummy yummy eggs. Now I would never say do this with party dip-that would be gross. 
  • you know you want to see the cutest dog ever! it's bella...she wants to say Hi!
She's had a rough day. Spent most of the day at home, she's with her daddy right now playing at the beach. 
Well I hope you're all having a great weekend. I need to go get coocoo because we just got 2 more runs...hello 4-1!!!!!  hello bottom of the 6th and we're rockin it....HOLY SHIT! grand slam....a homer and two runners on bases...incredible inning...
  •  ever read something on facebook and crack up laughing like you want to pee in your pants because you're like you did not just admit to doing that....seriously, you don't need to tell people what you're doing when you do yeah, go ahead and say it because you look like a douche when you do...hahahahaha...thank you for the laugh by the way. i feel sorry for the ump. hahaha. he's been beaten up by this game.
  • i gotta get this for Bella....
you can get these dog ID tags on

ok i gotta go enjoy this game, try not to go on facebook-ny the way super fun thing to do when you don't want to see people's idiotic posts, hide them. i forgot you can do that. yay. I don't have to see stupidity.

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Just Us & A Miracle Baby too! said...

Ahh you made them !! look sinfully delicious!