Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

I love Halloween and it's here! I love the tricks, the treats, the scary, the funny ahhhh...My weekend didn't exactly turn out how i want it-when does it really? But it was good nonetheless. Had dinner with some friends, the Rangers lost of course (fuck), spent the day with Gerry yesterday, looked at Halloween stuff, watched a scary movie...etc....It turned out to be a good weekend.
  • I am a race car driver. I'll let you use your imagination
this isn't me, but this is my costume. lol. I do have to upload Bella's costume. TOOOOO cute. I'll do it later tonight.
  • Tonight's plans are dressing up-i guess i'm not getting out of my costume all day long-going to my old neighborhood where they do it up and then walking about with Bella in her costume downtown. Should be fun! No crazy partying over here.
  • I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of November...which also is Dia de los Muertos. The holiday is meant to honor the deceased in one's family.  I believe it's a beautiful holiday because we all need to remember the people we've lost and maybe some of us don't believe in prayer or whatever but a day to honor their lives doesn't sound like a bad day. Death is a natural occurrence in life. 
  • Well 24 more days until Turkey Day. 
  • We don't get any trick or treaters. It is SO sad. 
I Hope whatever any one does tonight that they have a safe evening, remember to check your kids candy-don't eat all of it. Dress up and have a good time! lot's of love!

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