Monday, October 17, 2011


NO NO NO NO NO. It is not Monday. It is a big fat nightmare and I will wake up any minute now and it will still be the weekend. It was a pretty damn awesome weekend and I want to go back. dammit. I so sad...

  • I still need a friggin blender. I also must come to terms that this year there won't be a disneyland trip, i won't get my boots or sweater and that i'm broke. sigh. Funny thing is after my last car payment in December I'll be groovy as gravy, just in time for the new year.
  • For those of you who love ideeli, there are mixers on sale.....
  • i forgot my glasses AGAIN. I'm thinking my old glasses need to be here...
  • WORLD SERIES PEOPLE! Starting on Wednesday I'd say check here for times, but don't do it yet because they haven't announced it...So wait.....check back often...Go Rangers!  :)
  • i saw the Birds Barbie yesterday. We went to the town where they filmed it and the only grocery store had this Barbie on display for 95 bucks. I wanted it. Gerry said no. Who else was going to buy it for's a black label! here is link i want to own a black label Barbie.

  • So what's next in our lives? Murder Mystery dinner which i can't wait!!! Halloween-we're recycling our costumes from a few years ago and dressing up as pirates...of course what are we doing? I have the slightest clue. 
  • here's something super cute for you. What a dog does when it's cold.

  • note to self...never look up traps again. poor animals. 
I think I have to make this short. I will sum up that since this weekend was a bit of a bust food wise-Cattlemans, Olive yum. My workout only consisted of Saturday burning calories on a power walk and tiring the Bella. Also i don't think I deserve a medal this week-it's not bad, but it's not great. coffee table project hitting a stand still since we don't have the machine that cuts the tile. so I have a feeling this may be a bust. I'll have to pick an easier project if this doesn't come through in the next couple of weeks. Maybe just paint the table and stain it and sell it. Start small with a perfect square where i won't need to cut anything. lol. sometimes you gotta know when to fold em....
anywhoo ice ice baby is on my ipod and i gotta run. tootles. be safe ace.

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