Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today is a new day.

Yesterday was not a good day, but today will be better. It has to be, because it's not yesterday, today still has to keep going before it eventually ends and then i can say whether or not it sucked. So, I am hoping that today is better than the past days because today is all i have....don't you just love reading my blog?
  • This weekend is the big boy's birthday. Gerry will officially be older than me....he's always been older but it's a 4 month difference, so this is really the only time his age is different than mine. His birthday is on Friday. No plans for friday thus far. 
  • We were going to a murder mystery dinner on Saturday but due to their double booking at different venues they canceled the show here. So October 22nd should be fun. We have to come up with aliases. I think I'm going to by Scarlet O'hara....or Ginger Rogers.
  • I love the hair color i used last time i dyed my hair. I truly have to dye just the roots! BUT i forgot which company i used!!! DOH! i'm going for the l'oreal stuff this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed that it matches.
  • Coffee table update-We got it all. The tile and the stain! We have the rest of the items-grout and mortar, i guess...A friend of Gerry's said that he had the paint which was really close to the Candy apple red I want to paint the legs of the i just need time, a dry day and the tutoring of my dear friend Memphis. I can't wait for that day. 
  • Mini Meditations. Only last about one minutes. Good for stressful work days or maybe escaping to the bathroom and doing these. Check out zen habits
 if you need an exercise plan, i'll join you. But i'll also be doing my hikes, yoga and this. so let's do it together.
  • i also need a mantra today "I will not get annoyed...I will not get annoyed" that may not work..."I will not punch anyone...I will not punch anyone" that may not work either.  "MAUI....MAUI...." ooh that works...
  • you know sometimes you read something and say WOW that is what I'm saying...I have many people this quote goes out to....
and no that has nothing to do with Gerry. Apparently he loves me and I love him even when i want to kick him hard in the shin.
  • ok i gotta cut it short peeps. I have stuff to do. thanks for reading....

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