Friday, October 21, 2011

Drum Roll please...

I officially lost ONE pound. One backbreaking pound. Well actually that's not so bad, since within that week we had Olive Garden and Cattleman's. I am happy and praying that it's a solid pound and not one of those water weight wishy washy ones that comes and goes. So I guess we'll see what happens next week...I know I should check every day, but this season is terrible. One day you're eating pumpkin pie another day you're trying to starve yourself  and eat like a rabbit. So I'm going to weight myself once a week.
  • So I think i overdid my walk yesterday. woof. Getting some pulling in my butt and my legs. I walked up that hill like it was the easiest thing in the world, all the while my muscles were burning. I have been walking this hill for over a year and a half, it will NEVER get easy. Nice! free gym!
  • This AM I went to a new therapist, who will be assisting my real therapist. I basically went from "I was born bla bla bla"...all the way to present. Stopped to take a breath, probably missed some things along the way. I knew if i stopped I would break down and I didn't want to. I want help but i need to get this out or else I'll probably just keep everything locked inside me. Some things are safer inside of us, but I'm beginning to think that's not always true. One thing mr mean couples guy was right about is that I have spent a lot of energy keeping that stuff in. I don't think he's right about the relationship stuff, but if me doing this to myself on a consistent basis is hurting me, i don't want to do it anymore. And maybe at some point i'll look at my life and see things that i should have seen before or maybe I'll just wake up one day a well balanced human being.
  • OOOH murder mystery dinner tomorrow night. I can't remember what time we're supposed to be there, so I'm planning 5:30? I have an outfit and everything for it. I hope it fits! hahaha. OOH i noted 6:15...good thing. :) i'll tell ya all about it Monday.
  • Hot Pockets taste good. yum.
  • HELLOOOOO!!! Did we watch the world series Game 2 last night???? Did you see that/?? Tied baby!!! Go Texas. Check out all info here on
  • ouch just burned my tongue on hot pocket....damn you hot pocket. 
  • they're too tasty, i want one more...but I only brought one...and a greek yogurt which is my snack. Really the calories aren't too bad. someone probably disagrees with me, but hey it tasted good, nice portion, and my tummy for the time being has shut the fuck up....
  • So doesn't seem like anything is planned this weekend. Hopefully some pumpkin carving. We also need to get a large pumpkin. I need to go to goodwill and pray that I find a frame and a background i can spray paint with chalkboard paint. I also need chalk...Two ideas and i'm broke. 
  • Hey people, BIKES on Ideeli!! Prices look great! Neat. they're mostly cruiser looking bikes, which I LOVE!
  • People I'm rocking it with drinking over 8 glasses of water every day.... I am pretty much making myself drink more water even when i'm not thirsty, I love it. Normally I  only drink water, but i am pretty sure it's only about 6-7 glasses a day. according to my brand new water bottle with the levels on the back, i've already drank 6 glasses and it's 12:30. How many glasses do you drink????
  • After work is play with Bella time. then i'll go home and watch the series...she's definitely more important. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay safe. hugs bugs.

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