Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good Ahfternoon....

You must say this in the most uppity English accent. Yawn...feeling a bug coming YAHOOOO on those yankees right???
  • need i say more. 10-1 Yankees are taking game 5 home at 5pm Pacific time. Must get off early. 
  • I'm home at the moment hanging out with my maytag repairman. I do have to go back to work and it doesn't seem like one of the two burners has yet to be fixed.....maybe we can get a pretty new stove....sigh...
  • I feel artistically deprived. I haven't been able to do anything with my coffee table this week. We knew the rain would come, but i want to do other things to keep my creativity flowing. Seriously pinterest helps with that. I did my nails last night black and pink. here's a crappy phone picture...First you do layer one of any color, wait until it dries and then apply cut tape-Gerry made the wavy design with blue movers tape, because cutting regular scotch tape is a bitch. apply to nail paint half of nail with other color, wait a little while and slowly take off.apply clear coat. fun times. 
  • Tonight for dinner i'm making salmon for the boys and ofcourse another pinterest idea for us girls....My friend Danette actually gave me the recipe on the site and i can't wait to try it out. First i'm going to make a roasted smashed potato then i'm going to make the salmon and the chicken the same way using this recipe for parmesan crusted chicken i probably won't put parmesan on the salmon, but the mayo for sure. 
  • I'm taking Bella out on a walk today. Rain or Shine!! she needs to be freeeeee and run about. 4 days of no exercise makes Bella a meanie to the other animals. Not really a meanie, but she gets annoyed easier. For example, Fievel-13 year old gray male cat-sits by the door, Bella places her bone in front of Fievel, walks away but comes back and starts barking at Fievel to please move because she wants her BOOOOONNNNE. it's more of a whiny bark. 
  • Sunday is organize the back room day. i have no idea how...but it will be done. I"m thinking we also need to treat ourselves to some yummy lunch...
  • hmm. at the moment I feel trapped by the appliance repairman...He keeps calling me. He should be calling my landlord. 
ok so not much else to say. It's been a busy day and I'm still a bit under the weather. Have a good day all!

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