Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank you Rangers AND Mother Nature....

For ruining my Friday. Yes you ruined it. Mother Nature you delayed the game. Rangers you could have one last night...what the hell was all of that about????? Seriously??? Feliz, you're benched in my opinion. Ogando (sp?) you too. dammit. Now Game 7 on a friday night so NO corn maze.
  • So tonight i'm demanding pizza. Last night's game just about gave me a heart attack. I thought I was going to flip out on someone. Baseball table tennis. that's what it was. I could develop Tourrettes watching sports. Swear to the being or beings above. So pissed about last night. And may I ask why the hell are so many people in the Bay Area Cardinals fans????
  • So I got a new computer at work and using windows 7 professional. I like it so far. kinda nifty.
  • I have a strange feeling this weekend will not turn out as planned. Makes me a tad sad. But we'll see. All I ask is that I sleep in and go to Pirates of Emerson.
  • Went to bed thinking of my mom and my grandma. They're both on vacation and wish i could be with them. Miss them both very much. i worry about them even though I know they'll be ok. Planning on going to NY hopefully in April. Take Gerry in the spring, pack light and see the sights, visit my mom and grandma. Sit in Central Park and take many deep breaths.
  • WE may have a working BUTT this weekend...err i mean a boat. hehe...

  •  Right after work I have to take Bella on the hike. Pretty soon there will be no more hiking after work. Daylight Savings time is November 6 and we fall back an hour. :( 
  • I didn't lose any weight according to the scale this morning, but I didn't gain either. so good for me. currently riding the AF wave. lol. if you know what that means I give you props. 
  • hmm, never heard of this website until i got the image above...check out looks fun. opinionated people voicing their opinions...sounds like every other social website out 
  • Anyone else bothered that they had to remake the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? The movie was fine the way it was. Just because it was in another language does NOT mean we need to remake it. I watched Ringu after I watched the Ring, i had no idea that the Ring was a remake and was surprised at how good the original was. Will we be remaking foreign films now or can we start writing our own movies? 
  • so last night i started my briefcase all about me project. I know i can't fit myself in a box, but i can make a city out of that box and collage the hell out of it. It'll probably take a long time to finish. but I'm excited. I'm trying to do some projects that really lift me up. I need to feel good about myself.....
  • ok i gotta mosey, lots of crapola to do. So Come on Rangers kick some ass tonight. I'll be watching.
loves with sterile gloves....

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