Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I set my outlook reminders to tell me when it's 12:12. I intend to make a wish because i'm corny like that. its' kinda neat if you think about it.

Alright, so my Christmas spirit sort of got demolished. To be completely vague, I thought something major was going to happen, only to find out that no it's not and won't happen until bla bla bla happens. Which to me just sounded like it's never going to happen and i was super embarrassed that I thought it was even going to happen. Like WHY would it ever happen to me...waah waaah waah...all the time what's really being said is that what someone wanted to happen didn't happen and it just won't happen right now...or something or other. The fog is clearing up and i can see things better now, but at first HAZE/MIST/BLACKOUT!!! Women are insane.

So I'm sorta back, I need to find the christmas spirit and although looking at pretty things online helps me and helps you find the perfect gift, really some things SAY/SCREAM christmas to my heart and I need to remember what those let's go on that journey this week, k? Sure this week is half way over, but who gives a rat's behind?

White Christmas is one of my favorite movies this time of year. 
Not only do i own this  movie, but we watched it in the theater this year! 
Now that would remind me of christmas every time i came home...maybe i am missing a fireplace??? I was going for Christmas tree! 
torturing our animals by making them wear funny christmas outfits... :)
Snow. sigh....California weather is tiring me out. Sunshine, warmth...bla bla seasons. Thank you for the damn rain in the middle of the night and the sunny skies during the day. You're no fun. 
visiting santa...which we do every year...and i love doing it and may not do this year, because i'm an idiot. and what's with the caterpillar?
i think we're the only couple that hosts a christmas would be nice if other people had parties too!!! 
christmas caroling, seems to be a dying tradition. But i love it and never see or hear anyone do it....tis sad.

I'll think about what else reminds me of do the same...
oh and make a wish at 12:12

Friday, December 7, 2012

HO HO HO Friday!!!

Let's get to the pretty you can tell i really don't have much to say!!! LOL

For the baseball lover (if they're a yankee fan)
that's mariano and jeter...woot woot!
For the fashionista:

Perfect Winter Sweater!
For the trendster
it's a coat hanger!
For that person in your life that likes oddities
these are all prints...awesome!

For the partier!
tipsyland game
For a kid, for anyone really. Who doesn't love Gund?
For your foodie me?
For the ring fanatic
For small kids.
there are like 12 differen types on will just have to check them out...adorbs.

Well that's what i have for today!!! have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's 9:30 and I've already lost my.... of a sudden i'm just BLAH. Tired and Beat. Coffee do something !!!!!

girly stuffs and stuffs......
Can someone tell me where i can buy this dress...this is at the top of the page and not for sale...I love it! 
cute site through amazon,
For my friends with kids, this is on Rue La La for 69.90 :)
Love this pillow!!
that's just cute..
lego bento box!!! awesome.
May not go with my theme at home, but these mugs are cute!!!

Bestest present ever!!

Too cute!

ok hasta la rasta pasta...until manana


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Last night one of my old band photos went up online and I had a lot of friends "like" it.  I know it's a bit silly, but I feel really special that i had people like it, and i knew they liked it because I was in it.  I was pretty honored.  Wish i could thank people without sounding cheesy.
ok cool stuffs people...

what to give the cook in your life:
everyone loves a matching set.
Pasta is so easy to make...
monogrammed cutting board!!!
for the fashionista
For the kids or the kid in someone:
I may need to buy this...I LOVE UGLY DOLLS!!! I'm not going to buy it, just in cute...

for the actual kid..

Promotes imagination, not sitting in front of a TV watching shows or playing videogames.

For the Hello Kitty Fan
For the Girl with all the Jewelry
For little girls or doll collector
madame alexander dolls are awesome...this is lollipop munchkin from the wizard of oz.
For the person who loves decorating their home for Christmas
if you click on the picture it should take you to'll see a lot of stuff for the holidays and plenty of gift ideas.

because it's funny...

and with that i'm out.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pretty things are pretty...

like the following.
purdy ring....hautelook clickity click click.

not for me, but for my pup!
i really need an umbrella.
and that's all for today...lots of love...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunny in California

well we had about 5 days of WEATHER! which was real nice! I guess some more weather is a comin our way....but you never know with this place!

So yeah i changed the page once again, i'm getting lazy, but i'm also having a lot of fine with all of the cool i atleast hope you like all the stuffs too.

here are some clever gift ideas...
Bacon spread....for the bacon enthusiast! click here for more foodie options

this is the prettiest New Years Dress!!! I want it!!!

the other night i wanted to play poker with Gerry, but i realized we didn't have any cards...good stocking stuffers like these guys are always a good the way a bad idea is filling your dogs stocking NOW rather than Christmas DAY...No worries, i hid the stockings...
This is so pretty. Reminds me of Hindu/Indian stuff....

that's the coolest thing Ever...thank you Tony La Russa for being amazing..and yes people that's a kitty.