Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sorry January but you gotta go...

and take your pain with you...and your sadness. I never quite understood it, even with backpain, but man I am ready to be happy again. I can't take that crap for granted. I also can't wait until my left arm and my neck feel human and not make the sounds of Barbie's legs when you bend them...remember that? lol
  • holy cute shoes alert on Ideeli. Steven Sale...

 these are 79.99 but aren't they cute????? oh golly...
  • Super bowl is on Sunday. Didn't realize it until i saw a commercial for the Voice! (yay it's back right after the game on Sunday). I have no idea what we're doing, but chances are we're watching it at our house. So that means football like man snacks are in order. maybe mini meatball sandwiches-(since i'm half able) i think buying frozen meatballs, baking them then adding some sauce and sprinkling some mozzarella would be good. Think BBQ sauce or a tangy tomato sauce. yum. hmm, what else....I did wings last game. now i'm hungry. 
  • Ok I found this on Pinterest off of another blog ofcourse, but check out this link Super Bowl BINGO! I will be playing this and I know Gerry will join me in this! 

  •  Yesterday someone at my work discovered a furry surprise in one of our trucks. 5 one week old kittens! We're waiting to hear from the Humane society to see if Mama was trapped this morning. They used the babies as bait. I would take these guys but they're too young to be hand fed-and that would be a feeding every hour-formula at this age won't help these guys fully.  I'll let y'all know if Mama was caught. 
  •  i will be getting my first professional massage ever on Thursday at 6 pm. Serenity NOW!!!!
  • Is it just me noticing that there's been a whirlwind of ugly ass prom dresses being pinned? I like that pinterest is very nice and only offers a comment, like and pin button, but sometimes we have to save other people from their fashion disasters. But how???hahaha
  • I need everyone to visit BADRAP blog and read this entry. This will make you think about your local shelters and maybe make you more involved when it comes down to the dogs you AREN'T seeing. I am glad i can say that it has a happy ending...
Alrighty i gotta run. Everyone have a great day.

Monday, January 30, 2012

And where the hell have you been???

You haven't written or called or anything....dammit. lol. just kidding. sorry i've been MIA, but I've had the most persistent and painful pinched nerve. My neck felt like i couldn't hold it up anymore and my arm radiated the most annoyingly painful ache i've ever felt in my life. Now, i feel a bit weak in my left hand, my arm feels very sore and my  neck is just poping like a firecracker. But I'm feeling better. Not fully myself yet though. Pain can really take a toll on  person. I've been very depressed by this and I hope none of my readers ever have to go through it.
  • But here i am so let's start this week off. I am tired. lol. i know you so wanted to know that. i've been here for 40 minutes and people, i can take a nap. 
  • Gonna go back on the quitting smoking bandwagon. I was so stressed with my neck that well smoking became my thing again.
  • I went on a walk yesterday and realized quickly that I'm so OUT OF SHAPE! Two weeks of no exercise, little jaunts here and there taking Bella on a quick walk but holy cow, I took her out for 30 minutes or so and my ass feels like i should ice it. insert sad face here....
  • I have been trying to access a government page for the last hour and it's not working. I think i may be the only person on earth who wants to kick a screen in when things like this happen. ok, i know i'm not the only one
  • Holy crap. in less than a month i will be 35. oh shit. I must repeat the following mantra-I will not get depressed because I will be 35 with no children, house or marriage...keep repeating...keep repeating. hahahaha. it's funny sometimes i'm thankful for not having those things, not because i don't want them, but because it's a bit freeing. imagine if i had kids while i had a pinched nerve? and worrying about not being able to work and paying a mortgage and taking care of my marriage!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! the insanity. 
  • Tell me one of these doesn't look appetizing right now.....
i am salivating.
  • I think the internet has made me super cheap. I'm in love with some of the shoes on sole society, but i keep thinking i can get them elsewhere for cheaper. Paying 50 bucks for a pair of shoes is not bad, but i'm the type of girl that will run to payless when she needs something. Ok i know i don't do that all the time, but i have...oh my these shoes are tooo cute. they have animal print on them and i'm not a big fan of animal print, but the gray ones are super adorable and subtle. People what do i do!!!!??? shite. i really like them..i'm going for it people. early bday gift for me.
  • So my anniversary was this weekend. There's been so much going on that it was nice to take a little time and do something together without thinking of the B.S. from the outside world. We're truly two lucky people, who found eachother four years ago under strange circumstances. We've grown so much and created an atmosphere together that is somewhat perfect. lol. nothing in life is perfect and there are times I am pretty sure we aren't too happy with eachother, but as a cumulative thing in a whole , i just gotta say wow. 
  • I'm also getting a rifle. yup. i'm getting one. i probably. we'll see if they bring in the Marlin today so I can see which one i like better (ruger or marlin). I got Gerry a dual rifle case. so his will definitely need a friend.
  • Do you ever watch things happening in front of you and try your hardest not to say a word but realize that people are acting very strange and not like themselves? yeah, well i've seen that multiple times in the last couple of weeks and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable.
  • I've gotta listen to some country....
  • Also tired of hearing people complain about money. it's everywhere lately. There are ways to make more money....get a second job if you're in dire need of money. are you crafty? make stuff and sell on ebay or etsy.  Look online for ways to make more money, but dammit if i hear another person complain they better be prepared to hear "GET a second job." AYE. I remember my mom told me to get a second job years ago when i was working at a college and it was winter break. I couldn't believe they cut my hours in HALF. I also wanted to enjoy all this time off and my wage was pretty good BUT i wasn't making rent. Well, I went and waited tables 3 hours 3 times a week. It was fun. I made lots of tips and it really helped. My mom likes to make a better person out of me. That taught me a lot about myself too. I could take care of myself even if i lost my job or hours got cut in half. I think it also taught me how to rely on myself even more. Thanks mom. 
  • Alrighty you get to stare at the pic of the croissant because that's the only pretty thing i'm leaving on here...have a great day.

Friday, January 20, 2012


SIGH..I'm a bit better today. Had to see my chiro this am and he worked on me a bit. My lovely neck felt a lot better and the radiating pain is still there but not every 1.5 seconds. Still feel shitty and crappy and fucking annoyed-you see, here i am practicing my freedom of speech also known as freedom of expression....
  • just purchased another livingsocial deal for a haircut, root touch up and blow dry. :) that should make me feel better once this pain disappears. I have another deal too, which i'll probably use next month....
  • I hope to God i feel normal atleast by Sunday...or come on MONDAY! something help...:( so not happy...
  • I probably would have been happier going home after my chiro appointment. I keep thinking if I cut my arm off MAYBE i won't have anymore pain, but with my luck I'll have phantom radiating arm pain. that is a joke people...
  • Tomorrow night our little circle of friends celebrate our buddy Memphis' 30th birthday! Welcome to the dirty 30 club. And if anyone says 30 is the new 20, i'm going to call them stupid because apparently they don't know anything about numbers.
  • Ofcourse SUNDAY is a big sports day and definitely a big day in SF because we're gonna watch our Niners hopefully win the NFC. Giants and Niners, let's play which makes no sense since they use their feet like 5 times in the game. They should call it catch and hold on tight ball because some big motherfuckin refridgerator looking dude is going to slam you into the ground...has a nice ring to it...don't ya think?
  •  oh the rain! it's beautiful...and makes you want to go home and snuggle in front of an imaginary fire.....
  • almost bought one of those sensor trashcans for my was like 50 bucks for a 1.3 gallon...i think i'll go to bed, bath and beyond they must have a cheapy there....
  •  ok i gotta go..sorry been too busy today.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


ok so not exactly a word and not exactly a sound. I'm feeling sorta better. Now better means my neck isn't as stiff, the radiating pain from my neck down to my elbow is still there but it's not as persistent. it's friggin annoying though. I can only think i'm doing something right. Last night was probably the worst. I couldn't find a position to lay in or sit or anything without the constant ache of the nerve trying to stab me internally. This morning it hurts, but it's like i can handle it. I never label myself a Christian or a Catholic or a person of any denomination and I rarely ask God for anything unless I need to pray for others (yes i do believe in God) but I did ask him to help me with the pain. Thanks Big Guy/Gal for soothing it a bit. :)
  • I have to give my boyfriend a medal. Lately he's been this amazing guy. He's always been wonderful but seriously people, something's happened to him in the last couple of weeks and he's done some things that make me go hmmmmm.....For instance, he soaked the burners and cleaned the stove. He said it was dirty. yup, that's what happens when I don't feel too hot, things wind up getting dirty. Also, not only did he offer to give me a massage, he actually gave me one. :) He's just been very helpful and kind.  
  • People at work are amazing as well. You'd think i took a bunch of pain meds this morning since i'm finding so many people amazing. People at work are helping me move stuff around since I can't. They're finding solutions to help me complete projects....I feel pretty blessed. And let me tell you something, I have come into work each day not wanting to. I have felt like crap and felt the burning pain down my arm and just wanted to lay down and ice or heat it-which i probably should have done. But i've come in because I need to and because i have a responsibility here. They do take care of me and only when I urgently need to go home will i do so. I think they see that. :)
  • So BIG question....who was affected by the "blackout" because I wasn't. I could google all day long. Granted Google had a censorship bar over it, but that didn't stop me. Craigslist still worked because Gerry uses that all day long when he's at home....I didn't check wikipedia because didn't have the need to. According to Zdnet's article, if you read between the didn't...
  • RAIN! sort of, it's not raining right now...Here's SF Gates link. I 'm hoping the rain stays for a while. Gerry really wants to go snowboarding and since it hasn't rained that means no snow in the mountains. Come on Snow!!!
  • ok yeah tell me the picture below isn't super cute.....

  •  ok so this morning i weighed myself and was sad to see i gained a little, but it was my fault completely. I ate a delicious meat and cheese filled calzone and i'm not going to be depressed about it. No exercise means no fatty foods. :) tonight is a spanish night. Making some Carne Asada, beans and rice with a little salad. weight should be back to normal in a couple of days.
  • ok people if you're on ideeli and/or hautelook keep your eye out for Orion London. They have some cute retro inspired dresses and I wish i can order them from their website. Currently ideeli has some dresses for about 50-70 bucks. I'm still not seeing something i really want on their list, but definitely will keep my eye out for this designer. Check out this cute dress 
  • I'm doing so good right now. I'm looking at all the items on ideeli that i want and i'm like nope...not gonna do it...ok..i lied..i bought a purse. I need a new purse not a bag that I can fit my dog i love my bag, but i need something a bit smaller. :) 25 bucks...can't go wrong!
  • This isn't really my cup of tea, but for you Bay Area peeps, Noise Pop 2012 is here.. seems like an affordable time too. :)
  • I need something funny, because the pain in my arms is getting awful....

Alrighty folks, gotta boogie...have a great day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Still in a bit of neck pain...i have to say it's maybe a bit better than yesterday, but still it's only 9:16 and i've officially been awake for only 2 hours. My blog titles will be sounds because i'm frustrated and I hurt, when i feel better the titles will be words that don't describe pain. so ARGHHF DLKJGAKZJ ZZ!!!!!! POO
  • So i'm sitting here doing my stuff and sniff sniff sniff...something smells odd...kinda like dog food...WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY POCKET???? but little smelly Bella treats. lol. always be prepared...
  • holy bonkers i have to stop thinking about this pain....FORK.
  • So, ok this bill going through Congress, PIPA and SOPA and affecting all of us-check out Google's big black censored block-can be thoroughly explained here. It's a good article and explains it somewhat. hmmm internet piracy...well I get it, drugs and stuff shouldn't be sold on the internet, but movies, music and whatever leave it alone. You're not going to win. How about using that money and monitoring child porn, animal abuse sites and sick shit like that. Yeah, i admit the internet may need a babysitter, because there are sick people in the world, but when it comes to music and movies and stuff like that, give me a break. 
  • ugh 
  • bleh....


 and that's how i'm ending today....sorry...too much pain...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
and fuck censorship. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have a stupid back. very very stupid. wish i could say "you're fired", but it follows me everywhere i go and it's not so simple to detach and trade for a new one.  Last week my back hurt, i saw my acupuncturist and felt better, i even went to work the next day. I started feeling really good until yesterday evening. I took Bella for a walk with Gerry, came back made dinner and did some light yoga. Played with Bella around the house and sat down and bam, i don't know what happened but my back didn't like that. Now along with all of this I have this shoulder, neck and left arm pain and it's pretty damn annoying. Well, the result of all of this is I am praying for a chiropractor appointment today. My guess is I need to be aligned. still, what a pain in the ass.
  • There was frost on my windshield. It's actually THAT cold here in the Bay Area. About time, but really why am i not wearing a coat? 
  • Went to the chiro....i sprained part of my neck which is inflamed and therefore hurt a nerve ending and that is radiating down my arm....sigh. 
  • Now here's something interesting....a livingsocial deal in NYC for a chic shopping tour. Through the deal you pay 50 bucks and they take you to 5 affordable clothing stores with one of a kind only fear is what if it's not your style...and what is "affordable" in NY? a pair of $75 jeans maybe affordable for some people, but I seriously could never pay that much for jeans. if you're interested check out livingsocial.
  • I can't tell my chiropractor about my acupuncturist....he'll think i'm cheating on but seriously it's just one of those things.ahhhhh ice pack on my neck.....
  • really i'm not all that interesting today. I don't want to babble about my owies and i don't have much on my mind except for that. I do want to share with you something i have stumbled on and that's cyanide and happiness cartoons. kinda twisted kinda funny. there was one i didn't quite get, but for the most part they make me's todays
tootles y'all.

Monday, January 16, 2012


It's been a while. I was really out of it last week due to icky meds and just not feeling right. I felt like i was the zombie apocalypse. I'm gettin better and my brain feels less foggy, so i hope i can resume my nutty yet nifty blog tomorrow or the next. I didn't abandon anyone, i'm just busy. I do have some time right now so let's see what do i want to talk about...
  • zoloft is the devil. just sayin.....
  • I think my boyfriend thinks i'm a dork. As you know or have read, he gave me the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and i've downloaded nerdy word games, chess, mah jong...etc....well a couple of days ago I downloaded something called Fashion Story. If you don't know what it is it's like lemonade stand, but with clothes. sigh....i'm addicted. so sad. Since I don't want to be alone in this sad addiction, here's the link. You can even play online...I couldn't get you that link because it's BLOCKED!
  • Anyone else get highly annoyed when you call someone and they don't call you back? You text someone and they don't call you back? OR they send you an IM and then 4 minutes later they log off? can i smack someone for these things? doesn't do my anxiety any good. 
  • Tomorrow we're having a mini pot luck. I think i'm going to make a pasta salad. Easy schmeezy. Think-noodles, bacon on the side(one of our girls is a vegetarian), shredded carrots, maybe corn, i red onions, i've gotta look and see what the heck else i've got in the house, in a spicy ranch. num. 
  • ahhh a new week. Personally I abhor mondays. but it's also a fresh start diet and exercise wise. Last week was a big personal FAIL. Since i didn't feel so good AND my back decided to go icky I was pretty much stripped of any good chemicals in my body. So this week it's all about walking my dog, doing some yoga stretches. I'm about to chop off my shoulder because i have super stiffness and i am pretty sure another friggin pinched nerve....AYE. Anyway, just gotta try and get back to normal. 
  • Here's an ok article about losing weight. How to get Skinny? i don't really like the whole How to get skinny title. I'd rather see How to get healthy and fit? Skinny for me means anorexic, bony, unhealthy. It's not a bad article.
  • Bleh, now i'm just looking for things to write about....
  • Hey Livingsocial is having lots of romantic getaway deals for those inept males who cannot figure out what to do for Valentines Day. Ch ch check it out.....
  • So, My 4 year anniversary with Gerry is in a couple of weeks. I can't really say what i want to get him, because he actually looks at my blog once in a while!!! I thought the day would never come! lol. seriously, i'm pretty sure he was never interested in anything i wrote online. we've come a long way.
  • Alrighty...time for me to leave...Have a wonderful day!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

First Full week, let's start this bitch.

Man....seems like forever ago when i actually worked a full week. I think it's been over a month. super sad face inserted here. I like three day weekends. i like sleep. feels good.
  • Livingsocial has a great deal for the bay area. $125 for two for a whale watching tour to the Farallons. 8 hours and who knows what you'll see. I want to do this. I want to see a whale. 
  • I like this story. I love to read about athletes in love with the pit bull breed and fighting a cause or standing up for them. Warms my heart.
  • Went shooting this weekend. Actually had a lot of fun. I've done it before and I always forget how competitive it is. I think i am responsible for shooting the wire that held up all the targets.  I really need to learn how to shoot better. I did get very close the bullseye, but not close enough. lol. still it was fun and I want to get better. 
  • Went to the movies this weekend, wasted Gerry's money on The Devil inside. Total Blair Witch wannabe but with exorcisms. How many times are we going to see stuff like this. I didn't even know it until we sat down. We went with a couple of friends and i assumed everyone did their homework. Oh and i got the crappy bottom of the barrel popcorn. hmmph.
  • drug of the day is zoloft.
  • Instead of phones in the office we should replace them with cups and string. that would be cool.i can hear everything people are saying when they call each other, so why call? Why not either get up and walk over or whisper into a cup so no one can hear what they're saying. hehehe. 
  • The cupboard is getting barer by the day. So I have to be more adventurous with my meals. I decided last night to make a chicken shepherd's pie. I cooked the chicken in cream of chicken soup, because i randomly had it in my pantry. A layer of mashed potatoes, creamy chicken, veggies and pie pastry voila, yumminess. :)
  • Tonight's dinner will  hopefully be a nicely defrosted pork a la italiano...which means I will  make it all italiany. hahaha. 
  • I love my tablet. I spend a lot of time with it. Last night though, our fun friends asked to play a boardgame and I got a break from it and had some human interaction, which of course I'd rather have. We played a game called Logo. Pretty self explanatory-a game about logos. 
  • Downloaded an app for weight loss and exercise tracking on day 4 and i've lost a lb. me like.  

ok i'm pretty busy so i gotsa leave. Hope everyone has a great day. hugs doves.

Friday, January 6, 2012

First Friday of the year.

How you doin you sexy beast? Welcome and thank you for being here....Now for some fun
  • This is such a cute story about a cat named Artful Dodger who likes to ride the bus.
  • Open Table is amazing. It's a great way to make a reservation, get money off on the tab and find great deals! Now introducing Prix Fixe  from about 100 bay area restaurants!!! I'd love to try it, but i am fearful i'll wind up with fish on my plate. ew. I have taken a liking to crabcakes though...very delicious.
  • Word of the day: Agoraphobia.A phobia is generally defined as the unrelenting fear of a situation, activity, or thing that causes one to want to avoid it. The definition of agoraphobia is a fear of being outside or otherwise being in a situation from which one either cannot escape or from which escaping would be difficult or humiliating.
  • Bella has almost learned "through". I will say she's learned it when i can just say through and not try to entice her with my hand. I have moved from the treat and now my hands are empty when i ask her to go through. She really likes hand gestures as well as words, so this may just have to be it. Fine with me, My dog can do a figure 8 through my legs, it took 2 days!
  • Gerry hurt his foot yesterday by rolling a safe over it. Not going to say much about this, because it's done and over with. We did go to a Kaiser hospital and i have to say that the whole process was smooth, the doctors were great. Lucky him it's not a break, but more of a bruise. He's gimping along just fine and relaxing at home. :)
  • I'm gonna start talking like my appy happy friend Melinda. I recently downloaded an app for weight loss. This has to be the year i lose 9 lbs. I have wanted to be 135 since I gained weight a couple of years ago. If you can add and subtract you know how much I weigh now. Funny thing is I remember thinking 135 was fat when I physically weighed it. Will we ever be happy with our weight???? 
  • i gotta run doves, too much toooo doooooo...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let me tell ya something....

The beginning of the year hasn't been too bad, I mean only 5 days into it and for about 3 days I've spent it at work, BUT I can tell you that I can use without my payroll system. They're killing me, literally little knives attacking me through the computer because they're turds. Oh and then I go home and all G is watching are gun shows and he's wrapped his little head around a stupid safe that can't even go into our house. He has this whole idea of getting a rifle and I told him he needed a safe if he was going to keep it at our house. Anyone who has been to my house knows that we have absolutely no room for a safe. NONE. Every corner has crap in it. We don't even have a closet. Anyway, so because the guy went down in price this antique safe will soon belong to G. and he'll keep that lovely heavy ass POS in his storage, because if we put it in the house, we'll have air conditioning for every season and a lovely cat and dog door through the floor. My new rule to myself is that if someone asks me a question that pertains to me and my living situation, but they don't realize that I have say over what comes in and out will soon see their stuff outside.  Don't ask me what I think especially when I'm against it and then do it anyway. What was the point of asking?
  • Did i say Rifle? yes. Do i want one? NO. Mr G is getting a safe that's too big for anything we have of value for a stupid rifle which won't be in the house. People, guns are a false sense of security. Sure I'd like to own a gun one day, but first I want A LOT of training. Not youtube videos showing me how to take apart my gun or a friend telling me that's how he did it. No I want instruction. It's not a toy, it's a lethal firearm. end of fucking rant. 
  • I really like wide leg pants.  you know the dressy kind....i have a pair of maroon wide legs and just love how they look so sleek. I bought mine at Forever 21. These are Adrienne Vittadini. They're pretty. and they're 40 bucks. They're not too wide either. and yeah you guessed it, ideeli.

  •  I really need a new purse. Mine is too big. I'd also like my keys to stop getting lost. that would be nice. 
  • I've been teaching my dog new tricks! As a dog owner I have to give my dog physical exercise and MENTAL exercise, so I've reintroduced her to the kong to keep her brain working. Began figure 8 training-going through my legs by following a treat with her greedy little nose with the command "through", and teaching her Hi, which looks like she's about to give you 5 ( she already knows that) I want her to say hi on her own. hehehe. Also playing hide the treat in a cup game, you know where you hide a treat under one cup and then you switch the cups on the ground a bit while your pup follows the cup with the treat in it. She looks adorable while she does it, ears forward and eager to get the treat. So far the treats I have are unbreakable by my bare hands, so I have to find better ones this weekend. Must keep my dog well balanced!
  • ok. must stop looking at clothing. By the way, I have paid off ONE credit card. in a couple of weeks #2 and then time to kill #3!!!! the first two don't count. I had 82 bucks on one and then 200 bucks on the other. #3 i will call "thank you Wells Fargo for thinking i'm a big spender" card. they keep upping my limit and i keep saying ooh. I will pay that off SUPER FAST. 6 months hopefully. now that i don't have a car payment there's no excuse!
  • I think i'm making a green salsa pork tart tonight. Think quiche with pork salsa, red peppers and onions. mmmm. Thank you Bon Appetit magazine. 
  • OH SF! Only in San Francisco or possibly in NY, 2012 No Pants BART day who thinks of this stuff!!!! 
  • Ok i have to run. I am getting a headache. booo. 
Everyone have a great day!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's too early in the year for PMS....

Early in the year yes, early in my cycle nope. it's right on time. And yes I just over shared on MY blog about PMS. I feel like a pent up dragon ready to breathe fire on my work and watch it go up in flames, all the while clapping my little hands attached to my too small know what i'm talking about:
  • Alrighty people, according to chinese astrology we are presently in the year of the dragon, so I'm going to take it as a major compliment that i feel like one. Read more about the year of the dragon by clicking here.
  • Hmm Bachmann dropped out of the race for president. Thank you. These female republicans are effing scary. Yes I do want a female president and I definitely would have voted for Hilary Clinton. IN NO WAY will i ever vote for a republican crazy woman, so thank you for stepping down. For some interestingly wacky quotes from this lady, click here. have yourself a laugh and thank your lucky stars that she's gone from the race.
  • oh As the day goes on-and it's only 9:30-my short fuse is sad i'm out of ativan. that would help. lol. even though it also makes me bitchy. lol. anyone else have that issue?
  • Sometimes I am too late to the party. Ideeli has these beautiful, fun and sexy dresses from La Cite. Unfortunately, many of them in my size have been nabbed. I shouldn't shop, but i love to look. AAAAAH saved by sold out items. except for one....should i buy this purse or not? Ir's Betsey Johnson. And thet more i look at it, the more i say no. cute but the chains would get caught in stuff. so nyet.
  •  ok I finally figured out how important models are. very. My personal opinion is that models should look good in the clothing they're trying to sell,but not too good. Almost pleasant to the eye but won't take away from the garment or whatever they're selling. Now I have found that some websites have very unattractive models and makes me shy away from purchasing certain items. Even ideeli has some models with certain features that makes me cower from clicking on a coat or even a face mask. 
  • A brand to watch: Darling. The clothes are darling and i'm kicking myself because I pretty  much missed the sale. Can I tell ya CUTE! Here are some sample of the cuteness that is Darling.

 i love that dresss!!!!

  • Gerry and I missed the meteor shower last night. I really wanted to see it, but sleeping is very important. Who the heck has meteor showers at 3-5 am??? Read up on the Quadrantids Meteor Shower
Alright i must leave you people. Have a wonderful day!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


2012 welcome to our lives! Alright new year what do you have in store for us??? An election-yay...a very sarcastic yay....I hate the commercials where they're all shit talking, it's annoying and I really don't care. I will never vote for Newt Gingrich and with a name like that he should be automatically disqualified. Anywhoo...looking forward to good things and the bad. Also we must remind ourselves of the things we can't be without and will take with us into the new year!

  • I cannot live without the following websites-Living Social, Ideeli, Hautelook, Thrillist, Sole Society, and I know probably so  many that i've forgotten but seriously, you cannot beat the deals offered on any of these websites. This year, do yourself a favor SAVE MONEY. Check out the sales offered through these sites and you'll be surprised at the money you wind up saving.
  • I cannot live without my new Samsung Galaxy-ha i almost typed Galazy. I have to say though, I'm a nerd. The games i have are mostly word games. Learning new vocab words! Also got some dog training stuff, yoga workouts, cigarette smoking reducer, and lots of other cool brain gadgets. I did download some mind numbing zombie games, but they're just for boredom. lol. 
  • I cannot live without my Ipod. Dear Ipod. You have helped me get through work, the holidays, boredom, workouts, etc. Thank you Gerry for getting me this wonderful gift. :)
  • ok on with other stuff. I'm thankful for so many things and really i can live without a lot of stuff, because it is just 
  • Jetblue recovery sale!!! I am not buying tix to NY yet because the dates are until April 2. wait a month or so and i should see the same deal again! 149 one way, not bad!
  • Oh hi...yeah if you're a Jimmy Choo fan and you HAVE NOT checked ideeli, then, i'll gladly call you an inexperienced shopper. Now no, run to ideeli.
  • Bebe shoes on Hautelook. Dolce and Gabana men toooooo!
  • This year eat better people! lol. ok know I'm not going to push it down your throat, but what about use your leftovers better. Make those leftovers worthwhile. And don't be afraid to make your leftovers into SOUP! Soup is healthy and filling if you do it right. I've talked and talked about it before, but maybe i can help you guys see that you can pretty much make soup from almost all of your leftovers. I made a salsa verde pork the other night-mmm i love the crock pot. Well last night I took the remainder of the rice and black beans and the pork, put it in a pot added some chicken stock and coooooooked. That's my lunch. :) yummy. I would have blended the black beans but since my soup fiasco with our blender a couple of months ago, i will have to wait until i buy myself a new one. :)
  • I swear livingsocials travel deals makes me want to hop on a plane and go anywhere i damn well please. super sigh...

 lol this one is funny.

 Alrighty peeps. I gotta go. I hope you have a great day! keep smiling it's only Day 3 of the new year!