Monday, January 9, 2012

First Full week, let's start this bitch.

Man....seems like forever ago when i actually worked a full week. I think it's been over a month. super sad face inserted here. I like three day weekends. i like sleep. feels good.
  • Livingsocial has a great deal for the bay area. $125 for two for a whale watching tour to the Farallons. 8 hours and who knows what you'll see. I want to do this. I want to see a whale. 
  • I like this story. I love to read about athletes in love with the pit bull breed and fighting a cause or standing up for them. Warms my heart.
  • Went shooting this weekend. Actually had a lot of fun. I've done it before and I always forget how competitive it is. I think i am responsible for shooting the wire that held up all the targets.  I really need to learn how to shoot better. I did get very close the bullseye, but not close enough. lol. still it was fun and I want to get better. 
  • Went to the movies this weekend, wasted Gerry's money on The Devil inside. Total Blair Witch wannabe but with exorcisms. How many times are we going to see stuff like this. I didn't even know it until we sat down. We went with a couple of friends and i assumed everyone did their homework. Oh and i got the crappy bottom of the barrel popcorn. hmmph.
  • drug of the day is zoloft.
  • Instead of phones in the office we should replace them with cups and string. that would be cool.i can hear everything people are saying when they call each other, so why call? Why not either get up and walk over or whisper into a cup so no one can hear what they're saying. hehehe. 
  • The cupboard is getting barer by the day. So I have to be more adventurous with my meals. I decided last night to make a chicken shepherd's pie. I cooked the chicken in cream of chicken soup, because i randomly had it in my pantry. A layer of mashed potatoes, creamy chicken, veggies and pie pastry voila, yumminess. :)
  • Tonight's dinner will  hopefully be a nicely defrosted pork a la italiano...which means I will  make it all italiany. hahaha. 
  • I love my tablet. I spend a lot of time with it. Last night though, our fun friends asked to play a boardgame and I got a break from it and had some human interaction, which of course I'd rather have. We played a game called Logo. Pretty self explanatory-a game about logos. 
  • Downloaded an app for weight loss and exercise tracking on day 4 and i've lost a lb. me like.  

ok i'm pretty busy so i gotsa leave. Hope everyone has a great day. hugs doves.

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