Thursday, January 19, 2012


ok so not exactly a word and not exactly a sound. I'm feeling sorta better. Now better means my neck isn't as stiff, the radiating pain from my neck down to my elbow is still there but it's not as persistent. it's friggin annoying though. I can only think i'm doing something right. Last night was probably the worst. I couldn't find a position to lay in or sit or anything without the constant ache of the nerve trying to stab me internally. This morning it hurts, but it's like i can handle it. I never label myself a Christian or a Catholic or a person of any denomination and I rarely ask God for anything unless I need to pray for others (yes i do believe in God) but I did ask him to help me with the pain. Thanks Big Guy/Gal for soothing it a bit. :)
  • I have to give my boyfriend a medal. Lately he's been this amazing guy. He's always been wonderful but seriously people, something's happened to him in the last couple of weeks and he's done some things that make me go hmmmmm.....For instance, he soaked the burners and cleaned the stove. He said it was dirty. yup, that's what happens when I don't feel too hot, things wind up getting dirty. Also, not only did he offer to give me a massage, he actually gave me one. :) He's just been very helpful and kind.  
  • People at work are amazing as well. You'd think i took a bunch of pain meds this morning since i'm finding so many people amazing. People at work are helping me move stuff around since I can't. They're finding solutions to help me complete projects....I feel pretty blessed. And let me tell you something, I have come into work each day not wanting to. I have felt like crap and felt the burning pain down my arm and just wanted to lay down and ice or heat it-which i probably should have done. But i've come in because I need to and because i have a responsibility here. They do take care of me and only when I urgently need to go home will i do so. I think they see that. :)
  • So BIG question....who was affected by the "blackout" because I wasn't. I could google all day long. Granted Google had a censorship bar over it, but that didn't stop me. Craigslist still worked because Gerry uses that all day long when he's at home....I didn't check wikipedia because didn't have the need to. According to Zdnet's article, if you read between the didn't...
  • RAIN! sort of, it's not raining right now...Here's SF Gates link. I 'm hoping the rain stays for a while. Gerry really wants to go snowboarding and since it hasn't rained that means no snow in the mountains. Come on Snow!!!
  • ok yeah tell me the picture below isn't super cute.....

  •  ok so this morning i weighed myself and was sad to see i gained a little, but it was my fault completely. I ate a delicious meat and cheese filled calzone and i'm not going to be depressed about it. No exercise means no fatty foods. :) tonight is a spanish night. Making some Carne Asada, beans and rice with a little salad. weight should be back to normal in a couple of days.
  • ok people if you're on ideeli and/or hautelook keep your eye out for Orion London. They have some cute retro inspired dresses and I wish i can order them from their website. Currently ideeli has some dresses for about 50-70 bucks. I'm still not seeing something i really want on their list, but definitely will keep my eye out for this designer. Check out this cute dress 
  • I'm doing so good right now. I'm looking at all the items on ideeli that i want and i'm like nope...not gonna do it...ok..i lied..i bought a purse. I need a new purse not a bag that I can fit my dog i love my bag, but i need something a bit smaller. :) 25 bucks...can't go wrong!
  • This isn't really my cup of tea, but for you Bay Area peeps, Noise Pop 2012 is here.. seems like an affordable time too. :)
  • I need something funny, because the pain in my arms is getting awful....

Alrighty folks, gotta boogie...have a great day.

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