Tuesday, January 3, 2012


2012 welcome to our lives! Alright new year what do you have in store for us??? An election-yay...a very sarcastic yay....I hate the commercials where they're all shit talking, it's annoying and I really don't care. I will never vote for Newt Gingrich and with a name like that he should be automatically disqualified. Anywhoo...looking forward to good things and the bad. Also we must remind ourselves of the things we can't be without and will take with us into the new year!

  • I cannot live without the following websites-Living Social, Ideeli, Hautelook, Thrillist, Sole Society, and I know probably so  many that i've forgotten but seriously, you cannot beat the deals offered on any of these websites. This year, do yourself a favor SAVE MONEY. Check out the sales offered through these sites and you'll be surprised at the money you wind up saving.
  • I cannot live without my new Samsung Galaxy-ha i almost typed Galazy. I have to say though, I'm a nerd. The games i have are mostly word games. Learning new vocab words! Also got some dog training stuff, yoga workouts, cigarette smoking reducer, and lots of other cool brain gadgets. I did download some mind numbing zombie games, but they're just for boredom. lol. 
  • I cannot live without my Ipod. Dear Ipod. You have helped me get through work, the holidays, boredom, workouts, etc. Thank you Gerry for getting me this wonderful gift. :)
  • ok on with other stuff. I'm thankful for so many things and really i can live without a lot of stuff, because it is just 
  • Jetblue recovery sale!!! I am not buying tix to NY yet because the dates are until April 2. wait a month or so and i should see the same deal again! 149 one way, not bad!
  • Oh hi...yeah if you're a Jimmy Choo fan and you HAVE NOT checked ideeli, then, i'll gladly call you an inexperienced shopper. Now no, run to ideeli.
  • Bebe shoes on Hautelook. Dolce and Gabana men toooooo!
  • This year eat better people! lol. ok know I'm not going to push it down your throat, but what about use your leftovers better. Make those leftovers worthwhile. And don't be afraid to make your leftovers into SOUP! Soup is healthy and filling if you do it right. I've talked and talked about it before, but maybe i can help you guys see that you can pretty much make soup from almost all of your leftovers. I made a salsa verde pork the other night-mmm i love the crock pot. Well last night I took the remainder of the rice and black beans and the pork, put it in a pot added some chicken stock and coooooooked. That's my lunch. :) yummy. I would have blended the black beans but since my soup fiasco with our blender a couple of months ago, i will have to wait until i buy myself a new one. :)
  • I swear livingsocials travel deals makes me want to hop on a plane and go anywhere i damn well please. super sigh...

 lol this one is funny.

 Alrighty peeps. I gotta go. I hope you have a great day! keep smiling it's only Day 3 of the new year!

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