Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Still in a bit of neck pain...i have to say it's maybe a bit better than yesterday, but still it's only 9:16 and i've officially been awake for only 2 hours. My blog titles will be sounds because i'm frustrated and I hurt, when i feel better the titles will be words that don't describe pain. so ARGHHF DLKJGAKZJ ZZ!!!!!! POO
  • So i'm sitting here doing my stuff and sniff sniff sniff...something smells odd...kinda like dog food...WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY POCKET???? but little smelly Bella treats. lol. always be prepared...
  • holy bonkers i have to stop thinking about this pain....FORK.
  • So, ok this bill going through Congress, PIPA and SOPA and affecting all of us-check out Google's big black censored block-can be thoroughly explained here. It's a good article and explains it somewhat. hmmm internet piracy...well I get it, drugs and stuff shouldn't be sold on the internet, but movies, music and whatever leave it alone. You're not going to win. How about using that money and monitoring child porn, animal abuse sites and sick shit like that. Yeah, i admit the internet may need a babysitter, because there are sick people in the world, but when it comes to music and movies and stuff like that, give me a break. 
  • ugh 
  • bleh....


 and that's how i'm ending today....sorry...too much pain...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
and fuck censorship. :)

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