Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's My Fried day!!

I hope many working people across America are taking advantage of this three day weekend and making it a 4 day weekend!! I am! and can you tell by all the exclamation points that i'm super excited and happy???!!! well if you can't tell,  then you're not reading this with much enthusiasm. Cheer up buttercup and let's get on with the fun!

Got my nails done. I realize that a lot of nail salons don't have every color in the rainbow, even if gray isn't one of those colors in the rainbow, but they have colors close to the ones you want. Remember, yesterday i wanted gray and pink. They didn't have gray, but they had a silvery gray. I still think they look cute. What do you think?
i know it's a bit hard to see, but the big toe you can kinda see it. I think it's nice, wish they had the gray. Lesson learned. If you know what you want and you think they may not have the color, buy it and take it with you!

What else, what else...mmmm going out to eat tonight! My livingsocial deal for Chianti Cucina! (remember i need to think of positive things, and what's more positive than FOOD???)  ok so it's one appetizer, 2 entrees and dessert. click here for the menu Appetizer-either the radicchio al forno or bruschetta. Bruschetta has a lot of calories because of the bread....but it's so good.....the steak or the pork chop? and i'm thinking some profiteroles and some coffee....i think tonight is about stepping outside the box a little.  :)

Forever 21 is having a buy one get one free sale....Mens, Womens, Girls, it ends Sunday. here's the link.


i am a shopping freak. I know...i know...but who is going to tell you what a good deal is...i mean really?

remember people-don't talk about politics on FB. it's annoying.  Oh and I already know who i'm voting for, so i would really appreciate it if you all stopped asking me for money. thanks. 

i signed up for Birchbox and i'm going to tell you whether or not 10 bucks a month is a good deal for these stay tuned.

i know what you've been waiting for "Positive doggy story time"
This article covers a bunch of different dogs and cats helping people in the community. It's really a great article. Read it. It's inspiring. I feel really good sharing these positive stories, because it helps us remember that bad things may happen everyday, but good things happen ALL the time and good people do exist. 

If i don't get back on tomorrow. just want to say have a great holiday weekend! be safe!!! 
See you next week! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

and howdy doody to you....

Sorry I'm late. Busy, busy day!! But here i am, nice and sweaty and out of breath because I rushed to get here! Ok...well what should we talk about today?

Positive thinking.... that is a major component to my pain class. I've often thought about how sometimes I check in too much, know what i mean? I ask "how are you doing?" and i quickly scan my body for tight spots. It's kind of a not so positive way to talk to myself. I learned that negative thinking causes stress (duh) but also causes tension (double duh) and then the pain appears worse (triple duh)-I KNOW THIS!! so why do i find it so hard to do the opposite and just be or instead of trying to find the pain or scan myself for pain spots, why don't i just think things that make me laugh or tell myself positive things? Why is it so hard???? Here I am talking to all of you and sounding Negative. Doesn't that fucking suck? lol. So this is my day 1 of trying to be more positive. So far my only mantra for when my brain begins to drift away are the words "positive thoughts". Laugh if you want, but it's distracting and strangely it makes me feel better. I can't stress too much that I don't have it down..because it's only day 1. So POSITIVE THOUGHTS Y'ALL.

found here

Gonna get my nails done! yahoo. a friend and i are going to get our pedi's done. I may get a mani to match. I don't want to brag or anything, but i was playing around with french manicure colors before it got to be a huge fad. I remember this lady asking me why i got my nails black and white, she thought they looked awesome. then she got it done too!!! Blue and red is a good color combo too. I think i want to do pink and gray or yellow and gray. hmmm here are some cool ideas:
so cute for halloween
pretty color combo click here for source
I'm pretty sure you get my drift. So all of these, except the bottom one, come from pinterest. If you know me or have been a close girlfriend of mine, you know that i can only do ONE color on my own nails; I lack this thing called patience. I always find i need to do pee, open a bottle, open a door...etc. while my nails are drying. I need to get more super drying nail colors!  I'll tell you what happens tomorrow.

I have friday off! yahooo. I am so stoked. 4 days off for this girl!

Positive Doggy Story of the day:
Today I share a story and a link to the video of a news report of Titan, the pitbull, who alerted his "dad" that his "mom" was injured. This story warmed my heart, because he was awarded a medal for his heroism. Thank you Titan. 
Here's the link to the video

alrighty all, have a wonderful rest of the day!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hey there Tuesday.

Temptation. It's everywhere, ain't it? Clothing, shoes, chocolate, purses etc....I am woman. Hear me shop...I didn't buy anything though. See this is what i do: I click the stuff i like and i add them to my basket. I look at almost everything on the Hautelook or Ideeli page and click click away, then I close the page. If i really want it, i'll go back to it. I'm still thinking about these flats though....I am pretty sure I have enough flats.....or at least I think I do....these are patent leather and they're 16 bucks...see:
ok ok...since i'm not feeling that tortured, sad feeling, I'll leave them alone, even if they do have them in black. I am pitiful, i admit it.

Today is my first day of my chronic pain class. It's like my first day of school. I can't forget a pencil and I already bought my workbook, because i'm anal like that. I had to have it right after I found out i was accepted into the program. I am looking forward to it. Wondering what I will learn today, what we'll go over, what the people will be like...My goal is to not let my Fibro own me. Crossing my fingers that all of this helps me. :)

look how cute!! From the animal rescue website!

Positive Doggy Story of the Day!!
Ok i remember reading about this. This story is about a deformed puppy in a plastic bag. The poor pup was in a garbage bag, luckily a kind soul asked some questions and took the pup. Poor pitty puppy couldn't lift his head or arms or anything. This story could have been cut short and the puppy could have been euthanized right away. Pretty much what happened is the puppy had a chance to live. With a lot of donated therapy this puppy is guess what a PUPPY!! I remember reading about this before I saw pictures of her running! It really is a great story. Please read here on MSNBC website.

we're going camping this weekend!!! So happy! i intend to relax, read, play with Bella in the water, enjoy the boat, and eat burgers, steaks, sausage, hot dogs...etc you know a real camping trip with meat and stuff...I'm not sure i ever told y'all about my bad camping experience with vegetarians. snobby vegetarians. I need re-energizing food when i'm camping and i'm sorry pretty vegetables you do not do the trick. But of course we will eat some veggies (just in case my mother is reading).... 

Alright tootieloo.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Into the Woods and Weddings...

A wedding in the woods would be pretty...but this post isn't about that. As always it's two seperate things that have absolutely nothing to do with the other. It's just a title. So no fairytale weddings here....

This weekend was pretty good. I would have liked to sleep in more, but hey, i slept enough. I feel like I socialized know, met new people and had some conversations; made people laugh etc... I felt like a functioning member of society doing people-like insert super smile right here! 
found here

Gerr and I went to Muir Woods on Saturday. It's such a pretty and easy walk. Plus,a bonus is they have a cafe and you can get a coffee to warm your insides. The whole park is covered in redwoods so it's all shade and it gets pretty cool, so you want to bring a sweater when you visit.  I've been once before, and it was the same. Beautiful. It feels like you're tiny.  And there's nothing to remind you of civilization...well except all the people walking around you holding their ipads up taking pictures....but, you know what i mean; no cars, no big buildings, can't even hear planes flying by.  Sometimes it's a good thing to do for your brain; a reminder that we're pretty damn small. It was nice to walk, talk and take pictures of each other. I felt like we spent some quality time together. was really nice.

Saturday night was filled with good times, friends and a yummy barbecue!

On Sunday we went to a wedding I was dreading. Normally i know some people at a wedding I attend, but i only met the groom twice and i had no idea who anyone else was.  The ceremony was nice and stuff, and then we find our table and we were in a corner with the grooms old friends. I guess this was the group of boys he and Gerr had hung out with as youths and now, we were corner material. I was happy I sat with them; they were funny and made the awkward reception go somewhat fast.

Here are some things i noticed about weddings that need to change:
  • You're on a budget. most people are. Sigh. Plastic water bottles on tables and soda Bad for the environment and look tacky. go to Costco get some sparkling fizzy water in a glass bottle; looks nicer. Or Pitchers of water are even better.  Try not to use plasticware, flimsy paper plates etc....I know that china and the such are more expensive, but if you do your research you'll find that you can make it happen. If you're already renting tables, chairs, linens, etc, why not get some nice china or glassware. It's your wedding. Plastic champagne glasses don't look fancy. check out your local party rental center. I won't get into the recycling issue either.
  • Ok so you're planning your wedding and then after the ceremony it's picture time! Yahoo for you, but what about the 30-80 people waiting for you to get back so that the party can start and all the other entertainment to begin??? I sat for 2 hours wondering what we were supposed to to do for that amount of time.  What can your guests do while you take pictures: Eat. yes (make sure the plates aren't cake plates though),  Music. yes the dancing can begin. It was a bit too long to wait for them to return....better planning can eliminate boredom. I still think disposable cameras at each table would at least keep people entertained. 
  • Personally I don't mind the lack of alcohol. So I'm not going to say anything about that. BUT I WILL say, have more than one kind of sugar with your coffee AND powdered creamers? really? 
I sound like such a snob, but come on people. This is your wedding. You don't have to go nutso, but if this sounds like the route you're taking, check out pinterest for some wedding ideas that don't cost you an arm and a leg. Check out cool blogs like Brideonabudget or bigweddingtinybudget and here's a link for 10 tips to hosting a beautiful wedding

hmmm what else did i want to say. ok covered the woods, the wedding....dammit my brain went blank.

I've also decided that there aren't enough positive dog stories. I will try each day to look up a positive story of any type of dog-not just pitties....all dogs, because dogs are amazing.  The media tends to over hype different breeds depending on the decade, so fuck em, I'm gonna highlight positive stories. :) You may see more stories about pitties, but heck, it's my

This first story is about Hennessy the Pitty. Pretty much, while the family hid in a closet, a one year old puppy (not dog) attacked the intruder who came in with a gun. The dog wasn't shot, the family wasn't hurt, but the intruder ran away. Imagine what could have happened if that pup wasn't there??? The man had a gun. damn...Thanks Hennessy for being a hero. I found this story here on

alright all, i must boogie. have a great day!

Friday, August 24, 2012

354 calories and counting.

It's so hard not to pig out on Potluck day at work, especially when it's a Mexican theme and everything looks delicious. I waited a while....patiently waited until i felt the rumbly in my tummy 30 minutes into my work day.....Pita chips with heirloom tomato salsa,  fresh quacamole, bean and corn salsa and some Santito's chips. I didn't eat any of my rolls today, because I tasted a bunch last night.... I have to keep track of my calories today. I can't over do it. I guess you can say I have willpower. I think i do. The food is just gonna keep on comin. 

Modewalk....have you heard of this site??? It's kind of evil. Basically it's an ideeli/hautelook idea for RICH people...and for some strange reason unbeknownst to me I SIGNED UP.  It's depressing. I'm not sure if you'll be able to see the "sale" page but the sales consist of $1200 black skirts etc...1200 on sale...originally 2400. WHAT A GREAT SALE! It's a pretty skirt, but no way in hell am i spending that much on a skirt i haven't tried on and doesn't come with magic powers.  I don't know why i can't just unsubscribe. I feel guilty. lol.

One of the styles I reverted to this year was my love of rings. I love rings. The ring has to "speak" to me. It has to have personality..a je ne sais quoi...I went a bit overboard, i'll admit it, but i got some awesome deals. LOOK AT THESE SUPER COOL RINGS!!! err I am taking the form of rings....
found on

from Meet Chloe

found here   
OK i can so keep going.....

Facebook manners... thing i hate most about Facebook is the fact i can't weed out the things i don't want to read.   I don't care about people's religious views, their anti gay comments and stuff like that. I don't want to hear about it and i shouldn't have to. There's a reason why religion and politics are rare subjects at get togethers....people have different views on things and normally it leads people to heated debates. Now a days, most people accept people based on personality and the fun factor, even on conversation or common interests. Religion and politics are private things. WE vote on our own and most of us pray on our own. Yes I pray. And if you put me in a category,  I will smack you. 

To be honest, hearing someone I am close to talk about their religious views as if it's law and nothing else can be true makes me feel sorry for them. Most of the religious people that I hang or hung out with, don't even practice what they preach. Most of my "religious" friends fail at following their own religion.  And guess what? IT'S HUMAN NATURE, no one is perfect. It's sad really, especially when they blame God for things they did.  sigh...

So what am i? Never call me a christian. Don't dare call me a catholic. I've never really found my "niche" in religion. People have taken faith and spirituality into extremes and created hate out of it, and i'm pretty sure it was supposed to give people hope.  All religions have basic principles. And those basic principles are standards; they all seem pretty much the same.  There are stories, there are main characters, supporting leads, tyrants and evil madmen in all of those me all of that other stuff is fluff. It's what is underlying and simple that really made me hold on to religion. To be kind, to be honest, to be helpful....It took me a long time to finally get it. Years of mistakes even...times i blamed God or someone OTHER THAN myself.  

Ok you all probably don't want me to get into this stuff, the point is, my beliefs are my own. And I don't need to wear a shirt or write endless status updates about them. I don't need to advertise it, because I am proud of what I believe. I am proud I have found something in me and in this world that gives me hope. Something I live by. And you know what? I'm not a bad person. I will help a person who's in need, I will save an animal even if i don't have the best or ideal home. I will listen to any one if they need an ear. I will tell the truth even if it hurts others. i accept people based on who they are not what they look like, who they have sex with etc...  My religion is proving to not fail me. It's simple and I'm thankful to the God, Goddess or whatever entity there is or whatever it's called because it has offered me something more in this world. It has given my life substance.

Well that's the end of that. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I like Good Food and i cannot lie....

i do..I love delicious food. If i eat at a restaurant once and the food was amazing, i want to go back the next day. I have been thinking about Terrapin Crossroads all week long. I want to try more of their menu items...Can you tell I love food? 

It's hard to diet...err rather count your calories when you love food. But I've done it and have lost or kept the weight off. So i'm doing something right! at least i hope. I guess i don't overdo it, maybe that's it-oh and don't bring up the 2 lb quesadilla i made the other day....that was just....well...a technical error, it grew out of control; the  beef, the cheese, the avocado...OH MY!!

Ahem where was I, yes I love food...that's what i was saying. I take advantage of LivingSocial, bloomspot and other sites that tell me about food or dinners for half the cost. I want to explore and go to parts of the city or even my own county that i've never been to before. I want to taste different cuisines and get ideas for my own meals. mmm food...isn't it delicious? 

So today i bought a livingsocial deal for Bistro Unique in San Francisco, mixed reviews on Yelp, but you never gotta try it out and see what you find....

We went to Bogie's on Saturday and the food was good. Gerry and I both had omelettes and I found mine pretty fresh. I wasn't a fan of their chicken apple sausage, but the homestyle potatoes were delish. The salsa was YUMMY too! I love their atmosphere, totally cute place and the servers are awesome! They even had a guitarist strummin' and singin' away. Their website needs to be updated and they need to include pictures of their eclectic restaurant. It is totally cute!

You know, when i first started blogging I thought maybe i should write a cooking blog, with recipes and how to's and yadda yadda, but I'm one of those people who doesn't tend to measure anything (except rice, you have to measure rice! oh and when i bake, measuring is a must...oops i almost forgot, when i was learning to make French Onion Soup...that definitely needs measurements). I like to taste, and add if i need to. My instructions usually go like this "ok put the chicken in the hot skillet, make sure there's oil in the pan, you know enough to coat and move around" yeah, doesn't sound like great teaching skills to me.

I come up with stuff as I cook, I get this from my mother.  I remember asking her for a  her amazing Ginger Chicken recipe and she was like, "you know add some ginger and the garlic and the...." basically it was a whim type of recipe that got better and better every time she made it.  I'm like that, I'm not afraid of food. I'm not afraid of adding spices and smelling them and seeing what goes with what.  I don't know the names of every style i use, but i do know that sometimes the end product makes my heart happier than kittens playing with yarn.

OH OH, well ok remember yesterday i went home and put some lentils in the crockpot? Well they were done perfectly by the time i got home. All i did was add a lot of chicken broth and about 2 cups of water, Garlic salt, pepper...and that was it...i only had like 20 minutes for lunch so chopping onions and garlic were out of the question. When i tasted them, they definitely needed a bit more flavor, maybe all broth and no water...definitely will need to add onions and garlic, maybe some tomatoes too...I pretty much had them cooking on high for 5 hours. They were perfectly made-no hard lentil found!

I have a potluck tomorrow and i did decided on the Chicken Enchilada Roll Ups but i need to change a few things. (i do not like cilantro, so i'm not using it). I'm going to make some without chicken, since we have a vegetarian in our office. I will substitute chicken with black beans and corn. Make it more southwestern-y. I guess we'll see how it turns out, can't wait to taste them and hopefully will not inhale the entire thing. I'll try to remember to take a picture!

So people play with your food. Make it more interesting, for you. Read a recipe but don't feel so obliged to stick to it. Have FUN when you cook. Taste, taste, taste! Oh and don't over salt. That pisses me off more than anything. Add salt at the end of the meal, unless you're seasoning meat or something...


P.S. I'm sorry I meant to add pictures at lunch, but had no time to upload. I'll get to adding some real soon. here is a random picture for you.
this guy is amazing..look at this.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bella and I should be quarantined...

Maybe we're both ill? I HAVE AN's not all the time, but it comes and goes and can we say OW???? annoying much??? WTF! Bella's actually doing much better, heard one cough yesterday and the rest of the day she was fine. I think she's stressed though, her buddy is gone...i hope she doesn't think she'll be gone soon way jose NEVAR!

***I would like to thank the 30 or so people who view my page each day. Thanks. You can leave comments you know...i know, i don't really offer much to comment about i but thanks anyway, you make a girl feel good.  I do have to add, it seems as though, when i talk about animals i get higher page views! Better start saving more of them and driving myself crazy!!***

I'm in trouble today. I bought purses. Imoshion was on sale and i mean SALE on hautelook. I even got my "Poptart" to buy some...seriously the prices are ridonk...(say it like this REEDONK-short for ridonkulous.)

I woke up this morning to a lot of foggy coldness. yup people, the bay area is starting to get chilly. What do i wear today? A dress. with Boots. Because that's my favorite type of outfit, by the way.
oh poop I forgot my phone at home today. I'll get it by the time i post this, because i need to take a pic of my cute outfit, duh.... oh and my cool ring...:) ok couldn't take a pic of myself and my cute outfit...but here's my new ring!

Thinking about food again...What to make for din din??? You see i'm thinking of using my crockpot to make some lentils...and then i thought well why not make a soup and have it for dinner....I have a 30 minute lunch break to decide what to throw in the crockpot...I'll share tomorrow my recipe and if it came out tasting good, if it doesn't then nevermind...

I have two avocados sitting in my kitchen....I also have about three heirloom tomatoes that are so juicy they want to explode in my hand. Last night I made a 2lb quesadilla...and people, i ate it all. I'm so bad. Really, there were a ridiculous amount of calories and I shouldn't have eaten the whole thing....but it was GOOD. I have THREE more lbs to go until I'm at my goal weight!!!So i really think i'll be blaming this quesadilla on my demise this week.  A co worker had given me tomatoes and they tasted amazing with my salad yesterday, and i decided i wanted to bake it in the oven and smother it with cheese. I did. it was so juicy that it left a soup behind....makes you want some heirlooms huh????
look into their "eyes"

Here's something new from me...Pinterest fads i hope die soon....

NO...this looks stupid.
1-2-3 cakes taste nasty. 
stuff like's not pretty. well, i don't think it's pretty...
I know, I know...I am just not a fan of colored jeans. white, black and all colors of denim yes...but I grew up in the 80's, fashion like that was just terrible and i don't see it as pretty....

ok well that's enough today...have a great one.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My dog is coughing...

rather she sounds like she's trying to push snot out of her throat. My vet tech neighbor/friend says it may be kennel cough. UGH.  Not good. I texted the new pups' parents and asked if she's been coughing. Haven't heard back from them yet. I hope it's a no, because that would suck for the pup to get kennel cough(she has gotten her first round of shots).  I figure wait a couple of days and see if Bella gets better. Dogs can get colds...which i wasn't aware of, so i'm hoping it's just a cold and NOT kennel cough. I need to hear back from these parents....parents texted back, no puppy coughing! that's good news.

It was another quiet night. Slowly i'm accepting Delilah being gone. I feel better knowing she's in a good place. I was finally able to put some pots and pans away. We had the crate against the counter blocking my drawers for pots and pans. Bella and I laid on the couch, placing her head on my shoulder and we watched Buffy together. I'm pretty lucky. I have a really good dog. I can tell she's a bit confused and now that she's a little sick, she's probably not too happy. I have to take her on a walk today and let her sniff at everything.

What should i make for dinner???
i'm defrosting some ground beef. maybe a super yummy beef quesadilla with extra extra cheese and avocado...simple huh!

I also need to make something for my companies potluck on Friday. Sometimes i get so lazy that i buy something the morning of, but this time we have a theme-MEXICAN! I'm feeling like baking something....because that's easiest for me...Let's see what we can find....

If i wanted to bake, this would be a good morning treat! I love Annie's Eats.
Raspberry Sour Cream Coffee cake
ok so i decided to keep looking on Annie's eats because everything she has is amazing....

Hey pinterest what do you have to offer:

Really this is all that is speaking to me for the party...which one should i make?

Heirloom tomatoes are the bomb people. My coworker gave me some and while i was prepping my spring mix salad, i realized i had some delicious tomatoes. I may not bring them home....I may though, because i want to make some roasted tomatoes with cheese for dinner too...shrug...i gotta stock up on some heirloomy goodness.

tata peoples.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The house is quiet.

It's strangely quiet in our house. No puppy whining to get out of her crate, begging us to let her out to go pee. No puppy playing with Bella last night. No cute little barks when she can't get off the couch or the bed. It's quiet, which is nice, yet solemnly sad.

We met with the new parents yesterday and we probably overloaded them with too  much information (lucky for them I wrote everything down). After we said our goodbyes, Gerr took the crate out of the kitchen. He couldn't bare to see it. I felt the same way. I let out a good cry and we treated ourselves to a good dinner at Terrapin Crossroads-which was amazing and I had the best Rotisserie Chicken! This place is a must try and splurge! (a bit of a background this is Phil Lesh's restaurant, they even have a venue!). Dinner was a good distraction and was filled with so many tasty bites, that i really got to escape from my emotions for an hour. When we got home, i couldn't stop tearing up; my next distraction had to be Buffy.  I got a picture of Delilah this morning. She's such a cutie.

It's going to be a while before i can mentally and physically do this again. Fostering an animal is hard work, especially if you already have a couple of furry children yearning for your attention. Of course you can't control fate and if it happens that we need to foster another pup, we will. Emotionally, it's hard to let them go, even when you've worked so hard to find them a home.  I feel like the last two weeks were a blur. I made so many phone calls and sent tons of emails and tried my best to find a good spay and talked to some great organizations. Hard frickin work. I think i just want to foster....all of the other stuff is friggin hard. Sure I made some contacts and I will definitely help them if they ever need it, but there were times that the waiting was agonizing.  Waiting to find out if someone can help get a spay or a post online etc...I just wanted this to go fast since the pup is so young and it's easy to adopt a young dog. 

ok, i'm talking too much about her...She's gone to an amazing home! With two great people who even called me later on and asked if i was ok? Who does that??? I'm very thankful they did. She's going to be happy. I can feel it.

Well, this was one of the last pictures i took with her. It was after we picked her up from her spay. Practically unaffected by surgery.

On the way to get her, we planned on going to the shooting range, but we were interrupted by a dog on the expressway. The male dog was scared, yet he was friendly and really loved getting attention from us. We called the police and Gerr even picked up the pup and put him in the back seat. We gave him over to the cop and put the pup in the back of the cop car! Didn't need a leash or anything. 
Poor guy. I hope his owner got him or at the least someone save's this boy. Seriously sweet dog. Sigh. We're hoping he's ok. 

Well I gotta boogie. Have a great day all.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Less than a week....

Not that we know for certain, but i am pretty sure the Puppy, aka Delilah, will be going to her new home. We have her appointment set on Saturday for her spay and they are nice enough to monitor her through the night and pick up is on Sunday! Animal Care Clinic of El Sobrante was listed as a great place to take your pup for a spay/neuter on BadRap's website and they were right; affordable and i got right in!

What would you do if someone was harming their dog?
I opened up the ASPCA email about a pup that was thrown out of a moving car in New Jersey.  I know it's hard to notice much while your driving, but didn't anyone see this? Who in their SICK mind did this? Why? Why would someone think this was a great idea? When are authorities going to realize that these animal abusers are criminals in EVERY sense of the word? I hope someone turns in the fucker who did this and makes a HUGE example of the dickhead. Put him in jail. Let's see how many guys in the pen like the dude who threw a puppy out the window.....
If you know any information or want to read about this horrific story visit this ASPCA link

ok, back to the question at hand. What would you do? I would probably say "hey, what are you doing?" and if they responded with some stupid ass remark i'd call the cops. yup i would. Not ashamed to admit it and I'd rather the dog go to the pound and try to find a home elsewhere than be stuck with some jackass who kicks his dog for fun. 

BREATHE.... outfit sucks today

How the heck do i get rid of flies in my yard???? Sure I've researched bees 
Alrighty all. Gots to leave ya.
have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Calgon take me away.

I'm thinking maybe Calistoga or Napa or something needs to take me away for a weekend. I need to be away from my house. Gerr needs to be at home doing everything i've been doing. I WANT TO RELAX. I'm tired. BOOOOO my hips hurt and so does my back. I can feel the owie. sigh. it's almost the weekend.
not much to say, but we're getting the pup spayed on Saturday. It's in another county, but we gotta do what we gotta do.
for now i'll just dream of somewhere pretty and calm.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Should I spay or should she go home now....

ok,  so that's just a play off a Clash song.

I am having a hard time trying to find a reasonably priced spay for this puppy. And it's funny how many clinics are pro pre-4 months spaying and some want to wait until 4 months. While I understand both sides of the argument, I don't know these people well enough to say, "yup they're going to fix her as she hits 4 months old." Spaying at an early age is pretty common in the rescue and shelter world and I, personally,  think it's a good idea. You can't take that chance/ 

Why would anyone think it's a good idea to breed their dogs anyway? 
Unless your dog can grow wings and save the world from aliens, I don't see why your "cute" dog should be bred. Too many dogs need homes, too many puppy mills and backyard breeders thinking they know what they're doing when TWO cute dogs make puppies-6 or 8  or more.....and then what? Just because you think your dog's cute, doesn't mean the whole world does too...I just don't understand breeding a dog. I guess for guide dogs and the such, rules are very specific, but still it makes me wonder....

So that's the current complication; finding a spay. I'm hoping that the SF ASPCA has an opening this week or early next. I'd really like to save the family some money.

All of this has made me super stressed out and lack of sleep has led me to insanity, lucky for me the pup slept all night in her crate. I feel better knowing she has a home to go to, once this is all done.  I really don't know how these rescues do it, but I am so happy that they exist. I appreciate the work that the humane society's and ASPCA's in our counties and cities do, but rescues are usually a couple of people hanging on by a thread to do what they feel is right for an animal in need. They can only do what they can with the help of foster parents.

So can i/will i do this again? yes. Now, probably not, but i'll probably eat those words.

I definitely need more space and time. I guess my goal as a human being not only to help animals, but also help train them and of course give them affection and love, without my own animals feeling left out.  It's so hard.

I respect rescues so much for what they do and all of you should too. Anytime you see a rescue asking for a donation, try to give them something. If you can't offer money then buy dog toys, old blankets, towels, bowls, dog/cat food. Have extra wood scraps? make something with some carpet and wood that a cat could claw at or perch on. It's the little things people! And as one lady said when i was reaching out for help, she said "No kind gesture goes unnoticed." She made me tear up, because I felt awful. But i am looking at this situation now and telling myself, we did the right thing and we found the right home and we're headed in the right direction. 

so pull together people. do something kind for what ever you believe in.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sometimes good things do happen...

I may have found a home for the pup, who i've named Delilah. now comes the hard part, finding a place that will get her spayed ASAP.  I called the couple this morning to make sure they're still in. I mean, this is a puppy with puppy dermatitis, she already has an ailment which i can only pray will go away with the treatment. We'll see though. I hope this is her home, because they've already done so much work researching and talking to trainers. I like people who are proactive and doing their research.  I can only pray they call me back with a whopping YES. I want to get the puppy fixed and hand her over to them, so she can start a brand new life with two caring people.

When they left the house yesterday,  I broke down in tears. This is hard work. I have tried my best to not get attached to her. I gave her a name because she needed one, but i tried not to make it a name I would name my own dog.  I've tried to limit my kisses and affection, but that's just not possible. I feel she needs it since she's so young. I watch her and Bella play and I can see that Bella loves her little buddy. It's also quite cute to see them lay side by side on the couch after they've tuckered each other out.  I know that having her go to another home is the best thing for her. My dog needs me.

I would love another dog one day. I think the safest thing to do is wait a year and make sure Bella doesn't get something else. How about a year of NO SURGERIES????   Help us out Higher Power....I'd also love to be in a house too; my own house. 

I hope this adoption works out. Once i hear from them, i will go on my search to get the pup fixed.

Here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy.


I want to thank and for helping me, advising me and assisting me with the goal to give this puppy a good life. Seriously these two small organizations have really helped me. By just offering to help me and advising me and offering to put up a listing on petfinder or even accepting the pup as part of the rescue; all of their words encouraged me. Everything they've said, offered...etc...has made me more compassionate. I hope in the future I can help them. I want to. 

By the way, the following two dogs need homes:
and jolie
they're both at the dogshack and they need homes.  
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

If you email a rescue organization, do they ever write back?

Gerr rescued a couple of pitty puppies on Sunday and brought them home. We lucked out and found a home for one. I emailed Rocket Dog Rescue, BADRAP rescue and three other rescues and have not heard a WORD! it's been a couple of days, I get it that these places may get a ton of emails, but since they don't have a phone number I'm confused how they're supposed to help anyone.

People: I'm at my wits end. I can't sleep with the howling and the screeching and then the peeing on the bed because we can't keep her locked in a crate all night with neighbors right below our house....This pup needs to find a home ASAP.

Yet why aren't these rescues answering their emails? That's the question i keep coming back to. How does a person like me get help???? Do i drop her off at the Humane Society and pray that she'll be fine? I saw that they have a couple of pitty pups on their website and that makes me happy, but i just don't get it...I thought these places helped people like us. People who do the right thing? I don't want to make any money from this, I want a happy home with GOOD people to take care of her....I feel like everything I've believed in about these rescues has just crumbled.

Makes you second guess helping an animal if you can't even get any help from these places. But that's just not me. I can't second guess helping an animal. I just have to. It's an instinct i carry with me. Animal in danger means I need to help it. But now what? It's so sad that not one has called. Not one of them cared enough to call.

I'm hoping in a blink of an eye it all changes and I have all 5 rescues calling me to at the least give me more information as to what I SHOULD DO! Who I can trust? If i can't trust these rescues in our area to call back about this matter, what CAN i trust them with? Are they all out for fame and money? is that all they care about?

I just want to find a home for this little pup. One that I will feel won't mistreat her, will love her unconditionally, will train her well and maybe exceed the expectations of those people who are anti pits. She's so young, the time to train is now....

i'm bummed.

P.S. I did get a call from A.R.F-and they gave me a list of rescues and places that can help me. Maybe things are looking up...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Buh Bye Shower.

We will not have a shower for a couple of days, but a new shower will take it's place in the end!  Sort of exciting....I am not happy about not being able to shower tomorrow morning though. Wish they could put a bathtub in there instead, but our bathroom is the size of a smaller walk-in closet so that's not gonna happen.
When we were looking to move out of our studio apartment (long story short-the Gerr got us a puppy named Bella and we were living in an apartment that only allowed cats. Bella ran up to our landlord and we were told we had to either get rid of the dog or move. She was very very nice about it actually.) we were in a hurry because I literally cried every day Bella was not with me. Gerr found this place and it had a front yard, big kitchen, two bedrooms etc..and we said we'd take it; we were in a hurry. As we moved in we realized the tiny bathroom was painted shit brown and there were NO closets. We've pretty much made do with the inadequacies of the house; we traded closets and a bathtub for our Bella 24 hours a day.
I think the new shower will keep me happy for the remainder of the time we stay in our house. It's something new and I like new things.

Let's look at some cool bathrooms....let us all dream together...shall we?

I like this a lot. you get a view while you soak in your victorian bathroom....mmmm...imagine: it's pouring rain outside and so gray it's almost black, thunder and lightning....oooh...candles everywhere...yes yes...i like this....

I like the shower design. I think that's totally neat.

Zoinks!! that's awesome. i truly love this idea. and think about cleaning it? just spray everything like this one a lot.

 i love the curtain here. the tub is awesome too.

while i was on my search for awesome bathrooms i also found some that I had questions about....
i don't think i could pee in here without a massive panic attack. 
what's with the plates? am I eating in the bathroom now? or is this for a studio apartment? 
Anyone, besides me, notice the crappy tv on the stand with wheels? Can we say hazard?
what is this? Darth Vader Shower?
why are there chairs in these pictures? will i have an audience while i bathe? or will i be so tired after bathing that i will be required to sit often?
no i don't want this in my bathroom. 
 i live in California. That lid would fall right on top of me during an earthquake while i was bathing and BAM, i look like a pod person? that would be a no....

alright that's all the brilliance i have in me today. Enjoy your friday and the weekend!! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Perfect head bobbing song at 9 am

"I love it when you call me Big Poppa...."





Shoedazzle has the August shoe choices ready and i think the boots are a perfect price. just FYI for you shoe addicts....and I didn't buy any...

let's look at some heavenly closets....I need a closet.

this would be ideal. has 50 fabulous ideas of which I think this is the basic layout i would love. it would be a whole other room of my clothes, shoes, makeup, hair station, jewelry clips...yeah i could totally live with this.

I would love a closet for just my shoes. My problem with this picture is i have shoes of all sizes. 5 pairs of boots need their own shelf you know.

yes yes...i will need more space...... pretty.

by the way..i also need to redo my pantry.
this would be perfect. 

let's all dream about this until tomorrow....
have a great day!