Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hey there Tuesday.

Temptation. It's everywhere, ain't it? Clothing, shoes, chocolate, purses etc....I am woman. Hear me shop...I didn't buy anything though. See this is what i do: I click the stuff i like and i add them to my basket. I look at almost everything on the Hautelook or Ideeli page and click click away, then I close the page. If i really want it, i'll go back to it. I'm still thinking about these flats though....I am pretty sure I have enough flats.....or at least I think I do....these are patent leather and they're 16 bucks...see:
ok ok...since i'm not feeling that tortured, sad feeling, I'll leave them alone, even if they do have them in black. I am pitiful, i admit it.

Today is my first day of my chronic pain class. It's like my first day of school. I can't forget a pencil and I already bought my workbook, because i'm anal like that. I had to have it right after I found out i was accepted into the program. I am looking forward to it. Wondering what I will learn today, what we'll go over, what the people will be like...My goal is to not let my Fibro own me. Crossing my fingers that all of this helps me. :)

look how cute!! From the animal rescue website!

Positive Doggy Story of the Day!!
Ok i remember reading about this. This story is about a deformed puppy in a plastic bag. The poor pup was in a garbage bag, luckily a kind soul asked some questions and took the pup. Poor pitty puppy couldn't lift his head or arms or anything. This story could have been cut short and the puppy could have been euthanized right away. Pretty much what happened is the puppy had a chance to live. With a lot of donated therapy this puppy is guess what a PUPPY!! I remember reading about this before I saw pictures of her running! It really is a great story. Please read here on MSNBC website.

we're going camping this weekend!!! So happy! i intend to relax, read, play with Bella in the water, enjoy the boat, and eat burgers, steaks, sausage, hot dogs...etc you know a real camping trip with meat and stuff...I'm not sure i ever told y'all about my bad camping experience with vegetarians. snobby vegetarians. I need re-energizing food when i'm camping and i'm sorry pretty vegetables you do not do the trick. But of course we will eat some veggies (just in case my mother is reading).... 

Alright tootieloo.

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