Monday, August 20, 2012

The house is quiet.

It's strangely quiet in our house. No puppy whining to get out of her crate, begging us to let her out to go pee. No puppy playing with Bella last night. No cute little barks when she can't get off the couch or the bed. It's quiet, which is nice, yet solemnly sad.

We met with the new parents yesterday and we probably overloaded them with too  much information (lucky for them I wrote everything down). After we said our goodbyes, Gerr took the crate out of the kitchen. He couldn't bare to see it. I felt the same way. I let out a good cry and we treated ourselves to a good dinner at Terrapin Crossroads-which was amazing and I had the best Rotisserie Chicken! This place is a must try and splurge! (a bit of a background this is Phil Lesh's restaurant, they even have a venue!). Dinner was a good distraction and was filled with so many tasty bites, that i really got to escape from my emotions for an hour. When we got home, i couldn't stop tearing up; my next distraction had to be Buffy.  I got a picture of Delilah this morning. She's such a cutie.

It's going to be a while before i can mentally and physically do this again. Fostering an animal is hard work, especially if you already have a couple of furry children yearning for your attention. Of course you can't control fate and if it happens that we need to foster another pup, we will. Emotionally, it's hard to let them go, even when you've worked so hard to find them a home.  I feel like the last two weeks were a blur. I made so many phone calls and sent tons of emails and tried my best to find a good spay and talked to some great organizations. Hard frickin work. I think i just want to foster....all of the other stuff is friggin hard. Sure I made some contacts and I will definitely help them if they ever need it, but there were times that the waiting was agonizing.  Waiting to find out if someone can help get a spay or a post online etc...I just wanted this to go fast since the pup is so young and it's easy to adopt a young dog. 

ok, i'm talking too much about her...She's gone to an amazing home! With two great people who even called me later on and asked if i was ok? Who does that??? I'm very thankful they did. She's going to be happy. I can feel it.

Well, this was one of the last pictures i took with her. It was after we picked her up from her spay. Practically unaffected by surgery.

On the way to get her, we planned on going to the shooting range, but we were interrupted by a dog on the expressway. The male dog was scared, yet he was friendly and really loved getting attention from us. We called the police and Gerr even picked up the pup and put him in the back seat. We gave him over to the cop and put the pup in the back of the cop car! Didn't need a leash or anything. 
Poor guy. I hope his owner got him or at the least someone save's this boy. Seriously sweet dog. Sigh. We're hoping he's ok. 

Well I gotta boogie. Have a great day all.

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