Thursday, August 23, 2012

I like Good Food and i cannot lie....

i do..I love delicious food. If i eat at a restaurant once and the food was amazing, i want to go back the next day. I have been thinking about Terrapin Crossroads all week long. I want to try more of their menu items...Can you tell I love food? 

It's hard to diet...err rather count your calories when you love food. But I've done it and have lost or kept the weight off. So i'm doing something right! at least i hope. I guess i don't overdo it, maybe that's it-oh and don't bring up the 2 lb quesadilla i made the other day....that was just....well...a technical error, it grew out of control; the  beef, the cheese, the avocado...OH MY!!

Ahem where was I, yes I love food...that's what i was saying. I take advantage of LivingSocial, bloomspot and other sites that tell me about food or dinners for half the cost. I want to explore and go to parts of the city or even my own county that i've never been to before. I want to taste different cuisines and get ideas for my own meals. mmm food...isn't it delicious? 

So today i bought a livingsocial deal for Bistro Unique in San Francisco, mixed reviews on Yelp, but you never gotta try it out and see what you find....

We went to Bogie's on Saturday and the food was good. Gerry and I both had omelettes and I found mine pretty fresh. I wasn't a fan of their chicken apple sausage, but the homestyle potatoes were delish. The salsa was YUMMY too! I love their atmosphere, totally cute place and the servers are awesome! They even had a guitarist strummin' and singin' away. Their website needs to be updated and they need to include pictures of their eclectic restaurant. It is totally cute!

You know, when i first started blogging I thought maybe i should write a cooking blog, with recipes and how to's and yadda yadda, but I'm one of those people who doesn't tend to measure anything (except rice, you have to measure rice! oh and when i bake, measuring is a must...oops i almost forgot, when i was learning to make French Onion Soup...that definitely needs measurements). I like to taste, and add if i need to. My instructions usually go like this "ok put the chicken in the hot skillet, make sure there's oil in the pan, you know enough to coat and move around" yeah, doesn't sound like great teaching skills to me.

I come up with stuff as I cook, I get this from my mother.  I remember asking her for a  her amazing Ginger Chicken recipe and she was like, "you know add some ginger and the garlic and the...." basically it was a whim type of recipe that got better and better every time she made it.  I'm like that, I'm not afraid of food. I'm not afraid of adding spices and smelling them and seeing what goes with what.  I don't know the names of every style i use, but i do know that sometimes the end product makes my heart happier than kittens playing with yarn.

OH OH, well ok remember yesterday i went home and put some lentils in the crockpot? Well they were done perfectly by the time i got home. All i did was add a lot of chicken broth and about 2 cups of water, Garlic salt, pepper...and that was it...i only had like 20 minutes for lunch so chopping onions and garlic were out of the question. When i tasted them, they definitely needed a bit more flavor, maybe all broth and no water...definitely will need to add onions and garlic, maybe some tomatoes too...I pretty much had them cooking on high for 5 hours. They were perfectly made-no hard lentil found!

I have a potluck tomorrow and i did decided on the Chicken Enchilada Roll Ups but i need to change a few things. (i do not like cilantro, so i'm not using it). I'm going to make some without chicken, since we have a vegetarian in our office. I will substitute chicken with black beans and corn. Make it more southwestern-y. I guess we'll see how it turns out, can't wait to taste them and hopefully will not inhale the entire thing. I'll try to remember to take a picture!

So people play with your food. Make it more interesting, for you. Read a recipe but don't feel so obliged to stick to it. Have FUN when you cook. Taste, taste, taste! Oh and don't over salt. That pisses me off more than anything. Add salt at the end of the meal, unless you're seasoning meat or something...


P.S. I'm sorry I meant to add pictures at lunch, but had no time to upload. I'll get to adding some real soon. here is a random picture for you.
this guy is amazing..look at this.

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