Monday, August 27, 2012

Into the Woods and Weddings...

A wedding in the woods would be pretty...but this post isn't about that. As always it's two seperate things that have absolutely nothing to do with the other. It's just a title. So no fairytale weddings here....

This weekend was pretty good. I would have liked to sleep in more, but hey, i slept enough. I feel like I socialized know, met new people and had some conversations; made people laugh etc... I felt like a functioning member of society doing people-like insert super smile right here! 
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Gerr and I went to Muir Woods on Saturday. It's such a pretty and easy walk. Plus,a bonus is they have a cafe and you can get a coffee to warm your insides. The whole park is covered in redwoods so it's all shade and it gets pretty cool, so you want to bring a sweater when you visit.  I've been once before, and it was the same. Beautiful. It feels like you're tiny.  And there's nothing to remind you of civilization...well except all the people walking around you holding their ipads up taking pictures....but, you know what i mean; no cars, no big buildings, can't even hear planes flying by.  Sometimes it's a good thing to do for your brain; a reminder that we're pretty damn small. It was nice to walk, talk and take pictures of each other. I felt like we spent some quality time together. was really nice.

Saturday night was filled with good times, friends and a yummy barbecue!

On Sunday we went to a wedding I was dreading. Normally i know some people at a wedding I attend, but i only met the groom twice and i had no idea who anyone else was.  The ceremony was nice and stuff, and then we find our table and we were in a corner with the grooms old friends. I guess this was the group of boys he and Gerr had hung out with as youths and now, we were corner material. I was happy I sat with them; they were funny and made the awkward reception go somewhat fast.

Here are some things i noticed about weddings that need to change:
  • You're on a budget. most people are. Sigh. Plastic water bottles on tables and soda Bad for the environment and look tacky. go to Costco get some sparkling fizzy water in a glass bottle; looks nicer. Or Pitchers of water are even better.  Try not to use plasticware, flimsy paper plates etc....I know that china and the such are more expensive, but if you do your research you'll find that you can make it happen. If you're already renting tables, chairs, linens, etc, why not get some nice china or glassware. It's your wedding. Plastic champagne glasses don't look fancy. check out your local party rental center. I won't get into the recycling issue either.
  • Ok so you're planning your wedding and then after the ceremony it's picture time! Yahoo for you, but what about the 30-80 people waiting for you to get back so that the party can start and all the other entertainment to begin??? I sat for 2 hours wondering what we were supposed to to do for that amount of time.  What can your guests do while you take pictures: Eat. yes (make sure the plates aren't cake plates though),  Music. yes the dancing can begin. It was a bit too long to wait for them to return....better planning can eliminate boredom. I still think disposable cameras at each table would at least keep people entertained. 
  • Personally I don't mind the lack of alcohol. So I'm not going to say anything about that. BUT I WILL say, have more than one kind of sugar with your coffee AND powdered creamers? really? 
I sound like such a snob, but come on people. This is your wedding. You don't have to go nutso, but if this sounds like the route you're taking, check out pinterest for some wedding ideas that don't cost you an arm and a leg. Check out cool blogs like Brideonabudget or bigweddingtinybudget and here's a link for 10 tips to hosting a beautiful wedding

hmmm what else did i want to say. ok covered the woods, the wedding....dammit my brain went blank.

I've also decided that there aren't enough positive dog stories. I will try each day to look up a positive story of any type of dog-not just pitties....all dogs, because dogs are amazing.  The media tends to over hype different breeds depending on the decade, so fuck em, I'm gonna highlight positive stories. :) You may see more stories about pitties, but heck, it's my

This first story is about Hennessy the Pitty. Pretty much, while the family hid in a closet, a one year old puppy (not dog) attacked the intruder who came in with a gun. The dog wasn't shot, the family wasn't hurt, but the intruder ran away. Imagine what could have happened if that pup wasn't there??? The man had a gun. damn...Thanks Hennessy for being a hero. I found this story here on

alright all, i must boogie. have a great day!

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