Friday, August 24, 2012

354 calories and counting.

It's so hard not to pig out on Potluck day at work, especially when it's a Mexican theme and everything looks delicious. I waited a while....patiently waited until i felt the rumbly in my tummy 30 minutes into my work day.....Pita chips with heirloom tomato salsa,  fresh quacamole, bean and corn salsa and some Santito's chips. I didn't eat any of my rolls today, because I tasted a bunch last night.... I have to keep track of my calories today. I can't over do it. I guess you can say I have willpower. I think i do. The food is just gonna keep on comin. 

Modewalk....have you heard of this site??? It's kind of evil. Basically it's an ideeli/hautelook idea for RICH people...and for some strange reason unbeknownst to me I SIGNED UP.  It's depressing. I'm not sure if you'll be able to see the "sale" page but the sales consist of $1200 black skirts etc...1200 on sale...originally 2400. WHAT A GREAT SALE! It's a pretty skirt, but no way in hell am i spending that much on a skirt i haven't tried on and doesn't come with magic powers.  I don't know why i can't just unsubscribe. I feel guilty. lol.

One of the styles I reverted to this year was my love of rings. I love rings. The ring has to "speak" to me. It has to have personality..a je ne sais quoi...I went a bit overboard, i'll admit it, but i got some awesome deals. LOOK AT THESE SUPER COOL RINGS!!! err I am taking the form of rings....
found on

from Meet Chloe

found here   
OK i can so keep going.....

Facebook manners... thing i hate most about Facebook is the fact i can't weed out the things i don't want to read.   I don't care about people's religious views, their anti gay comments and stuff like that. I don't want to hear about it and i shouldn't have to. There's a reason why religion and politics are rare subjects at get togethers....people have different views on things and normally it leads people to heated debates. Now a days, most people accept people based on personality and the fun factor, even on conversation or common interests. Religion and politics are private things. WE vote on our own and most of us pray on our own. Yes I pray. And if you put me in a category,  I will smack you. 

To be honest, hearing someone I am close to talk about their religious views as if it's law and nothing else can be true makes me feel sorry for them. Most of the religious people that I hang or hung out with, don't even practice what they preach. Most of my "religious" friends fail at following their own religion.  And guess what? IT'S HUMAN NATURE, no one is perfect. It's sad really, especially when they blame God for things they did.  sigh...

So what am i? Never call me a christian. Don't dare call me a catholic. I've never really found my "niche" in religion. People have taken faith and spirituality into extremes and created hate out of it, and i'm pretty sure it was supposed to give people hope.  All religions have basic principles. And those basic principles are standards; they all seem pretty much the same.  There are stories, there are main characters, supporting leads, tyrants and evil madmen in all of those me all of that other stuff is fluff. It's what is underlying and simple that really made me hold on to religion. To be kind, to be honest, to be helpful....It took me a long time to finally get it. Years of mistakes even...times i blamed God or someone OTHER THAN myself.  

Ok you all probably don't want me to get into this stuff, the point is, my beliefs are my own. And I don't need to wear a shirt or write endless status updates about them. I don't need to advertise it, because I am proud of what I believe. I am proud I have found something in me and in this world that gives me hope. Something I live by. And you know what? I'm not a bad person. I will help a person who's in need, I will save an animal even if i don't have the best or ideal home. I will listen to any one if they need an ear. I will tell the truth even if it hurts others. i accept people based on who they are not what they look like, who they have sex with etc...  My religion is proving to not fail me. It's simple and I'm thankful to the God, Goddess or whatever entity there is or whatever it's called because it has offered me something more in this world. It has given my life substance.

Well that's the end of that. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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