Friday, March 30, 2012

The suspense is over, Friday is here!

Yes it is...and aren't we grateful? For me it will be a busy work day, a physical therapy appointment and then off home to care for my limpy Bella and hang out by my lonesome. Gerr's off doing some work and I couldn't go-above reasons are pretty valid. At first it was just a work thing and now it's turning into a fun event and I can't be a part of it, which honestly it's fine; someone has to watch over our limpy doggy. I am bummed out because i'd like to go do some things that we had planned, but I figure I wouldn't be given this opportunity of alone time if i didn't really need it. Note to self, I will not be reading any Edgar Allen Poe by myself.
  • The Yankees are coming to town. I neeeeed to get tickets. This is more of a reminder for me. If anyone else is interested in purchasing tix head over to
  • oh Bay Area CBS news and local media news groups such as the Marin IJ. A cop gets bitten by a dog and they say "Pitbull shot by Marin Officers...." The dog looks like this
THAT IS NOT A PITBULL. A mix sure...very very weak mix. And I seriously doubt it has a large amount of DNA to prove it. So sick of these misrepresentations. And reporters and media who have to use the word Pit Bull to sell newspapers and create drama. If i win the lottery I would get as far away from these sexist, bigots, racist, prejudiced people. Bleh. I spit on you media. For once do your job.They couldn't have said mixed breed dog attacks cop who wound up getting MINOR wounds, so not really an attack, but suffice it to say she SHOT at it. No wonder they need new police persons in the area. Sort of reminds me of this whole Stand your ground thing...except ofcourse we're dealing with a dog here. Sorry, but prejudice is prejudice.
  • On a lighter note, OH SNAP! check out Image Snap they put your pics on TILES! For like your kitchen backsplash or bathroom...kinda expensive if you're going for a lot of tiles, but how cute would it be for a kitchen having some family pics or something....
  • Phlegm is evil...just sayin.
  • Hautelook hot stuff-I'm pretty picky. I don't see much of anything
  • ideeli ideal stuff-eliza J (such a great designer) really like her stuff. Home stuff in their Going, Going Gone Sale.
  • Remember tomorrow is EARTH HOUR! From 8:30-9:30 PM turn OFF your lights, your TV and trust me you will survive. THIS IS IMPORTANT AND HUGE. Many establishments will be enforcing this rule. The Golden Gate Bridge will not be lit up neither will the Empire State Building. Let's do this. 
  • Just in case you needed more information about Seal Slaughter in Canada...
 So there you have it. I don't wear fur. I don't care for it. It's not a need nor a necessity and I don't want to hear about millions of baby seals dying because you want furry ear muffs.
  • I sound a little pissy today don't i??? well this is what happens when you get emails that piss you off. haha. on to happier things? how about things that just make us smile...
 old movies make me happy.
 art makes me happy
kisses. :)
Unconditional Love.
happy dogs
Animals in general:

The end...
Have a great weekend everyone and i'll try to post during the boring times. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The tail of Bella.

Really this isn't about her tail. We had to get that thing chopped off last year. People who have dogs with "happy tail" understand what I mean, except it finally turned purple so tail went bye bye. No this is more about Bella and her legs. Last night I woke up from her whimpers. She was in her doggy bed at the end of the bed on the floor and when i went to check on her she was wide awake. She finally got in bed with us, whimpered a bit more but I guess she felt more secure and fell asleep. I knew right away it was her leg. We've been taking her out and letting her play with other dogs (this is the part where i smile) and run around. I think the last dog she played with was way faster than her and she overextended herself...I went to sleep and all i could think of was her leg. 'I shouldn't have taken her on a walk', 'She didn't even run around', 'what if they have to amputate?', 'How much more of this can we take?' And so on, and so on. I know awful questions and comments to myself, but much more??? I shouldn't even ask...we don't even know what's going on with the EColi...Her antibiotics are officially over but the real test is in two weeks. I am at my wits end. Gerr's leaving tomorrow and i'll have to deal with Bella by myself. What if i have to go to the vet??? shit. Really these out of town moves are not working for me. People if anyone else had got this dog, they would have either surrended her or put her down. I'm convinced there are some people out there who couldn't have handled all of this...and yes I can't handle it right now, but I love my Bella boo-I would take her anywhere with me if i could, because she makes me smile. I just need to vent because I really want my dog back. I want the dog that wasn't hurt, that loved to run, woke up just fine and didn't limp....I want my dog to be healthy. Fuck, I'm so sad right now. I hate to see her limping...And now i fear she'll have hip dysplasia...i need to calm down, i'm turning into a stress  ball this morning and i can feel every one of my muscles harden as if Medusa just looked into my eyes.
I need someone to make me smile today...i'm really sad about this....
  • Ok to try and lighten up my mood let us get on with the show...
  • Ideeli top  stuff-Jessica Simpson the pinks and the retro flare to them...

 her bathing suits and intimates collections aren't bad either. ok just run to ideeli now before things start running out...i think i may have found a cute pair of sandals....
yeah toooo many things on ideeli today....
  • Hautelook hot stuff-estate jewelry...expensive but wow....i wish we could comment, because wow...if you have over a couple of k...gooo......beautiful jewelry. Fly london-cute cute shoes...interesting, expensive..but soooo cool.
  • SF Funcheaps is making me feel bad for not having more friends who have nothing to do and have a little more money...For example...1)Tonight is Sanfranpsycho's opening at their new shop in the city. First 25 people get a little gift bag. I want to go..i love that brand...2)Dance Anywhere 2012-a global dance thing...i want to see one...don't worry i'll include the link to SF funcheaps again in a bit so you can find out where all these things are happening.3) Roller Derby on Saturday night. Food trucks, friday nights at the deYoung, decentralized music dance party, 3rd annual Dukes of Hazzard country party, 90% of this crap is free. and i have no one to go with....oh yeah, flashmob on Sunday. i'll be in it! :) atleast i have's the link loves-
  • Check out the Stamped App. Pure Wow will tell you all about it, so go here.
  • I get a lot of email. And sometimes I forget to open my email. I shouldn't...ever...everytime i open it I am amazed and learn so much. Such as congressman dons hoodie for trayvon-escorted off housefloor Go read and sign will not regret it.
  • So I need to give Hella props to the following Blogs that have lifted me up this week. I had to go back to my google reader and (GULP) catch up with a lot of blogs...I've got great taste in blogs. So check the following out.
's a funny foodie, pretty sure she's in Canadia up north (pronounced CA NAY DEEEA) she cooks and she tries out products and stuff and she's funny.  mother, even MY mother should read this blog. It is FUCKING hilarious.
4theluv of writing-TMI
(ok i have tried to fix this 5 times, blogger get your ass in gear because you're embarrassing yourself  you stupid thing...)

 ok..that's all i have time for today...have a good day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i think my head fell off somewhere...

Feeling out of it this morning; like i could fall asleep while typing away. My  head is a bit discombobulated and I think i need to quit the coffee because i feel all jittery at the same time. Really not a good mix. I think today is bitch and moan let's begin
  • A lady at my work has a staffordshire terrier which she takes to competitions and has won some medals and yadda yadda. The dog is over a year old I think. She was telling me how she was going to breed her next year. Since she was so open in telling me about this I was pretty open about saying "I don't believe in breeding, when there are so many dogs in shelters." This is what is wrong about society. "Hey i have this here dog who won at ONE championship and now she's got a certificate and woohoo I can breed her and have puppies and yadda yadda...." She did go on to tell me that she was going to get every test in the book done, but I asked her if she was going to get her knees checked and a DNA test. A DNA test will atleast prove she's mostly Staffordshire AND checking her knees will atleast let you know if her pups would get issues like Bella did (slipped knee cap, genetic disorder). She didn't know about this....didn't surprise me. I'm just not into people telling me how great their dog is and how they want to bring more pups into this world because they won a fucking medal. wooooopdeeeedoooo.
  • This isn't a rant, but I would like to thank the IRS for depositing my refund into my account this morning. I paid more of my credit card this month and realized i would be a bit strapped for cash this weekend after paying rent. I'm thinking it's time to move some of that mula into my savings, leave some for rent and play with like 40 bucks-must find someone to go to the Roller derby this weekend. Cost is 15 bucks at the door and it's at Fort Mason. Hoping I can find someone to go, even though I guess I could go alone...

  •  I shouldn't say too much, but i've been practicing for another flashmob. This time I'm gonna rock and I've had time to practice which is really good. It's this weekend and I don't want to spoil it for anyone.
  • I don't know what I'd do without this blog. If anything it's a place for me to vent and lash out at things I don't like or do's my own little world. Thank God for that. 
  • Please sign the petition to tell all states that the Stand your Ground law is wrong.  I can't say much about the Trayvon Martin shooting. This whole thing is ridiculous. People are ridiculous. People are stupid. I learned long long ago that it doesn't matter what you wear. You should never judge a book by its' cover. As a female just because you dress trampy doesn't mean you're a tramp and here we are with the opposite sex.  A family lost a son because of discrimination. This law is based on racism and discrimination. I thought that was illegal.....
  • Ideeli top stuffs: Sandals (lots of them, 4 pages worth)-I think i need to go try on a lot of sandals to see what feels right before i buy them on ideeli. Classique fun dresses!!! True Religion shoes, but warning you they're almost sold out...
  • Hautelook top stuffs-Unionbay sandals 16 bucks (not my style but thought you should know), Skinn Cosmetics!!, love them but i already own some of the stuff they're selling, Amir Argan Oil....get them on ideeli or Hautelook or you'll be paying an arm and a leg for this stuff at salons...1928 jewelry-GREAT PRICES!!!
  • I want to get this google offer to Parrilla restaurant...The picture looks delectable...or it could be that I'm just really hungry....
 I don't like shrimp though...still looks good....
  • I started reading all of the blogs (ok about half) I have subscribed to. I forgot how hilarious people are and I really really should put some links to some of them, because you don't want to miss out on the funnies....
ok i gotta go. OH my, i am actually hearing my first Justin Beaver song... and it sucks! just as i suspected.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lot's to think about.

Ever wonder what's right or what's wrong? What's up and what's down? What you're sure of or what you aren't? LIfe is the ever changing rollercoaster that dips and plunges into depths unknown and then shoot you into the sky with no restraints, so when you float down your gasping for breath. The last couple of days I've felt all over the place. How do you make decisions in life if you don't really know where you stand. How do you look at a situation and say "I'm done" even though things are fine, but the future may not be what you really want.  and what the hell is the future? The future hasn't happened yet; intentions aren't clear and maybe that's troubling. (love the vagueness don't you?) I hate uncertainty. There are things I know in life. We will all die. That I know. But before that what happens? Some of us aren't blessed to have children naturally, some of us aren't married, some of us don't have goals that occupy are what do we do until then? Shop? expose our lives to other people with play by play posts about our stupid lives?  I don't know. All I know is I don't want to regret anything on my dying day, but if i'm already regretting some things because of confusion and delusion where does that leave me? Well let's get on with the normalities of this blog: Here ya go...
  • 30 minute horseback riding on Livingsocial in Sunol for 30 bucks. Man, if I had a better back, shoulder, neck...etc...meaning if i wasn't all broken, i would totally do this. If you see this BUY it. 30 minutes on a horse is amazing. 
  • Ideeli top items-If you see a picture of Nicole Ritchie click on it. This is when I wish my mother did get me a giftcard from Ideeli-I want ALL three shirts AND a pair of jeans AND some shoes. Just to show you the pretty stuff here you go:
39.99 Lovestitch
29.99 Genetics
79.99 Joe's Jeans

Love this outfit...but i can't buy it.

 another ideeli fav of mine is the 360 skin care line.
Also check out their windy city specials...pretty cool...
  • This whole Hunger Games crap is annoying. Who and WHY are people reading this stuff? I sort of understood Harry Potter books and I definitely understood the reason why people went to Lord of the Rings and read the Hobbit, but I guess I don't get books these days. I had no idea people were even reading anymore. Here I am, reading Edgar Allen Poe and Louisa May Alcott's, Flower Fables. I guess i don't get it. shrug.
  • Virgin Atlantic has a two day sale and woohoo prices are nice! buy in the next couple of days and you score some deals. 
  • Hautelook top items: "Bridal Kitchen Essentials featuring Cuisinart. :). Alexis is kind of interesting-high priced beach coverups that look pretty hot on the models. lol. Hairdo by Jessica Simpson and POP. ok i have always wanted extensions, but my hair is so thin that i just think it's a bad idea. Next time i see this I'm going for it....why the hell not...
  • Ok that's all for me today. Talk to y'all tomorrow!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Good (Monday) Morning Sunshine.

Now wake up. Lot's to talk about.
  • 90% of my weekend was AWESOME. Let's start with Friday. Remember that Flashmob I was talking about. Well we went. I pretty much said "fuck it" and attempted the dance i learned that day. Let's just say most of the crowd was as confused as I was. It made for good fun and felt like a party in the street! Check out the video. This is NOT our footage. My stupid fingers must have not pressed the red button on the tablet and poor Gerry is seen here filming nothing. After that we went to Fort Mason and ate at Off the Grid-if you recall those are the food trucks i was talkin about on Friday. Discovered the Malaysion truck and had one of the best sandwiches in my life. Chicken Garlic Ganang sandwich from Azalalina's Malaysian, Wings from Wing Wing, Tacos from Kung Fu Taco, and macaroni and cheese spring rolls from 3 Sum Eats, and Chicken Skewers at (i think) Bombzies. I have to go back for the sandwich but I want to try a burrito at Kung Fu Taco. Seriously, there is not enough tummy room to try everything and it does get pricey-6 to 7 bucks a plate...Still super fun night...and now i'm hungry.

 I'm wearing  a plaid coat next to my girlfriend with the blonde streaks in her hair. :)
  • Saturday. It was pouring rain. Gerry cleared out the sun porch and our house once again feels like a house again! We went to the movies and watched 21 Jump Street. I expected it to suck, but so funny! i loved it! We had a good night.
  • Sunday. Therapy was something i really didn't want to go to this weekend. Couples therapy can either leave you feeling accomplished or drained. Some topics are too painful, but in order to move on with a relationship and grow issues need to be dealt with. Well ofcourse that had to be the day we dealt with them, after this wonderful weekend. After the hour was up I felt deflated. I wanted to sleep, but i made myself still make the most of the day. We wound up cleaning Ger's rifle and going shooting. Which was fun and got me a bit out of the funk. We came home and relaxed and I started my first ever Corned BEEF! yes, i know St Paddy's day was last weekend, but I didn't get to have any so eff you. Let me tell ya, it tastes awesome. I have leftovers for some hash or sandwiches, and not sure if i can do this, but i saved the broth put the potatoes, carrots and cabbage back in for some soup...Gerry really liked it and said it was authentic. So guess who'll be making St Paddy's day dinner next year-hopefully in my new house..hahhaa. we'll see about that last part.
  • It's official. My credit card is now less than 5k. Please don't be shocked. I've had it for a couple of years and well...what do you want from me...Still. I'm now making larger payments and I foresee 5 more months and that's that! KMFX.
  • Hautelook: today's top item-I would say the Philosophy brand stuff-shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc...30% off of the normal price.
  • Ideeli-today's top items-Level 99 jeans look pretty cute. I need a good pair of bell bottom Khaki Trousers, pricey 49.99. The section the Swim Shop has some great two pieces at really good prices. Designer Boutique featuring Fendi, Prada and Burberry bags. Don't look at them if you want to see how much the savings are....
  • Now you can start following Pure Wow on pinterest! Do so, if you haven't already. 
  • I started a weekly Menu on Saturday. Corned Beef and Cabbage was on it. and then i think I stopped. I know I want to make Risotto this week...and then i got distracted and now I"m blank. looks like i have to check out Pinterest later to help with our meals.  I'll have to do an italian meal with sausage...i think...ack..i'll come back with some menu ideas for the week.
  • When is a pitbull not a pitbull-great story and by God I often look at people who think they're backyard bred dog is some pure bred animal.  I try my hardest to look confused when I say what Bella is. It's confusing because her size, face and her legs don't match the "pitbull" characteristics on the UKC website, if you check the AKC website, you'll see they don't have American pitbull terriers, but the American Staffordshire Terrier. It's all a big friggin mess for the rest of us. Bella doesn't truly fit in either category and I'm convinced she's mostly American Bulldog. I want to get the genetic testing done, because I think it would be fun. maybe when i pay all of my bills!
  • Thinking of checking out Harrow-thanks to thrillist they put up a picture of a pulled pork sandwich that screamed-EAT ME....i think that's a good thing...
  • Is it just me or are women flat footed or something? All of these sandals have no foot support. I have to walk through the streets of Manhattan...I want to be comfortable. What am i going to do?
  • Hey New York!!! Adult Easter Egg Hunt...I think we may have to do this the living social deal here
  • Thank you facebook for banning Puppy Mill Ads.
  • Alrighty everyone...i gotta go. Hope you enjoyed my novel today!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank you Friday for getting here so quickly..

I wrote yesterday that my office mates and I pooled in our monies to buy lottery tickets for the mega millions.  Many of them are joking around that they won't be here on Monday, while I keep saying I will. At 35, I can still work and enjoy my life as a millionaire. Since I'm not looney about money-I like to buy nice things, but as you can see I hate paying full price-I can't imagine buying a yacht or something I don't need just because I have a lot of money. Ok I may buy some expensive diamond jewelry, but the most I would buy is a house and set my mother and grandmother up for life.  If I had a million dollars, I'd buy a house, set it up so that I'd have enough for 20-30 years in property tax payments and any other taxes I may have to pay. I'd still work, because i can't really think of anything else to do. Sure I'd travel, but my back and sitting for long periods of time don't mesh. Maybe i'd get a back guru to heal All of these are hopes of course, I think I'd stay the same as I am. But you never know.....haha. OH yeah, and I would definitely buy an island and make it a sanctuary for animals and myself. :)
  • Ok...I found a lovely thing for my mother for her birthday. I wish i knew her favorite color. 
  • My new goal this year is to find a masseuse, acupuncturist and chiropractor in ONE. I know they exist, but now i have to look for one. and yes, please be affordable. 
  • Have I told you about purewow.come daily emails? some of them are eh...but a lot of the time they're pretty darn useful. Check out Postable , thanks to them I can now put EVERYONE's snail mail in one place and not worry about it. Usually Christmas comes around and i'm digging for past years envelopes (yes I keep them so that I can remember who sent my christmas cards).  Now i'm just going to put everything into this handy dandy service (which is free) and be happy. :) yay me. 
  • Ideeli has some beautiful shoes on sale-Bacio 61. Some pretty dresses by Cece NY. 
  •  Off the Grid is back at Fort Mason!!! For my out of the area friends, think Food Truck heaven. Starts tonight! I think I know where i'm going for dinner! :)
  • I WANT TO BE IN A FLASH MOB!! and here's my chance! Hopefully i can get Gerry into this, should be funny. And it's 6:30 I guess i can learn the dance in my chair.... Go here if you want in on the action
  • Well that works out, if you think about in a flashmob and go get food after. :) sounds like a perfect evening.
  • Ever wonder how you can help the Humane Society? I know we all see that commercial and we want to die because those eyes...and the song...and the ok, I just can't relive it...But check it out. For 20 bucks you can get a holiday card set-birthday cards, thinking of you cards, thank you cards etc.stationary sheets, stickers, calendars and all in a pretty box for 20 dollars!!! Here's a link to that I bought a box of cards a couple of years ago from Costco and it has definitely saved my butt. I'm thinking about making this purchase today, but i may wait until next week. 
  • I have hopes and dreams of doing yoga, alas my stupid neck has decided to hurt again. I had a massage last night and that helped with releasing some tension...i just wish poof the stiffness would disappear. I really want to try the dailey method...maybe one day i'll be able to stretch without feeling like this. :(
alright this silly girl has to go. Hopefully i'll have tales to tell about winning the lottery, watching or dancing in a flashmob and the deliciousness of OFF the grid food trucks. Have a great weekend. lots o love.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thirsty Thursday....

Less caffeine starting today. Had my half cup of coffee at home, chugging some water as we speak. Not waking up, still in half a daze and my neck is stiff. I started some stretching last night to gear up for yoga hopefully in a few weeks. I was reading an article yesterday on why stretching is so important before you begin an exercise regimen. But this damn neck. I don't get it. I think i need a massage.
  • FB is the devil. I really need to step away and just let people say whatever they're going to say. I've bitten my tongue and not said a word on there about some things that I've read. I have to remind myself that I don't need to expose my life or be a daily tabloid for others to read. I consider myself to be a private person on there and I don't even feel comfortable with 90% of my "friends". That's why i go on here. This is my nook, this is my peaceful place to think, share ideas, and do whatever the fuck i want. So by the way, why would somebody care what I looked like 12 years ago? lol
  • So I've contributed 10 bucks to the office pool for the lottery. Yes people we're at 290 mil. and if we were to somehow win, I would be happy with anything. My needs aren't ridiculous and I don't mind working for a couple more years...hehehe. give me a house, (one for my mom and grandma too), some left over money to pay whatever property taxes and the such, oh and my bills, IVF etc...and i'll be good. :)
  • I think i need to go back to sleeping without a pillow. I like the 40 dollar pillow, but my neck still hurts. so what the fudge...and really it's the muscle in my shoulder inhibiting my movement.
  • Hunger Games. what is the friggin Craze (with a capital C) about????? OK I'm not the only one asking this stupid question...Yahoo answers suggests it's another twilight or even harry potter-movie based on a series of books. yay. I don't want to get sucked in to something like either of those two- I watched the first Harry Poooter and when they kept making them i was like EH shrug. Found the hobbity series much more entertaining.  
  • Great list of stretches to do at your desk. I think i'll try and do all of these twice a day! click here
  • hmmm i kinda like this....

 12 bucks at
  • Hautelook i is featuring airbrush cosmetics! 125 bucks for a starter kit, if you're interested. Berghoff cookware and accessories also available on ideeli...they look so pretty. shoes, sandals lots of stuff on their today...Some beautiful flowy shirts, dresses and skirts by Chaudry on Hautelook!
  • Which reminds me I need a super comfortable shoe when i go to NY. and something that looks pretty with a dress. Comfort and style...i hope i can find that...
  • i love the Voice. I haven't said much about it lately, because i've been too sleepy to talk about anything. But i want to say something about mr Blake Shelton. He's adorable, he's got a hotty wife and when he says stuff about the women on the show, I shiver. Sure she's probably comfortable with that, but really it's sorta disrepectful to her. What ever happened to country boys do it better? 
  •  Is it just me or am I the only one who hates when boards on pinterest are categorized by other people. If i wanted to categorize something I would, but most of the time it doesn't fit in their categories, so stop it. 
  • I want to see Mirror Mirror. Looks fun.
  • Google Offers has tickets for two to the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, 17 bucks! Gerry and i love Fisherman's wharf so i'm checking in with him to see if he wants to go. eh, i bought them..looks like fun!!!

alright everyone, i gotta do the bootscootinboogie...heheh...tootles

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Please wake up...

I cannot wake up. I'm tired every morning. Coffee isn't the best thing for me anymore, so I think i'm going to switch to decaf. It's not like it wakes me up or anything-just makes me jittery. Don't worry i think i'll do half and half rather than go full on decaf.
  • I've been trying to read my full collection of Edgar Allen Poe for the last 4 days or so. Last night I took a break because, The Facts and the Case of M. Valdemar, creeped me out so much that I couldn't go to sleep on Monday night.  It's a great story; scary as expected, but i'm pretty sure it could be read in the daylight just fine. I must restructure reading time so that i can enjoy it yet not be terrified of going to sleep. 

  • How do you tell a friend who is doing amazing things with his band to NOT text you band flyers. It's not like I don't get facebook alerts and the such. sigh. I know i have unlimited texts, but some people don't.  For me it's more like, I know when your band is playing and I'll come out to a show when i feel like Gerry and I can make it. I just feel so bad because the first thing I thought was "REALLY???" lol...
  • What the hell is a brazilian blow out???? ok so it's some process where they smooth the hair and make it all shiney and smooooothhhh...did i already say smooth? I'm probably the last person on earth asking what it is, but I guess it's like a relaxer for frizzy hair. Cool. I thought it was like Amazon woman hair!
  •  Check out PureWow's exercises you can do without the gym, I am only about exercising without going to the gym. But you gotta look at the pic of the girl brushing her teeth, i'm adapting that exercise every am from now on. :)
  • Last night I made lava cakes. I'm trying to play around with fillings because the oozy stuff is the fun part. I placed a dollop of peanut butter in the center and my oh my, it was delicious yet a bit rich. Still yummy. 
  • I also made a mini roast beef, green beans in garlic butter and a caesar salad. I think i may have found the most amazing caesar dressing, Ack I forgot what the brand was. I promise i'll get back to you.
  • What's for dinner tonight? I'm thinking Bacon wrapped Chicken Breasts with Swiss cheese and bread crumbs, Gerry fries? and another Caesar? hmmm we'll see what I'm in the mood for.
  • i love love love this blog!!! no not mine-well ofcourse I love mine, but i'm talking about Notes from a dogwalker and today's blog talks about Dog Walking Social groups. They even list social groups around the country!!! how fun is that. I didn't see one for my area, but I hope someone starts one! 
  • Gerry and I are making a list of things to do in NY-especially things he wants to do. I have take a walk through Central Park, visit FAO schwartz, and he wants to go to the Statue of Liberty...or atleast the island.-because there is not way i can wait in a line for hours with my stupid back. it's just not gonna happen, but i think taking the ferry and walking about and taking a pic with her would be fantastic. I definitely want to take advantage of the beautiful May weather I'm praying we have. :) He mentioned Coney Island too and i can't remember if i've been there or not!!!
  • A new ingredient-at least for me anyway-to play with will be hoisin sauce. i want to coat some chicken (with skin) in it and roast...yummy...hmmm....
  • ok i gotta mambo...also Gerry and I are trying to come up with something super cool to do with my grandmother and mom for MOTHER's DAY while we're there....gotta think gotta think....
lots o luv....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sooooo embarrassed. "Someone" put a video from my "fifteen minutes" of fame on Facebook. it's not just my fifteen minutes, but a whole band, still I feel a bit grossed out. lol.  They focused a lot on my ex husband and I, and I was a friggin dork. it's also embarrassing, because I said something dorky about meeting Eminem. Which of course someone had to comment about and instead of spelling his name correctly translated to me wanting to divorce my husband for a
So far the comments aren't so bad, but my biggest fear is this will open up old wounds. Yes there is a story, a long story too drawn out for a blog and would probably suit a tele novela, but we're going to leave it alone. This morning while I was in the shower i realized that in the video, the crew came to my work where my boss spoke to Matt Pinfield about me deserving to be a rock star. I almost screamed. I was in the shower and I turned red! why??? why???? lol. ok it was 12 years ago, but shit. it's friggin embarrassing. Lucky for me though, i have a friend and a boyfriend who are calming me down. I should be proud of it (even though I was super nervous and pitchy). ok let's carry on now. and the band was Headboard by the way. if y'all were interested. And the show was Farmclub.
  • i am buying the Shark Vac and Steam. can't pass it up. On ideeli, no shipping. I've been looking for another super steam mop AND it vacuums, now that's a winner.
  • It's 9:44 you know what you're making for dinner? Cooking is always on my mind. I am hoping I'm not alone. We have a roast and some new rubs to play with, so we're definitely having some beef tonight. Hopefully some  french fries (Gerry and I are cooking together!) and a caesar salad too! Check out Epicurious and see what they think you should have for dinner looks nummy!!!

  •  My dog must have issues with me. Maybe Gerry's right. Bella only acts looney with me. Yesterday Gerry and I took her out and he let her go play in the park, if i had hackles they would have been raised-she did great. She also played with another dog. I need his help. Looks like we need to take Bella out together. Not just me. She acts differently with me than she does with him. I guess it all comes down to me.  And now i'm not happy about that. My own tension is causing my dog to have issues. I should just give up. :(

Alright i got nuttin...but i'm leaving that little dot above just in case i come back and need to write more...have a great day avocado heads.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey internet, what up?

Happy Monday. I'm pretty glad it's Monday. The weekend was relaxing and the such, but in a way a bit lonely. Gerry went up snowboarding and I truly just needed to have some time alone. still i missed the bonehead and am looking forward to a nice week and hopefully a good weekend coming up.
  • I may buy tickets to NY today. :) Sorry jetblue, but Virgin airways or whatever they're called may beat you. The price is nice! 140 each flight per person. which comes out to 560! I didn't add the taxes and the such, but I can't pass this by. Just need to have a chat with my boss before i purchase. Still a bit nervous about leaving Bella behind, but I know she'll be in good hands. 
  • I did not have Corned Beef this weekend. How sad is that. Funny how when you get upset with someone and decide you don't want to be around anyone that you decide that the one thing you wanted all week long you didn't need. I did buy myself a corned beef to make next week, because that's how i roll. :)
  • ok...gonna buy these tix. What sucks is that we have to go to SFO. I don't normally fly there, I'm an Oakland girl because the airport is so quiet. hehehe. oh well, some beggers can't be winners, but whatever the tix are bought!!! NY I'll see you in May!!!!
  • Ok, so i've been waiting for something like this to happen, Room Service. They're in the Sunset district in SF. They deliver Alcohol, cereal, icecream and even pepto bismol...why this wasn't around when i went to SF state is beyond me. sigh. maybe this will lower the DUI rates in the area. Not saying they're high or anything, but awesome idea! Check out the Thrillist so that you can also be in on the new hip shit in town! 
  • Nothing really catching my eye on the shopping front which is good news for you and me...oh wait, i already spend some money today, no wonder everything looks expensive!!!!
  • Fake people suck, by the way. just sayin....
  • I played with my hair this weekend and learned a couple of new styles. One is the rosie the riveter bandana hair thing which I was felt stupid after watching it on youtube because it's so simple. 
There are a lot of fun videos too. I usually  have no patience with my hair but once you watch the video and try it (my hair don't tease too well) it's not so hard! enjoy.

Aight, i've got stuff to do, sorry this is such a short post, hugs.

Friday, March 16, 2012

We made it!

We built this city on FRIIIIIDAYS!!! It works try it...
  • Yawn, still tired, getting  better though...progressing...which means that maybe it will take me about a full weak to get used to daylight savings time....
  • Ideeli featuring wallpops! Too cute!! they've got some great wall decals! Nursery ideas, teenage room ideas, some are a little antiquey looking. Here are a few samples

  •  i can already tell that today will be a looooong day.....umph. 
  • Volcom and Crown brush are on Hautelook today. I'm not a a huge Volcom fan, but it's a popular brand
  • ack, i gotta cut this short; there may be more later.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let me go back to bed...

I need my sleep. I hate daylight savings time. My body is too sensitive to change. damn you.
  • I really want a corned beef sandwich with fontina cheese. I'd like to thank Bon Appetit for this idea that has resonated since yesterday and like crazy glue has fastened itself onto my stomach and i keep thinking about the delicious, mouth watering taste of  mustard and corned beef with gooey fontina's a picture so you can also drool...

  •   AH kitchen sale on ideeli!...I cannot buy anything...NOOOOO...
  • So anyone else catch Fashion Star this week...I caught a glimpse of it, i was pretty excited to see it, but since i missed half the show i figured i'll wait and see a full show. The guy who said the panel didn't know anything about high fashion was a dork. I may not like Nicole Ritchie or Jessica Simpson, but i respect their opinion since they're so close to the fashion industry. And also dude was just making leather jackets, nothing impressive if you ask me. 
  • So my friend just asked me if i knew what Steampunk was all about. No I don't. But here is the link just in case anyone out there wants to know, I understand it now that Wikepedia helped me out. :)
 think victorian meets 1900 technology and stuff. Best to look it up if you're still confused.
  • For Clarity purposes, everyone needs to read this KC dog Blog about the word adoptable and No Kill shelters. Please take the time to read it to educate yourself so that you know the truth about some no kill shelters. Some aren't as good as you think.
  • Ugh, some people have sick humor. There's one thing i don't joke about and that's hurting children or animals. This chick on FB has a couple of times thought it funny to say something about a baby seal walking into a club. People, it's not funny. it's disgusting. And when you watch a defenseless animal actually get clubbed you don't forget it. 

 just in case you need to be reminded here's the fucking picture. Now go to this link and sign the friggin petition to end Canada's commercial seal hunt. friggin assholes in this world.....
  • ugh...that picture bothers me so much, i only put it up to grab your attention, this shit isn't funny. Hurting an animal or a child or a human or anything natural to our environment for the means of making money, abuse, etc is ridiculous and cruel. End this crap now. 
  • Wow, I foresee an enormous amount of people voting for Obama during election time. All these republican hopefuls are scarier than Sarah Palin. Telling Puerto Ricans to speak english, because he doesn't like it....well fuck off and give them their country back idiot. this guy is soooo soooo stupid...he gives Saturday night live a lot of material.
  • here's your awwww for the day....
  • oh dear me what's for dinner...well it can go two ways. Pork something or other, because i took out the frozen leftovers from last week out...or zatarains rice and beans with spicy sausage...i feel silly now for taking out the pork...but i will find good use for it. i think i'm going to stew it in some tomato and onion and serve with risotto??? i don't know if i have enough parmesan, but i should probably get some. 
  • Well the rain has sorta stopped, so maybe this means i get to take Bella on a little walk later today. We have TWO storms approaching us, so we're not outta the clear just yet. fun shit. 

 Because we should never forget the truth about dogs ending up in shelters. We are responsible for millions of deaths. WE are responsible for the stupidity and ignorance of people who don't know anything about breeding. Vow to love and keep your animals, and if you feel like you would have to give them up ever, for any reason then DO NOT ADOPT.

 see you later kittens and pups.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hump day boohoo.

I feel boohooey today. Some days i must allow myself to feel the way i do. Every day isn't a happy one and they're not all sad ones either. Just feeling frustrated in my life i guess. A bit trapped and confined in my own mind. Too structured. too limited.  Yet some days I'm left to wonder what's going to happen and that there's not enough structure and i don't know what will happen tomorrow or the next day. I figure go with it and not try and dwell too much on my emotions, because they pass like a bad cold.
  • I don't normally talk about my friends or even Facebook-not the biggest fan of using facebook as a way to keep in touch-why the hell else do we have phones? but we do get to hear about people hurting themselves and the way they post things. Such as my friend who got in the middle of a dog and cat fight and apparently got bit. He added it was a pitbull. I really couldn't care less what kind of dog it was, who's the idiot who puts his hand in between a dog and a CAT? THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO STOP ANIMALS FIGHTING. Bang two pots together, throw water on them, make a lot of noise...etc...startling animals is your best bet. One guy wrote :the dog may have to be put down with behavior like this...Uh no. Dogs are natural hunters. They have a high prey drive. Even my own dog who has lived with THREE cats still lunges at strange cats on the street. When he goes into our neighbors house she greets them with a sniff. Anyway...lesson learned i hope. it has nothing to do with breed, but animal instinct. 
  • Gucci bags are on sale on ideeli. Personally i don't have 900 bucks to spend on a Gucci tote, but they're cute and they are on sale, right?
  • my shoulders feel sore. maybe i need another massage....
  • French Connection and beautiful Carlo Viani jewelry (check out ring below 785.00),
  •  For some reason this song just makes me happy today....
  •  My eyes are so dry. i think i'll eat some toast. 
  • i forgot what else i was going to write.
  • I want to make Brisket. I've never done it. I wonder if it is essential to use a pressure cooker? AT the moment it's being used as a bucket for a leak in the sun porch. i truly love and appreciate my epicurious emails. Always great ideas and definite food inspiration! check it out. they also have a corned beef recipe.
  • Hey the first day of spring is next week and it's snowing in the Sierra's....
ok i'm outtie freaks and geeks...lots o love. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No cats or dogs fallin from the sky....

But it's pretty wet  and windy outside. I hope everyone has a safe commute. Yawn. Still getting used to this daylight savings crap. It was especially hard since the sky was filled with dark clouds and the rain was pounding on the roof. I definitely did not want to get out of bed. But here I am. Rain boots and a water resistant jacket with a hood. yippee.
  • I've done enough shopping this month(and last month) for a while but i have to tell you of some good deals on the web, such as this warehouse clearance sale on America's test Kitchen website they have books and dvd's for a great price...i mean seriously just click on the link...i'm so tempted to buy one...i love cookbooks. 
  • It's pretty sad when people have to fight foreclosure on their homes after fulfilling the "American Dream" Please support California's home owners bill to stop this craziness.
  • Undergarments are my weakness. I'm in love with Rene Rofe. Check it out on ideeli...
  • I can only skim the hautelook Report shoe page, because my second addiction is shoes...but wowzers, cute wedges, boots etc.....There are a lot of other items on Hautelook. Nursery stuff, kids games, disney jewelry, etc...check it out
  • Sigh Google Offers has a a great offer to stay in a nice hotel in Monterey. 250 bucks!!! I wish wish wish we could go. I still have to buy tickets to NY but if you're looking for an amazing 2 day deal to a mini vacay check out this deal to monterey
  • On a personal doggy note. I'm thinking of getting Bella a trainer. Maybe a once a week thing where someone will train me AND Bella. Gerry doesn't think she needs it, because things never happen on walks with him. IT's like somehow i make it up or something OR somehow it's ALL my fault-because I have an anxiety disorder, and sure I get that humans transfer energy, but i also work hard to be calm and relaxed. such the oxy moron right-working hard to be calm. Trust me breathing and closing your eyes and putting the past behind you is harder than it looks. Bella has never bitten anyone or any dog-remember she was hurt by another dog. So on my walks with her i push that away and concentrate on the now, i hold her leash proudly and breathe...BUT sometimes there's another dog. And sometimes there's a lot of lunging...I need peaceful walks again...i need help and i'm not embarrassed to look for it. I've got a couple of trainers i researched. i think i'll wait until Gerry is up to a real walk with Bella and i, for him to see her behavior.
  • According to the 6 essential Flat Belly foods, I need to eat more protein if i want to lose weight. very true. well i think i need to get some Quinoa and start making some lunches with it...
  • it is a rather blustery day people....

 ugh..i hope i have something green to wear for St Paddies Day.
Have a good day! And drive safely!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight savings time is Mean.

with a capital M. I cannot for the life of me wake up this morning.I'm in a daze. Last year I wrote about it and the reason why it's stupid. My opinion hasn't changed and I'm very unhappy. boohoo woe is me.
  • Gerry and I had a sweet saturday on Haight St. We went into the shops we both liked and just had a good time. Bought some shirts, books, a dress and other chachkes (is that how you spell it? if not i blame that on daylight savings time as well). It was a good day. Came home to our loving pup and realized that our feet and our bodies were too tired to go out to eat that we ordered some Redboy pizza. yummy. 
  • If you ever wanted some Louis Vitton suitcases, head on over to Ideeli. They are Louis Vitton prices...just warning you...
  • You know, I have been the same damn wait for about 3 years? Is that a good thing? with exercise and watching what i eat...That's gotta be good, but i know that i'd like to LOSE weight not stay the same. I don't want to do something drastic. I like food. Oh and doesn't help that people at work keep having potlucks for everything. 
  • Yesterday i cleaned the livingroom.  It was a disaster area. This is our most lived in space and really it looked it. I haven't been able to clean due to stupid injuries and the such, but i was so happy with myself that i pray it stays the same. it won't but i can still pray it will, right?
  • Hey people, go to Sole Society and check out their shoes. They have more "closets" for you to go through. You don't just get your own monthly picks, based on the answers to a questionnaire, but staff choices as well. 
  • I have a polaroid and am very upset that film is so expensive. I definitely need to get some though. I never owned one when i was younger so I definitely would love to play with one now and maybe make some cool art with it, but with like 20 bucks a package or something boo.... they do make great chachke pieces :)  aka decor. 
  • I think i may have used my only alert brain cells, because i need sleep and cannot concentrate.
  • i do not think men in scarves are attractive. They all remind me of Fred. 

  •  Apparently Oreo is turning 100 and i want one. 
ok peeps and polyps, i gotta go. have a fab day.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Blisters on my feeeeet.

I wore ballet flats yesterday and after a long day at work, I took Bella on a walk. I had no idea i was going to get a blister on the back of my ankle. OUCHIE. The only shoes that would go with today's outfit were another pair of black flats, of course i have to wear a bandaid-but it still hurts. You'd think we'd develop some kind of callous....being a woman is tough.
  • I officially  had too much coffee this am. Trying to cut down, because it makes me pretty jittery in the morning. During the day I'm ok after meals, but first thing in the AM i'm a bundle of nerves.
  • Wow, the classiest prom dresses are on sale at ideeli. They're so pretty!!! and cute shoes!
Lucky for me. They're out of my size.
Kitchenaid is on sale too. You get an ideeli credit if you buy a mixer!
  • Hautelook has Maui and Sons swimwear. It's not my style but the prices are right (i'm VERY picky about swimsuits/bikini's) 12 bucks for bottoms and tops. Also their Garden Style section is very affordable; very cute items. Imoshion is officially my favorite brand for purses. They have some cute styles and they're on sale! I already have a purse and if the one below was in black and white or some darker color i would have snatched it up!

 I'm buying some hair stuff by Ecru. Good price and well, i hate paying full price  for serums and good detanglers. I remember when i ran out of  some serum or argan oil I had to buy some and I was so pissed off that i didn't buy it off hautelook or ideeli because full price is like 25 bucks! I'd rather save, sorry.....
  • hmmm...well Only in San Francisco right? World Naked Bike Ride day, just in case you wanted something to do. Here's the link. I just don't think i could ride naked for an hour and well, no i'm just not that fun...but I could be a spectator AND we will be in the city.....
  • Coupon for Peet's Founder's Day, buy one coffee get the second free on Saturday March 10th go to Johnny Funcheaps page and print out the coupon.
  • I have realized I am terrible at buying children gifts. ok maybe not so bad, but I have no idea what to get people. I get stage fright, like what i'm about to get a child is too "young" or "immature" for them and clothing well UGH!!! sigh...I will keep looking later. 
  • I'm hungry. insert sad face here. I didn't bring any oatmeal. 

Alrighty guys and dolls i gotta boogie! have a great day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friday Eve.

Every thursday i come in to work and my office buddy says "Happy Friday Eve!" yesterday she said "Happy friday Eve, Eve" which i thought was pushing it, but Happy friday eve is perfect for thursdays.
  • Last night I tried two pinterest recipes.The first was the easiest chicken ever: Basically it's maple syrup, dijon mustard, rice wine vinegar (i used white vinegar) and ofcourse the chicken. IT was delicious. We used chicken breasts because that's what i had to work with and Gerry is a white meat guy. Here's the original link just in case the picture doesn't take you to where you need to go.
 The second recipe i tried were sliced potatoes. At first i started slicing and i'm like i cannot get these thin enough. and i chopped some of the ends off of the potatoes accidently. Kinda a pain the arse. the potatoes took a while to cook. Pretty easy ingredient wise-butter, olive oil, salt and pepper...still a bit bland so toward the end i added broccoli and some cheese. I also covered it with foil since it was in longer than 40 minutes AND at 450 and still not cooking all the way through. The end product was ok. Gerry liked it, So i guess that was good.
  • I was just alerted about the time change this weekend. Spring Forward. yay. more daylight at the end of the day means more light and longer walks! I still hate getting used to the time difference. It makes sense though, because my body has been waking up at different times lately and feeling off, could it be that our bodies become more used to yearly changes such as daylight savings time? hmmm....I'm too lazy right now to google such a thing.
  • Just paid some bills. sigh. Bella's meds were expensive and i paid for those today too.  Remember those pills that Bella couldn't take? They cost us about 80 bucks-she took 12 or so. well, i have a whole big bottle of these pills and the vet's office was like we'll take them back to dispose of them...and I said No. Someone will need these for their pet or some shelter or rescue...these medicines are expensive. And guess what! A shelter wants them, so it's theirs. Before you dispose of your pet's medicines, think of the shelters that rely on funding or donations, they'll take these meds. Call around. 
  • One credit card is completely paid off!!!! just letting you know. it was a small credit card. hehe..but still. yahoo.
  • Super cuteness alert on ideeli!!!!! Their anchors away sale is too cute for words. They've got these awesome sandals for 39.99.
 ideeli is also selling juicy couture shoes-mostly ballet flats, slippers and some slip on canvas shoes. They have a NYC picks sale too....UGH...this is so hard. I really want a white slip. My new dresses are practically see through and i chose lighter colors for spring, so I definitely need some type of white under dress or something to look cute and not make me naked to the world.
  • Hautelook-Tulle has some pretty cute items, one grabbed my attention but they're sold out. Check out Heart Soul shoes=read super cute wedges!! 
  • Ok everyone i gotta run...i'll come back if i have something more to add...oh and what's for dinner tonight- cuban BBQ pork sammiches! :) maybe i'll make some potato chips, since i have so many potatoes! have a great night everyone.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yesterday was not the day...

Tix were too expensive. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens. I love Jetblue, but i may have to check out another airline and i really don't want to..anyone else feel out of it today?
  • Last  night I tried a pinterest idea for a chocolate mug cake. I didn't use cocoa powder, i only had Quik, but i used less sugar because of'd think it would still work, and well either that made the whole cake taste disgusting or maybe it's just not very good to begin with, I now have an aversion to all of these mug cakes. Click the picture and it should take you to the site it was on. Try it for yourself. I definitely wasn't impressed.

  •  I love the notes from a dogwalker site. Today's blog is about DINOS high value treats...treats that only should be given when our dogs react under stress-usually other dogs...I have lots of new ideas!!! check it out if you have the same issue and subscribe, because you won't be dissatisfied. 
  • Attention Hautelook fiends : Great deal on a really pretty bohemian maxi dress for 28 bucks! This is just one of the patterns, but they offer about 6 or so....

 HA i just passed my own test. I wanted to buy the pink version of this dress, i had it in my cart and everything, but i closed it...Sorry Hautelook I'm trying my best to save money, but trust me I love your site!
  • What is for dinner???? I have to make chicken again tonight...we buy those frozen bags of chicken and well, about 4 of them were stuck together so I had to defrost them. I'm thinking of putting something together in the crockpot and ready for us when we get home....The chicken may cook really fast so i need to be smart. (note:i didn't use the crockpot, but i may stew the chicken in some randomness i like to call Jacky Cooking Art)
  • I fear jinxing things, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that no urgent jobs come up for Gerry on Saturday because he's promised me a day of fun! Either the city or some where we can walk around, have an awesome lunch, window shop etc. Maybe Haight St? Maybe Healdsburg? Who knows, but it sounds better than the gun range or the beach. I'm hoping it doesn't fall through. He's so cute though, he tells all of the customers that call him that Saturday he's trying to keep open for me. thump, thump, thump....
  • Wow i'm drawing a complete blank of what to chat about now...i hate when that happens. 
  • Someone that inspires me a lot is my friend Frances. She's creative, she's got a great personality, she's pretty, and best of all she's got style. I love seeing her pins on pinterest because she goes into a part of my world that I love and not that many people around me understand. I love Rockabilly style, and if you know me you know that I have no patience with my hair-so i rarely pull that off. But i  L O V E it. I want to share some of her pins that I am going to steal today because I have nothing else to write and look how pretty this stuff is. 

 I think Gerry will go crazy if i buy one more dress that has polka dots. He always says-Don't you have something like that already....

 i love the hairstyle...not the color. but i wuv it. I wish i could do the bangs, but I can't because my hair in the front is a turd. I have bangs but they're not thick. love the rollllllls......

 So you want to see what you can find on some of my boards....some things that inspire me? Well here you go:
I love old magazines-pre 1960's. Life, Pageant etc. I love old advertisements, news stories, pictures etc...

 i love strange art. Juxtapoz is one of my favorite magazines.

Photography, ballet,'s all art to me. 

and you already know this...i love the bully breed...

The end..... for today.