Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friday Eve.

Every thursday i come in to work and my office buddy says "Happy Friday Eve!" yesterday she said "Happy friday Eve, Eve" which i thought was pushing it, but Happy friday eve is perfect for thursdays.
  • Last night I tried two pinterest recipes.The first was the easiest chicken ever: Basically it's maple syrup, dijon mustard, rice wine vinegar (i used white vinegar) and ofcourse the chicken. IT was delicious. We used chicken breasts because that's what i had to work with and Gerry is a white meat guy. Here's the original link just in case the picture doesn't take you to where you need to go.
 The second recipe i tried were sliced potatoes. At first i started slicing and i'm like i cannot get these thin enough. and i chopped some of the ends off of the potatoes accidently. Kinda a pain the arse. the potatoes took a while to cook. Pretty easy ingredient wise-butter, olive oil, salt and pepper...still a bit bland so toward the end i added broccoli and some cheese. I also covered it with foil since it was in longer than 40 minutes AND at 450 and still not cooking all the way through. The end product was ok. Gerry liked it, So i guess that was good.
  • I was just alerted about the time change this weekend. Spring Forward. yay. more daylight at the end of the day means more light and longer walks! I still hate getting used to the time difference. It makes sense though, because my body has been waking up at different times lately and feeling off, could it be that our bodies become more used to yearly changes such as daylight savings time? hmmm....I'm too lazy right now to google such a thing.
  • Just paid some bills. sigh. Bella's meds were expensive and i paid for those today too.  Remember those pills that Bella couldn't take? They cost us about 80 bucks-she took 12 or so. well, i have a whole big bottle of these pills and the vet's office was like we'll take them back to dispose of them...and I said No. Someone will need these for their pet or some shelter or rescue...these medicines are expensive. And guess what! A shelter wants them, so it's theirs. Before you dispose of your pet's medicines, think of the shelters that rely on funding or donations, they'll take these meds. Call around. 
  • One credit card is completely paid off!!!! just letting you know. it was a small credit card. hehe..but still. yahoo.
  • Super cuteness alert on ideeli!!!!! Their anchors away sale is too cute for words. They've got these awesome sandals for 39.99.
 ideeli is also selling juicy couture shoes-mostly ballet flats, slippers and some slip on canvas shoes. They have a NYC picks sale too....UGH...this is so hard. I really want a white slip. My new dresses are practically see through and i chose lighter colors for spring, so I definitely need some type of white under dress or something to look cute and not make me naked to the world.
  • Hautelook-Tulle has some pretty cute items, one grabbed my attention but they're sold out. Check out Heart Soul shoes=read super cute wedges!! 
  • Ok everyone i gotta run...i'll come back if i have something more to add...oh and what's for dinner tonight- cuban BBQ pork sammiches! :) maybe i'll make some potato chips, since i have so many potatoes! have a great night everyone.

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