Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No cats or dogs fallin from the sky....

But it's pretty wet  and windy outside. I hope everyone has a safe commute. Yawn. Still getting used to this daylight savings crap. It was especially hard since the sky was filled with dark clouds and the rain was pounding on the roof. I definitely did not want to get out of bed. But here I am. Rain boots and a water resistant jacket with a hood. yippee.
  • I've done enough shopping this month(and last month) for a while but i have to tell you of some good deals on the web, such as this warehouse clearance sale on America's test Kitchen website they have books and dvd's for a great price...i mean seriously just click on the link...i'm so tempted to buy one...i love cookbooks. 
  • It's pretty sad when people have to fight foreclosure on their homes after fulfilling the "American Dream" Please support California's home owners bill to stop this craziness.
  • Undergarments are my weakness. I'm in love with Rene Rofe. Check it out on ideeli...
  • I can only skim the hautelook Report shoe page, because my second addiction is shoes...but wowzers, cute wedges, boots etc.....There are a lot of other items on Hautelook. Nursery stuff, kids games, disney jewelry, etc...check it out
  • Sigh Google Offers has a a great offer to stay in a nice hotel in Monterey. 250 bucks!!! I wish wish wish we could go. I still have to buy tickets to NY but if you're looking for an amazing 2 day deal to a mini vacay check out this deal to monterey
  • On a personal doggy note. I'm thinking of getting Bella a trainer. Maybe a once a week thing where someone will train me AND Bella. Gerry doesn't think she needs it, because things never happen on walks with him. IT's like somehow i make it up or something OR somehow it's ALL my fault-because I have an anxiety disorder, and sure I get that humans transfer energy, but i also work hard to be calm and relaxed. such the oxy moron right-working hard to be calm. Trust me breathing and closing your eyes and putting the past behind you is harder than it looks. Bella has never bitten anyone or any dog-remember she was hurt by another dog. So on my walks with her i push that away and concentrate on the now, i hold her leash proudly and breathe...BUT sometimes there's another dog. And sometimes there's a lot of lunging...I need peaceful walks again...i need help and i'm not embarrassed to look for it. I've got a couple of trainers i researched. i think i'll wait until Gerry is up to a real walk with Bella and i, for him to see her behavior.
  • According to the 6 essential Flat Belly foods, I need to eat more protein if i want to lose weight. very true. well i think i need to get some Quinoa and start making some lunches with it...
  • it is a rather blustery day people....

 ugh..i hope i have something green to wear for St Paddies Day.
Have a good day! And drive safely!

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