Thursday, March 29, 2012

The tail of Bella.

Really this isn't about her tail. We had to get that thing chopped off last year. People who have dogs with "happy tail" understand what I mean, except it finally turned purple so tail went bye bye. No this is more about Bella and her legs. Last night I woke up from her whimpers. She was in her doggy bed at the end of the bed on the floor and when i went to check on her she was wide awake. She finally got in bed with us, whimpered a bit more but I guess she felt more secure and fell asleep. I knew right away it was her leg. We've been taking her out and letting her play with other dogs (this is the part where i smile) and run around. I think the last dog she played with was way faster than her and she overextended herself...I went to sleep and all i could think of was her leg. 'I shouldn't have taken her on a walk', 'She didn't even run around', 'what if they have to amputate?', 'How much more of this can we take?' And so on, and so on. I know awful questions and comments to myself, but much more??? I shouldn't even ask...we don't even know what's going on with the EColi...Her antibiotics are officially over but the real test is in two weeks. I am at my wits end. Gerr's leaving tomorrow and i'll have to deal with Bella by myself. What if i have to go to the vet??? shit. Really these out of town moves are not working for me. People if anyone else had got this dog, they would have either surrended her or put her down. I'm convinced there are some people out there who couldn't have handled all of this...and yes I can't handle it right now, but I love my Bella boo-I would take her anywhere with me if i could, because she makes me smile. I just need to vent because I really want my dog back. I want the dog that wasn't hurt, that loved to run, woke up just fine and didn't limp....I want my dog to be healthy. Fuck, I'm so sad right now. I hate to see her limping...And now i fear she'll have hip dysplasia...i need to calm down, i'm turning into a stress  ball this morning and i can feel every one of my muscles harden as if Medusa just looked into my eyes.
I need someone to make me smile today...i'm really sad about this....
  • Ok to try and lighten up my mood let us get on with the show...
  • Ideeli top  stuff-Jessica Simpson the pinks and the retro flare to them...

 her bathing suits and intimates collections aren't bad either. ok just run to ideeli now before things start running out...i think i may have found a cute pair of sandals....
yeah toooo many things on ideeli today....
  • Hautelook hot stuff-estate jewelry...expensive but wow....i wish we could comment, because wow...if you have over a couple of k...gooo......beautiful jewelry. Fly london-cute cute shoes...interesting, expensive..but soooo cool.
  • SF Funcheaps is making me feel bad for not having more friends who have nothing to do and have a little more money...For example...1)Tonight is Sanfranpsycho's opening at their new shop in the city. First 25 people get a little gift bag. I want to go..i love that brand...2)Dance Anywhere 2012-a global dance thing...i want to see one...don't worry i'll include the link to SF funcheaps again in a bit so you can find out where all these things are happening.3) Roller Derby on Saturday night. Food trucks, friday nights at the deYoung, decentralized music dance party, 3rd annual Dukes of Hazzard country party, 90% of this crap is free. and i have no one to go with....oh yeah, flashmob on Sunday. i'll be in it! :) atleast i have's the link loves-
  • Check out the Stamped App. Pure Wow will tell you all about it, so go here.
  • I get a lot of email. And sometimes I forget to open my email. I shouldn't...ever...everytime i open it I am amazed and learn so much. Such as congressman dons hoodie for trayvon-escorted off housefloor Go read and sign will not regret it.
  • So I need to give Hella props to the following Blogs that have lifted me up this week. I had to go back to my google reader and (GULP) catch up with a lot of blogs...I've got great taste in blogs. So check the following out.
's a funny foodie, pretty sure she's in Canadia up north (pronounced CA NAY DEEEA) she cooks and she tries out products and stuff and she's funny.  mother, even MY mother should read this blog. It is FUCKING hilarious.
4theluv of writing-TMI
(ok i have tried to fix this 5 times, blogger get your ass in gear because you're embarrassing yourself  you stupid thing...)

 ok..that's all i have time for today...have a good day!

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