Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank you Friday for getting here so quickly..

I wrote yesterday that my office mates and I pooled in our monies to buy lottery tickets for the mega millions.  Many of them are joking around that they won't be here on Monday, while I keep saying I will. At 35, I can still work and enjoy my life as a millionaire. Since I'm not looney about money-I like to buy nice things, but as you can see I hate paying full price-I can't imagine buying a yacht or something I don't need just because I have a lot of money. Ok I may buy some expensive diamond jewelry, but the most I would buy is a house and set my mother and grandmother up for life.  If I had a million dollars, I'd buy a house, set it up so that I'd have enough for 20-30 years in property tax payments and any other taxes I may have to pay. I'd still work, because i can't really think of anything else to do. Sure I'd travel, but my back and sitting for long periods of time don't mesh. Maybe i'd get a back guru to heal All of these are hopes of course, I think I'd stay the same as I am. But you never know.....haha. OH yeah, and I would definitely buy an island and make it a sanctuary for animals and myself. :)
  • Ok...I found a lovely thing for my mother for her birthday. I wish i knew her favorite color. 
  • My new goal this year is to find a masseuse, acupuncturist and chiropractor in ONE. I know they exist, but now i have to look for one. and yes, please be affordable. 
  • Have I told you about purewow.come daily emails? some of them are eh...but a lot of the time they're pretty darn useful. Check out Postable , thanks to them I can now put EVERYONE's snail mail in one place and not worry about it. Usually Christmas comes around and i'm digging for past years envelopes (yes I keep them so that I can remember who sent my christmas cards).  Now i'm just going to put everything into this handy dandy service (which is free) and be happy. :) yay me. 
  • Ideeli has some beautiful shoes on sale-Bacio 61. Some pretty dresses by Cece NY. 
  •  Off the Grid is back at Fort Mason!!! For my out of the area friends, think Food Truck heaven. Starts tonight! I think I know where i'm going for dinner! :)
  • I WANT TO BE IN A FLASH MOB!! and here's my chance! Hopefully i can get Gerry into this, should be funny. And it's 6:30 I guess i can learn the dance in my chair.... Go here if you want in on the action
  • Well that works out, if you think about in a flashmob and go get food after. :) sounds like a perfect evening.
  • Ever wonder how you can help the Humane Society? I know we all see that commercial and we want to die because those eyes...and the song...and the ok, I just can't relive it...But check it out. For 20 bucks you can get a holiday card set-birthday cards, thinking of you cards, thank you cards etc.stationary sheets, stickers, calendars and all in a pretty box for 20 dollars!!! Here's a link to that I bought a box of cards a couple of years ago from Costco and it has definitely saved my butt. I'm thinking about making this purchase today, but i may wait until next week. 
  • I have hopes and dreams of doing yoga, alas my stupid neck has decided to hurt again. I had a massage last night and that helped with releasing some tension...i just wish poof the stiffness would disappear. I really want to try the dailey method...maybe one day i'll be able to stretch without feeling like this. :(
alright this silly girl has to go. Hopefully i'll have tales to tell about winning the lottery, watching or dancing in a flashmob and the deliciousness of OFF the grid food trucks. Have a great weekend. lots o love.

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