Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buffy and Spreadsheets

So while the Gerr has been away, i've gotten the Buffy bite. And it itches. So i am a scratching it. Season 1 baby! Hey you, don't mock me. "I'm Buffy and you're history!" Karate chop to the back of the neck, knee to the face, roundhouse kick, and stabbed in the heart with my mighty stake. Ok, so maybe i've watched the show a bit too many times.

I had ordered Word/excel Jr-which i really have no idea what's the friggin difference, besides the price; 120 bucks and some cool options when you go to paste etc....  But it looks fine and operates exactly the same! woohoo. Anyway, so I decided I needed to play around in excel and create a massive excel spreadsheet for Gerr's books. Yes, this is the way I exercise my brain sometimes. So far so good and with Buffy in the background and Bella on the couch, I'm really loving this time alone. I feel productive.  I have to sign up for online excel courses soon. I want to learn super cool, nifty things.

I want to share Bella pictures with my bloggy buds, but i have to get her in the cute boxers. I have a picture but it's not cute at all. That dog is a wonderpup. She's a strong girl. She shows no signs of pain. She's acting like she didn't have surgery on friday. I still have to make sure she's comfortable though, so I'm not stopping her pain meds just yet.

So people, how do you mix up your week? How do you get out of the doldrum of each and every week being the same repetitive routine; go to work, go home, walk dog, make dinner, feed dog, watch tv...etc...bleh...if you've been reading my blog daily or even weekly, you know that I can't stand that repetitiveness. Sure I'm as tired as the next person when i get home from a long day of entering numbers, but SOMETIMES you gotta change it up. I'm hoping i can do that on Thursday. I have a bloomspot deal...(what's bloomspot? it's like livingsocial...check it out) for French American food at the Curbside!!! I want to have French Onion Soup, Smoked Mushroom Risotto and Creme Brulee. yummy.

ok now i'm hungry.

What the hell happened to  my coffee making skills??? I need someone to teach me how to make coffee again. It's so WEAK! i'm going to cry.

I'd like to share some blogs i'm following that made me happy today: to a super cute entry about her dogs and icecream. She takes great pics of her pitties. This amazing woman fosters dogs and changes perceptions one dog at a time.

dealicious mom-because today's blog has the longest list of free stuff ever!

my happily ever after - because this blog entry made me instantly salivate. i need to make this soon.

hollowtreeventures- funny blog and i like her version of the olympics.

alright people, i've gotta boogie. have a great day.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Finding me?

Sometimes I feel pretty friggin low and I need to find a way to let it out either here or somehow in my hectic every day life. I find that it's hard to let everything out without hurting people.  I keep my mouth quiet and yet I wind up suffering.

Currently I feel like i'm being attacked in so many different directions that it appears I have spears aimed at me wherever I turn.  I know all of this will pass, but it's pretty hard when the people you do look up to,  don't seem to understand anything about you. 

I figured that today, I'd do things backwards. I'm reading all of the blogs I've missed out on and gathering inspiration or reaffirming something positive within me.

This blog is about random stuff so here goes:
  1. I am proud of the beans I made yesterday. Actually it took about two days. Think raw beans, lots of water, chicken stock base, onions and garlic. COOK LOW for about 12 hours, then I switched to cook high for about two hours. I decided i wanted to have some "refried" beans, so i took my cool Smartstick hand blender and blended them until they looked like awesome refried beans. Put some cheese on top and my friends LOVED it. I felt pretty good about it! and i have some in the freezer for futurespanish meals! 
  2. Bella is swell. She definitely doesn't behave as if she's just had surgery, she's acting like the pup we know and love. I am just praying that i don't need to use the cone of shame. we have this bite not collar and we've used it for all the other surgeries, so I'm hoping she'll leave that area alone. 
  3. Sometimes we get all wrapped up in taking care of other people or our animals, that we forget to take care of ourselves. I found myself waking up with sore hips and pained muscles and calculated in my head that i hadn't been on a walk in about two or three days, because someone needed to stay with the pup. That's not acceptable.  I can't forget to take care of myself. One of the simplest medicines for us Fibro patients, is walking. Today i feel less pain and stiffness. 
  4. Because it's always my fav...please check out texts from a dog
  5. Check out Vixen Vintage, she's just amazing. Her photography, the clothes she wears...she's super adorable and I just love her style! 
  6. ooh it's almost lunch time. 
  7. So i think I have forgotten how to make my own coffee. One of my friends broke my coffee spoon AND in I also took a very long brewing break. So, this weekend i made coffee 6 times. NOT ONE CUP WAS PERFECT! either it was too strong or too weak. sigh. This morning my coffee came out, ok...a little strong. I have a new scooper so i'm hoping i can find the right amount of coffee to water ratio. 
  8. Does someone need a picture
 ?? it's called hello kitty pastry? click the picture for more info??

Ok I gotta ask this super sensitive question....
I am finding out that some people are just friggin coocoo. From the super righteous Christians against Gay Marriage to the woe-is-me-please-feel-sorry-for-me-because-i-treated-my-ex-super-badly-on-fb-and-now-i-want-to-whine-about-it.  I constantly feel like i want to tell people to shut up. Most of them I don't even want to talk to.  I get it, you don't like Gay people, well make a group of super hardcore Christians to share it with, because personally I don't care about your point of view. And as for you miss drama queen, take some more anti depressants and be honest with yourself. 
I know. It's my fault. I let these people in my life. And I'm too nice to delete some of them. OR to even speak up and say something about what i see. I am like many other Americans who don't stick up for what they believe in.  I think I will have to, going forward. 

There's a line in one of my favorite songs by Rise Against and it goes like this:

"If there's a God you better pray, that this sleeping giant never wakes."

I always get goosebumps when i hear it, because this line holds so many meanings for me. Like,  "HUMANS you should be very very very embarrassed with what you've done with this world." I truly believe if there is a God, we've all failed him (she, it etc) in one way or another.  Prejudice, murder of all types (animal and human), hate...ick...all of this just leaves me with a stomach ache.  I know i'm not perfect, but the first thing I learned in regards to God was to respect the things on this earth that he created. Such a sad world when so many people focus on hate and bigotry. 

That's all peeps. Probably too much for some to handle, but that's pretty much all i have to say. 
have a grand day.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Did a Flip.

Not physically...I think if i did that, i would hurt all over. 

I hurt more like my heart aches. For my doggy. 
She's ok...But I hate thinking about her locked up in a cage, alone and whining....wondering where I am. She knows from previous experiences that I'll be there to pick her up, she just doesn't know how to read a clock. So I sit here at work and all i want to do is leave. I want to pick her up and take care of her, even though it's going to be a pain in the ass
 That's my job though.

 I am her guardian

I make the decisions to make sure she is healthy and can live a long and healthy life. 

I will always protect her.

I never really understand why people get dog's to protect them. Protect Yourselves
Animals should never be used as weapons.

Sorry about my ranting. Just feeling a little sad about my pup. She's been through so much and I just hope and pray that this is it. I want my puppy to live a good, comfortable and long life. I almost don't care about the money anymore. I'm pretty much cutting my savings in half. Really, I'm very happy that it wasn't more than it is. I have a great Vet. and her surgeon is THE guy for me, thank you Dr Schwach. Also I am super lucky to have Natalie, vet tech from Redwood Pet Clinic as Bella's personal nurse and my friend.

It's funny; this morning I was pretty numb to all of this. I mechanically put her leash on and handed her over to Natalie. And now i'm feeling all teary eyed, waiting for time to hurry the heck up so I can see my dog.


I know she'll be ok. 

I found this picture and i want to find the link to whoever painted this: didn't help even though that's where this picture goes to....I would love to give credit where credit is due and tell them how awesome this picture is. I see BELLA...even though this a male. 

Well, you all know what i'll be doing this weekend. I'll be tending to Bella. 
I hope you all have a great weekend. super hugs.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oy Vey...

I am feeling good today.

Yup Yup! I definitely feel swell. I decided to wear one of my new dresses and it FIT perfectly! So far I've lost 7 lbs and I can feel it in this dress!!! When i first got it, it was a bit tight and i was sad. At the time I received the dress i was a size 8 (the dress is a size 8, but you know, designers these days can't make a size match all across the board. grr), since then I went down a pant size.

This morning I thought about the dress and decided I would try it and if it didn't work I would just wait until i lost a little more. So I slid it over my head and couldn't get it past my arms, took it off and looked at it in confusion...I don't remember it being that tight....There was a side zipper. I unzipped it, brought the dress over my head, it hung on my shoulders, and i zipped the side zipper. I bit my lip as I waited for the stupid zipper to get caught or have to struggle to zip it up, but no it went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.

My dress fits. 
Here is me attempting to get my whole self in the picture. thank god for cell phones and timers. :)
I got this dress from Ideeli or was it Hautelook??? i don't remember but if you click on the darling clothes site right there, you can see how much it costs by going directly to the vendor. They have some awesome pieces and I look forward to buying more of their stuff!!! 
Also you can't really see but the shoes are from Kustom Shoes and they're pretty cute...pssst also from Hautelook. :)

My day was pretty good UNTIL.....
A page I wanted to visit WASN'T loading. I got the white screen with the little circley thingy that says connecting, connecting. I have been stressing over it for like 30 minutes; retrying and retrying and I just need to give it up!!!! Who the heck cares!? But for some reason it is the most annoying friggin thing in the world. It's almost like when you lose something you normally use, let's say your glasses or your keys and it almost brings you to tears. Yeah, sorta like that or it could just be me...since I am on crazy pills, right? Or maybe it's just hormones. who knows. still annoying and i hope they have a massive apology on their website for being a poopoo head.

And with that, I will have to go meditate and relax because my fibro hates stress....So i shall leave you with a pretty picture of Bella i took at lunch.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Building Blocks
Writers Block
As i was looking for pictures for all sorts of blocks, i realized i actually had something to write!!!

Last night I made dinner which you can check out my recipe for the broccoli cheese sauce on yesterday's blog or just click here mmm doesn't it look good:

While I was cooking dinner last night,  I stumbled upon  Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on BBC, basically he's trying to get processed foods out of US school cafeterias and trying to use fresh foods all in the name of fighting obesity.  Doesn't First Lady Michelle Obama have a similar program? she does it's called which is more about exercise than food, and Jamie Oliver is more in people's faces. I love how he calls it child abuse when kids bring their own lunch and it's JUNK-blue jello, potato chips, those little boxes with the meat and cheese and crackers.....BLEH

So anyway, I'm watching this show and i'm making my dinner-all from scratch and it takes me about 45 minutes. Doesn't take very long and my dinner only came out to about 800 calories..i know, i know eek right? well i had two pieces of chicken instead of one...hehehe..i was hungry. the potato alone was only 388 calories and that's including my own cheese sauce! Anywhoo, the show was all about eating fresh and healthy and keeping processed foods out of schools to eliminate obesity. I smiled. I didn't use anything processed. My food was fresh. And that's how it should be.

I love food and i've also had weight issues because of it, but it's because i didn't know how to eat right. Sure I still go out to eat once in a while,  but i stay away from fast food joints or items on the menu that would increase my cholesterol by 3000 points-so not worth it.. Eating at home can be better than going out, I prove it to Gerr every time I make dinner and in turn he proves that to me when he makes homemade french fries. OH yum.

I really hope schools do make a change. I don't want my kids hooked on boxed chicken nuggets and french fries. Carrots, ranch dressing, homemade nuggets sure...but not crap.  I remember eating cafeteria lunches and really nothing impressed me, except for hot dog day-i like sauerkraut and their pork and beans,  but that was it.

So what's for dinner tonight? hmmm. i'm not sure. maybe something italian, i've got some lean ground beef to eat. :)

Have a good day!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Things that don't mix well:

water and oil

orange juice and milk

coughing and hiccups

Men, alcohol, hot days and sports.   Ok I'm totally being sexist. But it's the truth.

About me
 i like animals. All of them. I respect them all.
My favorite colors are: blue, black, burgundy/maroon.
i like shopping. (duh)
I like Skulls.
I love tattooes.

wow this blog is sucking today...I have nothing to write about....should i stop while i'm ahead or keep tormenting you with sentences and phrases that a first grader could write?
 i want a muffin...doesn't a warm muffin sound yummy? With a little pat of butter???mmmm

I think i feel a cooking craze coming along. I want to play with food...which is a good thing, because lately i've been bored....I have a bit of a break from my honey bunny for a few days, so maybe i'll come up with something delicious. hmmm, maybe some tomato soup with Basil and cream? OR creamy broccoli soup. I have some broccoli in the fridge that i have yet to eat. I don't really want to make soups because it's warm and making a tiny batch for me is a waste. Ok, so I need to use my broccoli...what about a baked potato with a cheesy broccoli sauce and a chicken breast??? By George, I think i got it! So how will i make the cheesy broccoli sauce you may ask??? Well since i'm terrible at writing comprehensive recipes i can only describe it to here goes:

***Bake Potato or Boil it and then bake it. I'll probably just boil it, because it's faster. Then i'll make a rue-think butter and flour to make a bit of a paste-add milk (whole or cream) stir to break up the little paste ball you created and break that baby up. Add cheddar or whatever cheese and watch your cheese sauce take form! add salt, pepper for taste. Now, this is without the broccoli, but what i'magonnado is put the broccoli in a blender (just the little trees) and make little chunks, when i've added the milk, i'm going to add the broccoli and then continue with the process per above. ***

ok yum. and now i'm excited about dinner.  maybe i should add some bacon????

look what i found!?
Click the pic to be taken to Equalombian. Ecuador and Colombian food recipes. My stomach is grumbling now! I will be making this

So who likes the new No Doubt song?
I love No Doubt. I have loved every twist and turn in their musical career and so far I like the new song. If you haven't heard it yet, here's your chance to hear it and watch the video!

I'm really happy they're all back. I can't wait for the album to come out! 

Why do the hours sometimes go so slow? 
You'd think it was a different hour but that's not so. 
Watching the clock-tick tock, tick tock.....

ok seriously that's all i got for today...oh wait I checked out and ordered myself an extra pair of glasses. 30 bucks!! All you need is your prescription from your eye doctor. Super cool. Can't wait to see them! 

tootles, kit and caboodles.

Monday, July 23, 2012


I actually hit snooze this morning. i still feel like i'm hitting snooze. I desperately want to go home and sleep a little more. Going to bed early this evening.

Please read the following's about Lennox.

That's about it for today, unless i feel more "social" i have nothing much to say. 
Just super tired. 
Bella puppy. :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

I dreamed a dream....


If you know what this is from, than yay you! Let's sing it together...or let's watch a video:

Last night I finally got my birthday present (I've been waiting for 5 months). I will not focus on the fact we were late, I will focus on the fact that it was beautifully performed and I teared up multiple times. Les Miserables has been my most favorite musical.  Before I saw it, my music teachers assigned me solo's to sing during chorus performances.  When I finally saw it, I knew what i wanted to do with my life, I wanted to be in Les Mis.  By the way, just in case you were wondering, NO i am not in Les Miserables.

Life changed for me when I moved to California, my music education came to a screeching halt since there weren't any advanced classes offered at my high school and there were no local music schools in my area. It killed a part of me.  When I entered college I had no idea what to do with my life, I tried to focus on the GE classes (that I couldn't get into due to overcrowding) and trying to once again find my niche in a new place.

I did practice on my own, sorta. My neighbors in my San Francisco apartment building heard my "practicing" while I took showers, but you know, that's just not the same as practicing with a teacher and doing scales on a daily basis. Slowly i let the dream fade.

In my 20's i would once again reclaim the stage and join a band. It wasn't exactly what I had been trained for, but it was another way to express myself. I did this for a couple of years and then drama closed that door. Since then I sing in my car, I randomly write songs that only get played a couple of times to my closest friends. My voice lacks strength or I feel it does. I don't practice enough and my courage has been pretty broken. I'm happiest when i sing. If i'm singing at home or listening to music, it's a good sign i'm in a good mood.

I'm not going to give up on singing. If anything, at some point in time I'll sign up for singing classes maybe with a private teacher and learn everything all over again; reclaim my passion.  But for now, you'll find me rocking out to my favorite tunes in my car and if you're lucky enough you may actually be able to hear me sing.  I might not be the greatest, but I can still carry a tune. :)

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Computers, Tablets and Smart phones Oh MY!

I have too many electronics. At work, I'm on my desktop, if my cell rings or alerts me to some type of update i pick that up and fiddle with that, at home I am on  my tablet for the whole night-games, check FB, read a book..etc...

I feel I am too dependent on these things. This is the reason we will become zombies. Some cyber subliminal flash message will occur while we're using our electronics and the next thing you know we'll start eating people's brains. Probably some government conspiracy to control the overpopulation.

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Like hand wrote one? I attempted to write one a couple of weeks ago to a friend who is in bad circumstances, and I could not. I had "writers" block. I really had nothing to say.  Sure I have been a busy bee doing fun things, but relating with a person via writing snail mail seems so foreign...alien even. Nowadays a comment on someone's page is being a friend or a text with the words "what's up hon?" is showing you care. I think we've been desensitized. We've lost some kind of emotional personal involvement with other human beings that it's hard to relate with people. (Granted this could just be me, but I don't think so.)

I respect those people who still CALL, even though I've become one of those I'm-afraid-to-pick-up-the-phone-types. It's become ALIEN for me to do so since i can just text. I don't like that part of me. I wish I could be different, so I'm going to try that with the people who are more open to that kind of communication. The more you practice the better you'll be.

Look at this:
Introducing the Retro Handset Phone...

Retro...really? uhm....gotta say that i'm looking at my work phone right now and it's got a HANDLE!!! And since when is 15 years ago RETRO? or is it 20? Still so not Retro. I am not that old. 35 is like the new 25. or whatever the fuck those people told me when i was aging the last time...Why would you need this POS??? waste o' ten bucks.

Anywhoo. time for me to mosey. 
Bella's surgery is next Friday. Feeling ok about it. So we'll see.
Talk to y'all tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Doggy Saga and Paranoia

So i bet that wonderful picture of the doggy rear stuck in your mind for like hours, huh? Yeah, mine too, but i've been researching the subject a lot longer so of course i have that pic tattooed in my brain...No worries, I will not be scarring your poor little heads with such pictures again, until next week when Bella gets the surgery. Yup, we're going to do it. And I'd like to thank the wonderful Redwood Pet Clinic for  helping me with this decision. Dr Manchester really helped along with Dr Schwock (Butchering his last sorry, unless i wrote it right than i rock) and I appreciate and trust their instincts. I really didn't want to do this surgery, but if this can help Bella, than I'm all for it.

Lately i've been feeling icky. I'm so uncomfortable at home. The air around me seems negative and this urge to buy a house is the only thing keeping me focused.  I can't really describe everything that's going on, but I just wish this crap would stop. My friend says my home should be a sanctuary; it's not. I know the time for change is now, but i can't do anything about it. just not in the cards. So here i am stuck and not even feeling free enough to write about it. It's like the world is full of spies. LOL. paranoia cha cha cha....
click on the picture great OCD blog. 

I was thinking that maybe i should link my facebook to the blog....but i dunno....why would i do that? why did i even think that was a good idea? i'd be scared of what people thought when they read what I wrote....I'd have anxiety attacks on a daily basis. Most people don't know about my fibro or anxiety ...ARGH! Yet, i write every day and share what i think or feel to strangers who read this thing and I don't even mind. The people on my FB  knew me once upon a time and man, i've changed. There are few who do know me and sometimes I even wonder if they care to read what I write. I'm not one of those people who promotes their "stuff", I guess I've become more fearful of what others think of me. Sounds dumb huh? I try not to care, really i do, but it's hard.

I have an absolutely backward brain. When I get into an argument with someone or something, I normally don't talk shit about the other person. Like there once was this break up (ok a divorce) and i didn't tell anyone really why it happened. I didn't want people to think badly about the other person. I tell people my side of the story if they ask, but i don't go around trying to round up friends to feel sorry for me. That's pretty stupid huh? I figure that if i'm being honest the other person will be honest too and admit to their own faults, since I always fucking do. 

Anyway, that was a little snippet inside of me. I'll try and be a little lighter tomorrow. Hopefully my grammar and spelling didn't piss anyone off. I hope I didn't offend anyone....Oh Jacky STFU and just be. Ok if you liked it you liked it, if you didn't piss that better me? yeah, i guess...
found on this on a call buddhism site. click the pic. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The saga of Bellas' maladies continues....

Bella, my pup, is 3 and a half years old. She's had more surgeries than the normal human. 2 knees, one tail (sniff), a spay, a cyst removal and I feel like i'm missing something else. She's had x-rays and even an ultrasound. We take care of our dog.

I know i've complained a lot on my blog about these chronic UTI's she's had for the last 5-6 months. The antibiotics only work while she's on them, these little e coli bastards keep coming back and I don't know what to do.  Our own vet sent us to see a specialist. I took Bella last Thursday so that we could consult with someone more experienced in this. The doc who saw me briefly said she wanted to do a cystoscopy (great link about canine cystoscopy and other procedures). I nodded the whole time thinking great idea, we need to see if the inside is anatomically correct  before we fix the outside...Yes people, my dog may need one of these:
click on the picture to go veternary practice news. 
yes, i's probably not the first thing you wanted to look at, but that's what she may need-a vulvoplasty. My hands have been cradling my tired head for a couple of days now.  I just don't feel comfortable changing how she was born and trust me the loss of her tail...ok whip, was fucking hard. I would never have docked her tail when she was a baby. never...sigh...But I can see her pain sometimes. I see her discomfort when she pees and she looks at me like it's not fun to go potty anymore. She's been off antibiotics for a couple of weeks now, so she's probably being attacked internally. WAAAAAH!

Well when i set up the appointment with the girl on the phone i asked how much this procedure was and she responded by putting me on hold for a bit and returning to say 1500 in a light and happy voice. 1500 bucks for an inspection? That's really what it is. stick a tube in the urethra with a little camera and a light and check out to make sure she's all good INSIDE. I've asked some friends to see how much it should cost and well let's just say it's not 1500. This place is known for being an emergency hospital and buttfucking you with their high prices. Sure I knew it would be expensive, but not 1500 bucks.  I cancelled the appointment. Time to go back to our vet and see what else we can do or who else can do this test. 

So today i wait. i wait for a phonecall that may or may not save us money and help my doggy. I pray that i can help her with this issue and that we can put an end to her suffering. All we want is for her to be healthy. Which of course brings me to her next issue. SHE'S FUCKING LIMPING AGAIN. She'll run for like 20 minutes and the poor girl limps for a day or two. I AM GOING TO BANG MY HEAD UP AGAINST A WALL. I don't understand. What is going on? Why does my puppy have to be hurting? She's such a good girl and she gives the best kisses. I hate seeing her in this pain. 

I'll update later or tomorrow after I hear more from the Vet. Gerr and I need a plan of action and we need to know how much this will all cost. X-ray, cystoscopy, vulvaplasty....fuck. just a big FUCK. 

So that you don't leave my page with the visual above stuck in your brain here is some random Bella doggy images i found:
ooh i like this. 

i should totally get her this shirt.
Tarra the elephant and Bella the dog

Please check out

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cold weather in the Bay Area....

that's right. BURR. it's cold. And there's this wind blowing that makes me wish i was bundled up in one of my super comfy heavy sweaters warming my fingers on a hot mug of cocoa with tiny marshmallows. Wait, what season are we in? Fall? Winter? oh no that's right it's Summer in the Bay Area.

So my weekend was pretty girly. I went shopping. One of my favorite places for jeans is Ross, I look in the juniors section and the womens section, because sometimes you can find THE pair in either one. Well I got my size 8's in Womens and size 9's in jrs and brought one pair of size 7's in with me, just in case. ALL of the jeans were too big, except for the size 7 skinny jean. People! it is official I'm down a size!!!  I was super stoked about my weight loss finally showing on the clothing front, i gave the lady my unwanted jeans and skipped to the jr aisle to see if i could find some cool jeans in my size. My heart sunk. There were 4 pair of jeans and all had some ugly butt stamp on them. I went over to the women's section praying that there were size 6's and there weren't any. sigh. I'm not even going to tell you the fiasco at the counter with the new girl and her frozen terminal and having to stand there while they rescanned my crap three times then finally moved me to another i'm not going to tell you about that.
I gave up on Saturday trying to find some jeans, but Sunday was a new day and I decided to go to Forever 21. I LOVE Forever 21. Love it. I can hang out there all day and just keep finding things i want. So I took a DEEP breath and told myself, just grab jeans. It was my mantra. I entered the store and my brain was like grab that-to this cute dress, grab that to a babydoll dress on sale and i was about to grab this yellow shirt when i stopped because I don't wear yellow. I stood there and scanned the store and saw JEANS!!!  I went directly there and got my new size, prayed they'd fit, went into the changing room and found two pairs i loved. I decided i hated the dresses (which I didn't) and ran to the cashier. Upon bringing my purchases to the cashier, i had to go through the obstacle course of cute cheap shit and grabbed some nail polish, a couple of cute cheapy purses, and a shopping bag. Upon scanning the girl says, "These jeans are buy one get one free. You can get anything on the sale racks for equal or lesser price." GULP. I just ran and grabbed the same kind of jeans i just bought. I was not going to be trapped into shopping. NO NO NO. phew. relieved after leaving the store with my new jeans, I decided it was time to go home and purge some of my things. 

I started with my underwear drawer and weeded out some under things i no longer wear. The bras were the hardest, but i managed to get rid of 4 that i don't wear and now my collection is at an even 20. I moved on to my old jeans. I can't part from some of them. They've been my comfy cozy jeans for the last 5 years. My jeans have actually grown and shrunk with me...I think. sigh. well i didn't throw them out. I only threw out the ones I have hated wearing for the last couple of years. So yeah that was only two pairs of jeans....really my purge didn't make more room for anything, but i did try my best to get rid of things. I just really like my wardrobe! going forward though, i think it's complete for a couple of seasons. Who the hell am i kidding....anyone who reads this blog knows i love clothes, shoes, bras, barbies etc....

i've got to stop though, for so many reasons, even though i'm paying those things off.  It looks like Bella will need more vet care, but we'll talk about that tomorrow....
tootles peeps.

Friday, July 13, 2012

What a week....

Personally, it's been a bad week, not horrible, but I have been deeply saddened by the death of Lennox and the reality of the situation in our world in regards to our animals and each other. I can't dwell on all the negative things, because in Lennox's case there were hundreds of thousands of people pleading for his release; so many people on the same side, it was wonderful to see. I pray that those people keep it up and push for the repeals of any and all BSL laws.

 I know a lot of people still haven't heard about Lennox, so please spread the word. This is outrageous and we need to let people know what's happening around them. Sure posting on facebook about the funny LOLcat you just found is, I guess, amusing, but if you're using a social media post things that they should know, especially stories the news doesn't inform you about.

Open your eyes to breed discrimination.

Hold your dogs close, because you'll never know when your breed will become the target. happens every 10-15 years.

I tried to Blog yesterday. Tried to sound all chipper and post the things I want to do and stuff...I just didn't have the energy. I feel a bit better today.

My friend told me about Simon's Cat-a youtube sensation! here's a video
I watched like 12 videos last night. They're addicting and funny

Reminder today Starbucks refreshers (?) i think that's what they're called...are FREE 12oz drinks!

Tomorrow night at Union Square Free night Movie in the Park-The Artist. :)

ok Gotta go. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lennox has gone to doggy heaven

I'm kind of glad you never have to be in a cell again, although I would have loved your freedom and to be taken a place where they could have rehabilitated you. There were so many people praying for you and offering assistance to save you and i know that if you were to have been given a chance you would have recovered from your anxiety and fear. They chose to end your life, but remember you had a better life with a loving family before that and know that they and tens of thousands of people who never met you fought for you until the very end. I picture you free, running in fields of dandelions and smiling.
Rest in Peace Lennox.

Dear Readers,
So many dogs get put down every day because of BSL laws. Laws that don't make any sense. Laws based on breed and looks. Did you know some shelters GUESS a dogs breed and based on that alone come up with reasons to exterminate them? We did/do this with people. We did/do this with animals. We think we're so powerful because we can kill off a species or attempt take a race and make them suffer and kill them as well. Get over yourselves humans. We aren't superior because we have brains, if anything that makes us stupid. We get wrapped up in technology, but most of us wouldn't know how to hunt or live off the land if we had to. We destroy everything we touch.  WE even destroy eachother. I know i went off there...but I'm just so angry. I hope that what happened in Belfast opens the eyes of the people in America to what happens HERE. To stop this shit for good, because it's NOT helping.
By the way DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER use the following site as something to prove that the bully breed has the highest dog bite ratio. The woman who owns this site was bitten by a pitbull and made it her life's goal to eliminate the breed-see what happens when people get angry
Also check out KCdogblog, he helps dispel the 'facts' on

By the way Lennox NEVER bit anyone. He was killed based on LOOKS alone. NOTHING ELSE. 

Boycott Belfast.

For you Lennox....
remember to run as fast as you can up there and be happy. I loan my puppies song to you....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boycott Belfast.

This stupid little area in Northern Ireland is probably the most stubborn assholery in the world.  Ok, maybe not the most stubborn, but by God!!  These people need to be locked in a cell and left to wallow in it's own feces for 2 years. Apparently they have "experts" that have deemed the dog aggressive, yet they won't allow anyone else to check the dog. What happens to a sane person when locked in solitary confinement for 2 years? Guess what they go crazy! This dog has the chance to be helped by experts to give him a healthy life yet you stick to your guns. But you're right, City of Belfast, put the dog out of it's misery so that his nightmare ends AND never again has to deal with you demon people. I am hoping that the whole city just burns up in flames. I am so disgusted. Ireland you're back on the map, how does it feel? You will forever be known as a dog killing country and I've completely lost respect for you. I will be boycotting anything coming from Ireland, not that they export much-i don't drink beer. But i do vow to never visit that place...ever...

I hate stupid people. seriously....

Anyway that's what i needed to write today. I'm so angry and it's so frustrating when you can't really open someone's eyes to see that there are other options besides killing this dog.  I will never understand some people.

That's what i leave you with today. If you need more information about lennox, visit the links from yesterday's post. Keep praying too.

lots of love to Lennox and his family.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Reason to be Thankful...

Not sure how many people have  been following the Lennox story-a pitbull looking dog in Belfast Northern Ireland who was seized because of their BSL laws.  This is a 2 year old struggle for the family. This poor dog has been kept locked up with no veterinary assistance and doomed to die for 2 fucking years. Who the hell does that besides horrid human beings with no respect for an animals life?

This dog is destined to die tomorrow.  Various famous people; Cesar Millan, Victoria Stilwell and animal sanctuaries around the world have asked for this dog to be exported to a safer country, but their requests have been denied. Why? I don't know why. But my heart is saddened because this is so cruel.

2 years, they've kept this dog locked in a cage with no proof of aggression, just another breed prejudice based assessment. I'm tired of this and thank you UK, for proving once and for all why BSL laws were like Jim Crow laws here; based on hate and prejudice. Maybe this will wake up our country and prove that BSL laws need to be abolished once and for all.

Please visit the following sites in order to educate yourself about Lennox. Also on some of these sites there are email petitions and I beg of you to please cut and paste and send these off. Today is July 9th, there isn't enough time, but we can all try. Even if you're not a dog lover this is wrong. Please, i beg you. Do something.

Last E-mail Campaign -this one is what you need to do now!

Please copy the url below and link to your site. We can only pray that somehow someone has the heart to let this dog go to Cesar or Victoria.

My prayers are with you Lennox. I hope they free you so you can be a dog again.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Two Fridays, one week.

So weird, but it didn't fool me. Today is the real Friday. Would the real Friday please stand up? Hey it's Friday! TGI Friday. :)

The first thing i said when i woke up was, "I can't wait until tomorrow, i am so sleeping in". No lie. Totally said it. Didn't want to wake up,  but i'd like to thank my  coffee for helping ease my drowsiness and allowing me to be alert enough to work or look like i'm busy. thank you.

Last Night at the Academy of Sciences....
This place is so cool! I had never seen this area, well sorta. I worked at the De Young briefly, but employees entered through the back, so I had no idea that the front had this huge lawn and stage and bam there's the Academy of Sciences! So, as you know I won tickets through SF Funcheap. First off we were sent around the back of the building to a strange area where we thought we were going to be fed to some homeless hippies in a garbage dumpster, but that wasn't the case and we entered with ease because we were on the guest list..yeah baby. (alright it wasn't that simple, the girl was like "uhm I think you have to go through the front" and i said "uh Nooooo, we won tickets and we're on the guestlist" asked my name and bammity bam there we were.") After I exited the  bathroom, I noticed this swampy enclosure with what i thought was a fake white albino alligator and i was too scared to take a picture because  Gerr said it was real and i didn't want to accidently drop my phone in and have the scary alligator eat it. So no picture of alligator. But i did get the following:
This is my own pic. I didn't do shit to this pic. I also took it on my phone. :)
by the way that's a jellyfish of some kind. (my mom says it's a war portugal thingy)
That's me by the's my- hmm, i'm in line and about to enter the Earthquake exhibit, yet there are baby ostriches over there and i'd rather play with those-face...
Baby Ostriches.. one was actually doing the whole sticking his head in the sand thing. I found myself very amused with the drunk dudes who were sitting there wanting to pet one. Hearing their jabber about keeping them as pets was very amusing, made me realize that having this place without kids was better with big drunk kids.

Tried to add another picture but it only shows half of me, so bleh. whatever. Picture me on top of a turtle, i look like a beautiful mermaid. truly.

All in all, we had a great time. Good Food. Fun times. I recommend this Thursday night extravaganza to all adults 21 and over. And thank you SF Funcheap for the opportunity to go for free!

So the whole U.S. is experiencing some kind of heat wave, while us California folks are cold. Seems to work out that way most of the time. I hope that we have some heat this weekend...

It's national ice cream month. So, where's my ice cream? I don't see one has broughten me any icecreams....

You know what tastes really good reheated....Indian food...eating some Chicken Tikka Masala and brown rice... All i have to say is yum. 

Alrighty i gotta go. Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

oh lordy...can i get a nap?

Plain and Simple, this whole day off in the middle of the week sounded like a good idea, but today i've been zombified by it. How is zombified not a word yet? The apocalypse is coming people, so Webster's better start the process of adding new words. Zombification. Zombied. Zombed.

yeah...ok where the heck was I? oh yes, back to being out of it today. I felt like i was working at the speed of a turtle with a 5lb weight on it's back. Geez i don't even drink and i feel hungover. But yesterday was a good day. I did the following: Laid out and read, listened to music in the sun, went on a bike ride, BBQ some burgers, took pup for a walk, relaxed and then watched an hours worth of fireworks in the town of Sonoma with some friends. Pretty fun. I hope you zombies had a good holiday too.

I don't think i told you, but let me remind you why SF funcheap rocks my socks off! Well, it's because I won two tickets to the Academy of Sciences Nightlife thursday night series. I feel so special! The tix are for tonight, so we better drink a lot of caffeine before we get there.  And because SF funcheap rocks,there are a bunch of events this weekend that we're going to hit up:

Free art walks are the best and Gerr and I are looking forward to hitting up North Beach and enjoying a lovely summer stroll and checking out some cute and quaint art galleries. Plus, we're gonna check out that amazing Cannoli place (how the hell do you spell canoli.cannolli, can of li...not gonna google)

vintage Pop Up Show in the mission, sounds like FUN! definitely something i would love to check out, so maybe i can convince Gerr to go there first. 

Free Fishing Day on Saturday! I may be able to catch a fish, finally....

SF Scavenger hunt- i think this may be too much. My poor guy needs to work on his buggy...i have to give him a break, but this sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Dirty Dancing renegade movie-haha remember when we went to see Back to the Future? Well this is Dirty Dancing night!!! hahaha...awesome!


Things i'm thinking about right now:
  1. At 4 mostly everyone will be gone from my floor, does that mean i can leave early? 
  2. I want to change when i get home, what should i wear? 
  3. What happened to Cher? 
  4. I like Indian food. 
  5.  who came up with the word Cockatoo?
  6. i have a Freddy Kreuger pen that i use at work. it's the only pen that hasn't run out of ink and i shit you not i've had it for 3 years.
  7. Fake blow pops rock. 
  8. I need more pictures of my kitties, Gerry and Bella at work. 
  9. Did anyone out there wear a superman costume (without the mask per the commercial) to Carl's Jr yesterday to get a free burger? 
  10. i was texting the word "dancing" and my auto correct option was 'zanzibar' what the hell is zanzibar?
the following is sourced from Wikepedia and I did not in anyway come up with said answer, because i had no friggin clue what Zanzibar was and was confusing it with Zatarains which i have no idea what that is either.

Zanzibar (play /ˈzænzɨbɑr/; from Arabic: زنجبارZanjibār, from Persian: زنگبارZangibār "Coast of Blacks"; zangi [black-skinned] + bār [coast])[2][3] is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, in East Africa. It comprises the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25–50 kilometres (16–31 mi) off the coast of the mainland, and consists of numerous small islands and two large ones: Unguja (the main island, informally referred to as Zanzibar), and Pemba

 ok i gotta boogie. lot's of love....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I feel giddy!

Tomorrow is a day off; a holiday; a day to sleep in!!!!!!!  
Thank you Lawd!!! Praise Jayzus.  
this pic was taken by Martin Patten. I found it on the net, but if you like it you should click on the pic and it will take you to his stuff. Can't believe he got this shot...amazing...prayz jayzus indeed.

I woke up to the sounds of Bella puking foamy stuff on the carpet. She then wanted to go potty, so I had to wake up a few minutes earlier and start my day.  She's fine, by the way and my carpet will need to be cleaned during my lunch break, because my carpet cleaner is LOUD and i do have some respect for our neighbors in the AM.

Ribs...still salivating and hoping for Ribs....slow cooked....yummy and  melt in your mouth ribs.... So how many of you want ribs now?
hahns market,  Best ever BBQ ribs recipe check it out.
How about now?
ok now i'm just being silly....So I figure the following things make me proud to be an American and also thankful we live here. Here you go:

So many states and counties in this country are turning over their ridiculous BSL laws. That makes me proud to be an American, right now...I mean if they were trying to make them illegal than I'd be fucking mad.

I just said Fuck...that's my right. Thank you for Freedom of Speech, even though it seems that too many ideas and thoughts get censored...but whatever...I said "fuck" so deal with it. I still think we have it better than other countries. I said something that some women can't even say in other nations..

As a woman i think i'm mostly proud of my freedom to be "equal to a man" (a lot of people may argue with this, but where I'm at I'm pretty good).  I can own property. I can vote. I can by a car.I can rent my own apartment. I can do anything. I can pee standing up, which isn't the most comfortable feeling in the world, but still. I know I'm a human being and a man will not make me feel lesser than them.  I thank the U.S. for that. I thank them, because I grew up with that knowledge and core idea. There was never any question.

In summation, I'm thankful for ribs, photographers like Martin Patten who can get such great photos of squirrels, sleeping in, paid days off, pitbulls and the counties and states who are finally waking the fuck up, my freedom of speech, the word fuck and gender equality.

Have a happy 4th of July and please, please, please be safe. Don't drink and drive. And watch out for those assholes who do.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Should be an interesting week...

with the holiday on a Wednesday and all. Seems kind of fun actually; a nice break in the monotony of a 5 day work week, so bring it on...

How was your weekend???
Friday night we hung out with some friends, took a dip in a hot tub, watched "the Grey".
Saturday took the pup swimming at her "beach" and a nice walk to dry us off, relaxed a bit, and then went on another walk.
Sunday-Gerr was home! we walked Bella together, went to breakfast and drove around looking for garage sales. Found some great bargains, like a pair of Nine west boots for 5 bucks! Played around at Toy's r Us too! :) we're just kids at heart.
look at us!


So what's the plan for the Fourth?
Gerr wants to do something different....not sure what that means, but maybe it means go somewhere else to see the fireworks? Not sure...but i hope the plan includes ribs. what's more american than ribs? Also some country if you're walking about town and you smell barbecue and hear loud country music, you may be close by.
my cats need to learn to barbecue. 
oh strange thing, i gotta mention...
So this lady and i are throwing our sticks or balls, in my case to our dogs in the water and I was talking to her about Bella and her surgeries and she says something like "Dogs shouldn't run, it's bad for them." It got me thinking about how stupid that sounds. If dogs came from wolves or whatever, they were meant to run and hunt and all that stuff. What have we done to the dog that it's bad for them to run? yes, what have we done? Because I shit you not, a doberman doesn't want to fuck a chihuahua. Animals don't crossbreed just because; usually it's our doing.  So, we developed these animals that can't "run" because they'll wind up with hip dysplasia, torn ligaments, ripped tendons...etc...we are just awesome, aren't we? OI.

ok good newsies that i mentioned last week? Still can't mention it...wait a week! 

Bought this Barbie at Toy's R us!
if you like Barbies click on the link...prices are a bit high-only by a couple of dollars..but it's cool...Barbie heaven.

I cannot believe i passed this one up:
it's worth about 300 bucks on ebay. Went to a Garage Sale and the lady had tons of Barbies. I saw this one but the box was in awful condition, she wanted to sell it to me for 30 bucks, but i said no.  I am going to kick myself hard.  i am so stupid. Well I know i wouldn't be able to resell it with the box missing the top part or the plastic i'm going to inhale and leave it alone. pooh.

Ok all i gotta go. talk you lateh.

I leave you with some extra pics...

i need to wear more makeup.