Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lennox has gone to doggy heaven

I'm kind of glad you never have to be in a cell again, although I would have loved your freedom and to be taken a place where they could have rehabilitated you. There were so many people praying for you and offering assistance to save you and i know that if you were to have been given a chance you would have recovered from your anxiety and fear. They chose to end your life, but remember you had a better life with a loving family before that and know that they and tens of thousands of people who never met you fought for you until the very end. I picture you free, running in fields of dandelions and smiling.
Rest in Peace Lennox.

Dear Readers,
So many dogs get put down every day because of BSL laws. Laws that don't make any sense. Laws based on breed and looks. Did you know some shelters GUESS a dogs breed and based on that alone come up with reasons to exterminate them? We did/do this with people. We did/do this with animals. We think we're so powerful because we can kill off a species or attempt take a race and make them suffer and kill them as well. Get over yourselves humans. We aren't superior because we have brains, if anything that makes us stupid. We get wrapped up in technology, but most of us wouldn't know how to hunt or live off the land if we had to. We destroy everything we touch.  WE even destroy eachother. I know i went off there...but I'm just so angry. I hope that what happened in Belfast opens the eyes of the people in America to what happens HERE. To stop this shit for good, because it's NOT helping.
By the way DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER use the following site as something to prove that the bully breed has the highest dog bite ratio. The woman who owns this site was bitten by a pitbull and made it her life's goal to eliminate the breed-see what happens when people get angry
Also check out KCdogblog, he helps dispel the 'facts' on

By the way Lennox NEVER bit anyone. He was killed based on LOOKS alone. NOTHING ELSE. 

Boycott Belfast.

For you Lennox....
remember to run as fast as you can up there and be happy. I loan my puppies song to you....

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