Friday, July 6, 2012

Two Fridays, one week.

So weird, but it didn't fool me. Today is the real Friday. Would the real Friday please stand up? Hey it's Friday! TGI Friday. :)

The first thing i said when i woke up was, "I can't wait until tomorrow, i am so sleeping in". No lie. Totally said it. Didn't want to wake up,  but i'd like to thank my  coffee for helping ease my drowsiness and allowing me to be alert enough to work or look like i'm busy. thank you.

Last Night at the Academy of Sciences....
This place is so cool! I had never seen this area, well sorta. I worked at the De Young briefly, but employees entered through the back, so I had no idea that the front had this huge lawn and stage and bam there's the Academy of Sciences! So, as you know I won tickets through SF Funcheap. First off we were sent around the back of the building to a strange area where we thought we were going to be fed to some homeless hippies in a garbage dumpster, but that wasn't the case and we entered with ease because we were on the guest list..yeah baby. (alright it wasn't that simple, the girl was like "uhm I think you have to go through the front" and i said "uh Nooooo, we won tickets and we're on the guestlist" asked my name and bammity bam there we were.") After I exited the  bathroom, I noticed this swampy enclosure with what i thought was a fake white albino alligator and i was too scared to take a picture because  Gerr said it was real and i didn't want to accidently drop my phone in and have the scary alligator eat it. So no picture of alligator. But i did get the following:
This is my own pic. I didn't do shit to this pic. I also took it on my phone. :)
by the way that's a jellyfish of some kind. (my mom says it's a war portugal thingy)
That's me by the's my- hmm, i'm in line and about to enter the Earthquake exhibit, yet there are baby ostriches over there and i'd rather play with those-face...
Baby Ostriches.. one was actually doing the whole sticking his head in the sand thing. I found myself very amused with the drunk dudes who were sitting there wanting to pet one. Hearing their jabber about keeping them as pets was very amusing, made me realize that having this place without kids was better with big drunk kids.

Tried to add another picture but it only shows half of me, so bleh. whatever. Picture me on top of a turtle, i look like a beautiful mermaid. truly.

All in all, we had a great time. Good Food. Fun times. I recommend this Thursday night extravaganza to all adults 21 and over. And thank you SF Funcheap for the opportunity to go for free!

So the whole U.S. is experiencing some kind of heat wave, while us California folks are cold. Seems to work out that way most of the time. I hope that we have some heat this weekend...

It's national ice cream month. So, where's my ice cream? I don't see one has broughten me any icecreams....

You know what tastes really good reheated....Indian food...eating some Chicken Tikka Masala and brown rice... All i have to say is yum. 

Alrighty i gotta go. Have a wonderful day.

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