Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buffy and Spreadsheets

So while the Gerr has been away, i've gotten the Buffy bite. And it itches. So i am a scratching it. Season 1 baby! Hey you, don't mock me. "I'm Buffy and you're history!" Karate chop to the back of the neck, knee to the face, roundhouse kick, and stabbed in the heart with my mighty stake. Ok, so maybe i've watched the show a bit too many times.

I had ordered Word/excel Jr-which i really have no idea what's the friggin difference, besides the price; 120 bucks and some cool options when you go to paste etc....  But it looks fine and operates exactly the same! woohoo. Anyway, so I decided I needed to play around in excel and create a massive excel spreadsheet for Gerr's books. Yes, this is the way I exercise my brain sometimes. So far so good and with Buffy in the background and Bella on the couch, I'm really loving this time alone. I feel productive.  I have to sign up for online excel courses soon. I want to learn super cool, nifty things.

I want to share Bella pictures with my bloggy buds, but i have to get her in the cute boxers. I have a picture but it's not cute at all. That dog is a wonderpup. She's a strong girl. She shows no signs of pain. She's acting like she didn't have surgery on friday. I still have to make sure she's comfortable though, so I'm not stopping her pain meds just yet.

So people, how do you mix up your week? How do you get out of the doldrum of each and every week being the same repetitive routine; go to work, go home, walk dog, make dinner, feed dog, watch tv...etc...bleh...if you've been reading my blog daily or even weekly, you know that I can't stand that repetitiveness. Sure I'm as tired as the next person when i get home from a long day of entering numbers, but SOMETIMES you gotta change it up. I'm hoping i can do that on Thursday. I have a bloomspot deal...(what's bloomspot? it's like livingsocial...check it out) for French American food at the Curbside!!! I want to have French Onion Soup, Smoked Mushroom Risotto and Creme Brulee. yummy.

ok now i'm hungry.

What the hell happened to  my coffee making skills??? I need someone to teach me how to make coffee again. It's so WEAK! i'm going to cry.

I'd like to share some blogs i'm following that made me happy today: to a super cute entry about her dogs and icecream. She takes great pics of her pitties. This amazing woman fosters dogs and changes perceptions one dog at a time.

dealicious mom-because today's blog has the longest list of free stuff ever!

my happily ever after - because this blog entry made me instantly salivate. i need to make this soon.

hollowtreeventures- funny blog and i like her version of the olympics.

alright people, i've gotta boogie. have a great day.

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