Monday, July 2, 2012

Should be an interesting week...

with the holiday on a Wednesday and all. Seems kind of fun actually; a nice break in the monotony of a 5 day work week, so bring it on...

How was your weekend???
Friday night we hung out with some friends, took a dip in a hot tub, watched "the Grey".
Saturday took the pup swimming at her "beach" and a nice walk to dry us off, relaxed a bit, and then went on another walk.
Sunday-Gerr was home! we walked Bella together, went to breakfast and drove around looking for garage sales. Found some great bargains, like a pair of Nine west boots for 5 bucks! Played around at Toy's r Us too! :) we're just kids at heart.
look at us!


So what's the plan for the Fourth?
Gerr wants to do something different....not sure what that means, but maybe it means go somewhere else to see the fireworks? Not sure...but i hope the plan includes ribs. what's more american than ribs? Also some country if you're walking about town and you smell barbecue and hear loud country music, you may be close by.
my cats need to learn to barbecue. 
oh strange thing, i gotta mention...
So this lady and i are throwing our sticks or balls, in my case to our dogs in the water and I was talking to her about Bella and her surgeries and she says something like "Dogs shouldn't run, it's bad for them." It got me thinking about how stupid that sounds. If dogs came from wolves or whatever, they were meant to run and hunt and all that stuff. What have we done to the dog that it's bad for them to run? yes, what have we done? Because I shit you not, a doberman doesn't want to fuck a chihuahua. Animals don't crossbreed just because; usually it's our doing.  So, we developed these animals that can't "run" because they'll wind up with hip dysplasia, torn ligaments, ripped tendons...etc...we are just awesome, aren't we? OI.

ok good newsies that i mentioned last week? Still can't mention it...wait a week! 

Bought this Barbie at Toy's R us!
if you like Barbies click on the link...prices are a bit high-only by a couple of dollars..but it's cool...Barbie heaven.

I cannot believe i passed this one up:
it's worth about 300 bucks on ebay. Went to a Garage Sale and the lady had tons of Barbies. I saw this one but the box was in awful condition, she wanted to sell it to me for 30 bucks, but i said no.  I am going to kick myself hard.  i am so stupid. Well I know i wouldn't be able to resell it with the box missing the top part or the plastic i'm going to inhale and leave it alone. pooh.

Ok all i gotta go. talk you lateh.

I leave you with some extra pics...

i need to wear more makeup.

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