Friday, June 29, 2012

A sense of renewed vitality.

I've been a bit humdrum for the last couple of weeks; happy yet bored....but yesterday I received some good news, which I can't share just yet. I'll share in a week or so, once it's official. But trust me it's good news. 

I also woke up feeling better and less stiff. I think it was the Ativan i took last night. I'm not sure about other Fibro patients, but I fight taking medications. I fear relying on them daily and would just like to feel like I do today without them, but who am i kidding, things aren't going to change. I felt like i was getting the flu yesterday. My bones ached. My joints were stiffening. My muscles were tired yet stiff. I said "fuck it, i'm not weak. I just need some help" and swallowed my little blue pill. Now here i am at my desk, feeling a lot less stiff. So, I just have to swallow my pride and say "fuck it" sometimes.

So what are everyone's weekend plans????
Not sure about my own plans. But i'm thinking of relaxing and waxing. Yes waxing. I'll add that i'm only waxing my eyebrows. Trust me most people have no idea how their eyebrows should really look until they get them waxed and shaped by a professional. 
Also I was thinking of maybe grabbing a girlfriend and coaxing her to come with me to Barnes and Noble. I want the new Augusten Burroughs book.
I own all of his books and no not on my tablet. I actually own the real thing and I couldn't complete my library with an Ebook, so i need to buy it. (mixed reviews, but i don't care)

by the way, David Sedaris, where's your new book....i miss your shit.

Hoping that we get that drive i was talking about earlier. It would be awesome. *insert smile here*

Last nights Dinner!
Because I love giving ideas for dinner and since i'm on this diet. I'll give you an idea of what i ate yesterday during the day first: string cheese, coffee, spring mix salad with leftover flat iron steak and carrots and my snack was some oatmeal. Dinner complimented itself nicely. Beddar with cheddar bratwurst and one potato with butter, garlic, cheese and a dollop of sour cream. My tummy was happy.  The amount of calories was about 1200 for the whole day. Everything was delicious. Tonight though, i'm crossing my fingers to go to Off the Grid...i haven't been in a while...keep trying my calorie intake will be a bit high...sometimes you just have to splurge. :)

I live in Marin...I just read this article about a neighbor buying a house next to theirs just to tear it down...People in this area know how to waste their money. You have 4 million bucks to waste, I've got an idea. Give a million to our schools, a million to the shelters in the area, a million to help the homeless and another million to charities helping the environment, you idiot. Seriously,  you needed a view that bad? You couldn't think of another way to use 4 million dollar?. People like you make me sick. 

Ugh i have such a bad taste in my mouth after reading that ridiculousness. This is why I'm not a big fan of the human race; filled with idiots this race is....(yoda speak)

Alrighty all, have a great weekend and be safe!!!! hugs and doves.

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