Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Father's Day is Awkward.

I have a father; we all do or at the very least a sperm donor. We recently (a couple of years ago) "reuinited" via the internet. He sends me cards and i try not to forget to send him cards, but i do and that's because I'm not used to it so you or he can't blame me. He and I have a strange history of meets and dumps, so for me this situation is all awkward. Buying a card for father's day was difficult, I can't believe i even remembered, thank you Walgreen's for all the reminders around your store.

Now choosing a card for your "father" who hasn't been around most of your life and has come and gone like the weather in the Bay Area (if you don't know, it feels like fall one day, summer the next, rain the next day etc.) proves to be a hard task. I picked a card up and it said "Thanks for always being there Dad" i quickly put that one down. "Dad you're #1", put that one down too. "Love you dad, you're the best dad ever!" put that one down as well. I got pretty frustrated and my anxiety was increasing. I wanted out of the store. After looking at all the cards,  I finally found a simple "happy father's day" card and my growing anxiety disappeared. That's all he gets and that's all I need to send him.

Have you looked at the categories under the Father's day cards? They have "Like a father to me", I'm guessing this is for girls like me who grew up without a dad, but found someone equally as important instead. I am too stubborn, I didn't allow anyone to take that slot. It was empty and i was/am gonna run with it. They should have cards for those women that had to fill both roles. I gave my mom father's day cards for a while, because i hated the reminder that I didn't have a dad.

So in truth Father's day is very, very awkward for me. I'll text him and say Happy Father's day, but I'll also call my mom and thank her for being the best mother in the world. She did a good job.

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