Thursday, June 14, 2012

So I set the world on FIIIIRE!!!

Tell me "We are Young" is not a good song and I'll look at you like you're looney. It's catchy and it's actually a good song. For your viewing pleasure....

Yesterday I had a meltdown at work. In my head mostly and via email with one of the ladies here....My glasses were missing. I thought someone accidentally took them. (Notice I didn't say someone stole them. Who steals glasses???) My boss and I looked all over my desk, cabinets, files, behind the desk behind the files and everywhere else we could possibly think I had been. I checked my car; that area between the passenger seat and the door where you find everything, in my center console, on the floor etc.... still nothing. My head started reeling....This was my thought process:
Oh no I have to spend 500 bucks on my glasses. 
they won't be covered because I got these last year.
I'll have to charge my glasses to a credit card. 
I'm trying to pay off my credit cards.
It will take forever to pay off my credit cards.
I'll have to wait even longer to buy a house. 
I don't think the pressure of buying a house is affecting me....not at all....
AND I am NOT no way...nope...

Hey GIANTS!!! Congrats on last nights game!!! Wish that was the night we went to see that amazingnessssss. I gotta start watching the games at night, because really I am a huge fan of baseball. Congrats Matt Cain!

So this morning the commute around Oakland is at a standstill. There was a fire in a Bart Station or something, so the WHOLE bay area is feeling the pain. Golden Gate Bridge, Richmond Bridge and the Bay Bridge are all clogged up. 

Things I wish i was doing this weekend with Gerr, but he's got an out of town 
  • Northern California Pirate Festival. AYE captain! I could wear my Wench costume. 
  • North Beach Festival....dammit....(clenching my jaw, because I love North beach)
  • Golden Gate Film Festival-featuring Vertigo!!!
What I will probably be doing while Gerr is away....
  • Sleeping in late, going to bed late.
  • reading
  • watching too much TV
  • hanging out with some ladies, who probably just want to stay local. 
  • more sleeping?
  • playing with Bella of course, i shouldn't even have to mention it. 
Tonight is Taco night and Farmer's Market.
Hope you all have a lovely evening.


Jacky aka Queenijax said...

checkity check check

ceciblog said...

yeah as I was sayin'... good ideas, hope whoever uses them gives you credit!