Wednesday, June 13, 2012


smells good doesn't it? yes it do. Here's some stuff...

Ballpark rape.
Dearest AT&T Park: I went to see the Giants play yesterday (and yes they kicked Houston's butt) and i would like to say that your food is OVER FRIGGIN priced (not cursing so loud because my mother reads this blog). I paid $5 for a water. FIVE DOLLARS! I didn't see ONE water fountain....Also hot chocolate $5.75??? And the prices just keep going up depending what tasty morsel you want to try. So, you're probably thinking "jacky just bring your own food ok!" Well OK, we did. BUT WEEEEE didn't sit next to eachother, so the first 2 innings of the game Gerry and I were scrambling with another couple to get the chicken, the potato salad, the this, the that...until I just felt like I'd rather go hungry or spend 10 bucks on a hot dog-which i didn't. I just ate tomatoes and cold chicken wings (closest things to me). Going forward I will just bring my own personal sandwich, chips and water in a lunch bag...with my name on it. Easiest way to go.
By the way AT&T park people...are the prices so high because you want to make sure you cover the free bratwurst?  which by the way, after reading the article sounds like a major pain in the butt.

I do 10 things at once? why is that??? currently reading the Beginner's Guide to Homeowner's insurance. if you have anything to add or teach me, please do...just research at this point.

pet peeve-  when people make smiley faces like this -   (: How is that a smiley face...that's a unibrow over the eyes.... smiley face is like this :) we read from right to left.  eyes first, smile second.

this is all i can write today...sorry...i'll write tomorrow..

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