Monday, June 25, 2012

Are there any wild cows left in the world?

Gerr and I were driving home from the car show yesterday and the drive is actually lovely, even if it's on a freeway. Lots of rolling hills and cows artistically placed munching the grass. I got to thinking about cows and the fact that in the U.S. we don't have cows roaming around being cows. Like, let's say a chicken, there are wild chickens; not every chicken turns into an egg machine or a KFC meal; cows are destined to be milk producers and hamburger. They don't do anything else. It's like we took this calm animal and strictly made it a food source. We robbed it of it's freedom to be an animal and live and die like foxes or wolves etc....

It's a really sad thought, isn't it? I know, not really the thing you want to read first thing in the morning, but I had to release it into the world.  This animal will never be extinct, because we'll keep on breeding them for a life of creating dairy and then dying for food. Here is where I'll add that I do eat meat.  I wish I didn't have to. I, actually, do not eat as much meat as I should.  I have low iron storage and iron pills alone (2 a day and a multivitamin with MORE iron) don't do shit. When i feel shaky I eat meat and I feel much better. I know we probably can't live without meat, but I also don't feel it's right to do this to an animal either. At some point, because we're humans and we mess shit up a lot, something bad is going to happen. Madcow disease X a million. (i'm not the only one asking these questions-i googled it and found several people had asked this same question. I'm glad i'm not the only one who notices.)

Alright lets lift the spirits's about a livingsocial deal for real MINK eyelash extensions? yeah...what the fuck?

I guess i'm sounding a little low today, but I'm not. I'm actually glad to be at work. My weekend was alright, nothing awesome or anything (i really can't expect for every weekend to be filled with awesomeness), but I did relax and read a lot. So, my brain was getting some exercise. I did watch more than a normal person's fair share of movies, though. I can't remember any of them right now. lol

Also in other Random News: I've lost 6 lbs!

Anyone else a fan of the new HBO series Girls?  I really like it. It wasn't on last night and i was fuurrrreaking out that maybe it was cancelled, but shrug, i dunno, maybe i forgot what night it's supposed to be i'm hoping i can watch it some time this week.
I got a comment the other day asking  how do you protect yourself from someone stealing your content online....I don't really know how to answer that.  I try my best to just write what's going on with me, I may think it's interesting but somehow i doubt it's interesting to everyone, if someone stole an idea or something, i would definitely think "That person is not very nice and i hope they open their car window one day and a monkey goes ape shit on their asses." But alas, how do you control that (not the monkey, but someone taking your written content)?  If anyone has suggestions, please leave them in the comments section. I'm sure she would love to read them.

Have a wonderful day wittle monkey butts!

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