Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A donut sounds tasty, don't it?

It does. I'm not eating one, I wish i was. DOOOOHNUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sentences above almost read I wish i was a donut...

This heat wave (which ends tomorrow I guess?) is making me tired; waking up was difficult. My eyes kept closing on me, so I sat up and quickly realized i had a kink in my neck. super GRRRR. I knew when i did it too. Normally most people wake up and realize they have a kink, but I remember doing it. I remember shifting my head so far to the right that I over pulled it and thought to myself "ouch, I'm going to wake up with a kink in my neck.". Here I am all kinky.

I wish we had the following at work:
  • A masseuse. It's kind of self explanatory, i have a kink and need a massage. It would be nice to get a massage on our mandatory 10 minute breaks. Think happier employees, who would love to come to work EVERY day!!! Everyone would be more relaxed and happy. Like the Smurfs. 
  •  Baristas. I feel like there is either not enough coffee made in a day or too much leftover at the end of the day. Cut the cost by hiring a barista to make everything as needed. Except for the coffee of course, but that Barista will know he/she can make ICED coffee with it. Seems like there are many strengths of coffee depending on where you are at my work. Barista's would eliminate the inconsistency. 
  • Cubicles with doors and temperature control-Here it's like a battle of cold and hot. I want my own controls, my own weather in my own space! oooh, like if it's so friggin hot out, i have a mister (not a man, but like a MISTer) in my cubicle (i would have a cover for any electrical stuff or paper stuff)...
  • A kitten room-or puppy room, or a fish room for those people who are allergic to the other two. It's scientifically proven that animals de-stress people. Playing with a bunch of kittens or puppies for 10 minutes or so get's you out of your seat, in a better mood and want to go back to work. Also, this would help a lot of shelters in the area who are commonly over stuffed with animals. Companies could assist and even allow people to come visit and help get the animals adopted. (ooh i'm thinkin here!!! I haven't fully woken up yet either!)


I don't think many of the above things will happen, (unless you work at yahoo or google, and if either of you companies steal my kitten/puppy room idea without giving me any credit, I will be super mad and never talk to you again).
Things I love at my work
  •  Candy-need some sugar? We've got these fake blowpops that are amazing. We also have those small snickers bars and the such. Helps with the chocolate cravings. 
  • Yummy lunches by our "chef"-we are a garbage company, but we host some events and we have a chef and some cooks. The food is delicious!!! Sometimes we get some goodies from the parties they have and sometimes we're even invited to them!!! 
  • Animals....-we have pigs and peacocks, ducks and chickens. nothing you can actually pet. The peacocks are trouble makers. Warning do not park your black car anywhere near them. They like to have battles against your car. Black on a sunny day makes a great mirror. 
  • More lunches-our boss gets us all lunch like once a month....sometimes i think they're trying to fatten me up.
 Not sure where this post even came from. but there it is. It all started with a yearning for a donut....which i never got. I think i'll eat my oatmeal now. Have a great day!!!

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