Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When you have nothing better to write about...

just find random things all over the web to keep you (my wise and lovely readers) entertained.

Off of the top of my you go:

Other uses for ladders-think link is pretty neat. is a pretty cool place and gives you neat ideas on how to decorate small living spaces. tell me that doesn't look neat.
 some more ideas at

Because this is my blog and i feel like it...
mmm Jeter...

ok so my blog lacks real substance today, but i'm not sure what to write about. I could tell you:
  • I'm going to make pesto for dinner with italian chicken.
  •  So far today is slower than a turtle with a flat tire, that is if its' limbs were tires.
  • I would rather be reading a book right now.
  • I always wanted to write a book, but i get the worst writer's block and i have no idea what i want to write about now. When i was younger i loved to write short stories. Maybe that urge will come back.
  • I like to play an awesome air guitar when no one is watching. SHHHH don't tell anyone.
  • I am actually a singer. I was seen in a band once on TV, and we had CD's. We even made a music video, not for MTV or anything, but for us.
Alright hearts and farts, i gotta boogie. Have a great day! 

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