Monday, May 20, 2013


but i am sorta catching up on a lot of reading...I have missed out on like 5 months of blogs and since I am a super pinner i pin what i like and try and help some fellow bloggers some foot traffic.

So where have i been....
we got a new dog.
well a puppy.
she's cray cray. lol. she likes to eat you the best and softest kisses...uh not like right after she  eats poop but like other times of the day...she gets a long with bella real well...and we're stoked about that.

gerry and i went to a gala. dude we looked hot...check it..

mmm classy...if you ever have the chance to go to a black tie gala or a ball or something. Just DO IT! I felt super beautiful. I went all out. Got my hair did, got a beautiful gown, which the pictures do not do the dress justice. lol.

Anywhoo...i better motor. I'll come back soon. if this would work on my tablet than i would have a jolly time writing on here...maybe it's better, who knows..i'll check later.
hugs and smooches.