Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

I probably won't be on here until next year, so might as well wish you all the happiest and safest of New Years. How were your Christmases??? Mine was fabulous. Our party was so much fun, everyone had a great time. Christmas eve was laid back. We went out and looked at Christmas houses, which is always fun and inspiring. We attended midnight Mass, which I must say I was pretty disappointed. Most of the time I don't mind the sermons, I find that some priests have a warm, welcoming message on Christmas. This one was NOT one of them. To sum it up, the intent was to make you feel guilty-good old Catholic guilt. I didn't feel guilty. He actually said something along the lines of saying Happy Holidays to one another diminishes Christmas and it's meaning. How about turning that around and saying that we wish people Happy Holidays for respect. No one walks around during Christmas exclaiming their religion. Ok, now i've gone on a bad....
  • ah New Years! a time to make new goals for yourself. I know, some people say I always make goals for myself bla bla bla...well this is different. You are actually given a starting point. I'm going to keep trying to quit smoking-the week off didn't help. I realized this morning as I was getting into the shower that if I keep trying it means that at some point I won't smoke as i did the year before. And the more I try the better it will be. I like that thought. The point is try and to do my best and not beat myself up. No guilt. 
  • HELP! ok. i don't know what is going on with me, but I can SEE myself getting older. I may need botox. lol. a face lift?  i don't know. SOMETHING. I'm only 34! I'm turning 35 in a couple of months and I don't wanna. I'm scared of getting older. now if i looked like this i wouldn't mind.
  • i hate my chair at work. It literally took me three days to get my hips back to normal on my days off. Now i'm back again and my hips are getting stiff alllll over again. sigh. there's just no winning with sitting 8 hours a day. 
  • I have accomplished a lot this year. I've confronted some monsters. Most of them in my mind. I hit a wall trying to conceive and at the same time watched a loved one slowly pass into another world. Stood by my partner while he grieves and still does so. I learned how to put my feelings and needs on the back burner even when i needed attention.  I also confronted my pain. For 30 years I've kept the pain from not having a father on the backburner and it has eaten me alive. I finally did it. I'm not healed, per se, but it's out there in the universe floating around and not trapped inside me. Next year I'm not sure what I will do. My father who is sort of in my life again wants me to visit, but it's pretty hard when I don't have the money to go and see him. My first priority-no matter how painful it sounds to him, is my mother and grandmother. They are my family. So we'll see. But i will not stand for guilt next year. 
  • I think i've done pretty well with this blog. I've tried my best to make it a monday-friday thing, but we also know that just can't happen all the time. I started out talking about random things and i think i've kept it that way. I don't always talk about me or work or dogs or etc. I want to be able to talk about anything I want; hence the random part.
  • Here's some good news for all of you dog lovers. I know I shared about Snickers, but hey guess who gets to go back home. Snickers can go home! This news warmed my heart. I truly believe that some towns needs to get a grip. I am thankful for laws that supercede small town laws. They need to be held responsible for their stupidity and prejudices. Welcome home sweetie pie! i hope you and your owner give eachother lots of cuddles and you forget about the horrific experience of cages and prejudice. 
  • Ok. Yahoo sometimes has news that people care about, but TODAY was the dumbest thing I have ever read. That idiot Snookie from Jersey shore apparently changed her haircolor, I am proud to admit that since I never cared to look at her before I had no idea that her hair was different. Oh the dumbing down of America......
Well my dears, i leave you because i have a lot of stuff to do. I'm a busy bee today. Have a great weekend and if you have Monday off, high five so do i! Please be safe! hugs thugs!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's 11:25 and I'm wishing you all a Merry Christmas. According to Norad Santa Tracker he is on his way to Austin, Nevada. It's pretty cool so if you're up check it out. I am pretty sure I saw Santa because I was looking up at the sky and saw a white line cross the sky-notice i didn't say shooting or star...because i seriously think it was Santa Claus. We're off to midnight mass in about 15 minutes. I had to give Bella some benadryl because she was itching her eye and it's all red, so she's curled up in a Bella ball which looks darn cute, if you ask me. Gerry is laying behind me on the couch taking a short nap and i'm just waiting to go to church. We checked out some awesome christmas houses and attempted to find the Transiberian house, but alas we did not. I will leave you fair readers. I hope you have a great Christmas, be safe.
lots of love,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let me Rant a little

  • My hair sucks. LOL. My bangs have already grown and i need them cut a little. ugh. 
  • I am never calling the SF 49ers AGAIN! i was on hold for 20 minutes and NO ONE answered the phone. It's for work so don't be thinking i can somehow afford season tickets or anything. But still an organization like that should have better response time. 
  • Yesterday was one of the biggest waste of times for me. I dealt with something that stressed me out the ENTIRE day. Even when it was resolved it didn't really help that it wasn't really over, because somehow i have time to "fix" everything in the next few days. Sigh. Sometimes I think it's easy for other people to assume that you have magic spewing out of your fingertips and can make roses pop out of your anus. 
  • My goal for today is to clean up the crap on my desk. I have a mountain and it looks terrible. I seriously want to start screaming.
  • oh Blogger. Yesterday i tried to save the post i was working on. But you fucked up. I hate you sometimes. 
  • Now on for something jolly.
I'm pretty sure the day is just gonna get worse. lol. I want to hide. But instead I will share with you more cute animals in hats.
Pretty much how i feel today...
I feel evil. i'm enjoying this....
This really may be an elf.
AWWWWW. i think this donkey looks adorable.
  • I have to make my cheesecake tonight. Should keep me busy. ACK what's for dinner people? I hate to say it, but it may have to be leftovers! we've got pasta and maybe i'll do some beef thingy. it's not gonna be fancy. lol. Well i could make it fancy. I'll use chicken breast, season it nicely-maybe marinate it in italian spices, olive oil and some vinegar. Then i'll slice it up, stir fry it, add some mushrooms and let them get to know eachother, fry the pasta with a little more sauce, add a tiny bit of cream and some parm. yeah i can make it fancy...
  • One of the dogs from the Michael Vick bust that had become a therapy dog in the Bay Area has passed away due to natural causes. Leo, you were truly a hero and definitely a representative of your breed, reminding us that your breed is a working dog and needs to be used to your full potential because you can and will perform miracles. hugs and scratches to you Leo. 
Well that's all for today folks. 4 more days until Christmas eve and the anticipation is killing me! HAHAHA. Have a better day than mine. lol.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holy crap 4 days until Christmas Eve.

This weekend wasn't as Christmassy as I would have liked. Gerry had a lot of "shopping" to do and other stuff so he wasn't around so much. We did see the boat parade which was awesome and last night we had an adventure searching for a tree that we could see in the hills from our house. It was awesome looking from far away and when we finally found it we realized it wasn't a tree but lights strung up to look like one.
  • My Christmas playlist has grown. You see you have to have the music all figured out before a party. You don't want the same song to play right next to eachother even if they're by two different artists and genres. 123 songs and i realized i never uploaded my Reverend Horton Heat Christmas CD which I need to do before it gets lost with all the other CD's. Here's a song that I grew up with. 
  • I have a headache. Damn ibuprofen hasn't been working. I've had a headache for like 4 days. thanks head.
  • I have ONE more present to buy and I cannot for the life of me figure out what to get this person. I'm hoping that Gerry's shopping today helps out with that, because I officially need to get on with the Christmas party. It will be a busy week cooking wise. This is what i'm making this week:
i'm using my secret cheesecake recipe ofcourse, but doesn't it look pretty. This will be for my work party on Wednesday, aren't they lucky! lol.
Wednesday night I have to start the brownies, which will be decorated on Thursday like this
Part of the menu includes:

Caprese Salad Bites
Baked Brie with Cranberry Sauce
Cheddar Breadsticks
dang i forgot the rest...I'm officially brain dead. 
Let's see some funny Xmas food pictures!

 There's definitely a lack of funny Christmas food on the internet. lol. But it seems like people get most creative with bacon. Have a great day!

P.S. For those people who are anti pitbull, staffordshire terrier, etc....If one of these dogs are with their owners and behaving, don't get all crazy and tell them their dog is vicious. You'll find yourself degraded by your lack of education and prejudice.

Friday, December 16, 2011


HURRY HURRY HURRY! Ok don't hurry too fast, more like make the weekend last longer than these work weeks. Can you believe it NEXT weekend????
  • I have a total count of 15 people coming to the party so far-makes for a party! There are so many rules!!! I'm pretty much making 3 per person per type of appetizer and now i'm worried i don't have enough...There will be dip and stuff like that so I think people should be satisfied... Thank you Food and Wine for all these rules...
  • I'm temped to join Sole Society. This site may not be a good idea. holy moly. There are these beautiful red patent leather shoes and these polka dot booties...holy crap, why did i sign up??? Come on people make me feel better and sign up ok! here's my invite: so click and join. Jacky invite. hehehe. shooooes. 
  • Google Offers has a Toys R Us sale 50% off online sale- $10 for $20 spent online! 
  • wow it's taken me all day to get this far. Eating lunch at my desk right now. wowzers.
  • I dont usually drink Coca Cola, but I love that they're helping out the Polar Bears. Read this and more at the site You'll read about the stupidity of the consumer "Where are my red coca cola cans?" to the actual Good Coca Cola is doing. I have to say "right on" because if you're going to use a polar bear in your commercials and that's gonna be your "thing" I would hope you'd help the species. According to this article the Polar Bears don't need saving according to WWF and maybe not, but i still think if you're going to use them as your mascot, you better stand by them. 

  • Yesterday was a strange day. I ate some nuts and wasn't hungry till about 6. Today I got hungry at my normal 11:30 and lucky us we had a huge company lunch. I had a salad. I am stuffed. i think it's because i had some soda. I don't drink soda, but i figured heck it's a party, i'll go crazy!!! i haven't even eaten the rest of the food. phew. the salad was amazing.......
  • CRAZY picture time...
 Funny Family Christmas pictures!

ONE MORE WEEK! Get your shopping done!!! Talk to you soooooon!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Tell me you don't think this is funny or cute and i'll kick you.
Can you believe it 9 more days??? I am so excited!!!
I love paying bills sometimes...ok let's get on with the show.....
  • HOLY Deals people! Google offers right now has a deal for a kirkwood ski lift ticket. only 39 bucks! 
  • I want something that's NOT soup for lunch. I want a giant cheeseburger....OR a cheesesteak. sigh. i probably will just eat my soup. Tomorrow is a Christmas Lunch at work...
  • Finished "The Help", very very good. I am hoping does the book justice. 
  • Yawn. I'm out of it and it's Thursday. 
  • What's going on this weekend? Food shopping, last minute gift buying and THE SAN RAFAEL BOAT PARADE!!! time to bundle up, get some hot chocolate and wave at all the boats going by in the canal! Awesome. 
having many stupidity leaks at on to the pictures...let's look at pictures of Christmas Boat Parades:

 I have a horrible headache. Enjoy the pics and we'll catch up tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'M BURSTING!!! Sooooooo happy. i can't wait. I do have to add that stepping dog shit this morning made me a grouchy bitch. So trying do de-grouch as we speak.
  • WHAT IS FLOTATION THERAPY? Dammit I must have deleted the livingsocial deal. I found it a bit funny, but if it consists of going to the moon for a couple of days, i'm in...
  • I  must share this only Gerry liked chickpeas.
  •  My animals aren't this cute...check out kitty yoga on
  • 60% off online items on Forever 21. may just need to peek....
  • My boyfriend should have won an award last night for straightening up the living room and ordering pizza....made me wonder where it all came from, but i ran with it. We watched Winnie the Pooh's Very Merry Christmas AND White Christmas. hehe. yay me.
  • My appetizer menu i think is changing by the day...I think it's a must to have deviled eggs, yet i didn't think about it until yesterday. Personally, deviled eggs are the most delish thing evah. Basically with deviled eggs i taste as I go, add the mayo first, salt, pepper, a little mustard if i want. etc.
 I like the bacon idea, just have to remind myself to leave some baconless for the vegetarians.

Stuffed Mushrooms- i may make these...they are time consuming, need to be presented warm and i'm trying to not use my oven. Not enough counter space means i must improvise and use my stove as a counter by putting a board on top and covering with tablecloth-which means NO cooking. So for all of you other people, make these they're always a hit. yummy

Brie in puffed pastry with cranberry sauce - this is delicious and i'm not a huge fan of brie. I know this is supposed to be cooked in the oven, but it's too good to pass up. i may use a friends oven. first of all #1 wrap brie and cranberry sauce in puff pastry, cook until the puff pastry is cooked, done. I know now you're confused about the whole wrapping and cranberry sauce, looky here. this is what it should look like:

Let's give em something to munch about... these bread sticks look easy peasy and i can do em early in the am and put them out like displayed. i like this idea.

Ok so we have some stuff here but we need a dessert and something hearty.  For dessert I still have some of my homemade caramel so I'd like to make something with it, but WHAT!!!! i did see these cute brownie bites with a strawberry as a santa hat and some white icing or something in between...hmmmm... For something hearty, i like the idea of these chicken wraps with a curry flavor...i dunno..see this is an issue.. ihave a feeling i'm going to be changing my mind thirty times in the next week and we need to buy the food for the party this weekend! ack...
  • and now for something Christmassy

 some of these pictures crack me up. Santa looks a bit lonely in the first photograph, none of the dogs care about him. Second one, scares me. Third one what are they all looking at? 4th one that doggy thinks Santa tastes GOOD!.
Alright everyone I must go! have a great day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

hehe 11 More days until Christmas EVE!!!

I'm actually happy as I come in to work. I say GOOD MORNING, with  a big bright smile! I start my mini vacation on the first day of Winter and I'm looking forward to it. I know it's just a week, but heck a week is a lot for me!
  • Even though I am jubilant, filled with Holiday Glee, etc...I am convinced I'm finally getting old. My hips need major cracking in the am and the white hairs in my head seem to be growing faster than I can dye them. I also feel like i'm losing my hair. Maybe this is anxiety or what not, since 35 is just around the corner, but seriously the stress about worrying whether or not I'm getting old too fast is keeping me up at night. bleh.
  • What is this Global Winter Wonderland Bay Area? I have never heard of this place and I'm not sure what it's all about. I guess it has to do with different cultures celebrating Christmas. might be a good thing to check out if you're close by. 
  • Ok. I'm in love with I just don't go on it very often because I swear I'd call all the numbers to get all the puppies and the kitties into my home, where i'll become some crazy hoarder and have my own TV show or something. I love their holiday gift guide and the GPS idea is making me wonder about one of my cats and his travels....
  • OH cuisinart why oh why must you be on sale on
  • The Nook by Barnes and Noble is also on sale on ideeli. check it out good price and one of the deals comes with 30 Ebooks...
  • So i have to get menu for the party down pat. It's really hard. I love hors d'oeuvres. Lucky for me i have a couple of friends making some stuff so I don't have to go too coocoo. Just need enough counterspace for everything....
  • i have forgotten everything i needed to write today. so so are some Christmas Amusements....

 yup...this was on my search...thought you'd enjoy it.

 there you have it for today. Have a great day!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011


I can feel the excitement in my body and it just wants to RUSH out of me!!! YAHOOOO!  We're going to dinner Chistmas eve and maybe, most likely meeting up with our friends after to see the lights. As with every year, we go to late night Mass, come home, stay up late maybe open one present and go to sleep  just to wake up to PRESENTS! I CANNOT wait! hehehe. i'm such a kid at heart...
  • Pole dancing lessons on Living Social in the Oakland area.....not sure if i want to go there for anything. I value my life. 
  • Any food with the name Pho, does not sound appealing. I think it's because pho in spanish translates to stinky. 
  • I've sent you here before the link takes you to some have got to see these kittens...I now want kittens....gimme kittens....abra cadabra
bonus kittens and puppies..
  • My AM Spanish speaking abilities are limited. Seriously tried speaking to someone in Spanish and i sounded like an idiot. UGH. I need to get a kids book or something and relearn my language. 
  • And the local forecast says:am showers and rain on Thursday the rest of the week looks Sunny in the 50's. boo. I know, I know. Not trying to sound bah humbug about it, but i like change in the weather. Makes me feel normal. 
  • Sent my Christmas Cards this morning. I have a package to send at lunch and it will be so much fun to stand in line at the post office.
  • Thanks to a friend of mine, I got to borrow, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. So far, very good book and I got to page 100 last night at 11:20 and made myself put the damn book down. I love books I can't put down. :)
  • Yesterday I made TWO soups for my lunches this week. I technically made a third soup, more of a stew but that was for dinner. People of America, if you have leftovers during the week save them. Get yourself some STOCK, broth is ok, but chicken stock sometimes helps with flavor more than broth and create a soup. It's not hard. It's the easiest thing in the world. Put stock in pot, let it boil a little, put leftovers in, let it boil. taste to see if it needs anything-Don't add salt, add salt when you're about to eat it. Add some pepper if need be. but voila you got soup. :) Oh do you want to know what kind of soups I made? One is from the leftover Rice a Roni Broccoli Au gratin and i put some of the left over chicken in there-great color soup by the way. The other was a beef rice a roni left over and to that one I added Beef Broth(didn't have stock) and lots of mixed veggies-a dab of A-1 sauce made it a little tastier.
  • Looks like i'm catching up with all of you, since I neglected y'all last week.
  • Any New Year's Resolutions for Next Year? I hate people who say, I don't believe in Resolutions bla bla bla...It's good to find some time in the year to focus on a change to be a better you. Maybe this day is more "trendy" but at least it give you a reason. For me? I want this year to be more spontaneous. I'd like Gerry and I to be able to go somewhere and have a weekend away. Or go camping like we used to. Drive up to Tahoe on the busiest weekend of the year and pray that we get a site! lol. that weekend was awesome AND we got to take Bella.  I want more of that next year. This year was a busy work year. Time to enjoy the life we're given with the person we love. 
  • Alright funny Christmas pictures and then I'm out. Have a wonderful day and i'll check back with ya tomorrow.

Friday, December 9, 2011

15 More days until Christmas EVE!

My anxiety is killing me! lol. 15 more days..I have to send out gifts tomorrow to my mom and Grandma! which reminds me I need to find a box!
  • Tomorrow Bay Areans: Santacon!!! The link includes all the times and events on this wondrous of days! I want to go!!! It would be super fun and there's dancing with DJ's! WE have a lot to do this weekend, but i'm hoping we can squeeze this in!
  • Livingsocial is awesome! Well if you read my blog you would already know that. They have such great deals right now. There's a flight lesson for 99 buckaroos! I'm tempted to buy Gerry another one and give it to him later, but nah...i can't spoil him that much....
  • So, how are those New Years plans? I love that there are two holidays together, but for me it's like you don't have time to shop around because Xmas ends and New Years plans begin and then're so tired from the first holiday that the second just winds up being slept away....sad. 
  • Just approached my work about the Art program i have in mind for our company. Not that I would head it, because I am way tooooo busy. BUT hehehe. it's an amazing idea.... :)
  • Warning shoppers Forever 21 sale, Alloy sale...etc....etc.....
  • I am sort of upset with Best Buy and their new Christmas commercials. STOP ATTACKING SANTA CLAUS! What is with you people. there are kids that watch your commercials. There are people who actually still believe in Santa or atleast interpret Santa Claus as a frame of mind during the holidays-being giving, jolly, kind to eachother, I haven't bought anything from your store and probably won't because of your dumb ass commercials. 
  • Here are some funny santa's!
this would be Gerry's favorite santa.

hehe...speaking of SantaCon!

 Sorry so short...but i'm a busy gal!!! have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

17 more days until Christmas Eve!!!

Heck Yeah...But I just realized I forgot to get my Dad a present. Probably gonna have to be a card and a gift card....He and I aren't very close....
  • I also have to get something for my Grandmother. I look all year round for something that says "Grandma" not like a shirt but symbolically of course...I think I may give her the gift of music...Some CD's and I just don't know....i feel mother is easy to shop for....sigh...i need to send the presents this weekend!
  • I'll be donating to this cause. Help pay down this vet bill!! Ringworm pups need your help!
  • I've actually began donating money this year. Not much, since for the most part i'm poor. But i realized that sometimes the things you love most in this world and believe in wholeheartedly need help. I may not have the time or the facilities close by, but i can definitely help 10 bucks here and there. Hopefully Santa, Jesus and the talking Walnut will think i've been a good girl...
not sure if this is the scene that has the talking walnut comment. 
  • I'm absolutely certain no tickets have been bought for the Nutcracker. I'm pretty sad when Christmas experiences I truly was looking forward to fall on deaf ears. That's why I'm taking it into my own hands and buying tickets now. 
  • My partner has been sort of absent mentally this Christmas time so far, we had a good time in the city last week, but he's been pretty much burying his head in the sand, i think, waiting patiently for the season to be over. Shrug...what am i supposed to do?...This is my favorite holiday, I really can't let him ruin it. wait. I don't want to go to the Nutcracker. He's officially ruined thank his thoughtlessness. Thankfully I have a Christmas Party that I am planning and HE can't ruin.
  • I really can't blame him for much. He's got zero romance in him....He once bought tickets to Swan Lake because it was someone else's favorite ballet. I was happy but hmm. was fun though. 
  • ooh, bank account looks sad. Good thing I get paid tomorrow. 

 alright everyone. Have a great night! It's getting closer and closer to Christmas EVE!! My favorite day of the year, along with Christmas Day too, it's just the anticipation and happiness that the special hour is almost here...well you know..we all feel it! Have a good day everyone!

Monday, December 5, 2011

19 days until Christmas eve!!!

AND 16 days until my vacation! I'M stoked!!!!
  • what a crappy ass morning! My computer is running like complete ass and I cannot type. 
  • I was sick yesterday. sort of still a little sick today, but i'm ok. I felt like i was lightly hit by at truck....bleh...i have this achy headache. poooooooooooooooooooo. I'm already starting to feel tired.
  • LOL. i giggled this morning as i read this piece on Gloss about the Thighmaster as a christmas present. Basically, men don't do it. If you want to see what this lady recommends, go here.. what will you find here??? Well pretty and unique jewelry. like this...
what girl doesn't want to wear a barbie house on her finger??? if anything it's pretty damn cute. lol.
  • I don't think we're going to the Nutcracker. I'm pretty sure no tickets have been bought and I am sure that Gerry's on another planet. Love him dearly and I really shouldn't give him any shit. Maybe i should just buy them.....
  • Didn't see Santa this weekend. Hopefully going today. We need to buy Christmas Cards too. 
  • Got the invites sent out for the Holiday party. Still have a couple of people to ask who don't have FB-Can you believe it, i actually used the debil to help me send invites-ick. So far 10 people. 
  • Good idea if you're throwing a party for Adults and kids are invited-Kids get special presents. Like a gift bag filled with candy, little toys etc... This also helps the kids be busy with playing with something interesting when they start getting bored.
  • If interested, Forever 21 has a massive online sale and ofcourse in the store. There are maternity items too.Forever 21 sale! I can't go on it, because i went shopping at their store for Black Friday and cannot spend anymore money on myself. :)
  • Gerry and i had a great night on Friday. We checked out Tupelo in San Francisco and enjoyed a fabulous burger and the most delicious brie Mac ever!!! I may have to try to make it for a dinner party one day! We went down to Union Square and smack our hands we forgot our cameras! Oh well...hopefully we'll be back, because we just felt wonderful down there. We played in Macy's where i saw the ring.... the ring is on sale...the ring is at an outrageous price. i hate when the ring does that and i can't buy the beautiful thing for myself, because that would be wrong (as i write that i'm making that mocky face where i'm really upset i can't just buy the damn thing because it's pretty-stupid traditions)
  • Why do people use Cap locks when answering emails? why are you yelling at me??? Do you not know what that means???? I feel like someone needs to send a mass email about email ettiquette. dammit. 
  • I'm officially unhappy. I'm cold. it's taken me forever to write all of this today and it's filled with nada for you. Sorry everyone, just feeling out of it today. Whatever it is I have, i'm still cursed with it. Atleast I'm upright. Have a great rest of the day.....

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's WARM! really warm. :( not happy. i mean sure i'm happy, but not really. This is the type of weather one wants to see in the summer, not late Fall. super sulky sigh. I think a drive to the snow would be real nice, although i fear there is no snow up in the mountains.
  • I am thrilled with Not only do they tell me i'm good looking when i open their email, they also tell me of all the cool happenings in the city. Ofcourse my link is for San Fran, but you can see if they have a thrillist for your town. One thing  I would add is to include some happenings that do not revolve around getting drunk. I love food, entertainment and comedy, but i'm kind of over the drinking to get drunk thing. check out the link. I'm thinking I need to go to North Beach this weekend and indulge in a bacon Cheeseburger from Tupelo's, where they'll also have live entertainment. I think this is gonna be the place to be!
  • Have you ever gone through something and then seen someone else go through the same thing and lucky you, you got past it and things turned out ok, but it's because you are more calm and your partner is calm too, and then you look at the other people and go ugh...because you just want to kick the person in the head to make them snap out of whatever is creating a downward spiral??? ok...yeah...
  • i chuckled at a deal today. it said Lasik Surgery for BOTH eyes. well i would hope so. As i write this though i realize that some people my have one bad idea and the other one perfectly normal....well whatever it was still funny.
  • Yes!! Monday Dec 5. Clown Pageant. uh huh. look it up Bay Areans.
  • I take pictures with Santa every year. I just saw that on SF fun cheap they have a free photo op with a DRUNK santa! HELLS YEAH!!! I think i may be the only one of my friends who is excited about this....
  • By the way if you haven't been shopping on Ideeli and/or hautelook BEFORE December, then don't. you'll get your packages late, unless they guarantee shipping before the 15th, i wouldn't bother. Really, if you haven't then you've missed a lot of good deals-which is too bad for you. 
  • Yahoo has released their top ten worst fashion trends for 2011 and the only one i won't agree with are the bootie wedges. I guess i haven't seen any ugly clunky ones. I just bought a pair and with the mini i was wearing about a week ago, i gotta say I looked pretty darn cute. Now the harem pants and all that other crap yeah, pretty right on. 
  • I can't even go on to those websites above because i see so many things i want. MUST SAVE after Christmas!
  • Alright DAY 2 of the Xmas Countdown! let's laugh at other people's expense:

 And that's all i wrote! lol. Have a great weekend and try to do something Christmassy!