Friday, November 30, 2012

It's RAINING!!!!

I love it!!! it's Gorgeous!!! Last night there were howling winds and you could hear things being knocked over; plants, random chachas outside. And now there's a steady rainfall, which can only mean one thing-Bella will be peeing in the house and there will be flooding-we have the worst sewer systems...

ok well let's get on to the happy stuff...

i like this dress!
it's versace...oooh

how cute is that!!??
super cute nighty! 
Darling is back on Ideeli! This dress makes me happy...size
it would go very nice on my desk! 

recipe for Herbed Chicken, with HERBS..LOL.

these are dog toys!! lol
they don't have Bella's size she would be xxxxl according to their standards...
kitty bowties

Alrighty that's all for me today...Have a goober day and stay dry north bay!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

FA la la la la lalalalalalalalalala

So I'm getting into the Christmas Spirit. For the first time in YEARS, i watched the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. I loved all the songs that were sung (Trace Adkins killed it on "We three Kings of Orient are") and the lighting of the tree was just wonderful!!! I watched the SNL Christmas special afterwards and laughed my butt off. Gerry promised me that we could decorate the tree tonight! So i'm getting EXCITED!!!

I guess i have been a bit upset, because there's no family around.....not like we didn't have family around last year, but we had our close friends; one who felt like a brother to me...It's just strange that this year it's going to be only Gerr and I. What are we going to do? I have to work on Christmas Eve-which i'm a bit peeved about, that's my favorite part of Christmas. I do know that on Christmas Day I want to see Les Miserables. (Interesting fact about me; I wanted to be in the musical Les Mis. I didn't care what part, chorus whatever...) I think Gerr and I have to figure out how to make this holiday season special. I want to make a meal for us too. Maybe a Christmas Lasagna! He says i make my lasagna like his Grandma-and that's a great compliment!

it's also hard (I have to admit) being 35 and unable to have children...I wish that one day we'll catch that ONE Healthy egg, but scientifically the odds are against me.  I pray that one day (after a house) I can get IVF, but we'll see. So many things that need to be done before that.......

i need to do something with this hair...Maybe i'll go get it done or something this's BLEH!

My outfit's cute though! i got my dress from my Forever 21 shopping Spree! lol.

Things that make me feel good.

pretty bras at cool prices and deals...join me here at adore me

Myfitnesspal for being there for me....

Articles like this more at more good stories found there!

ooh i'm super proud of this thing about me...the thing that makes me strong...the power to stand up for myself and find things that make me me...I don't go out drinking, i don't find myself in a drunken stupor taking stupid pictures of myself pretending like i'm 20 years old, I am responsible and silly and know how to enjoy myself. That part of me makes me happy. Funny how when i see some "friends" post shit like that on FB i'm like, dude you're NOT in your 20's-GROW UP!

 Classic beauty....

i like helping causes, such as kittiesandpitties, inc I am sponsoring 7 dogs-well a mama and her puppies called the San Francisco 7. :) they're close by and i hope i can help and meet them and maybe foster two puppies...we'll see....

Gowns...I love Gowns...mmmmmmm

oh and one of my new favorite songs...I'm late on the country front...sorry....but if you haven't heard it, prepare to dance around your room.

that's all for me folks...lots of love to ya...and NO i didn't check my spelling or grammar!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's keep up the Happy!

or at the least lighten the mood up a bit.

The weather is rainy, cloudy and yummy in my opinion!!! Winter weather welcome to California!!! lovin it... is becoming my oooh site.. I saw a commercial on tv the other night and was worried...but nonetheless it's cool and you should check it out. Would i buy from it? Maybe, ONLY IF they  have the cheapest price, which isn't always the case.

Let's look at some happy's!!!

I Like hearing about local people helping/informing/compiling information for dog owners such as this one awesome!

i am thinking of coloring part of my hair's youthful and i gotta tell ya, the brown just doesn't stay dark long enough... :( so we'll see....

well that's all i got for today...

i want all of you to make a positive dog story/animal story possible....Help animals in need by donating old towels, blankets, pillows, whatever to your local shelter. You have old clothes? make a bed with your sweaters-if you go on pinterest or look up "making a sweater into a dog bed" you will find some neat how to's...Be a hero to an animal.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ok where'd i go?

Seriously people, i somehow disappeared. I'm getting depressed. Started a little before Turkey day, but I'm feeling pretty low. When i start to feel the fibro, i know that something is going on...I always feel the fibro, but if it's more intense because I'm stressed or depressed. Happens a lot during the holidays, but i need to pick myself up think positively. Funny thing is, it works...when i start thinking about other things and trying to find ways to make myself happier.

We got ourselves a tree....But it's naked. Why? busy weekend i guess...Bella was sick...movies to watch....bla bla bla...tonight we're going out to dinner with a friend....when when when will we deck the halls or rather the tree?

Things that make me smile, so I don't concentrate on the Negative shit....

too cute pinhole camera...
makes me laugh...
thank you hon, for cheering me up with this...

well this is where i say goodbye. My mood is lifted a bit, but it took all day to get me here....My body feels a lot more relaxed....Fibromyalgia is connected to the mind and to the body, so remember to relax your body and not think or stress about it....
until manana....

Monday, November 26, 2012

And we're back... was so nice to have 4 days off in a row, but man oh man, what i would give for 4 more.  Maybe next year! I sure do love coming in to a bunch of emails though...NOT....hmph...can't people wait to email me when i'm here?...that way i can answer their questions quickly? I don't like coming in to a whole bunch of emails. Stresses me out...

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!! Mine was good. The food was AMAZING! Our turkey was perfect...completely perfect. The juiciest turkey I have ever tasted. I think I'll be brining every year! There was flavor in every bite and it wasn't super salty. Just good tasting turkey!!! Melinda, my partner in crime, outdid herself too! It just felt like the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Were you out and about on Black Friday? i went straight to Forever 21, tried on everything i wanted to and wound up buying 200 bucks worth of clothing. Yup. I did. Everything that was on sale was an extra 50%off and some items were 30% off. I feel like i'm ready for the season. I also bought Gerry's big gift; The Samsung Galaxy S3. IT looks AWESOME! So, he is taken care of-Don't worry he'll be getting lots of little things, because I love him so....I have a friend i need to buy a present for and my mother and grandma. Keeping my eyes out today since it's Cyber Monday and all!

thank you Cyber Monday-one present bought! woohoo!

Guess what I'm having for lunch? And guess what i ate yesterday for lunch and dinner? TURKEY SOUP! I cooked that carcass until it created the yummiest broth/stock/soup...mmmmm.....

Bella's sick...or something...Allergic reaction to who knows what...She's itching at her poor face. We had to take her to the Emergency Vet twice this weekend. Saturday night they gave her a steroid shot and last night she puked twice and off we went to get a benadryl shot. Today she's at the vet's office so they can monitor her. I don't want her to puke, although she didn't eat breakfast this morning so she may not puke....Gerry heard her dry heaving sometime this morning, although it could have been one of the cats now that i think of it.  We're going to have an allergy test done, I think...I'll know more later.

Trail mix is evil...nom nom nom.. except those big raisins remind me of prunes and i feel nauseous when i start chewing on them.

If you didn't do so this weekend, well you should have... you should have gone to Best Buy or any electronic store and hit up their deals....there were some good ones. We bought a blu-ray, which I am ashamed to admit is an amazing player-I was always a believer of the DVD players. The clarity is just astounding. We also bought a dvd recorder, since i have about a zillion movies i'd like on dvd(home movies, band stuff, vhs movies).  Score for me!!!

Can you believe it's almost December???? I can't. This year is almost over....I feel like i didn't even get an entire year.... Doesn't even feel like Christmas yet. Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer is playing right now and I'm in shock that this country station is actually playing Christmas music...Is it really that time yet? OY! you would think that shopping on Black Friday meant Christmas to me, but it doesn't. I saw it as a huge Sales event....well, let's hope that the Christmas bug bites me sooner than later. We got our tree, but it has yet to be decked with boughs of holly....falalalala..

Need another great idea for Turkey leftovers! How's about Turkey and Mushroom Risotto??? Check it out!!! Bound to be super tasty!

My ring, may be off the shelves at Macy's for good....kinda sad about i feel like i have to start all over.... :( 

Cyber Monday happenings!
Rue La La-Barbara Bixby of a kind unique real pretty jewelry!
Shoe Dazzle-40% all booties and boots
Living Social-Check your livingsocial deals and emails, black friday fun and if you've noticed they're teaming up with which is ofcourse fabulous! and i'm really hoping you've already signed up for!! out all the deals and there's Free shipping people!
Doggyloot-check out their Cyber Monday deals...hey pups get gifts too!
Target-Cyber Monday deals...check out the link
MLB-for the yankee fan in me....or anyone else (you can find your team too) buy one get the second for 50% off....hmmmm...this is a great idea for anyone who is looking to get me something...i love yankee stuff!!!!
Glossybox -Today only get your glossybox subscription for 12.60!!! enter code cyber40
Forever 21-70% off and no shipping! Use code CyberMon
Julep-get a free nail color with purchase AND a free iphone case!

Alright everyone I have to skidaddle...I'll be back this week posting whatever it is I want...Trying to figure out what i really want this blog to be, but since i'm all over the place, i figure I'd leave it that way.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Stress Rant.

OY VEY! I'm not even jewish, but i love the phrase. I am frustrated...very very frustrated.

#1. I come in to work, it's a short week, my boss wants me to do a little project for her, sure i do it, but then i have to mail some checks, which i do  before the mail goes out, but then i realize one out of the three companies bills,  that i send to an insurance company, has not been received. why? I have the slightest clue, I ask for it and don't receive an answer, i get up and ask and a coworker and  she tells me she just got my email and i tell her i've been waiting for it for a week. WTF....come on now.

#2. Among my other talents I also "help" Gerry with his company-sort of. I do things, like his billing and the such, i made him a spreadsheet that he probably doesn't even know how to use but requires inputting all of his receipts and bills. His stuff can be so easy or just a complete hassle. He rarely tells me who to bill...OY! I don't know what he's doing or what's happening in his business so i blindly bill i get random emails i wind up being so confused as to what is happening that i just completely annoyed.

#3 lady in the #1 paragraph put the stuff i needed in my inbox rather than handing it to me....

 #4 I haven't even gotten to the invoices i have to input...  :( and it's noon...

Ok...i'll try to come back less stressed, but i may be too busy this week to write.

 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fun Black Friday!!!! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Girl's night...

well there are two males involved, if cat's count...Well then it wouldn't really count because Bella is a anywhoo, it's really just a "me" night. It's cool, I get along with me...Gerr will be going up north with the guys to have a wheelin' day tomorrow, which will turn into "mud"ding around because it's sorta raining. You see, what's happening outside isn't rain. It's like a drizzle mist and it must have been happening all night because the ground and everything is wet.

So what will I do tonight??? I will not be baking. That's for sure. My poor thighs and my butt are not happy with my baking. This is the problem with fall/winter the sun goes down so early that walking around this foul neighborhood is sketch at best. (The neighborhood isn't that bad, but it's not the best either). So i think i need to relax, watch some good movies, play with my dog, order some food (hmmm, maybe i shouldn't), and, i sound like i'm 50. I'm just not a party girl. I don't drink. I hate bars. What the hell else am i supposed to do???? I dunno, maybe I'll figure out something a bit better than staying at home and watching TV.

Ok these cranberry bliss bars from Starbucks are friggin delicious and evil...why oh why am i eating this???
wasn't i just complaining about my thighs??? remind me to never look into how to make these...

Something pissed me off the other day and it has to do with another blog i read and respect. It's a cooking blog and they were talking about how they make a Thanksgiving Turkey. She said the word "Butterball". Sorry, but if you are a cook or an aspiring chef or you're in the culinary industry you do NOT endorse Butterball anything.  Besides the kind of turkey-hello can we say garbage? She didn't care, she said. That evening it was irritating me. These people (two ladies) love to cook and yadda yadda and some of their recipes sound really good, but when it comes down to it I realized they are fakes. They aren't real cooks, they're just housewives who can't afford something better than a chemically treated turkey and they're trying to teach you how to make it "saltier". (I know, I sound like a bitch) I found the part where she "didn't care" a bit harsh. She's teaching people how to cook good meals and using CRAP ingredients. What's more, she's advertising a company that has been in the media regarding their mistreatment of their turkeys. The videos are disturbing and disgusting. Remember what you're eating. At some point you have to realize that at one point that Butterball turkey on your table had sores, puss, and who knows what type of infections...have fun. I'll stick with my $70 turkey who had a pleasant life in the meadows and ate healthy stuff.  Here's an article based on the mercy of animals video about Butterball abuse.
I dare you to watch it. If you don't fine, but don't act aloof to the world and the fact that this crap exists. People like this are sick. They're the same type of people who staple puppies to a train track. and yeah, look that's real too. 

Nov 15 and 16
For these two days, i am thankful for me. I am thankful for who i am. I am thankful for the love in my heart. i am thankful for my compassion. I am thankful for my guilt. I am thankful for me. 

stuff on sites, mates....(that sounded cooler in my head)
Rue La La-ok they're selling Spanx...what i don't get are the skinny models wearing them....anyway, check it out if you want some Spanx! Ok while you're at Rue La La, check out the gift by hobby and the other section for stuff added....wootwoot!!
Epicurious-don't forget about your favorite chef-great site for fun stuff......
Ideeli - lot's of gift ideas!!! this will only take you to one page.
Joss and Main-Kinda my new place to shop. lots of eye candy for the home and great ideas for wrapping or mailing, even cards and stuff...
BeautyBar-get some great deals and products on the site, including Philosophy's winter collection.
America's taste kitchen-learn about braising a turkey!!!
Forever21-check out their Hello Kitty Prelaunch! cute stuff!!!

pawsitive dog stories!
yup, you read that right...I need lots of positive stories today! I need to remind myself of all the truly beautiful and caring people on this planet...

#1. This story is brought to you by Care2Causes a woman crawls into a sewer to save a dog! How many of us would do that???? I would try, but I know that my boyfriend would ultimately be the hero....This woman was brave. The article also opens our eyes to the rest of the world and the rescues there.
#2. Normally I don't read about stuff like Subaru's Share the love event. They promote adoption and raise a lot of money to the ASPCA. Please help spread the word about this event. I think it's awesome and whatever helps the animals find homes and get funding for their shelters, animal cruelty investigations, disaster relief etc...well it's all heroic and positive in my book.
#3. Meet Ninja and her owner. One of the dogs from that Bronx dogfighting ring....look at how healthy that little boo looks!

Because i believe we need to have more positive dog stories in our world, I think that if anyone has anything they want to say or a story they want to share, please do. Not sure how many people read my blog because of my love for animals...but if you do and you want to share something with me...please do...
and have a good weekend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today will be a good day....

PMS is kicking my bipolar ass. Seriously. One minute I feel like i need to scratch my eyes out and rip people a new one and the next i'm all teary....damn pms....
I got some good news yesterday and I am still in shock. I hate announcing stuff online, but really it's just work related and not a big, big deal. I'm just stoked...
I'll have a lesson on friendship some other time...

I want some donuts...

I can't tell you how much I feel like i'm overeating. I fear weighing myself. I need to get a new scale anyway...I'm pretty sure it's wrong. I weighed a 20 lb weight and it came in at 23 lbs....soooo, something is off...

Nov 14
 did i miss a day??? I am thankful for the memory i seem to lack or have... :)

Holy crapola, turkey day is like NEXT WEEK!!! Turkey Ordered....I need to buy all the other stuffs this weekend. Should be fun, since Gerr is going wheelin on Saturday....I need to confer with my associated about Turkey day. She and I will be hosting a small thanksgiving and we haven't really talked about what we're making!!! lol. I am brining the turkey...I bought a brining bag off of Amazon I scared to do SI SI. I want the moistest turkey EVER!!! So I will also baste,  baby! Need to do more here's what i found using Epicurious:
  1. Step One...get a turkey...Got one. Diestel Turkey-organic and free range.
  2. Step Two..Remember to wash your turkey!
  3. Step three..what's the plan??? you're getting a turkey, you're remembering to wash your turkey (and disinfect anything it touches) now what??? read here for your PRE flavoring options..ok so i admit it, i'm freaked out about brining...but i have to try it....right??? i'm just scared of oversalting....
ok I need some brining recipes....

Turkey Brine Recipe -this one looks kinda i need to find a bucket!!!

Turkey Brine Savory Sweet life-this chick has a great idea! and i like where she's goin with her brine!

I bought a livingsocial deal....I'm taking Gerry out to eat at a fancy restaurant this weekend. We wouldn't normally go there, because it's pricey, but hey I got great news yesterday and he has his first staging gig (his own) we deserve to celebrate with a three course dinner at a fancy restaurant!!!

i need a digital thermometer.

Now that i'm reading my anxiety a little better, I know that i have to keep my mind clear of the things that make my heart beat harder, until i'm ready to deal with them...such as, thinking of something that is worrying me regarding a friend, is not going to do me any good while i'm at work. Putting those emotions in the background and thinking of the present is better and healthier for me.

Another thing...I wrote an FB post today about the "door is ajar" I know that i sometimes write posts that don't indicate anything specific because 90% of the people on my "friend's list" are not really friends. I know, right? coo coo...Basically i'll share here. My old band is playing in December and the lead guy keeps posting pics up of some of the reincarnations (of which I think their are 4) but has yet to put up any of the ones that me and a couple of other people were in...I don't know if he's being a shit or what, but sorta stings. So as for my comment about the door being a jar, it's because really I don't need to go to this show in December. I haven't been asked to sing or anything.

Cool Stuff on Sites
rue la la-a whole page of gifts-him, her, kids, etc...even broken down by price. super cool!
hautelook-just'll find lucky jeans, cool holiday dresses, kids stuff yadda yadda yadda...what are you waiting for...
Take Action! Campaigns-do what it says, pick a campaign or all of them and sign sign sign.
joss and main-i think this sale is sweet. if you know someone who has a yard, some of these items would go really well for any personality type...i like the bird houses...i think my cats and Bella would also love the bird houses......
Ventee Prevee-cute porcelain box  cha cha's., diamond jewelry...whoa....
Smashbox-studio pop for eyes!!! 24 bucks!
KittyMeowBoutique-Personalized Christmas Cards just for you! check her stuff out...very impressive!
Short on Cents-get good deals, coupons etc on this site..check it out!
Golden tote-check out this subscription box...think Clothing...and you get to pick stuff...hmmmmmm...i may need to give this a try next month...i'm not too excited over this months options, but i am willing to try it out for all of you, next month!
Vixen Vintage-this chick has style...i just love all of her posts...she's awesome.

 pawsitive dog story!
The first story come from Stubbydog.  it's about a dog that was rescued by the initial foster parent after he was adopted. It's a great story, proving that any dog can be rehabilated (any smart person knows that) and also teaches us that we need to really check in on the people who adopt our animals. Lucky for me I hear about the pup a lot...her sister, well i haven't heard from that lady in a long time...
Here's another story...yes you get a bonus story today. Pitbull gets prosthetic leg great story about a puppy and his new prosthetic leg. the Humane Society donated funds for this guys little leg. It's a sad story, but a great ending. warms my heart any time people really respect our animals.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The media is a joke.

A big fat joke. And so many people believe everything they read. The media and the news you watch at night steer you into a direction that at some point you forget you ever had free will to begin with. Only once and a while do you hear BOTH sides of an issue. What I am most tired of is the media and journalists jumping on the anti pit bull bandwagon, and you know what??? I've seen this before. I'm not stupid. You can fool anyone else, but you can't fool me. Why? Because my life doesn't revolve around you. I listen to reports on the news and some are so biased! it doesn't even have to do with an animal, but you can hear it in their voices-secretly whispering at you underneath their charismatic words-"let me sway you to the dark side where your opinion will soon be banished"...Ok...I may be overdramatic right now, but I can't believe that people let this shit happen....No one questions anything...actually half the country, as we saw in the election, disregarded anything Mitt Romney said about their own class and just nodded their heads and voted for him...Makes me sick to my stomach. Wake up people. Question what you read, what you hear etc...Don't be blind. And for God's sake speak up. I have maybe 90 or so friends on FB and only a couple really speak up for something. The rest have no substance. Maybe it's just FB....i don't know...but it bugs me. I don't care for politics, but i do care for people who have a passion in their lives....

sorry, i'm a bit heated right now...

cool stuffs..
Hautelook-give the gift of reading. Start a new one Christmas book to your kids during the twelve days of Christmas...check out the books.
Hautelook-different link! men's cologne! Good men's cologne-bulgari, gucci, dolce and gabbana etc.....
Joyus-cool stocking stuffer! 25 bucks for earbuds...these are cute!
Ideeli-Give the gift of Kitchenaid(i am so happy i got mine last year for Xmas!), Nothing says i like you than giving people treats on popcorn...oh yum...
Vente Prevee-Fauchon gourmet treats. Stuff like tea, spreads, chocolate etc....
Virtual Food Drive-start one...i'm scared to do it...i'm too embarrassed if no one i know contributes. If I felt like my friends were "givers"than i would...but i don't think they are...
Refinery 29-find the best mac and cheese SF has to offer....mmmmm...

 Positive Dog/Human story
From the Human Society. check out the's a smilebox slideshow...People coming together is always a good thing...thank you for making me feel better today.

thanks all have a great day!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

It's just another Manic Monday....

woahooohwoa. I wish it were Sunday.....Actually I wish it was Saturday...i like Saturdays..

This Saturday was awesome. Spent the day with my dude. We went to three different supermarkets; Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Safeway. Did you know we're going to buy a turkey for about 50 bucks? But I feel good about it....the turkey has had a good life and...ok i still feel shitty about having it killed. The 50 bucks is more of a thank you to the farmer-Thank you for being a good farmer and not doing gross shit to our turkey. We got lots of healthy and delicious snacks too...we got this peanut butter at whole foods that's made right there and HOLY TAP DANCING SAINTS ON BROADWAY that shit tastes amazing! Also, visited the butcher at whole foods and spent about 70 bucks. I really like their point system on their meat, you know where they were, what they were fed...etc...very interesting. I made a pot roast last night and even Gerr tasted a difference with the meat. It was fresher? something about it tasted better and no it wasn't in our heads...(this is what i was thankful for this weekend)

I officially hate James Bond and all of his movies. I will remember Saturday night for decades to come. We checked online to see what movies were playing. I wasn't interested in James Bond, because "The Man with the Iron Fist" was playing. I love kung foo movies. So we picked a time, headed to the mall and I bought some sweaters. I walk over to buy tickets while Gerry is ordering some Sbarro (crappy) pizza. Our movie time was not listed. I asked the customer service person what happened and he said it was replaced by "Skyfall", and with that I replied that the time wasn't changed on the website and to make me feel better I got some free complimentary tickets. I was already defeated and bummed. I wanted some kung foo action dammit. Lucky for us, we're surrounded by movie theatres, so we went to the second closest one where our movie wasn't playing. We told them what happened and they said the movie was playing a couple of exits up and the previews just started. So I finally got my fix at theatre numero tres.

Where's my shopping bug!!! Sort of went soda...I've bought two presents. Normally I'm MISS early shopper, but I'm procrastinating! and i'm not helping all of you at all...all 5 of's get on with the shite...

Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for protecting us and serving our country. I hate war, but you are the brave ones who go out to war to make sure the rest of us at home are safe and free. We love you.
found here
found here
Gerr and I took our friends to this house we wanted to see. It was kind of like practice, you know...getting our feet wet. It was cute but not exactly what i want. The area we want to live in reminds me of the town i wish i'd grew up in. There's even an island, which we walked around and explored. It was awesome!

I need to find a Galaxy note....and NOT for 700 Bucks!

Shite on sites..
Hautelook-Home decor and cute items at really affordable prices. Click on the link!!!
Joss and Main-Cool Christmas items for any type of decor!!!
Vente Prevee-for the mom, dad, cook, non cook etc...Core Bamboo is awesome. I love their stuff.
Refinery 29-they have a list of Urban Outfitters stuff that I think would be great for any teen or you know...anyone like me...a 30 year old quirky chickadee...
Forever21-gifts for him and her and girls and etc...
Target-you can find EVERYONE on your list at Target!!! check out their black friday previews!!! deals...go here...

Pawsitive Dog Story
This positive dog story is about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson adopting an older dog. I give them high fives for not adopting from shelters and not a breeder. Good thing to see when celebrities make a difference, then maybe their fans will follow.
thank you Dogster for always lifting up my spirits....

Friday, November 9, 2012

Migraines, schmigraines

2 migraines, 20 days. Boohoo. Increased daily meds...fingers crossed...let's see what happens.

sorry i'm late to the tea party, but i've been go mode since i got here. Pounding headache most of the day, but as long as I can see, that means I can work...The day is starting to slow down so let's get to down to business.

What i was thankful for yesterday 11/8/12
My friends and family. I know i've already thanked them, but this is different. I am thankful that i have wise friends and family members. They remind me i have a lot to learn and they're all little teachers. There's a lot i don't know about in the world, but when i'm ready to learn something i realize i have many friends that are there to teach me. i guess i never really knew that. or maybe i wasn't paying attention. My goal is to pay more attention....

What I am thankful for today 11/9/12
My job. I have worked at a handful of places in my lifetime and always have seem to luck out on some great bosses and coworkers. I'm pretty lucky and I'll never take it for granted. Partly because I have always had bosses who have understood my "issues"; the migraines that come out of nowhere, the back issues that so easily rock my world....Maybe that's every workplace, but the people I work with are different. They will drive me home or to the doctor if something happens. They'll walk me to my car in the rain because I can't see and i need to be somewhere I feel safe (don't worry Gerry picked me up from my car in the parking lot). I also have learned so much from all of my bosses, here and in my past. I've gained a lot of knowledge about the type of work i do, do the nature of the food business (not just waitressing, but food-healthy food, farm to fork etc) and now the Garbage business-i've learned so much about recycling, what's going on in our world, what plastics really become...and of course in my area of accounting I think i'm never done learning. I've been doing this since I was in my 20's. I somehow stumbled into it and i never got out. A girl who hated Math....I should write a

shite and shit...
Epicurious-go here for pie recipes and tips-from doughs  to fillings, servings, etc...
Opensky-Powercube emergency lighting and charging I want one....$75 bucks
Ideeli-if you're an ideeli person they're happy hour sale is happening right now!
Kleinfelds-that great big store is having a sample sale in Manhattan where 10% of the proceeds will go to the hurricane Sandy relief fund.

and i got nuttin else my friends...
hope you have  great weekend!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

So A funny thing happened on the way home last night

Was it funny, no not really. I was on my way home last night from a long day at work and I was half way there. The truck in front of me slowed down and I got agitated because I needed to get home to walk my dog! I see a taxi driver pull over in the other lane open his car door and I'm thinking oh no there's been an accident. I look over at the bike lane right beside me and there's a 40lb pitbull/boxer mix wearing a harness and a blue leash. I pulled over and got right out trying to coax the baby over to me. She kept going. I looked back to where she had come from and there's a woman; obviously homeless and a bit off; she was screaming the dog's name, but the dog only looked back and kept going. I spoke with the lady and she mentioned that this wouldn't be happened if it wasn't for "drunk asshole". I felt scared. That dog was running away. I thought the woman was walking towards her dog and I was almost sure that she would be pursuing her pet, so I got into my car. When i looked in the rear view mirror she turned back; almost like she gave up. I said "Fuck it" I have to find this dog. There are no places to make a U Turn so imagine having to go around a giant block in 5 o'clock traffic, all the while i'm convinced i've lost the dog. I looked around when i got to a red light and something told me to ask this random lady, she pointed in a direction and i drove off. Another red light and i was beginning to think I was looney. This dog could be anywhere, but i look to my left and there's a woman in heels and a very classy office outfit attempting to lure the pup. FOUND HER!!! I park in the lot and this lady and i eventually corner her. I found some treats in my car which were probably so old and stale, that i didn't blame this dog for not wanting to eat them. Poor thing was scared, but she sat nicely and looked at us with her big brown eyes. The woman said "I rescue animals. I rescue pitbulls. This girl is coming home with me." That woman almost made me cry. She lifted the dog like a baby and held her while I said "I also save pitties. I own one." I saw her keep the dog on her lap while her friend/boyfriend/whoever drove away. I was meant to meet her. And the dog was meant to meet us. She will no longer have to run away from her owners, because I know she will find a home maybe even with this young woman.
I guess you can say that is my positive dog story for the's my own. I feel so emotional about this, because these things keep happening. My friend says it's a sign...i believe it is too. I also believe that i have a lot of work to do with Bella. And that we could help more by networking and meeting more rescues and volunteering...etc...I guess i know what my calling is. I like it.

So what am i going to do?
My mother sent me a link for VolunteerMatch and i need to research it some more. I wanted to share the link with any one who reads my page if they are also interested in some kind of volunteering.
I'm also thinking of putting myself out there as a foster home for puppies. This may help Bella with socialization, plus it was just amazing to see her with a puppy. Coopers Dream and Katrina Pets helped me a lot last time and I want to repay the favor. I will be talking with Gerry tonight about this. Winter is coming and providing warm loving homes to an animal would be the best gift ever.

so let's move on to the shite sites...
AHHHHH I may need this now!-It's on Hautelook today!
Factory Farm Free for 2013-I Have to be honest with you guys...I'm like a lot of you out there and I ignore what's going on in our farms. For a long time i had to buy cheap meat and poultry...Well, I'm not poor really. I need to practice what i preach. I can't look at baby pigs i don't even know how to describe it, or cows crying...what the hell is wrong with us??? Sure I need to eat meat, I'm anemic and iron pills just don't help me feel balanced. I feel that it's natural for us to eat meat, but I don't think it's natural for us to abuse the animals in the process. Like the Native Americans and the Eskimos and all other native peoples, they use every piece of the animal. It's respectful to Mother Nature. I know a lot  of animal activists our vegans and vegetarians and may not understand my point of view. But i do believe in the natural order of things. But i don't believe in slaughter, so my next step this year and 2013 is to become more aware of where my food comes from. So should you.....

The Humane Society needs you- please these guys are working SO hard to help the animals, please go and make a contribution!!!and yes I already have.

this has all been interrupted by a migraine....hope you enjoyed this today...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And the winner is....

this GUY!!!!
found here

And i am ecstatic!!! I heard some grumbling on FB and I was astounded when the reasons they were pissed was because they had issues regarding RELIGION!!! People i will say it until I am blue in the face...LEAVE RELIGION OUT OF POLITICS. Be happy that you have the freedom to be whatever religion you choose. THAT is what this country is about. The freedom to speak as you like, the freedom of the press....etc...REMEMBER!!! So leave your personal views and your personal religious preferences and persecutions to yourself. Just because you don't find certain things right for your family, that doesn't mean the rest of America CARES what you think. Just be HAPPY you have the right to believe and love any God you choose.  So silly. So stupid even. People forget, time and time they forget the true meaning of being an American. Get on board or ship out to the mother country. It's time to move forward, so let's go.

Nov 7.
Today I am thankful to be an American. A place where I have the freedom to believe in my own God and accept people around me for who they are. This place where I can write freely on my blog and my government allows it. A place where i can vote. A place where I am in charge over MY own body.  Thank you America. I am proud to be an American.
found here
Shites on different sites...
Sign the petition- I mean it! Not joking around here...this is sick... and disgusting...Ban Bear Baiting
Epicurious- check out the dessert first here, Inside Out apple pie! the picture looks delicious for the Chicken in Garlic Almond Sauce.
Opensky-ALL THINGS TURKEY...which reminded me i need a digital thermometer. It is a must for BIG meaty will just work me.
Refinery29-I love all of these ideas!! sure it's marked Lazy girls beauty tips..but whatevers, check it out!
Ideeli-Looking for some sales...well click here for their up to 90% off sale!

Positive Dog Story
This story comes from my favorite site, stubbydog. Read about Delilah here...thankfully this family gave her another chance, so she could prove to them they made the right choice by keeping her.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rock the Vote.

found here
I hope you're voting today, if you haven't voted already. I know in other states voting by mail is only for people with valid excuses, but here in CA you can choose to vote by mail. My ballot has been sent and now i don't have to worry about it.

Nov 6
I am thankful for my friends. I have a handful of close friends. I think back to when i was younger and i had many friends, but I only kept a couple of them close. Having a large amount of friends scare me. I am thankful for the people i call my friends. I am slowly taking down a wall that I created to protect my heart and because of these friends I am thankful.
found here
 I'm annoyed today. Gerr pissed me off. Don't want to get into it, but why do boys do stuff to piss us off?

Stuff on sites and smargalassafrass.
Ideeli-NYC picks-boots, dresses, accessories, pretty things!!!! good prices
REfinery 29-32 signs you are a hipster Funny!
Coffee for Less-order here for all of your k cups and stuff!! and i think google offers may have a deal for the SF area.
Care Causes-Tell Iowa Rep Steve King to stop opposing animal protection.
doggy loot!-i think this site is awesome! great deals!!!
Forever 21-check out their catalog/magazine here
huffington post-want to know what's going on right now at the polls. Check out huffpost live

Positive dog Story
you want a positive dog story? here's a positive animal album from the Humane Society. Here they are hard at work. brings tears to my eyes...wish i could help....I did send them money yesterday!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A little late, but whatever...

I'm usually on time..not late..I decided kinda late in the game though...What game? well the "what you are thankful for" game. I'm a big fan of this game and tried to start this Thanksgiving tradition when i was married a long, long time ago. I felt strange bringing it up when i began dating Gerr, because this was a tradition i had started with someone else...but Fuck that. Every year i've told myself what i was thankful for and now that it's spreading on FB like wildfire, I'm gonna show you here what i'm thankful for.

Nov 1st
First and foremost, I am thankful for these two people...
My grandmother and my mother. The two people who raised me. And i am thankful that in the many tragedies that have befallen New York, they have been safe and sound. I love them. Please keep them safe always.

Nov 2nd
I am thankful for this guy.
He's the dude...He's my dude. I really couldn't be any happier. Well i probably could, as we all probably could, but as long as we're together I'll be pretty damn happy. He's my best friend. He's my love. He's my pal. He's...everything...

Nov 3rd
My cats. Fievel and Misfit. I am thankful for my love of my kitties. Fievel has been with me for 14 years. He's babied every kitten that I've brought into the house. He has been the papa. Misfit was saved from my work and Gerry fell in love with him. Misfit is the oddest cat i know, and doesn't really like affection unless he swats at you. We love him just the same though...

Nov 4th
Bella. I can't tell you how thankful i am for this dog. She has taught me so much about myself: Patience, the ability to care for another creature more than i knew i could, my ability to train an animal, and so much more love than i thought i was capable of. My need to protect her is almost like a mother's love for a human child. I am just thankful that Gerry and I get to be her guardians.

Nov 5th
I am thankful for today. Today is the day I donate to a couple of charities. I am thankful that i can.  i know i can't give much, but i will do what i can. The ASPCA, the Red Cross, Rescue Ink and others are all in need of help. I wish I could physically be there to help, but I need to be here....
Goldbely-they aren't a rescue but if you buy from them this week 100% of their earnings will be donated. Now that right there is the best reason to buy from them. 

Positive Dog Story
How about a positive Dog Picture...
Look at this guy, being rescued and taken to his family at the shelter. Good Boy!
here is reunited with his owners....if this doesn't tug at your heart should...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Because i can...

Here's a whole bunch of sites and cool stuff today...

i feel poopy. So the most i can do for you today is direct you to some really cool sites. I was going to donate some money today to 3 organizations, but I guess monday is the Day of Giving and also tonight is a telethon on NBC. I also plan on sending money to Rescue Ink,  these men have hearts of gold they save so many animals please help them, they need NORMAL animal things-kitty litter, cat and dog food, blankets, towels...I wish i could do more I would give them every towel in my house but I'm in California and who knows when they would get the shipment!!! Also plan on sending money to the American Humane Association for their work during national disasters AND every single day!!! And of course the Red Cross. They save lives every day and everywhere. I know that all of this seems like a lot of money to donate, but when it's 20-40 bucks here and there i say why not...People need it more than i. I can't volunteer from here. I can't don anything from here. But i can support the wonderful charities who are there helping animals and people and cleaning up the destruction. What's stopping you from sending 5 bucks? (there are other charities, but my mind is all goopy)

I'm in love with Barkpost and their boxes...great items!! and they have a blog...check it out!

Every year i find myself asking the same darn questions about making a turkey. This year I have Epicurious. Lot's of questions answered here!!! Even the injection method, which I may have to try this year!!!!

Rue la la...ooooh la la...look at this Betsey Johnson bib necklace with all the cool would be way too  much for me, but it's pretty damn neat
Hautelook-run! Stila cosmetics. GREAT sale! really this is all taking too long and by the time you would have gone there stuff would have run out...for instance, super cute tommygirl skirt that was only 19 bucks. sold out. BOOOOOO.

Julep has become my favorite box, besides the Bella Bark box-but that's hers you know... If you haven't signed up, click on become a Maven box above!

i probably won't be able to finish this all today...this is what i have..I owe you two dog stories next week.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November already....

This year is going by too fast...I can't take it's getting too close to the end of the year. Stop it and slow down a bit...except for work; that can go fast.

I hope you all had a happy halloween! We had a great time at Asia SF and we looked great! Here's a pic of me in my costume.

Here's Gerry:

 I would put up pics of the girls, but I never know how people feel about having their pictures on my page...soo...let me tell you, they looked awesome! :)

I showed people from work the picture above of my costume and they didn't believe it was me...hahahaha. I guess i dress like crap at work...or not slutty.

I am fighting a cold or something. I took my temperature yesterday at lunch and it was 95.7. Pretty damn low. I emailed my doc and she said i'm probably fighting something off. I shouldn't be at work...but hey tell the piles of paper in front of me to magically input themselves into my system. So if you ever find yourself with a low temperature, beware of all the stuff you read, sometimes you're just fighting an infection or a cold....My temp this morning was closer to 97.5 which is my normal. if i have a 98 something, i usually am too warm or getting sick.

Cool sites and shites
Joyus-Cool ideas for wine bottles!
Outgrowme-well there's a bra with a pocket...they've got all sorts of cool and fun stuff..definitely worth a peak.
Epicurious-Need ideas for thanksgiving...helloooo Bobby Flay....yum. oh and here's a duck a l'orange recipe.
Animal Rescue Foundation-Need a place to donate to this season...there are a lot of places that help families and animals, but this year it's to benefit those families who can't afford to buy food for their animals. donate here.
American Humane Association-get some holiday cards and give money to a good cause!!!
Hautelook-cool gift idea alert!!! check out Rock the trend: Edgy jewelry. Nice pieces!!! here are some examples!  and by the way GREAT PRICES!!!
really i could keep going...while you're on hautelook check out Vintage bazaar, twist and pout, going glam, etc...really a lot of good gift ideas.

somewhat of a positive dog story
I know that people may/do read this so i need you all to go to Rescue Ink's facebook page. If you're in New York they need help. These guys went back to their shelter even when they were told they couldn't cross the bridge. They are cleaning and need help. They need pet supplies. The building still stands yet there's no power. They NEED little things...every day stuffs...Please check out their fb page and find a way to help out. I have to look through my towels and stuff and see what i can send. But i will be helping!