Thursday, November 29, 2012

FA la la la la lalalalalalalalalala

So I'm getting into the Christmas Spirit. For the first time in YEARS, i watched the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. I loved all the songs that were sung (Trace Adkins killed it on "We three Kings of Orient are") and the lighting of the tree was just wonderful!!! I watched the SNL Christmas special afterwards and laughed my butt off. Gerry promised me that we could decorate the tree tonight! So i'm getting EXCITED!!!

I guess i have been a bit upset, because there's no family around.....not like we didn't have family around last year, but we had our close friends; one who felt like a brother to me...It's just strange that this year it's going to be only Gerr and I. What are we going to do? I have to work on Christmas Eve-which i'm a bit peeved about, that's my favorite part of Christmas. I do know that on Christmas Day I want to see Les Miserables. (Interesting fact about me; I wanted to be in the musical Les Mis. I didn't care what part, chorus whatever...) I think Gerr and I have to figure out how to make this holiday season special. I want to make a meal for us too. Maybe a Christmas Lasagna! He says i make my lasagna like his Grandma-and that's a great compliment!

it's also hard (I have to admit) being 35 and unable to have children...I wish that one day we'll catch that ONE Healthy egg, but scientifically the odds are against me.  I pray that one day (after a house) I can get IVF, but we'll see. So many things that need to be done before that.......

i need to do something with this hair...Maybe i'll go get it done or something this's BLEH!

My outfit's cute though! i got my dress from my Forever 21 shopping Spree! lol.

Things that make me feel good.

pretty bras at cool prices and deals...join me here at adore me

Myfitnesspal for being there for me....

Articles like this more at more good stories found there!

ooh i'm super proud of this thing about me...the thing that makes me strong...the power to stand up for myself and find things that make me me...I don't go out drinking, i don't find myself in a drunken stupor taking stupid pictures of myself pretending like i'm 20 years old, I am responsible and silly and know how to enjoy myself. That part of me makes me happy. Funny how when i see some "friends" post shit like that on FB i'm like, dude you're NOT in your 20's-GROW UP!

 Classic beauty....

i like helping causes, such as kittiesandpitties, inc I am sponsoring 7 dogs-well a mama and her puppies called the San Francisco 7. :) they're close by and i hope i can help and meet them and maybe foster two puppies...we'll see....

Gowns...I love Gowns...mmmmmmm

oh and one of my new favorite songs...I'm late on the country front...sorry....but if you haven't heard it, prepare to dance around your room.

that's all for me folks...lots of love to ya...and NO i didn't check my spelling or grammar!

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