Friday, November 30, 2012

It's RAINING!!!!

I love it!!! it's Gorgeous!!! Last night there were howling winds and you could hear things being knocked over; plants, random chachas outside. And now there's a steady rainfall, which can only mean one thing-Bella will be peeing in the house and there will be flooding-we have the worst sewer systems...

ok well let's get on to the happy stuff...

i like this dress!
it's versace...oooh

how cute is that!!??
super cute nighty! 
Darling is back on Ideeli! This dress makes me happy...size
it would go very nice on my desk! 

recipe for Herbed Chicken, with HERBS..LOL.

these are dog toys!! lol
they don't have Bella's size she would be xxxxl according to their standards...
kitty bowties

Alrighty that's all for me today...Have a goober day and stay dry north bay!

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