Friday, November 2, 2012

Because i can...

Here's a whole bunch of sites and cool stuff today...

i feel poopy. So the most i can do for you today is direct you to some really cool sites. I was going to donate some money today to 3 organizations, but I guess monday is the Day of Giving and also tonight is a telethon on NBC. I also plan on sending money to Rescue Ink,  these men have hearts of gold they save so many animals please help them, they need NORMAL animal things-kitty litter, cat and dog food, blankets, towels...I wish i could do more I would give them every towel in my house but I'm in California and who knows when they would get the shipment!!! Also plan on sending money to the American Humane Association for their work during national disasters AND every single day!!! And of course the Red Cross. They save lives every day and everywhere. I know that all of this seems like a lot of money to donate, but when it's 20-40 bucks here and there i say why not...People need it more than i. I can't volunteer from here. I can't don anything from here. But i can support the wonderful charities who are there helping animals and people and cleaning up the destruction. What's stopping you from sending 5 bucks? (there are other charities, but my mind is all goopy)

I'm in love with Barkpost and their boxes...great items!! and they have a blog...check it out!

Every year i find myself asking the same darn questions about making a turkey. This year I have Epicurious. Lot's of questions answered here!!! Even the injection method, which I may have to try this year!!!!

Rue la la...ooooh la la...look at this Betsey Johnson bib necklace with all the cool would be way too  much for me, but it's pretty damn neat
Hautelook-run! Stila cosmetics. GREAT sale! really this is all taking too long and by the time you would have gone there stuff would have run out...for instance, super cute tommygirl skirt that was only 19 bucks. sold out. BOOOOOO.

Julep has become my favorite box, besides the Bella Bark box-but that's hers you know... If you haven't signed up, click on become a Maven box above!

i probably won't be able to finish this all today...this is what i have..I owe you two dog stories next week.

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