Monday, November 19, 2012

Stress Rant.

OY VEY! I'm not even jewish, but i love the phrase. I am frustrated...very very frustrated.

#1. I come in to work, it's a short week, my boss wants me to do a little project for her, sure i do it, but then i have to mail some checks, which i do  before the mail goes out, but then i realize one out of the three companies bills,  that i send to an insurance company, has not been received. why? I have the slightest clue, I ask for it and don't receive an answer, i get up and ask and a coworker and  she tells me she just got my email and i tell her i've been waiting for it for a week. WTF....come on now.

#2. Among my other talents I also "help" Gerry with his company-sort of. I do things, like his billing and the such, i made him a spreadsheet that he probably doesn't even know how to use but requires inputting all of his receipts and bills. His stuff can be so easy or just a complete hassle. He rarely tells me who to bill...OY! I don't know what he's doing or what's happening in his business so i blindly bill i get random emails i wind up being so confused as to what is happening that i just completely annoyed.

#3 lady in the #1 paragraph put the stuff i needed in my inbox rather than handing it to me....

 #4 I haven't even gotten to the invoices i have to input...  :( and it's noon...

Ok...i'll try to come back less stressed, but i may be too busy this week to write.

 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fun Black Friday!!!! 

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