Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take a little off the back please....

No I am not getting a haircut. Bella is getting a tail cut. The inevitable has become err evitable...The tail will be amputated tomorrow. I am a firm believer to not mess with what animals are born with. Let's face it, dogs are super cute with floppy ears, why cut them? I guess certain breeds have certain "rules". My personal view on it is my own.
Meet Dory, that's Bella's bestie. 
  • After a long day of hanging out and a visit to the vet, i finally turned on the TV. There's this commercial for invisalign with two teen sisters. One has braces and the other doesn't, because she uses invisalign. The commercial doesn't make sense to me. Why would you let one of your daughters get braces and NOT the invisalign? Granted no one ever called me metal mouth, but the commercial is just redonkulous. 
  • Last night I made Bon Appetits' Blueberry Crumble Pie. I used frozen blueberries instead of fresh. The trick is waiting a bit longer than the fresh berries to release their juices. I took Bella for a walk while i was baking so the streusel topping got a little brown-I should have put some foil on top. BUT it came out so delicious. I didn't even need whip cream.  Totally worth the wait! 
  • After last nights creative obsession, i made spaghetti with meat sauce. and no the sauce was not homemade. I'm trying to relax here. 
  • It's official America, I will be helping Neilsen TV Ratings. Sort of actually, I get a diary in the next couple of weeks and have to write down what i watch. Should be interesting, Food network, bravo, american pickers, pawn stars, the big C....pretty much thats it. lol. 
  • I have a ballsy cat named Keys. She tries to steal our food while we're eating. she's hiding behind my laptop screen. 
  • Since i'm a barrel of laughs let's share some pictures.
Angel Bella
chili with melted cheese and Swiss garlic Bread

Asparagus wrapped in bacon, with porkchops and sliced potatoes.

 daddy and bella
 dig dig dig
 big smiles.
wave surfer
Alrighty all. Have a great night and we'll see what we come up with tomorrow. toots mgeeeeee!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

yay day.

Gray and gloomy skies so far this morning, but the forecast says temps in the upper 90's this weekend. I may get my perfect sunny weekend after all!
  • so we got some sandwiches...i haven't seen them yet...i'm waiting for my stomach to start making loud, obnoxious noises. Isn't it strange that no one was asked what kind they liked?
  • Do you ever just feel like your eyes want to leak lots of fluid? you know that C word. maybe this will help....

 she's so dramatic.
  • sandwich is super plain. ham and cheese with tomato and lettuce. i think i'll stick with doritos. thanks.
  • my new accessory this week is the back brace. Yes ladies and gentlemen, i use a back brace since i have a bad back and scoliosis to boot! I pretty much have been wearing it all week at my desk and it's helped a lot. Usually i wear it under my clothes and I doubt it will look right under tanktops. So my new plan is to get another one and bedazzle the crap out of it. 

 you get the point...this is a neck brace so not the same thing. Oh and in case you're wondering it's just the velcro kind that goes around your waste. No need to worry too much.

  • i know today's blog is a bit late. but people i have stuff to do...I am sitting here imagining that you all hit reload about once every millisecond. That's how important i really think i am to you. 
  • Virtual boyfriend...i haven't visited in a couple of days. Let's see if he's missed me. Did i tell you he said I love you when i bought him a jacket???? lol. I named him Chad. He looks like a Chad and his teeth are too white. Well he says I'm a very special girl and he's glad i'm his girlfriend. But yet he doesn't have any flowers for me or anything. I mean i bought him a jacket, wrote him a love letter. And now i just bought him a watch and he said "i love you baby". That totally sounds like Gerry.  alright well, that seems to be going ok....still feel like i could atleast get a present from this dude. 
  • Hey so I tried that recipe i shared with you yesterday. IT WAS DA BOMB-I didn't have any mushrooms but i used red onions and carmelized them, holy poop skittles it was nummy.  I promise when i get my shit together i will have pictures to go with my meals...
  • you're probably wondering how Bella the contortionist is doing. Well we got her all bandaged up AGAIN. I get to take her to the vet tomorrow. So we'll see what the doc says. 
  • call me weird, strange or whatever...I am definitely not a fan of Bleu Cheese. 
  • Ok so the last Voice show is tonight and i'm so sad. There were many great performances. I think it may be Dia, but i don't want to get my hopes up. 
  • you can learn how to draw Baby Piglet! Click here he should look like this by the way....
 i will be trying this on my next break. If it turns out ok, then i'll share a pic with you all. ****ok I'm's my piglet masterpiece. Do not laugh. I am an awful artist.

  • So I want to be rollergirl for Halloween, but I am pretty sure I will need the above brace If I attempt to get on rollerskates. I wonder if they make skates where you can walk in them and the wheels don't move...
    Well have a great day!!!

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    It's my Thursday, don't be jealous...

    It's really tuesday (y'all know that), but it's my THURSDAY!!!! I would do the snoopy dance if I was alone.
    • Wow, i know it's not much compared to other blogs, but I'm ecstatic with my 18 readers! one of them is me-I have no idea how i did it, but well i do read my own blog right? hehe. Thank you for taking the time to read the randomness that is my brain. Do you think they would categorize me as OCD??? ok do not read this unless you think you have ocd, and now that I read it i'm beginning to think i have ocd...poop.
    • I would like to thank the co worker who made me a copy of an invoice and interofficed it to me. It's nice that she did that, but the copy was so light I couldn't see shit. do people not look at what they send before they send it???? hmmph. 
    • I got the following information from
    the message i received is in bold

    Please take 10 seconds to call and press "2"! (Its all automated!)

    Please take 10 seconds to call! The Union Tribune is instigating another pit bull debate in SD. Please call 1(800)244-6397 ext. 2506 and let them know that we do NOT want pit bulls banned in San Diego County! (It's all automated.) Press "2" to vote that it's the owner's responsibility and not the breed. 
    As a staffordshire terrier owner I plead with everyone to please please please call this number. It is completely automated! As a responsible owner who walks, plays, trains, hugs and loves my dog I know what I need to do to make sure my dog is a better dog. Please help the rest of us with this plight. We are to be responsible over the animals that we care for. We cannot blame the breed. I'll get off my box now. 
    • i am pissy now. San Diego can't do that...ok what the frick..i need to think of something else...
     well now that's pretty.

    hahaha...i love google images. Thank you so much for snapping me out of that.

    • So living social has a kayak deal on the bay during a Giants game. at first I was excited by it, but then i remembered that a kayak is something that you sort of get your legs into and it traps you inside like a pea pod. I'm not a strong swimmer so I think i'm going to pass. It would be sweet if it was like a little charter boat. But for all the other kayakers in the Bay Area go check out the deal. 
    • Bella, bella bella...It's official. She is a contortionist. I placed her cone on her head right before i got into bed, moved her super comfy bed at the foot of mine and turned off the lights. She let out some pathetic whines and then gave in. As I'm dozing into the world of slumber, i hear "slurp slurp slurp" i turn on the light and i see her licking at her bandaged tail.(I need to get a picture of it, my vet friend made the tip bright pink) Ofcourse i stopped her, but i was scared she would find a way to make it all come off. Let's just say I didn't sleep so well. 
    Bella and Misfit-last summer-it was HOT.
    • I think i found Bella's feline twin. Click here to read about Alex the Cat on Feeling Beachie 
    • hehehe,...this is a funny blog. Go check out attractedtoshinythings I wish i was as good of an artist.... :)
    • So tomorrow my work is ordering us sammiches (sandwiches for all of you literary types)...I want one now, but ofcourse now i have to wait until tomorrow. what kind will i get? are they premade? will i have a choice in this matter??? Will there be chips? All of these questions have yet to be answered. 
    • So I've been invited to a wedding. Did i already talk about this?? I don't think so. We got the invite, i got the bridal shower invite just now...and now i'm dreading all of these SHOWERS. what the hell. How many frickin presents am I supposed to buy for a person. Personally I like simple weddings. you get an invite to the actual wedding and you can bring whatever present then. How do i make plans two months in advance for something like that? I hate doing that. but i guess i'll say yes and then hope for the best. Oh have i also added that I've been to two other weddings in my adulthood and caught the bouquet twice? I am not standing up for that part AT ALL. I've given up on marriage and wedding crap. I think i'm going to be a bride for a halloween just because I want to wear the pretty dress. 
    i can be a distressed Alice not wanting to get married but already in the pretty dress. Plus I really want to do one of those crazy shoots where you mess the dress up. lol. 
    By the way, I've already been married and divorced, hence why i'm not really too into the whole marriage thing.
    •  so what's for dinner this evening????? i am thinking chicken in a garlic balsamic sauce with my macaroni and cheese. I already had an idea about how to braise the chicken but then i read the recipe and was yummified. I used up all of my mushrooms yesterday so i will have to tweak it a bit. that's what i call cooking by the way!
    • ACK!!!!
    lol it's dinocorn hiding under a sheet. Now i'm just silly. 
     ooh i almost forgot i'll be kitty sitting my two little fosters. yay 
    ok i'm outie folks. Talk to ya tomorrow! 

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    It's an N.W.A morning.

    Thank you Eazy E for serenading me this morning with "Cruisin in my 64 Impala". My ipod is on shuffle...Can you tell?
    • I stubbed my pinky toe yesterday morning. It hurts. According to yahoo answers I should really be home and not walking on it. hmmm, do you think the boss will buy it?????

    • i think for my next pet i want the above: a salamander...look at those little hands?? thank you Marshall University for the picture and click on the link to learn a little more about these cute creatures.
    • Ok the other day i posted a warm coleslaw salad recipe, well i mixed it up a little and it came out SUPER TASTY Instead of Cabbage, i substituted Penne Pasta. I added red and yellow peppers, shredded carrots, spinach and  some finely shredded Gouda cheese from Whole Foods and ofcourse an applewood bacon. I tossed in the warm salad dressing and shredded a thicker Gouda on top. IT WAS SO TASTY. Try the dressing with anything. Let me know what you think! The recipe link is on Cool it Now.... entry. (edited to add that i used a whole box of penne pasta and made double the dressing recipe oh and i also had this warmed up for lunch today....delicious.)
    • I do not like fruit on my pizza or burgers or rice...etc. ok? good.
    • I hurt my back AGAIN this weekend. I really need to de-stress. I don't think my back has felt this amount of soreness often in years. grrr. 
    • ok so i was looking at some of my blog subscriptions and there are alot of cool things out there I'd like to share, since I'm being a negative nancy and i want to whine about everything. So why not just give you guys and dolls something more interesting than me? lol. 
    • i love myself some blueberry Scones and I saw this today and I immediately opened it. Larks Country Heart has wonderful recipes and I think i shared something about this blog last week, but I now want a scone and I'm getting irritated that no one here knows how to read my mind and get me damn scone. 
    there are more blogs, but since i keep getting distracted I figured I'd just put a couple up once in a while going forward.

    • I also promised you salad fingers once a day...Let's just say once a week and you won't hate me and I won't feel too bad. 
    • are you single and feel like you need a boyfriend? Well check out It's a game you play that sounds so much like real life that I don't think i even want to play. First off you have to make them happy so that they won't dump you. sigh. What are we teaching little girls? As an adult i can laught at it, but I seriously hope some lonely teenage girl isn't reading that website and taking it seriously. I may sign up just to see what it says. I wonder if he'll dump me right away???? i'll get back to you on this...(ooh research...i'll go undercover and see what i find out)
    • My dog has to wear the CONE OF SHAME! how sad is that? My pup has what they call "happy tail" she wags and wags and doesn't care what she smacks her tail on. Unfortunately she cut it and now it's infected. She took off her bandage and cover twice yesterday. Last night we put on the cone and she started growling. This morning she caught a glimpse in the mirror and barked. Lucky for her it's not an all the time thing. I will take the cone off when i'm home. She's also pretty darn lucky i'm off thursday and Friday. 
     Ha, so i wrote a lot more than the norm. I hope you enjoyed it.

    I also leave you with some music:

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    what the....

    I slept pretty damn well UNTIL Bella started barking at 1:30am or so. We let her out and she started barking again-I bet the neighbors loved that-Gerry went out with her but he thinks it was an opossum or something. Bella usually doesn't bark unless she hears a person or something like that. Well I couldn't fall asleep for a long time. While I was trying to fall back to the la la land that I was horribly woken up from, i became stressed out about lots of things which made me all pissy and in turn took me longer to fall asleep. So once again I'm tired. Such a sad story, ain't it?
    • Ipod genres are great, today I'm listening to Rock n Roll, but so far it's pop I don't recall downloading Shara Nelson(the song sucks, by the way). Can someone tell me what New Romantic is?or Daggeran? According to this wikipedia link it's some furry animal gaming character. wtf. Oh my, since when is "I got five on it" Rock and roll....who the hell names these genres....
    • I can't believe it! Over the phone I somehow explained how to fix our steam cleaner to Gerry. THAT IS A MIRACLE! I cannot give directions or explain anything well at all. I admit my faults honestly and openly. High five baby. 
    • I'm a big fan of Zooey Deschanel. She has great hair, style and wit. She's a pretty good actress too. 
     I especially love her bangs. I like that they're full and can be worn to the side...I have bangs and i try the same thing, but my hair is too thin, so my bangs are see through. lol.

    sorry about the awful smirk. lol. and yes some of my bangs are bleached. :)
    • By the way dinner was fabulous. I feel like i haven't had a home cooked meal in weeks. The pork was tender, the sauce was delicious and yum yum there are leftovers!!! hehehe. Not sure about tonight. It's friday and we may have some family things to attend to. 
    • So family things to attend to, I may add are pretty hard right now. Since it's not my relations I'm not really going to discuss all the goings on, but I feel like since I am going through these things and maybe other people have or will at one point in their lives; I should have some tips or something. 
      • #1. Having a partner or spouse with a parent with stage 4 cancer is really difficult. Patience is key. 
      • #2 You will have emotions as well. You will cry, you get angry, you will feel selfish, you may want to flee, you may be a bitch, you may be quiet....You will feel things as a spouse that will test who you are as a person and as a mate. 
      • #3. There will be a breakdown. There will be that one point that your male spouse (i have no idea about women) that they will breakdown. Real emotion will be revealed and you will need to be there as if #2 never existed.
      That's pretty much all I have so far. I am not a doctor or therapist. This is all based on my experience and while I thought I was evil to have selfish thoughts my own therapist told me I was completely normal.

    • ok on to something else. 25% off for the next 4 hours on yankees shop  and yes i led you straight to the Jeter jersey I want. I really should just get it....size mom gave me money for this last christmas but I needed to pay off something or other....i know i'm on a spending freeze...but dammit 25% off.....ARGH!!!! oh and this sale is for Any baseball team.
    • hey it's dinocorn in the big City

    • This Sunday in San Francisco is the Gay Pride Parade! 
    • Still looking for a dress for that wedding. I should probably RSVP soon....
    • ok so wait i think i may have found a dress...but the model on zappos doesn't make me like it (their price is 179)... I dunno now. Ideeli is selling it for 60 bucks. i love ideeli. i have to think about it.....
    • There are psycho peacocks at my work. i kid you not. They like to fight their reflections on car doors when it's sunny out. PSYCHO.
    • Public Service announcement to Dove Pro Age products-I have nothing bad to say about your products. I love Dove actually, but I was a bit weary applying my eye cream this morning since it read "pro age" what about Anti Age??? I don't like that would make more sense to me. Thank you. 
    • This weekend I invite you to try a new blog and recipe. Check out Larks Country Heart. I will be attempting the Mud Brownies.. If i put a picture up I think my tummy would go insane. I'm so hungry. So click it and check it out. 
    Alright peeps, i think there was more I wanted to say, but currently my body is starving, so I can't think. lots of love and have a great weekend.
    The Queenijax
    aka Jacky
    P.S. I got the jersey. hehehe.

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Hurry up weekend.

    I know it's only thursday...but i really could use a day to sleep in.
    • So i googled "why does my finger get really cold?" because i was sitting here and all of a sudden my right hand's middle finger was cold to the touch but the rest were warm. Yahoo answers said it's normal and then i found Raynaud's Phenomenon. Now I'm not saying that's what i have, but any disease with the word Phenomenon freaks me out. I'm amazed there aren't more hypochondriacs in the world with the internet and all. 
    • i'm gonna ninja star the person who took my black gel pen......Found it. And No i will not be ninja starring myself that would be wrong.
    • why???? Someone please tell American Apparel that the 80's aren't really back....

    Ofcourse it's on Ideeli and i was sorta puking in my mouth when i saw it. it's just wrong.

    • I will be making a beautiful pork shoulder tonight. Thought you all should know. I will be cooking it in a big ole pot. Throwing in some carrots, onions, garlic, beef stock and tomato paste. I hope this actually happens, because I need to do something with the poor pork shoulder that has been defrosting for several days now. "Life" has taken over in our household. Issues beyond our control have made it a little harder to plan something as simple as dinner. Family comes first. Food later. (i know i'm kinda vague, but some things are a bit personal and I in no way will be asking for sympathy.)
    • Thank you Bella for pooping in the house. not sure why you did. But i'm glad i get to clean the carpet when i go home for lunch. Thank you Gerry for picking it up....if you cannot detect the sarcasm in this than we can no longer be friends. 
    • California increasingly fear earthquakes.  Duh.
    • Yesterday Bella, Stephanie and I went for a walk by the bay. This nice guy introduced himself to me and his dog Kendra wanted to play with Bella, but since she had surgery about 7 weeks ago, i'm just not all that happy with Bella running around an area i don't know. He let his dog go and the dog comes back minutes later with one ear down, looking like something happened to her. Well ladies and gents it's official foxtail season is here in California which apparently has the highest occurrence of foxtails. So here's the Foxtails-are-Dangerous
    • Everyone ready....drum roll please:
    told you, he was in Australia catchin some waves.

     I leave you with more music today, i may be back later for some bonus stuff..

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Cool it now.....

    Thank you mother nature for cooling it down out there last night. I think i had a good nights sleep, the melatonin I used as my safety net is still hanging on for dear life though, so I am thinking coffee at lunch to help with my energy level will be a good idea.
    • so I have some sun spots. And I tried this product Cosmesis skin lightening or something or other and ofcourse it's not listed, probably because it doesn't work and i bought it and grrr..Anywhoo, in my endless battle with some sun spots, freckles and a bit of discoloration that I notice on myself, i am trying whatever i can find that is NOT too expensive. I just bought something new today, so I'll let you know if it works once i get it. 
    • I didn't forget Mascara today. yahoo. 
    • oh yeah, i'm on a spending diet so the above i probably shouldn't have bought, but with ideeli and hautelook you never know when these items will pop up and the cosmesis stuff is almost gone. You shoulda seen my cart while evil ideeli was having yet another kitchen sale....i filled my cart with tumblers, a gorgeous pitcher, a red wood salad bowl, a panini grill and then i saw it was about 120 bucks and i know i should have gone for it, but it was like a strong am i???? I didn't buy anything. I am waiting.
    • so i started thinking about dinner at about 10:40pm last night. i probably should get into a program or something, i'm sick. So i saw this great idea for slaw in Sunset magazine with ofcourse the best ingredient BACON. yum yum yum bacon. They call it a warm dressing and instead of slaw i'm puttin it on a salad tonight with that leftover chicken that i haven't done anything with. Also adding some avocado! 
    visit for recipe

    •  oh the voice was good last night. i guess part two is tonight.....i'm so noyvous....sound it out people, sound it out. oh and thank you Dia Frampton for once again being miss creative with your songs. awesome job.
    •  where's dinocorn???? he's taking a break. lol. i think he went surfing in Australia or something. 
    • ok these horoscopes frome the Onion. I'm a pisces and mine says:
    Unfortunately, popular entertainment has led you to believe that when you try to deliver a baby while trapped in a malfunctioning elevator, the mother and baby both survive.
    i think they're right....
    • So I'm thinking about doing Community Supported Agriculture, something about farm fresh produce delivered or picked up just for me???? In our area we can also get meat, cheese, eggs and other deliciousnesses (made up a word, but it works). I have to do some more research, but it looks like something I may want to do. Check it out if you haven't yet, put in your zip code and see what's available in your area. 
    •  the fight or flight response read up on it. Most of us have it. some days can be more trying than others and it's good to recognize what your body does in situations and label your emotions so you know what it's doing. 
    Well that's it for today my friends. I hope that you all have a great day and i will see you on the flipside.
    the Queenijax

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    It's the first day of Summer!!!!

    Are we ready for the longest day of the year???? I hope so. I think it's definitely grilling time!
    • Yesterday was sooo HOT. I came home and couldn't accept the cooking idea. Lucky for me, my friend  Steph and I ate out and then had icecream. Sometimes you gotta splurge a little when it's too hot to be indoors. So reminder to all of you. If your area is hot, go out and eat. :) you deserve it. 
    • Tonight may be a grilling night or a salad night. I have some leftover BBQ chicken breasts from Sunday and I'm thinking a salad with Ranch dressing, some fresh corn, carrots...or I can make chicken sammiches...or a chicken BBQ salad with mayo and tapatio sauce. Yes people I'm already thinking about dinner and it's 9:30 in the morning. I'm twisted. 
    • Guess what i get to do??? Guess, come on Guess...just kidding, like you could guess. I get to shop for a dress. My friends are getting married in October and well it's never too early to shop for a pretty dress right??? I'll let you know what pretty stuff i find.
    • Holy Banana's with Breasts. kitchen sale on ideeli....this is NOT fair. 
    • ok we've all heard about Ryan Dunn's death. Pretty sad when anyone dies. Rest in Peace Radical man.
    read more here
    • aw penguin takes wrong turn and winds up in Zealand. video and story here.
    • i forgot to put on
    • Remember the kitties that i was taking care of and gave to a coworker? Well I got the cutest picture yesterday. We made the perfect choice. Look at the kittens and their new mommy dog. 

    yes perfect home. perfect family. and i'm so happy.
    • how about a random Little Big Town video....

    alrighty ladies and's about that time. Have a great day!!!!

    P.S. please check out this link from Pinups for pitbulls here

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    i don't like getting out of bed....

    I could have slept another two hours. This weekend was beautiful and warm and I had a lot of fun. Hung out with a friend and laid out in the sun, all we needed was a couple of cabana boys and some frozen grapes and we would have been set. Sunday was a great afternoon with a dear friend and a dog walk, then the beach, then the BBQ and then hanging out with my partners mom. let's jump to the other shtuff...
    • I think a trend that should NOT be worn in the summer are skinny jeans. I tried this a couple of weeks ago and even though our NorCal weather hasn't been too hot, my jeans felt like i was ripping an extra layer off my body. It's official in my book-skinny jeans are winter items. 
    • hello makers of sunscreen products: can we please make a spray that goes on our scalp that doesn't make our hair either oily or very very strange feeling. i have this  red spot on top of my head that hurts today. If they have made something, can someone please tell me because I need it. I am definitely NOT a hat wearer. I sweat in the heat and hats will make it worse. 
    • ugh. One way to get me tempted enough to spend money is when I see kitchen stuff. Ideeli has a bonjour sale-bake pans, french rolling pin, frothers....etc. sigh...close it close it!!
    • I'm gonna share some pics....

    These are my personal pics. The first is Gerry and I dancing. The second is Bella as a pup and Fievel, our cat, looking rather annoyed, third is Gerry and I about two years ago and the 4th is Misfit, our kitty when we first got him. I've got some old pics on this comp.
    • hmmmm...Anyone catch Miss USA last night? a couple of things struck me as odd about Miss California....well she died her hair red for a character she was playing so she stuck with it because it suited her personality better AND she's not from California. According to the news after the pageant they said she had moved from New Jersey 2 months prior to entering the pageant...How does that work???? the media is going a bit looney about her geekiness. I have to say though. I sorta understand that part. I didn't get totally enthralled with the Tudors until I saw the show and then I wanted to learn more and now have about 7 books all about the queens of Henry the 8th AND the history of their lineage. You can't really knock her on that, shows that she learned something and she wants to learn more. I actually wanted Miss Tennessee to win. 
    • For people who never watched Salad Fingers, I will share a video a day until i've played you each episode...

    • Today, I will be listening to old songs, like Fleetwood Mac and Journey. I don't know why, but it feels comforting. 
    I would like to thank my new readers. I really feel honored to have you read my blog. I know it may not make so much sense, but that's really the point. I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you have a wonderful last day of spring. I'll see you tomorrow.
    chow chow.
    oh i leave you with.

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    It's Friiiiday, friiiiday....

    thank God we made it. phew that was a close one, i really didn't think this day would come. :)

    and just in case you haven't seen the original....

    Good morning everyone. 
    • bleh stupid spending diet. Ideeli has Kalorik food gadgets and a lot of them look like a lot of fun. By the way my friend told me about the Ninja food processor and i'm so getting one of those when I am done with this diet. I probably shouldn't be thinking like that.....but it's tooooooooooo cool. 
      • OH sorry for another ideeli thingy. BUT Kosta Boda new friends glasses they're selling them for 99 BUCK'S EACH!!! This is not a I'm so excited post but for ONE GLASS???? Well take a look at the picture in this amazon link. Actually pretty cute, but that's too much for a glass. 
    • So Friday is Father's day. Personally the day is a bit strange for me since I haven't really celebrated it at all. The past couple of years I reconnected with my dad and sent him a couple of father's day cards. I forgot this year. It's kind of hard to remember something when you never paid attention to it before. The guilt will kill me though, so I'll get a card and send it after work. It'll be late, but it's the the thought that counts right?
    • hmmph. don't even go on hautelook. they have a bunch of cute bathing suits. sigh. i torture myself for the little people. LOL. just kidding ofcourse. ok i closed both windows so you're all safe.
    • Kitties go to their new home. I spent my evening in the backroom where they pounced and played all night. I heard Indie purr. he was walking around my head looking for something and kept mewing. I'm going to miss those little guys, but i'm just so happy they'll be happy with a coworker and played with by some kids. ugh. my cuties are going away. 
    • My evening consisted of a great BBQ rib dinner, some new fancy potatoes I invented and must perfect before I share with my readers, and a heating pad. My lower back did something mean to me and I'm also thinking I'll need a new hip when I'm 40. I think it's all related. I feel old at 34. 
    • I would like a about you????
    • Have I mentioned it's Friday?
    hahahaha...sorry, but this is funny...

    that was definitely a fear of mine. Lucky for the big kitties I didn't let them see the little ones.

    My brain all mushy. I'll probably be back with more entertainment. I'll probably just edit this post. Hurrah for now.
    but i leave you with dinocorn.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    "i will do anything for love, but i won't do that..."

    Why do our heads wake up to the strangest songs. I don't think i've heard this song in a while, yet my brain was tuned into a far away station. I chuckled as I sang along to the airwaves in my mind at this part in the chorus because it's an oxymoron. you'll do anything, but yet you won't...and WHAT is he talking about...I must know.
    [Girl:] After a while you'll forget everything
    It was a brief interlude and a midsummer night's fling
    And you'll see that it's time to move on

    [Boy:] I won't do that!
    No, I won't do that!

    [Girl:] I know the territory, I've been around
    It'll all turn to dust and we'll all fall down
    And sooner or later, you'll be screwing around...

    [Boy:] I won't do that!
    No, I won't do that!

    (thank you
    so this is when i say OHHHHHH. and sad...I gotta high five that girl and say "i feel ya".
    here's the video for your viewing pleasure.
    • So the kitties Sprite and Indie may have a home starting tomorrow. I did call the Humane Society and they were like well you can surrender them which will cost 150 bucks per animal. And here i am thinking i was doing a good thing. Well i still feel good about myself, but really???? Then they said since i found them in a different county i would have to take them there...because SOMEHOW they need to know that? The lady seemed to warm up to me a bit, because she could tell i was doing this from the warmest part of my heart and said if i get them fixed it would be 25 bucks per kitty. SIGH. Sometimes that place lets me down. And for those of you who think i should have made up a story, I really couldn't do that. It's not me. I stopped fibbing a long time ago. I like to be genuine. Anyway, this lady at my work wants them and i'm so happy because she's a really sweet person and is a responsible pet owner already! 
    • Please please, please! All this requires is you to fill out information and sign the petition about the kitty abuser i posted about yesterday. Make a difference please. Let the world know that we don't stand for violence of ANY kind. This woman needs more than a slap on the wrist. please go to and sign the petition. I urge you to do this. 
    • I'm about to mention my menstrual state. yup, i'm going there. HOLY BLOAT. wore a dress today, let's just say i look 6 months preggers. I want to go walk today, but my stupid back feels funky. What's one week off right???? right???? just call me tubby. :(
    • HAHAHAHAHA...that whole saggy pants piece of news today was pretty friggin funny. poor saggy pants dude Personally i believe you should dress however you want. 
    • Our heat wave disappeared. It's warm out, but we have this cool breeze that feels like it traveled through the antarctic or something. Not happy about it. I'm hoping that i actually get to spend time with my significant other who hasn't spent much time with me lately. So we'll see what this wacky california weather will do Saturday and Sunday. 

    I'd really like to see something like this one day. Thank you Google images for helping me find what i need on a daily basis. you rock, but your google docs don't. Fix that and you'll be perfect.
    • 10-ways-to-contact-a-ghost just in case you wanted to know how...I'll have to watch this at home while i eat popcorn in the dark with a couple of candles and some echoey scary halloween tunes. 
    • i am having a lot of fun with dinocorn, but today i'm just not sure what he should be wearing. OOOH i got it.

    don't judge his fashion sense. He's adventurous and willing to play with color. Besides, tutu's are in this year.
    Alrighty peeps have a good day. Remember it's thursday and one more day until the weekends here!!!! hugs and smooches!

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011


    I am so tired. Our first hot night this year. I actually moved into the livingroom to try and get cool. Woke up at 2am and moved back to bed. i got comfortable and eventually fell asleep only to wake up multiple times to go pee. All in all it was a pitiful sleepless night.  :(
    • So we have a couple of beautiful days over here with some heat which means beach time. I can't believe i am sitting here in a sweater as I type this. My office is known for being an icebox, because people cannot agree on the a/c setting. So far this year, the a/c has been abused and kept me in a sweater, jeans and sneakers. remember that let me out post...well yeah. that's what i feel right now. There should be a rule established, if it's less than 75 degrees outside open the fucking window and keep your hands off the a/c. 
    • I'm about to talk about a very sensitive topic, but I need to because it's very important to me. if you're a sensitive person you may not want to click this link. It's about a woman and her kids beating up kittens. It's disgusting and i'm horrified. The truth of the matter is we need better laws to protect animals.And people need to realize that anyone who is mistreating an animal will most likely mistreat a human. I can't be happy all the time, but I do have to be real and reach out to the people who read this blog. We need to find away to help animals and protect them from humans. This lady was out on bail. Personally I think the lady should have lost custody of her children. What a disgusting thing to teach your kids. What kind of parent was she? Apparently one with no self respect and no morals. ok, i'll end this now......
    • Let's switch gears! ok the VOICE! was wonderful last night. And i'm so proud of Blake Sheldon picking Xenia-that girl has a lot of potential and she already looks a little more comfortable on stage. DIA AMERICA PICKED YOU!!!! If you haven't seen her performance singing "heartless" by Kanye West here it is...

    • Yesterday i was watching Bella and the kittens. If i could get a good picture of them interacting, I totally would, but right now it's sitting with them and treating my pooch while she's laying there watching them play. I noticed she was panting and wondered why. I have to say that SOMETIMES googling a question is a good idea, but reading yahoo answers can be a friggin joke. Some girl a similar question, but because she said she had a doberman or a rottweiler some idiot said "she wants to eat the kittens, she's getting ready for dinner". Another person said "because you have a potentially dangerous dog i would keep the kittens separate" 
    thank you Opera for the most appropriate eye roll....People, dogs panting has nothing to do with eating small animals. The dog is excited, trying to stay calm at the same time...almost like when you get anxious. Treat the darn thing and give it praise for doing a good job. etc...
    • I....MADE.....A.....CHOCOLATE.....CHIP.....COOKIE....PIE. and it came out yummy but nothing like the picture  

     I didn't use nuts though and i didn't have any icecream. It came out perfect. OH and these ladies are amazing. This is their pic, not mine since i already said my pie didn't turn out like this. yum....i want a slice of my pie. lol.
    • Will someone please explain to me WHY it smells like feet when the a/c turns on????? From my experience it happens in a lot of offices and even at one of my BFF's in Orange County. it's a phenomena.

    Dinocorn wants to go to a fancy party. I actually woke up thinking about what he would wear today. And i also realized that I want dinocorn to be a he/she or just like wearing different clothing. Men's clothing can only go so far to entertain an audience.

    • So last night's dinner I went 5th grade stylee and had some sloppy joes and mozzarella french fries. Simple, but soooo tasty.  Tonight I have to make these ribs that i've been defrosting. Hopefully just grill them since it's pretty dang hot today. i know it's 10am and people are wondering why in the heck i'm talking about dinner. It's my FAVORITE MEAL!!! yum. 
    Alright peeps, if i feel the need to return i shall. but here you go hons and buns. Have a fantabulous day.
    the Queenijax

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    *Hitting head on desk a lot....*bonus*****

    I seem to have plenty of these days and it gets worse during the summer. I feel like i'm clawing to escape the confines of my work area and reach the sun. I feel like this guy:

    Let me out dammit. I have a couple of hours until i get off work. i have a tiny stack of work papers relaxing in front of me, I wish they were comfier so I can use them as a pillow. I did have a sec to draw this:

    i am hoping with a little practice I will be able to perfect my snakes and dinosaurs. I think this is my first dinocorn in a scarf, i'm impressed.

    • hmm i need tortillas. I think a shopping trip is in order.  Tortillas, half n half, coffee. wait. chocolate chips, a regular pie crust.....ok that's it. i think....
    • ooooh the other night i was watching My So Called Life. Please tell me we didn't "like" talk "like" that with....sooooo, jordan catalano was sexy sultry cutey man. Plus I feel like i've grown up with the dude. Hey cutie:

    the end.

    Shitty moods=shitty foods.

    See why i put that warning before entering??? LoL. I am the biggest potty mouth. Last night's dinner didn't turn out as delicious as I wanted it to. It tasted good, but reminded me of kitty throw up-notice i say reminded me, not tasted or smelled like. I was also in an off mood and now with these kitties I'm busier than i was before. I know there are alot of mommies who read this, but i feel like i'm a mommy to Bella and these little kitties. So here is what my schedule looks like:
    • wake up, check on kitties, make coffee, pat bella on the head and give her a kiss, take shower, get dressed, do hair, put on makeup get coffee. feed bella, feed cats, feed kitties, clean kitty poop. kiss boyfriend goodbye, drive to work.
    • work. work work work until lunch.
    • lunch-heat up something, play with Bella or cuddle, check on kitties, go back to work
    • work, work work work work yay 5
    • depending on the day it's either go straight to my hike or go home and take bella out. Come back home do dishes, feed Bella, feed kittens, relax with friends for maybe 40 minutes, make dinner, eat, play with kittens, wash as many dishes as possible, tell boyfriend to do some chore. at this time it's 9 lay down with an icepack and relax. 
    ok mommies you do a lot more, but i'm tired. hahaha.
    oooh tonight is the VOICE!!!! yay!!!
    • What do i make for dinner tonight??? I made this crockpot chicken the other night. I blame my BBC sisters. By the way ladies, i added a tiny bit of broth and my liquid quadrupled. lol. anywhooo, tonight i think it's just rice, chicken and beans. I gotta use it up. sounds good enough,  maybe put some salsa in the chicken for Gerry.
    • OH as for my spending diet, you will be happy to know that besides getting my pup and these kittens toys and food i haven't spent jack on me. i want to. i really do. Ideeli has a 4th of july sale with all sorts of fun cooking and dinnerware stuff but NO. Oh and hautelook has Betsey johnson stuff and one of the dresses is screaming my name but i'm wearing earmuffs so it's ok. 
    • I actually won at a computerized tictactoe. Yes i did. i needed a game break and well i think if you play just for a little while, it won't piss you off when the computer starts kicking your ass.
    • Can't leave your home because of kids, sickness, or laziness???? Well get your culture on and visit the online photography museum. I think it's pretty neat. It's entirely a virtual online experience and there are many exhibits. One of my faves includes dogs that act like humans, the pictures are circa 1850's.
    • How many of us loved connecting the dots when we were kids? Well google the image and you'll find endless free fun for kids or for you. I really want to do one...this isn't fair, because i can't copy it on my comp. :(
    • I bet you're dying to know about the kitties! Well after a long day at the vet, they were sleepy and worn out. Good news, no bad news! a little upper respiratory thing and that's it. Still trying to figure out what to do next. There's the cost of getting these buggers fixed, but now that i know they're healthy I'm trying to figure out what's best for them. Our humane society is wonderful, but our little group is also fabulous, but the Humane society will care for these little babies without a cost to us. I think i'll give them a call later so I can make a more informed decision. These babies are just too adorable for words and i'm falling in love with them. 
    • I want a unicorn and i'm not sure why they're mythological. Why would someone have made that up? Now go and find me one please. To learn more about the unicorn click this wiki link and look at the pretty picture.

    • I am sore. I exercise and i carry a lot of stress in my back, so i guess it could be that combination. I really want a message. Gerry has yet to use his Livingsocial deal and i may just steal it from him, but what can i do for myself? We don't have a bath tub, which really sucks....I GOT IT. I'm dragging my boyfriend to the hot tub place. Thank God for those places! What would the rest of us shower stall only people do????? I'll wait until friday. i know you're jealous. bow chicka wow. 
    • i need to use more often. My brain has deflated. :)
    • i am pretty sure i wrote about this before, but when was the last time you visited go answer some trivia and help people. 
    ok. hope you all enjoyed my blog today! I pray it will be a great day for all of you.
    the Queenijax

    Monday, June 13, 2011


    Mew is what kittens say. Meow is what cats say. Guess who's got kittens? Two adorable kitties!
    yes!!! Meet Sprite (female white and black) and Indie (male tiger kitty). These cute siblings will be available for adoption in a while. I'd like to get them fixed before they get adopted, but if i can find someone who will take them both (they're just too funny together) and are responsible pet people, then I'll hand them over after the tests are done. They were on this gorgeous property with 25 cats. Seemed like these cats picked this family because it was definitely the place to be. These two babies were treated with flea stuff and hopefully todays dewormer will clear that up. They're oodles of fun!!
    • I want to be smarter. lol. I want a better vocabulary. Ever just hang out with friends and the only words you can or want to use are "cool", "yup", "uh huh" etc....well check out they have a word a day everyday. So practice today's word: Kvell. to be proud or to beam. it's yiddish and that's the weeks theme. Should be interesting. :)
    • Don't you hate it when you call or text your significant other and you get no response. My bestie and i were having a convo about that and let me tell you I was not kvelling about these insensitive partners and their lack of returning phone calls.  (yup I used the word kvell)
    • I really don't like Mondays. I'm really not a fan. I can't even get into this monday groove. Hurry up lunch time because i'd really like to leave work...
    • You know what's better than having to work on a Monday???? Getting to work and nobody acknowledging your Hi's, until you say it 4 times. I think we were all feeling the Monday blues.
    • HI! ok this will make you happy. I think I will be making this tonight. Because I NEED to feel good. :) and i will be hiking tomorrow....chocolate-chip-cookie-pie The ladies on this site are absolutely amazing. I will be worshipping, I mean visiting their site on a daily basies to get more dessert and well anything ideas. 
    • At the moment I'm over thinking something that someone told me about vaxing animals. The kittens are at the vet and i get a call from the friend who took her and she's quizzing me about my other cats. One of them is about 3 years old and got all of his shots. We had to since we found him at 3 weeks and was infested with fleas. We actually introduced him to my cats at two months after everything was kosher. Ofcourse she wants all this proof and stuff and now i have to find it. The real issue is that my older cats haven't been vaxed in years. They're older and probably should get up to date on two of the vaxes, but really i'm not worried. As in humans and the animal kingdom there are some vaccines that they should definitely get, but others think about it. For example, an indoor cat does not need a yearly rabies vax-roll eyes here. My cats probably should get that. Anywhoo there are a lot of different views on these things and well I'll take my friends point of view and process it, but at the end of the day I have to decide what to do with these little ones. I'm thinking of calling the Humane society and seeing what they can do or if they would like me to foster them until they're healthy enough to get fixed. Really they will be the best at handling this, while my heart will break if i have to deal with splitting them up.'s a hard day.
    • wow, sorry everyone. Just in a bit of a funk. These two kitties are weighing heavy in my heart. Also feeling a bit judged and well that doesn't help either. 
    Sorry i wasn't very funny today.
    love the queenijax

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Enjoy life.

    Let's face it. As much as I try to enjoy life everyday-it's just not possible. Spending time with family is obstructed by work, chores, distance etc....Going out for a leisurely walk and enjoying the scenery is overtaken by the need to fix some household problem or steam clean the floors. We only live once. Our time can be short or long, we have no idea. I don't mean to sound morbid or frighten anyone. I would just like to remind people to live as much as you can and remember the beauty in this world. So the following things are ways to capture beauty in the world, stuff to do to make memories, pictures etc....per my normal randomness here goes:
    • I will not push living social down your throat, but ok I really will. If you haven't joined do it. WHY???? Because you find more opportunities there at half the price to do things that maybe you couldn't afford before. I am on a strict spending diet. Which is killing me. Today I see $75 dollar photography session, where you get prints and even an online gallery of your very own. Pictures are one of the best ways to capture memories. Growing up we never took professional family pictures, but it's something I'd really like to do with Gerry(fuck calling him and Bella ofcourse. Also in NYC there's a deal for 50% off an introductory flying course where you actually get to fly in a biplane. Ok, not my cup of tea, but some of these deals matter to some people. They give an experience that maybe was unattainable. so if you haven't done so go here
    • Carry your camera and go take a walk. I don't care where. But Capture the beauty in your neighborhood. Change the color to black and white and point and click. find your true artist and laugh at the things you saw and captured. or take in the awe of the beauty around you. 
      the most amazing sunset I have ever seen.
    • HUG! if you don't know how, visit Ehow to learn how. :) 
    need to post these...because they're just too cute....

    ok too many cute hugs. Cannot overload the reader.....

    • Be of service to others. Want a way to feel good about yourself and at the same time make someone else feel good. Volunteer, help a friend, talk to someone who needs help. Anything that may make you feel like you did something good for someone else will remind you that the world has good people in it and you're one of them. 
    • EAT!!!! Have a dinner party, BBQ, go out to a new restaurant, get fancy. EMBRACE THE EXPERIENCE WITH ALL OF YOUR SENSES! Life isn't just about doing things, it's about smelling things, tasting things...etc... 
    • Get dirty. After it rains take your pup, your neighbors pup or your partner and go run in the mud. Or play in your garden. Knees in the soil and touching the earth with your bare hands. nothing like getting clean after being dirty. :)
    poor dirty Not Bella, this is a dog at totally going there when my doggy is dirty and I'm in San
    • Travel! I know this takes money, time off work, more Find something all inclusive, but do it at one time or another. Roadtrip on a four day weekend, go camping, go to a lake. 
    well, i hope maybe i sparked something in someone. I hope you all have a great weekend and do something fun and worthwhile. be safe and I'll be here monday unless i get a wild hair up my bored butt and want to play around on my blog. tootles,
    The Queenijax.